By W.R.

Sometimes, life just seems a little noisy, and not a lot seems to be getting done. Wheels spin and the vehicle just does not seem to move anywhere.

There are periods in my life when a great deal is accomplished — and there is much change. And there are other periods when things just seem to stay the same. Or things bog, or get worse.

I was reflecting on this recently, and looking at the correlation with this phenomena and basic rudiments.

I spotted for myself that if I have an ARCX, a Problem, a Withhold, or an Overt on a given area or person or subject, then not only is my attention caught at that point – but also communication and production is impaired. Now I am not just talking from a business sense. I am also talking about family, and friends, and even hobbies.

Any area that I have an out-rudiment in, gets sticky, and just does not seem to go.

Example: ARCX occurs with my mother in law at Christmas time, and then the remainder of her time visiting becomes unpleasant.  Other conversations, other people, are all impacted by the out-rudiment.

Example: An overt is committed by me on a work project (doing a sloppy job which is not professional) and then the whole project bogs, until I rectify that overt.

Example: Another has a withhold relating to a copyright work (they took information from other sources, without express approval, and served it up as their own) and then when this is missed, they blow up and cause friction and 3P within the group.

There is no question that out-rudiments cause issues, hang up attention and also create challenges. But my realization recently, is that when these out-rudiments are not ferreted out and handled, life gets very slow, boggy and hard to handle.

The out-rudiment does not have to be some horrific, monstrous crime (like embezzlement, or murder, etc.) — it can be very simple, easily committed out-rudiments, like not paying a bill when one should have, or being lazy, or letting one’s weight get out of hand. Or simply being dishonest with someone.

Even when looking at the current scene with the C of S, I can see many people who have left the church and still have out-rudiments regarding it – and they spin their wheels, trying to get traction and move on. But it is hard work. The out-rudiment makes moving on difficult.

I guess the moral to the story is – train as an auditor — and keep moving up The Bridge. In doing so, you become expert at spotting and handling out-rudiments, in yourself and in others. And then life becomes easy again.

“When the rudiment is out, the tone arm, she don’t move. Important fact. That’s a new fact.  If the rudiments are out, no tone arm action.  That applies to anything.” LRH lecture 6205C24: Instant Emeter reads, Part 1

3 thoughts on “Spinning wheels

  1. I like this article very much. I think it is one of these basics that is not always used, and the better we get at dealing with out-rudiments, the more at cause we can be. 🙂

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