By W.R.

There seems to be really only one power that David Miscavige’s corrupted church has. But even that is a fallacy. Let me explain.

Anyone involved in DM’s church (as a parishioner, a staff member or as a Sea Org member) is there of their own determinism.

People choose to belong, to donate, to support, to defend, and remain — and they do this of their own will. Regardless of orders, influences, persuasive elements, and even blackmail, each action they take and make is their own decision. And these decisions are made based on information available, and on the circumstances they find themselves in.  They make the best choices they can, and take the road they feel is correct, for that time.

The corrupted church cannot force anyone to do these things — just as they cannot force anyone to be audited or train. They have no power to force anyone to do anything – regardless of PTSness, lies told, undue influence or twisted public relations.

There seems to be only one power that the DM’s corrupted church has – and that is the power to cut communication lines.

They can cut the communication line to you, as an individual, effectively ousting you from the group. They can work to cut the communication lines with your family – and with friends. They can take efforts to cut communications lines to your employment, or place of work (if Scientologically related). And of course the finale is they can threaten to cut the communication lines between you and the LRH materials (in other words, your future Bridge). They can do this by excommunicating you.

Now all of that can seem pretty powerful – bar for a couple of facts:

  1. An organization that specializes in cutting, perverting, inhibiting and stopping communication lines has a death wish. This is due to the fact that an organization is only as effective as its communication lines, and the way it treats its communication lines has to be above 2.0 or it will forever be a psychotic group. You can learn all about this in LRH’s books Science of Survival and How to Live Though an Executive. You can also read about it in LRH’s Essay on Management in the early Tech Volumes. And of course, it is covered in detail in the book Dianetics 55! and the accompanying 9th Advanced Clinical Course lectures.
  1. An organization can take efforts to severe the communication lines with a person, and between that person and their friends and family, but it only by agreeing to this action that  the communication line lost. A person, thus treated, can continue to communicate to the organization, to friends and to family, even if no response is received.  Continuing to communicate, from their reality and with truth, is their right. In fact, a theta communication line cannot be shunned.

“A strong, theta (reason bearing) communication line has a way of maintaining its own life and defending itself from interference. If it is tampered with, it will blow up at the point where it is interrupted, and it will blow up the person who interrupts it.”   …

“Wherever there is a person who will pervert a communication line, there is a germ of death in the organization. If the organization contains much life, it will not tolerate such an infection.

“If the organization contains but little life, however, a clever authoritarian may sit on the communication lines indefinitely perverting them just enough for his purposes but not enough to cut them completely. If this authoritarian happens to be the head man, the result will be that atmosphere of oppression, uncertainty and rebellion so familiar to the employees and associates of that familiar figure of American business, the self-made tyrant.”  LRH Book How to Live Though an Executive.

 “And when an organization begins to specialize in punishing those people who communicate, who act, who circulate, that organization is cutting its own communication      lines, its own efficiency, and spelling out its own eventual defeat.”  LRH  A Manual on the Dissemination of Material 1955 ca. mid-March

The fact is that communication IS the universal solvent.

Remember – it is a psychotic trait for an organization to specialize in slashing communication lines. They make the lines dangerous and oppressive. And there will always be some degree of flare-up, noise and entheta when you continue to communicate on a suppressed, perverted or inhibited communication line.

But by continuing to communicate, regardless, there is a chance of resolving the situation.

One thought on “The only power

  1. It’s pretty odd that the Church would conduct itself the way it does. It should be a facility that people can use as they wish. But the Church thinks its survival lies in controlling people rather than providing service to them. So they go about cutting communication lines. Very odd indeed.

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