By Lana M.

I have called myself a Scientologist since I was a teenager — and though I spent the better part of my adult working life in and around Scientology, I unfortunately had little opportunity to train as an auditor.

I trained administratively, on all manner of management technologies, which I use daily in my work-a-day life, but it was a blessing that I went to the RPF in 2003 and was able to get my nose into the technical bulletins and then use and apply them to help another.

It is only since I left the SO in 2005 that I have been able to steadily train. And my own understanding and progress up the Bridge has moved commensurately.

I have a personal opinion that most of the problems the C of S has in present time, stem from the church focusing on pushing people to get audited (only) up the Bridge, and the key courses of the SHSBC and Class VIII have been blocked with arbitraries on the lower training routes (TRs and Metering).

I keep finding earlier trained Grad V’s, Class VI’s and VIII’s who have been invalidated technically, and told they can no longer audit if they have not done the Golden Age of Tech courses (retraining essentially).

While demanding that people redo auditing actions over and over — very very few people are actually just training and auditing their way up The Bridge.

Outside the Church, we have all the checksheets and we have all the materials. Studying and learning to be a great auditor is easy. And at little to no cost.

The gains are there to be had — and my own personal lesson has been that gains are entirely linked to my own education in the tech itself.

My New Year’s resolution is to train and audit, train and audit, and then train and audit.

“What I have learned is that cases do not progress beyond their Scientology education level. This has made a great difference. A case hangs right at the point to which it has been educated in Scientology. Processing gains are parallel to education gains and the two balance. Fifty percent of a case gain is from processing, fifty percent from training. DC, back in the days of Dick Steves, one-time Organization Secretary, used to produce graph gains by training alone as Dick used to point out.

“It’s quite impossible to go to OT without a full knowledge of OT processes and an ability to audit them. That was the main point that emerged. But similarly, nobody gets past lower levels as a case without a knowledge of them. This was the main hang up in cases – lack of education in Scientology. And so our whole pattern of forward progress had to change. You have to know to go. And co-audit to OT is the only way it can be made. So vanished is the idea of patients and practitioners.

“A Scientologist is an auditor.”  LRH Ron’s Journal, late 63

9 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution

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  2. Hi Lana. Hope you had a blast, with family & friends. We sure did too! Thanks for the salient posting. It serves to remind us of the necessity of getting adequate training, in whatever we have set our hearts upon. The cartoon clip serves to humorously illustrate what one is up against, too. 🙂 Ironically, it also pinpoints the following:

    The road ahead, for Scientology,includes the inevitable calling to account of David Miscavige. Though the wheels of justice turn slowly, he cannot escape the process, or it’s inevitable consequences, one way or another.

    Insanity, has been described by LRH, (Tech Dicn.) as 1.)”the overt, or covert, but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy.”

    This glaring example of insanity, is set to become globally manifest, as the weeks and months ahead will prove.. The clamor and vying for sensationalism, among the world’s media, is set to shake the fabric of Scn. to it’s core, however much one may wish to be just left in peace to get on with study & practice of the subject.
    One will, be faced with situations, probably on a regular basis, where the clarification, and distinction between the ‘subject’ and the ‘management’ , will have to be dealt with on a regular basis.

    We probably need to take stock of that, confront it, and settle down for the long haul, just taking it “in our stride”, after all 🙂

    The topic of checksheets and materials, (study packs, tech dictn, books, HCOB and PL series volumes, PABS, Study tapes, etc, etc.) is still in relatively ‘captive hands’, as I see it, though much has already been released into the public domain, via the ‘net.

    A lot of cleaning up, qual, and reassessment of the truly valuable aspects of the subject, are set to take place, IMHO, and in the hands of TRULY free and able custodians, this constitutes the future survival of the subject.

    Interesting times ahead, non? 🙂

    • Thanks Calvin — yes, interesting times ahead. You may not know, but there are independent checksheets and materials for pretty much every single course/level/action in the field, online. Yep — it is all out here, and it is being delivered.

      • Love the steadfastness and stability of the ‘woman-mountain’, one
        VERY resolute Lana Mitchell 🙂 You are a “rock”, in more ways than one, and a shining example of what is means to uphold the faith. Godspeed to ya, while you go girl!
        ML, Calvin.

    • Mais OUI!! We have to unite strong in groups which is what I am planning to do and LOVE that my Joe left most all of the materials at my disposal as you said the NET Served and old closeouts at orgs on ORIGINAL Books!!! and Packs etc..!!!

  3. Great Lana!
    Really good concept.

    An EP is an EP. Not 50 % of an EP. Those 50 % EP’s do not exist as they are no EP’s.
    Both sides of the bridge have to be done.
    Cleared cannibales … and dozens of other references plus my own experience.
    Let’s use the web to do it.

  4. I totally agree. I have been doing some auditor training also and what a smart resolution this is to redouble our efforts at this in 2014!

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