chronically tired

By Natalie

Kids are generally a bundle of energy, fast moving, and going off in all directions. But sometimes they sag.

There have been a number of times when one or both of my girls have looked exhausted and complaining of being tired, when they have had ample sleep and not exerted themselves enough to justify feeling that way.

I have also spotted this sometimes in myself — feeling like I am dragging the body around, no matter how much sleep I got that night.

There is a very simple piece of tech that I have been using for some time for myself, for my children and with friends. It is from HCOB 15 Sept 1968, and is from the Class VIII Course:

“Pc looking or continually feeling tired = blunted purpose, evaluation and invalidation.”

Now without getting into a listing action, I have found that by gentle two way communication, it is quite easy to find out if there is a blunted purpose, evaluation or invalidation. And in each circumstance, the tiredness vanishes, and there is a resurgence of energy and verve.

Very simple, and very powerful.  Give it a go!

One thought on “Continual tiredness

  1. Laying out a solid admin scale, and carefully determining achievable (emphasis on “achievable”) goals, will give a sense of accomplishment. Validation of accomplishments is very important. Scns who have been in the chaos of the church may have a lot of charge on pieces of tech, but sensible projects in THAT area, might help get things back on track. Many have the blunted purpose (and a backlog of inval and eval) of what their notion of Scientology was, to begin with. The church went insane, blogs are full of negative people, misapplication has been rampant, morale is low. That’s all “psychological.” It has nothing to do with the tech itself. It just has to do with misuse of tech. Scientology is a BIG deal – a few thousand years of thinking man. One can’t expect everyone to “get it” immediately. If you fail to bake a cake every time you try, pretty soon you may conclude baking a cake is impossible. It isn’t, but you do have to learn how to do it right.

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