By Jim Logan

Recently I read the Sydney Morning Herald and an article on euthanasia.  It seems Belgium legalized it in 2002, but recent “newly minted” legislation would extend the provision to children, people suffering from dementia and “other diseases of the brain”, according to the article from the December 28-29 edition of the paper.

Reading along I came across two incidents of recent controversy in that country.  Here is one of them, as printed in the paper.

“An anorexic woman who had been sexually abused by her psychiatrist, the renowned sexologist and eating disorder specialist Walter Vandereycken, was subsequently euthanized by a fellow psychiatrist.”

Apparently, some 47% of the deaths that occur by euthanasia, as found in a study published by the British Medical Journal, are not reported. 

As a Scientologist, I accept and apply to the best of my ability, the Code of a Scientologist and hereby publicly decry this abuse of life by the psychiatric profession in Belgium, for its heinous and manifestly physically damaging practice of killing patients it deems not worthy of life.

6 thoughts on “Heinous acts

  1. These assholes are always in “overpopulation” restimulation. Would that they only had the courage to set man free. They would then see that man would not only self-regulate his population to that which is sustainable in harmony with nature, but that he would become physically healthy and idealized as an organism as well.

    • Scotty,
      I recently studied a tape in the 16th ACC that covered the idea that an auditor has to be able to be the person they are working to help. With these types as described in this newspaper, the Vandereyken’s and their buddies, one wonders if they’d like to be euthanized for their own “dementia”. At the end of the Sydney paper’s article the reporter asked the guy pushing for similar legislation in Australia that question. Nah, he didn’t think he’d like that kind of treatment and backpeddled frantically.

      There’s a universe of difference between Dianetics, Scientology and some of these other “treatments” that only somebody blind would miss.

  2. A woman goes to this psychiatrist for help, he sexually assaults her and then euthanize s- murders her. Speculating he killed her to hide his crimes. So all a murdering rapist needs in Belgium is a license. Belgium is a sick place.

    • Tim,
      It was actually a fellow psychiatrist that did the “euthanizing”. The statistic published in the British Medical Journal, of nearly 50% of the deaths not reported, is simply incredible. Belgium is no place for children, the elderly, or those with “disorders of the brain”, as determined by…

  3. Oh my…
    Confront of insanity is often a nauseous activity. The operating procedures of the Third Reich apparently weren’t totally extinguished – the power of life and death now in the hands of ‘those types’ who would decide euthanizing victims to cover their own crimes is a solution, sickens the heart.
    What a sickening development under the guise of a civilized society. Shame on you Belgium Govt. I too protest such barbarism

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