the future

by Milestone Two Crew

At the end of a year most people tend to review what they got through — the highs and the lows. They look at where they have ended up — and what they have come through.

Milestone Two had an interesting first year. Dreamed up just 12 months ago, and launched in April, we went through a storm and a half, and came through the other side, stronger than ever.

We learned some lessons — the main one being a certainty of who we are, what we believe, and what we know to be true. We also found that by us just existing and communicating, impelled some to attack, 3rd party and cause all sorts of controversy. It seems the very idea of a group that wants to practice standard Scientology and help people move the up The Bridge, truly does upset some…

Milestone Two stands by the Creed of Scientology — which clearly states that every man has the inalienable right to his own opinions and ideas.  People that do not consider themselves Scientologists any longer, or who have negative views about the tech or the Founder, are not attacked by us, nor do we engage in any games condition with them. They are entitled to their views — just as we are entitled to ours.

Our game is an entirely different one.

And it is on a strange playing field.

The Church of Scientology, originally created by LRH to provide training and auditing to move people up The Bridge, has become oppressive, out-tech and suppressive, by action and product.  They no longer represent or deliver standard tech — instead milking money out of parishioners as their prime function, and sending people on a circular Bridge that does not have an EP other than bankruptcy and caved-in people.

Then in the field, under the banner of “independent Scientologists” there is an entirely different scene. The majority are not actually Scientologists — as they no longer apply the tech, nor do they wish to have any further auditing or training. The bypassed charge is high, out-rudiments are the norm, injustices are at a highest ever, and the arbitraries, stops and cut communication lines from the C of S, have left people more than a little wounded.

There are many old timers out here – some who have been delivering since the early 80’s — and there are all manner of groups and auditors around. The main omitted are Qual lines to maintain tech standards and keep auditors brushed up on their tech, as well as the important Tech lines to well train auditors on TRs, metering and more.

There is much to do and there is much that can be accomplished. We have the tech — and we know it is correct. It is now a matter of actually getting it applied – which is always a challenge and a bullbait.

Milestone Two is a not-for-profit religious and charitable organization, registered in Australia. It has been recognized by the Australian government as having religious and charitable status. These are the same rights that the Church of Scientology is currently recognized with, along with many other religious groups and organizations.

We have delivery occurring in many places around the planet, and what is becoming apparent is that we now need to set up administrative lines to support the auditors, before their drown under the heavy demand. There is no lack of randomity – but that makes for a good fast game, and keeps us on our toes.

Our website — which has priorly been open only to members, will shortly be opened up to one and all. We are making this change as it has become apparent that more than 50% of those who are reading our blog and supporting us, are under the radar and unable, at this time, to reveal their identity. The initial membership set up of Milestone Two makes is hard for people under the radar — so we are changing our policy to best service and assist such people. You will hear more on this soon.

Our popular blog continues to grow. We have published 128 articles in only 7 months, and have had over 40,000 views, and 750 comments. We have an average of 230 – 300 visitors every day, and based on surveys done, all are Scientologists who want to, or wish they could move up The Bridge.

If we have accomplished anything, we have created a safe space for Scientologists, that is above 2.0 on the tone scale, and is not engaging in restimulating others, criticism or natter, but detailing applying tech in life to improve conditions. We also give specifics on C of S out-tech and arbitraries, with the relevant LRH references given.

Our readers, in order of numbers, come from the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, South Africa, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Israel, Norway, Greece, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, Hungary, Austria, Puerto Rico, Russia, Luxembourg, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Phillipines, and then another 32 countries.

Our most popular articles since June are interesting — as they reflect the interests, views and attitudes of people reading. Our most popular article is Why I remain a Scientologist, followed by Natter, To those under the radar, Open Letter to Clears and OTs, and What should orgs be doing?

In 2013 we held a series of Open Houses in Australia, in Canada and in the USA. And there is a growing network of people being serviced — either with training, auditing, or just with a safe communication line.

This will simply continue to grow in 2014.

As this is published, the New Year is being counted in. The future is bright, and 2014 is going to be a lot of fun.

Thanks for joining us — and here is to another great and eventful year!

7 thoughts on “The future

  1. Yes, Bravo! This group or at least your association feels like I would have always wanted it to feel hindsightly speaking. This feels very ‘theta’ in that it isn’t clickish or sub groupish. Focusing on what we agree on is always a good practice.

  2. As I do Solo NOTs and as I audit others, I am constantly aware of the gift Ron gave us. This is one bell that will not be unrung-Truth and Theta will prevail no matter what some weak forces would have you believe.

  3. Outstanding first year. Many thanks to those participating. And let us please keep our original purposes and goals for this group in mind as we go forward. Unlike other groups which have faded away, I’d like to see this one continue to exist and spread its influence and goodwill far into the future. Flourish and Prosper!

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