laughing man

By Milestone Two crew

Well it seems that 2014 is the year for communication. So many lovely emails, phone calls and people reaching out in the last week. Thank you to all.

Our policy remains the same. The door is open and all are welcome.

Communication is the universal solvent, and with Milestone Two we simply let people talk, let them ask questions, sort out confusions and mysteries, and make new friends. Locally here in Australia, we are told that our place is a spiritual retreat — a place where you can let your hair down, take a breath, and get some space. Luckily, Milestone Two has similar locations in the US, in Canada, in Israel, and elsewhere.

We had a guy here recently came here to relax and talk without the strain and pressures that he has been subjected to for years. With some good food, wine and great company, he said he has never laughed as much in his life. It was a huge relief for him — and a lovely evening for us.

Many are under the radar, and uncertain about whether to communicate, and if so, to who. Milestone Two is a safe space. We don’t disclose identities, names or details of those who are with us. We are just getting on with life, applying Scientology, and helping people move up The Bridge.  Write to lana@hushmail.com, and find a terminal.

Based on the last week, it is clear that 2014 is going to be a great year!

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