By Bernie Wimbush

I have been a Scientologist for 55 years. I was disappointed on Sunday, to watch “60 Minutes” do a story on what they called Scientology. I used to think Scientology was what was written by LRH. Am I wrong?

I have listened to Ron’s Journal 68. I could have sworn that he cancelled fair game, disconnection and sec checks because of the harm they were doing to Scientology. I feel that my religion has been hijacked and held out to ridicule by some who pretend to be its guardians.

Here on TV there are these individuals harassing an ex member “for as long as it takes.” To do what? To get a being to admit he is wrong, by the use of force?

Someone hasn’t studied Service Facs or they would know that that isn’t a workable process. Or even read the Axioms where it is pointed out that not-isness or force cannot handle an isness. Their target (Marty Rathbun) doesn’t appear to be the sort of being who rolls over and quits.

Force versus Force, sounds a lot like a problem that could last forever, or until some Scientologist handles it.

The corrupt C of S is certainly chasing hordes of others into the various independent movements who appear to be following Ron’s work much more diligently.

But I guess this is simply the dramatization of case. Perhaps the case itself was an attempt to control beings. To get them to behave and be sensible. And along comes LRH and sets it up to free beings.

I’m with LRH. I choose freedom.

20 thoughts on “Is this Scn?

  1. Bernie,

    Thank you for putting this into writing, short, succinct and beautifully said.

    It is up to us now to carry Ron’s message forward. Ron’s message of sanity and freedom. And we must also expose and stand up to the CoS’s tyranny and destruction of Ron’s legacy.

    Thank you Lana for keeping this blog going, it has treasures of wisdom which many enjoy.

    • Lovely to have you here with us Dani. You are a good friend.

      And thank you for the good work your team delivers in Israel, servicing Europe and beyond.

  2. I watched it. I may not agree with Marty all the time but what he and his wife have been subjected to is utterly insane. He’s pretty formidable, though, and Miscavage will woe they day he picked this fight.

    What has happened to the “church” is so sad. I wish it was like it was in the ’70s or the ’80s, But it’s not and won’t be.

    But I have a lot of faith in the “indy” field. As fractious and argumentative as they can be, they are real honest-to-god Scientologists. They make me proud to call myself a Scientologist

  3. How Ron must have privately wept when he saw what others were doing in his name; but it didn’t dissuade him, he just kept right on going because he knew some of us at least, would get it.

    And what might that be, you may ask? Hey, simple ARC – from which all Dianetics and Scientology is developed.

  4. Ah, those ‘good old days’. We all wish them back, and it is up to us to bring them back. If we make others wrong, they will insist on their rightness and persist with their evil ways. They do what they do because they believe they are right. If we can ask about actions we don’t understand and get a detailed explanation of why it is right someone will trip over an illogic and … the number of times I have heard “I see what you mean” as yet another illogic hit the dust.
    I believe the tech can handle anything but we have to learn how to use it. And the various independent groups will always stand as a demonstration of how it should be done.

  5. On fair game, doesn’t that apply to suppressive persons? Are these people who have spent years of dedicated service really suppressive? We know that if you give someone a wrong item they will dramatize it, right? If you declare someone who is not an enemy, isn’t it possible that you create your own enemies? And look at fair game, it isn’t a process. There is an exact formula for enemy. LRH says an enemy can be lied to etc. Well that makes sense, Doesn’t say this is how to fix them does it?
    Lots have been done in the name of Scientology but personally I refuse to carry on practices which bring the subject into disrepute.

  6. Ron lied, the only reason he gave the appearance of canceling was because of PR purposes. Not because of the harm to people who challenged his hegemony. But because it made him look bad.

    This is a very important point. He did not give the appearance of canceling because it hurt people, he gave the appearance because of PR purposes.

    In other words, Ron’s PR was more important than harming people.

    He also says that “this doesn’t cancel any policy” (paraphrase)

    Fair Game and Bolivar have always been the paramilitary tactic against the evil of free thinking critics.

    Any other view is wishful thinking.

    “the only hope for man” “the greatest good” are ideas that have been agreed to that have justified harm to human beings who simply did not agree with Ron.

    Ron has successfully implanted into the minds of his students the thought that anyone who disagrees with him and his goal of planetary are SPs.

    If he is the “only hope” than destruction of critics is reasonable.

    Think about it. The “only hope for man”??? All other attempts have failed except for Ron? All paths are R6 except for Ron and Buddhism?

    Only ways are a dangerous mind set. They define evil as anything or anyone who is not on board with the path to freedom that crushes freedom of speech, press etc.

    The paramilitary aspect of L Ron Hubbard is the very characteristic that has relegated his lagacy to infamy.

    Not SPs, but Ron’s fear of being challenged.

    • Brian,
      Now aren’t you the same fella that posts on one of the Scn hate sites, daily. Yes, the same guy that without any set ups per the CS Series, without doing OT I, II and with No meter, sat on his back porch mulling over OT III for some months and concluded “it deen’t work”. That fella that described this on that natter board.

      That isn’t Scientology Brian. Considering your approach to the subject exemplified by the above, your opining on the topic you’ve opined on is somewhat, well, empty.

      • Hey Jim, yes I am that Brian. But my post is not about the techniques of auditing. It was about the evils of Fair Game. Two different topics.

        Religious freedom and religious practice is sacred. For all religions, including Scientology. But harming people in the name of any religion should be fought tooth and nail.

        That was my only point.

        • Uno mas thing Jim, I actually ran OT 3. I did not just mull it over. I got a copy of LRH’s written words. And had some OT 3s coaching me when I had questions.

          I did not conclude that it did not work. I concluded that it wasn’t what I needed in my next spiritual step.

          For me my next step was the solo art of meditation.

          I just wanted to be clear.


          • Brian,
            Not having the proper set ups, fully done, no Preps, no OT I, no OT II all to full EPs, no standard CSing, and running it without a meter, is not doing OT III, mate.

        • I agree on the practice Brian, and when done correctly, with all the protocols in place, and by conscientious and caring practitioners, Scientology gets results that are remarkable.

          You and I have no disagreements on dealing with the departures from rationality that evil in this world perpetrates. Man IS basically good, and that truth is my operating basis. So, be it fair game or any other guise that may present itself, I go to the root of it, and do my best to rid the society of the nasty that is the mock up of “evil”.


          • We agree Jim. Except of course on OT 3. I honor your right to practice your religion. And I honor, as well, the fact that some parts of that religion is, for me, an unreality.

            Similar to me telling a Christian that me not believing in Jesus will not usher me into hell.

            But again Jim, the point of the post was not about OT 3, it being true or not.

            But I understand why you brought it up. How can my views be clear, if I did not follow things as LRH layed it out. I get it.

            And I get that you are being benevolent. Thank you.

  7. Whatever is thought to be the justification for evil practices, it is my experience that Scientology goes better without them. We can make the future. Let’s abandon political declares, fair game and sec checks, pick up the cans and have fun. It is our religion not that of the implanted robots That’s what I think Scientology is.

  8. Hmmm! It is interesting to note that no one seems to like these controversial practices. No one is telling us their wins they experienced by being ‘fair gamed’ or disconnected or sec checked so as to get embarrassing details to be used against the person.
    Actively ‘fair gaming’ someone keeps one distracted from their purpose. Because it is an effort to handle by force it cannot entirely vanquish an isness. It is ridiculous and the press make money off it.
    False declares create enemies due to the phenomena of dramatizing wrong items. While this practice continues, Scientology will have plenty of enemies and the press will rejoice with the conflicts.
    Lets face it, these policies as interpreted by the Church violate standard tech and should not be used regardless of historic precedence. We don’t need to keep committing an overt to prove it is OK, or do we?

  9. I have used Scientology for 55 years. I can make it work to change all sorts of conditions. I don’t have to do anything. Anyone can declare me if they like, I can ignore it. I don’t have to worry about whether cancellation is real or not. To me it is cancelled because it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t work and hampers the forward progress. I am free. I can’t be coerced into obedience by anyone. It simply doesn’t matter. They cancelled all my certs, so what. I’m off to give yet another session. To me that is Scientology, and its not quibbling over what was said and what he really meant. Go on pick up the cans and enjoy freedom.

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