friendly relations

By Nick,

When you are trying to unravel or understand a situation that is very confusing, one of the best ways is to go back to the original postulates and policies relating to that activity.

If you look at basic LRH philosophy, tech and policy from early on, and then compare it what is practiced now by staff members and Sea Org members, the outpoints abound (and this is how you evaluate to find a right why, per the Data Series).

Here is a therapeutic lesson:

Take the FIRST policy that LRH ever wrote, and then use that to spot the outpoints, arbitraries and insanity that now exists in Scientology orgs. This one policy shows us how far off-the-rails the corrupt church has gone, but also gives us insight into how we can start handling the situation — by going back to the first postulate and policy.

Do you agree?


“The first policy of a Scientology org, laid down on about 8 or 10 March 1950, is:


3 thoughts on “Friendly relations

  1. Nick –

    Yeah, sure. That sounds nice on paper and would be fine, but the public jerks and idiots all give you giggles and out-ethics and out-TRs, and tell you about how have a funny stare, want everything for free, and they start the fight, so I mean, we gotta hit them back and show them who’s boss and what philosophy is all about … (just kidding).

  2. And we say we have all the tech on ARC and yet corp scientology is one of the very few organizations that can’t do it. Many millions of organizations, including the Independent Scientology movement are very proficient at maintaining friendly relations. Could it be that someone is not doing it right?

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