thumbs up

By Milestone Two crew

All of these testimonials are from recent delivery in the field by Milestone Two affiliated auditors. All are unsolicited. And no one has edited these, persuaded or coerced those writing. These are just honest communications from happy people. Enjoy.


This auditing is incredible.  As I approach the latter part of the rundown, I can say there is not one aspect of my life across the dynamics that has not been touched by, and improved by this auditing.  Every session we strip away more, and like the girl who never knew she had a headache, until it was gone, I am stripping away attitudes, emotions, considerations, ideas and intentions that simply were stopping, hindering, or distracting me from achieving what I want to. My postulates stick. My intention is clear, and telepathy is alive and well. Always dreamed of OT — and I am unquestionably on the right path. Thanks Jim!


I don’t like writing success stories, really, but I had so many wins.  I found myself.

I perceive myself as a ball of shining light.


I’ve been short of breath when I came into session. I realized that at the end of the session I’ve not run out of breath at all. Breathing normally.

Thank you to my auditor and for LRH’s tech!


Lately, I’ve just become aware of more changes in me. For instance:

-A feeling of worth of things became a notion I never paid attention to except as a criticism.

-A feeling of gratitude to all of my contacts – human and environment.

-A feeling of appreciation to my environment – human and otherwise.

-A feeling of joy beginning to appear.

Thanks to Tom, LRH and all concerned.


After running this section of the drug rundown, I ran a terrific incident of ammonia & bleach – (mustard gas) item.

I was terribly sleepy body-wise, but feeling very free–like a second skin, or a newly-minted penny–I fail to find the words necessary to describe the feeling. Anyhow, I feel new, free, a being with a weight lifted.

I feel much gratitude towards Tom, my auditor, toward LRH and Linda to have gotten me to this stage.


This was good. Went from all thumbs in doing session actions–attention on tools and admin – to being able to be in session and run the meter and I feel good about taking myself in session. Great gradient and lots of wins from the assists.

Was a lot of fun. Eager to go on.


Well…What can I say. Very simple yet very powerful. My viewpoint to life has really changed. My responsibility for myself and others has changed. My reality on my causing my own condition and my route out has changed.

Very simple – Very powerful. Wonderful.


I could not find a card that comes close to what I would like you to know how I feel.

The ARC, the respect, the gratitude I have for you is bottomless. Thank you.

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