By Lana M

There is a vast difference in the way auditing is delivered in the Church of Scientology these days, compared with the 50’s and 60’s. There is a difference in the cost, and a difference in its availability.

Today, to receive auditing with the Church of Scientology, it costs you thousands. It is generally only available through the org, as there are few missions (thanks to the arbitrary, vastly expensive, Mission Holder package) and a lack of field auditors (as they have been driven out of existence through arbitraries, injustices, bypass and denigration of the work they do).  Auditing is now done at the org at professional rates, and purchased in blocks of intensives. It is delivered in the HGCs of large buildings, with listen-in video systems, and only using Mark VIII e-meters.

Interestingly, looking back at how auditing used to be delivered, this is not the basic pattern that started at a grass roots level with the release of Dianetics. It is not how delivery occurred in the early days – when thousands and thousands of people were enthusiastically involved and winning (and paying only a few dollars for the needed materials).

Below is an LRH article from Ability magazine #14, that puts the correct emphasis on how auditing is supposed to occur — and this is mirrored on the LRH Grade Chart, showing a person is supposed to train and deliver auditing, as well as receive auditing, to progress up The Bridge.

This article details the release of the Co-Audit Manual, which came out at the same time as the Ability magazine, and cost $1. This manual included:

1) The basics – definitions, Axioms and the rudiments of auditing

2) The codes — the Auditor’s Code, and why it is there

3) The processes, giving them in their correct sequence and in their form at that time (1955), plus a large amount of text on where the processes stem from the basic theory, why they are run, and how they are run, plus more

“Since the Spring of ’50 people have been co-auditing all over the place. As a matter of fact people have been co-auditing one way or another since the first person, where ever that was, who ever said “Listen, I’ve got a problem here”. But in the Spring of ’50 there were a lot of people all over the place listening a lot better than anyone else had been doing it before.

“There has always been co-auditing from Book One, Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health.

“There has been co-auditing on Advanced Procedures and Axioms (1951), the Handbook for Preclears (1951), Self Analysis in Dianetics (1951) – even What to Audit (1952), Scientology 8-80 (1952), and Scientology 8-8008 (1953) have been somehow pressed into service of co-audit teams. Dianetics 55! (1954) has been the most successful to date since Book One, in the hands of co-auditors. That, and The Creation of Human Ability (1954), have been the standard text for about a year (in terms of Dianetics and Scientology Central Time, a very long period!).

“But since Book One we have not at hand a manual, specifically designed and organized to a compactness of information on the hows and whys and whens of modern Scientology technology for the field irrespective of training – a manual for co-auditors.” LRH

I find it fascinating that with all the books, materials and course packs that Miscavige has released, there is no Co-Audit manual.  Guess it is up to us, to get one together and being used.

I can certainly say that my Bridge gains, both last life, and since being no longer affiliated with the Church of Scientology this life, are all based around the co-audit.

What is stopping people from simply picking up the books and starting to audit with another?  Lack of C/S? Missing materials (ie. a manual)? Uncertainty on what to audit? Just the idea that you should not?

What are your views?

30 thoughts on “Who used to audit?

  1. Sadly the Scientology game is based around money in PT. Probably to fuel Church growth and in our indie field to keep auditors auditing. Not a sustainable game on a planet like this one but noone was able to mock-up a better one so… So the Church pushes auditing to pay its bills and auditors post success stories in the hopes of luring in more PCs.

    Also I believe in the past people were not as afraid to co-audit. There were less “ethics” and “standard tech” and more doing. People were responsible for their own cases and not delegating it to the Church or some “guru” auditor (their finances allowing).

    Then there is the idiotic consideration that auditing alone will set you free, an easy and lazy way to see life. So I’ll just pay some schmuck to audit me and I will become an OT. Or I will do LXX and fix all my problems. As if life was this easy.

    Co-audit should be the only way to go. You train and you co-audit. No “come to Flag and leave home OT in 6 months” BS. It’s the effort you put in that counts, not the money.

    Our religion has become more of a business than a spiritual path over the years.

    I co-audit and plan to do so for all of my Bridge, with the odd session with a highly-trained auditor for repairs and fancy RDs.

    • Thanks Pascal. All valid points!

      I was speaking to an individual who specialized in creating field auditors, for many years, and had the most chapters and field auditors in the world. She told me that what was key is that she did not tell people they “must be standard in their auditing”. Instead she told them she would make them the best auditor they could be, and would get them with a book in their hand and auditing. As they audited, they gained reality, and they gained confidence, and then they trained more, and improved their skills. It was through auditing that they learnt to audit — and it was through auditing that they “became standard” if there ever was such a thing.

      It is interesting and the whole point of “standard” has been pushed ruthlessly since the inception of RTC — and the whole Golden Age of Tech is based around the same. Patter Drills, What Do You Do drills, Read Simulators — they give any new auditor the view that it is a highly complex activity, and it must be done standardly, or you are straight to ethics, or worse, receive justice, or declared.

      But LRH says you make auditors by auditing. As you audit, you learn, you gain reality, and the materials you are studying have significance, as they are applicable to what you are DOING. The information is used as it is APPLIED through auditing. Anyway… I digress.

      Thank you for your points. I agree the C of S has become a money making business — and I am thrilled that you are co-auditing!

  2. I didn’t co-audit because I never did auditor training. I never did auditor training because it didn’t look like anyone who was doing it was actually enjoying it. So, not being a glutton for punishment, I didn’t do auditor training.

    • Thanks Rob. Could I ask, were your observations about auditors not enjoying themselves based on seeing auditors in the org doing long hours, or being caught up in Ethics, or in Qual, or just not getting through their training? Or was it your experience that the persons who audited did not seem happy? Just wanted to clarify…

  3. Hi Lana, I like you and all you have to say, always right on target. I definitely would love to co-audit.When I started attending an Org it was because I wanted Dianetic auditing or co-audit. And it was not available there, always a reason that is couldn’t/shouldn’t be done.

    Have a great day.

    • Thanks for popping in Eleanor.

      I think that is fascinating too — that the orgs don’t push or encourage co-auditing, in Div 6 or in the Academy.

      When I purchased my Bridge back in the 80’s, it was a co-audit to Clear package. It cost $5000 AUD, and included Purif and Student Hat and TRs and Metering, and of course the Academy levels. I found out that now, 30 years later, with the new GAT II package you can also co-audit to Clear (yay!) and it is only $48,000 US. OMG. Sorry, but that aint just inflation. That is DM and his efforts to discourage co-audits.

  4. There are materials in abundance. Perhaps lack of a twin or someone to go to with any questions or uncertainties?
    The FreeandAble website has multiple points of contact around the globe for anyone wishing to simply start.

  5. Great post! When I started in the 70s there was a ton of co-auditing-lots of excitement and activity-the courserooms were buzzing! Co-auditing was how I did my lower Bridge and as a staff member it cost me nothing. For a public person very very little. In the good ole days we had FUN!

    • Too right Ingrid! My thoughts were that if we set up a simple C/S line, make co-auditing accessible again, then people in the field can move up The Bridge at virtually no cost and make the gains that are there to be had. I think key to this is getting people twinned up, in a world where the C of S has made communication dangerous, and has given people the view that they CANNOT audit in the field without being labelled a squirrel. There is nothing squirrel about co-auditing — it is in actual fact the only “standard” way to move up The Bridge.

      Isn’t that ironical??

  6. Wonderful, all round comments, from your OP, Lana!
    The excitement awaiting people, when they come aboard, for the very first time, full of questions??????? is answered in the very BEST way possible. They learn, (as unbelievable as it sounds), to REALLY ‘communicate’, for the first time in their lives!! And boy, in doing so, they have the biggest wins, laughs, and FUN, they ever could have imagined… And that’s just with the Comm Course!

  7. Free investigation, that is knowing how to know. That is Scientology. There is no other Scientology: love of knowing, love of wisdom. And that occurs with spiritual adventurousness, spiritual passion and interest.

    That is Scientology. And no man has a monopoly on Truth. It is discovered when we go within and differentiate between mind, body and spirit.

    What ever frees the soul from the bondage to matter is Scientology.

    And that should be practiced freely, whenever one wants with whom ever one wants to do it with.

    When joy, happiness, freedom, wisdom is the outcome: Scientology has been applied properly.

  8. Fantastic post, Lana! I always wondered where the co-audits were on staff. To me it would have been the obvious answer to making staff more effective, just bring them uptone with the tech! But, DM wouldn’t have liked that, would he? Let’s get some co-audits going! 😀

    • Wouldn’t it have been a blast, if you and I and others Sea Org members could have gotten through our hatting and then onto our co-audits?

      It would have been such a simple solution to auditing, lack of auditors and staff lack of progress up The Bridge.

      I remember in the late 80s when I was trying to get permanently posted as a Programs Officer in CMO IXU, I had to hang out in the HGC and beg and plead and become a nuisance for months before finally they agreed to take me in for my needed Method 1 wordclearing, which was the last requirement I had to finish. The HGC was filled with sec checking and FPRD on executives. No Bridge actions being done.

      I so wish, at that time, there had been a co-audit. I would have been trained on the meter and twinned up with someone on a like-post, and it would have changed my entire career and life as a Scientologist.

      Some ten years later, as I was getting through my Solo course for the second time, I never had a steady twin.Few people ever get onto the Solo Course due the constant musical chairs. Every time there is new posting, you start again on Esto steps, mini hatting and full hatting. And then there is the constant list of study orders that stream out of DMs office. A never ending list of things that you must study, other than how to become an auditor and audit someone else.

      Even with 2 young children, juggling several jobs, my own business, and running a business, I have made more Bridge progress since out of that scene, and simply working on a co-audit basis.

    • An “Co-Auditing Series” HCOB exists entirely on staff co-audits which would include doing the Survival RD that had recently been re-implemented by the CO$ with GAT II. We are however in possession of the original SRD RD where staff, or anyone else can co-audit their way all the way through.

  9. Nowdays with technology we could produce videos that replicated model session and needed instruction from a supervisor. Using things like face time or Skype a supervisor or CS could easily get in comm with a co audit group until they ran on their own fuel and knowledge.

  10. Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for creating this wonderful up tone site. I am on Solo Nots outside of the corporate church . I got here by using a highly trained C/S , a tutor and a very experienced auditor. Best decision. It’s just so freeing to be able to do this level with out any interruptions and at my own pace. If your stalled on training or auditing just find people to deliver. It’s all out here and easy to access. You will be so happy that you are getting the miraculous gains LRH wanted us to receive. Wishing all of you out there this joy. ML Solo7

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