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By Milestone Two Crew

Before Milestone Two was launched, a number of articles were published on different sites, and then early last year we created our own website and blog, which has given us a stable home ever since.

We have tried to issue an article every couple of days, and have generally been able to maintain that (except when randomity on various dynamics have distracted us for a little longer).

Since April of last year we have published over 170 articles on a range of topics and subjects, across different dynamics and from different perspectives,

It is interesting to note which of the published articles to date have been the most popular. We have had over 60,000 views in that time, and with all of our articles always on the home page (it just scrolls for ever) there is a wealth of choice of what to read.

We have found that the top articles really are a representation of who are audience is, what their views and attitudes are, and what they are running into, or trying to resolve. For us, the listing of top articles keeps us steady on knowing who is reading Milestone Two articles, and what topics and subjects are not just of interest, but at hot topics.

Check out the list of our top 20 articles  starting at the article most viewed:

1. Why I remain a Scientologist

2. Natter

3. To those under the radar

4. I am and always will be

5. NOTs – off the tracks

6. What should orgs be doing?

7. To Clears and OTs

8. What noise?

9. Once upon a time…

10. Sex is not an overt

11. Individual ethics

12. A fine mess

13. Invalidation of auditors

14. The outside world

15.  Auditing is the new black

16.  A 3D engram

17. How did it get so bad?

18. Hidden identities

19. Future ahead

20. The nature of policy

If you have not read each of these, you can take the above list as a list of recommendations from our readers.

And thank you to our many authors and contributors for their continued support.  Contributions are always welcome from any reader.


2 thoughts on “Top articles

  1. Congrats, Lana! It’s been almost a year, and wow, you shine as bright as ever….. please keep on with your agenda… It resonates!
    ML, Calvin.

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