back on the horse

By Milestone Two crew

You make auditors by getting them to audit. Yes, there are always flubs and errors initially – but it is by auditing that one gains more and more understanding on the body of LRH’s work, and can develop the skills to apply those to assist another to a point of perfection.

It is by applying the technology on rudiments, in session, that you see how it is only rudiments that prevent gains, and one becomes more and more proficient in their use. It is by applying two-way communication in session, that you really see how it is that two-way communication allows case gain to occur.

There are many more auditors out there, in the field. Far more than people realize. Many, many, many people have trained in the past – whether that is as a Book One Auditor, Assist Auditor, Class IV, Grad V, Class VI, and some seasoned old Class VIIIs, IXs, and XIIs.

There are many reasons why people aren’t auditing any more – heck the Miscavige corrupt church just spits on auditors and makes it impossible to get into the chair.

It is important to get those people brushed up and auditing again.  To get them back on that horse and winning the race again. Not so that they can go out and start a practice (though some may), but so that they are able to use and apply those basics to friends, family and anyone around them. Regardless of what the new arbitraries the corrupted church is implementing, or what new invalidations are being added to the existing pile.

We have some known and trusted standard auditors, C/Ses and Qual experts who are able to help people not get back in the saddle, but get back in the race and brushed up on their TRs, their metering and auditing procedures. And we are NOT talking about Golden Age of Tech 1, 2, 3 or 102! And we are not talking about some expensive “ethics and correction” program.  We are simply finding out what invalidation occurred, getting confusions/misunderstood found and cleared, and getting basic cramming tools applied.

Here are two simple LRH references, from the Class VIII Course, that show what is being applied:


“It was discovered in the Sea Organisation that proven high calibre good standard Class VIII auditors suddenly without any apparent reason ceased to be able to audit well, made gross goofs and backed off from auditing completely.

“Its source was traced back to INVALIDATION.

 “The cases on whom it occurred were handled very speedily, very simply with ASTOUNDING RESULTS.

“The remedy was simply asking them in 2 way comm who had told them they couldn’t audit. No meter, no complications, just very simple 2 way comm.

“One of the cases was in fact handled in a room full of people. This case was black in the face and most adamantly refused to audit and ARC broken to the extent that she PHYSICALLY WALKED AWAY from the idea.

“The question was simply asked: “WHO told you you couldn’t audit?”  or WHO told you that your auditing wasn’t any good?”

“Answer: “Nobody did”

“OK. WHO told you your auditing wasn’t any good?”

“Answer with sudden misemotion: “You all did”


“(BRIGHTENS) ..says a name.

“OK … did somebody at some earlier stage tell you you couldn’t audit?

“No…but so and so told me that I wasn’t doing any good in such and such…ooooooh..line charge…my mother always told me that I couldn’t do…bla bla bla…

“Very bright now, still slightly hesitant…OK..

“When is ALWAYS? ; When I was 6 …BINGO.

“Back to auditing, and … getting; WELL DONES , and pc’s WINNING, auditor getting STANDARD sessions and STANDARD results.

“And that is ALL there is to it. We are talking here about the Class VIII auditor giving this assist and the Class VIII auditor receiving it. Scientologists of this calibre and standard of training can be expected to have the awareness and ability to bring these results about.

“The length it took for these actions was from about 3 to 5 minutes.

“The Class VIII auditor is an outstanding target for invalidation. BEWARE!! The actions described above were done virtually off the cuff by a Class VIII auditor on other Class VIII’s, and were done when the INVALIDATION factor was isolated as the common denominator.”  


“Now, to give you some idea of how tech goes out in your area, you yourself at this stage of the game, undoubtedly have a reality on it. But maybe at some later time no reality will exist on it.

 “You knew you had TR 1, you had TR 1 down sometime way in the past. You had it — that was the way it was. Somebody came along and he flunked you for it, or somebody said that wasn’t the way you did it. Somebody said that was the way you did it a long time ago, but that isn’t the way we do it now. Something happened that knocked out your TR 1. So you had it once, and now somebody cross questions it, invalidates it, it goes by the boards, and you somehow or other got to reacquire it again somewhere up the line.

“Now one of the ways that is happens is, in the research line two data are stated at different periods of research which seem to be in conflict. The earlier data happens to be correct, the second data is there because somebody re-mimeographed and misspelled the bulletin. So, somebody comes along and says the second datum is correct. They interpret the material. The material, since time immemorial, has needed no interpretation. Just recently, in trying to teach some materials I found this astonishing fact, that I was trying to tell people it was the simple basics, the very simple basics, that made the auditor. But the trouble with auditing is, it was too simple. And their grasp of the subject was difficult because they thought they were trying to grasp a lot more than they were trying to grasp. And it was trying to grasp this simple thing, and grasp that simply and continuously, and I’ll be a son of a gun if the zone and area of trying to apply this didn’t say, “Don’t pay any attention to basics. What you want to study is the upper theory of the thing.” LRH

10 thoughts on “Get back on that horse

  1. Fantastic article! I was just thinking about this the other day. My step-mom is a Class VIII and was at one time the most productive field auditor in the world. She hasn’t audited one PC in years — I’m sure because of GAT. Do you guys deliver auditor training too?

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  3. Great article… I’m class V graduate and was thrown out of auditing by GAT… I have just want to go back to auditing. Go through a kind of apathy of not doing it.
    It’s like having been a long time prisoners, and now the door is open. But a deep, deep laziness… takes me. I even was given the class 8 tapes. In the past I would have been dreaming of listining to those tapes. I listened to 4 of it, liked it really… but i’m not gung ho…
    I could go back in solo (I was on 7 and did 8)… But I can’t… I feel a sort of deadness. Got few Not’s session from an inependan,t had some wins and back to apathy!
    This is what this article give me the feeling to originate and to some degree it makes some TA.
    I have a PC waiting for me on ARCSW. A real cool easy PC. He is very busy… So we have always to say “next week”.
    I ‘m not affraid to go back to session, I know I’ll make even I don’t really like the shit Mark 7 (i should buy a freezone one, mind walker or such).
    But always this apathy… And physically I’m more loooking like a piece of garbage than anything else. I’m also physically seek and it’s the product of this mindset.
    Incredible, your article put an itsa line, from me to you.
    So, you must do something awfuly right. You are making scientology happen again!

    • FG,
      Lovely to have you with us. And I understand on the apathy.

      What we have found, particularly with the many people who are on or done through SOLO NOTs, is a vast amount of BPC from arbitraries and actions delivered when they were in the non-interference zone. Sec checks, FPRD, Objectives, and all manner of other actions are routine these days.

      We have come across people who have introverted into the meter after real FNs were not called. We have found restimulated cases as a result of DM cancelling “blowing by inspection” on NOTs. We have GAT which has enforced a robotic out-comm cycle that makes auditing (both as auditor and PC) impossible, and we have run into people who have donated (literally) millions to the Church to go up The Bridge but end up on a circular “professional PC” route that just never gets them there.

      There is one thing that is a stable datum in this mess. And that stable datum goes right back to the Axioms that the subject is based on. Scientology is capable of correcting Scientology. Even when things go awry, and out-tech, arbitraries and alter-is makes it seem impossible — the use of standard Scientology can handle the BPC and upset and then the sunshine comes out again, and the apathy and failed purposes disappear.

      You are welcome to contact us directly, by email. Someone who is through SOLO NOTs and OT 8 should not be phsyically ill and dragging themselves around — and this CAN be handled. We have competent C/Ses who can get things sorted and get you zinging and zooming again. And not with the end product of bankruptcy or financial hardship.

      • PS. You take that PC in session. If the meter is an issue, there are plenty to choose from out here. But take that PC in session. If you need a C/S or would prefer a tech team (ie. cramming officer, etc.) behind you, give uus a yell. It is all out here and is simply an email away.

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