By Lana M

My boys were recently engaged in a loud pirate sword fight. Two large foam swords were being brandished with vigor and the “lounge” pirate ship was boarded several times, treasure chests were thrown overboard (as well as a few unneeded sailors) and cannons were firing.

With a desperate yell, one of the boys wacked the other across the ear (“off with his head!”) and then the tears began. What had been a lively and exciting game, ended suddenly as my oldest pirate stormed to his bedroom, slammed the door and sunk down the tone scale to anger and then to grief.

Pirates, like many others, when they get upset, can have trouble getting over incidents in life, and it so happens that this particular pirate was more than upset for some time.

I asked him “Tell me about a time when you were curious about something?”

Huh? he responded.

I repeated the request.

And then he remembered a mystery gift in the Christmas tree, which he had been really puzzled and curious about. I had him tell me about it, describe the room, the tree, the noises and sounds in the room, and the feelings he had at the time. The tears were already gone, and he was interested.

I then asked him,”Tell me about a time you played a game you really enjoyed”.

With an initial negative response about pirate games, he then gave me a detailed description of a water pistol fight with his brother, myself and Jim. As he described the strategy of the game, the sneaky efforts to catch opponents unaware, and the thrill of hitting me in the head with a powerful stream of very cold water, he was laughing again and back to his regular (pirate) self.

“Time for bed”, I said.

“No! he said. “Can we do more?’ What is that called? I really like it. Can we do more?”

“That is called auditing”, I told him. “And yes, we can do more. But not now. It is time for bed.”

“Theta has a peculiar characteristic of trying to attack enturbulated theta and disenturbulate it. The individual best survives when pleasurable experiences and prosurvival entities are brought into view. Hence tone arm rises, for preclears and cases move along more rapidly as theta moments are validated.

“Let’s suppose that for a while, without paying any attention to engrams and secondaries, the auditor addresses only the theta side of a lock chain. Can this make the preclear more reasonable and rational on a subject about which he is severely reactive? Could this validate his analytical mind?”  LRH, Supplement to Science of Survival “Validation Processing”

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