By W.R.

Reflecting on the current scene with the corrupt Church of Scientology, some have said that we have a “David versus Goliath” situation — where those in the field are attacked by a seemingly vast entity with never-ending resources to pursue and intimidate.

It is not really true though.

There is no power in the Church unless we grant it that power. The church is a group that has been corrupted, and subverted, and now uses Dianetics and Scientology to harm and control. It is insane, and driven by group bank.

It is the sane individual, the strong individual, the capable individual who works with other like-minded individuals, that creates a sane group. And that is the essence of strength, integrity, capability and resilience.

When it all seems to be entheta — don’t forget that!

“An insane group is one formed by the weak to protect them against the strong.

“A sane group is an expression of communication by those who could each one stand alone.

“Also, there is no political “strong.” Those who act so strong like Hitler et al. are really the weakest we have. There is no weak vs. the strong. There is the weak vs. the weak who have to act strong to fool people.” 

LRH Ability Magazine 59, late November 1957.

9 thoughts on “What is a sane group?

  1. I also don’t buy into the ‘David vs Goliath’ analogy, with regards to the Indies and the church. As Eleanor said, the church only has the power that others grant them. Not one iota more.

    More and more, it’s becoming apparent that the whole thing is being held together by a miniscule army of hard core true believers who are desperately trying to keep the roof from caving in on them.

    The orgs are empty. There are no new customers. Existing customers are slipping away in the night, and those who remain have been bled completely dry. Meanwhile, the news media is reporting on all the church’s dirty laundry – driving the church’s already wobbly public relations to unprecedented lows.

    The thing is now feeding on itself and shrinking by the day. At some point, only the Sea Org will be left – manning empty mausoleums and listening to pins drop.

  2. I was able to walk into an org the other day for the fun of it without being asked to leave. There were lots of nice people there. We had a few nice conversations. But as I got into comm with some of them I felt a bit like a giant among the pigmies. I picked up that they felt that way too. They seemed to be looking up to me even though I am not particularly tall. 🙂
    I realized that it was simply my presence, general good will, and relative certainty of who I am.
    So who is the giant and who is a pigmy?
    Who is the Goliath and who is the David.
    I am not either one of those.
    I have no ill will towards these people.
    But I am not a pigmy either.

    • You bring up a good point Espiritu. People on staff are of good will. They are not evil. They are not trying to harm or suppress. They are doing the best they can, with the information they have, and with what they know and what they have been told.

      Milestone Two holds no ill will to any Scientologist. In, out, or upside down (yes, I am in Australia!)

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