By Sherry

When I got onto my OT levels, particularly starting with OT 2, then increasing more on OT3, and then even more so on NOTs and SOLO NOTs, my postulates started to stick.

What do I mean by that?

Well I would have a thought — an idea about something. And then it would happen. It is a positive thing, in other words, I don’t have a random thought “Oh, I hope I don’t fall down the stairs” and then I fall down the stairs. No. Instead I will have a goal in mind, something I want to achieve, and it is like all the possible things that could go wrong, DO NOT go wrong, and the goal is achieved with little effort, worry or concern. It sort of “falls in my lap” unexpectedly — and then surprised, I realize that what I had wanted to happen, did happen.

A win of mine has been spotting that areas of my life where things have not gone well, are surrounded by my own ideas, considerations and postulates that I can’t do well at that subject or activity. I have in the past decided that I cannot do something, simply because a past effort to achieve it, or do it, failed.

Classic example — I used to have a terrible time writing reports at one of my first jobs. There were certain reports I was responsible for submitting, and it seemed everything I did report was not adequate, too long, wrongly worded, or simply not acceptable by my seniors. As a young 20 year old I concluded that I was not good at writing, and when I was searching for jobs at a later time, I intentionally kept away from anything that had report writing, submissions or extensive writing in it. My whole career changed direction, as I avoided writing reports.

As I progressed in my own auditing and training in Scientology I spotted that the original problems that I encountered as a 20 year old, writing reports, had nothing to do with my own ability to write reports, but had everything to do with a senior, who specialized in cutting communication lines and invalidation.

It was not actually my problem. It was theirs.

I reassessed my own ability to communicate in writing and found I am actually not too bad at all at writing.  It was my own view and attitude about the subject that had me avoiding it. I had been, in essence, stuck in the failure from way back then, and been bringing it (and all the considerations and negative ideas I had about it) with me into present time.

I thought I would share this with you all here, on Milestone Two, as my own lesson learned has applicability across many dynamics and in many spheres of life.

I think many of us get stuck in areas of past failure — and then do not go back to them, reassess and find the postulates that did not stick, and the postulates then made that we “can’t do” that, or are “not good” at that.

Heck — for some people even Scientology falls into this category, ie. postulates we made, did not stick, and then we got stuck in the failure….

“The first and foremost lesson taught by failure is that one’s postulate didn’t stick.

“There are several methods and processes of running postulates to practice their “sticking,” but the foremost of these would be to run out the idea that one should be dismayed simply because a something else happens.

“Actually if everything happened which you intended to happen there would be no randomity or interest in life whatsoever. People shudder back from the idea that their postulates and orders will always be obeyed. They will not always be obeyed and that is what makes the game of life a game; otherwise it would be one long continuous win, which is a no-game condition. ”  PAB 91, 3 July 1956 Anatomy of Failure

4 thoughts on “Anatomy of failure

  1. Nice. Spotting the way individuals construct their own lives is no small win. And you do write well. There’s a lot of review that can be done, revisiting one’s past – free track review. I’m not so sure I want to go back and check postulates and such for all the times I’ve been shot down … But keeping in mind what you said about your senior … maybe I should take a look at it, and not forget to check my successes.

  2. I honestly don’t know if LRH said the following or not, but once I was listening to a Scientologist who had gone a good ways up the Bridge speak to a group. I don’t remember if he attributed the following to Ron, but in any event I do remember him saying something to the effect of,

    “If you want to know what the existing postulates are in an area…..look at the existing conditions.”

    One way or another, that made a lot of sense to me.

  3. That was a great piece of writing. That was also a great quote from Ron that I had never seen before. I’ll have to listen to those lectures. He addresses something there I have been thinking about lately.

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