By Milestone Two crew

Scientology only works to the degree it is delivered.  No auditing = no Clears and OTs =  no Scientology.

So how do you make an auditor?

The corrupt Church of Scientology stands by Miscavige’s program of the Golden Age of Tech, consisting of extensive training programs with vast numbers of patter drills, “what do you do?” drills, simulator drills and requiring RTC passes on TRs and Metering.

This is in addition to having to have studied the large number of basic books.

There are many people who have been put  “through the mill” with the Golden Age of Tech and few of them are actually auditing.  And those who had been auditing priorly, have been arbitrarily told their certificates are not valid unless they redo their training (once for GAT1 and again for GAT2).

At a recent dinner party a new acquaintance was explaining how he had started Scientology training after 1995 (post GAT) and had enjoyed the auditor training and not found it hard. He had trained up to Class V, and moved from preclear up to NOTs case level. He defended the Golden Age of Tech and felt it was worthwhile — but failed to see that there was an issue with the fact that a) he no longer wants to continue on the Bridge and b) he does not audit anyone, and never has. For the thousands of dollars spent, how is that equitable?

The truth is that auditors learn how to audit in the chair.

“All auditor goofs stem from unreality.  Reality is found:

“A. By auditing and

“B.  By familiarity with own bank and track.”  LRH, HCOPL 12 September 1961 Curriculum for Clearing Courses.

This is also detailed in LRH ED 229 Int, 28 Sep 1978, The End of Endless Training:

“You can stuff a student with theory until it’s coming out of his ears but you won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS.  You can put him through all the drills that have ever been dreamed up and you still won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS.

“We’ve had the datum for some time that a student too long on the runway is going to lose the spark and zeal he started out with.”

The problem in making auditors, from our view is not related to courses.There are extensive courses in the Church to become an auditor, and there are plenty of checksheets and materials in the field – – but the key missing element is the internship.

“The word INTERN or INTERNE means “An advanced graduate or a recent graduate in a professional field who is getting practical experience under the supervision of an experienced worker.”

“An internship, then, is serving a period as an intern, or an activity offered by an org by which EXPERIENCE can be gained.

“Internships have been arranged this long while for every auditing class.

“The apprenticeship of an auditor is done as an org intern.

“C/Ses very often have interns on their lines and sometimes have trouble with getting them to audit.

“The Why of this is that the intern seldom knows the definition of the word “intern” (which is as above). They sometimes thing they are still students. They do not know this fact:


“This means LOTS of auditing.”  HCOB 19 July 1971 INTERNS

You can see this also in the policy letter of 24 August 1971 INTERN CHECKSHEETS, OKAYS TO AUDIT

“An OKAY TO AUDIT means two things. There are two “Okays to Audit”.

“On is OKAY TO AUDIT AS AN INTERN. This means one has done the checksheet to the satisfaction of the Intern Supervisor. Once can now auditor for intern qualifications.

“The other is OKAY TO AUDIT AS AN HGC AUDITOR. This means one has done the intern checksheet, has audited flublessly to many program completions and is passed by the HGC C/S,

“Any certification requires that teh intern meet both these requirements.

“These TWO Okays to Audit are required for any graduate certificate.

“There is a LOT of auditing between these two “Okays to Audit”.  …

“Rome was not built in a day, no auditor ever became a flubless auditor in three sessions.” 

In Milestone Two there has been an ongoing pilot, where auditors who have done the basic theory of a course, are then interned under qualified C/Ses. They audit, and audit and audit.

They receive instructs and crams as required – and in doing so, they gain the reality on auditing by auditing. We get star rate checkouts and Method 4’s done on key references, and we get them to audit, and audit, (and did we mention, audit?).

Not surprisingly, the system works, and auditors become smooth and flubless — and lots of auditing gets done. And the PCs win.

If you always wanted to be an auditor, and it never happened (for whatever reason), it is actually achievable through the basic training/internship line.

We have C/Ses that will happily intern auditors – no matter where you are located on the planet, or when they were trained (pre or post GAT).

It is simply doing what Ron did, and teaching people to audit, by auditing.





11 thoughts on “How do you make an auditor?

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  2. I’m a classed auditor from the ’70s. I tried to upgrade my skills and become an auditor under “GAT1” but was impossible — no twins, and a runway with no end in sight. The only people training were on the TTC and they would disappear for a year or more to Flag. In the old days everyone trained. Now it’s a rare thing. More respect is given to a Patron Meritorious or a Humanitarian than an auditor. GAT1’s endless drills and “talking to walls” is not inviting. When GAT2 arrived I’d had enough and quit the church. I’ve since talked to John Aaron who runs “The Courseroom”. I’m quite excited about that.

    It seems to me that the “indy” field is a natural evolution of Scientology. Management failed and refuses to reform. So we take matters in to our own hands.

    Auditing is a wonderful skill.

  3. Hi Lana, yes, we all need to learn how, and then audit. And audit. And fill the vacuum out there as to what Scn really is. There’s an inertia after years of management covertly ‘showing’ us how auditing is difficult, unrewarded, unimportant and only for the orgs, but really just for Flag. So yes, an internship is essential if only to prove to new auditors that they are delivering standard tech (but of course it’s needed because it is part of the tech.) I’ll be in touch to learn more.

  4. Great recent posts, indeed Lana! Thank you & the contributors all.

    Just a moment if you will, to reflect on the basic purpose of auditing, as conceived, developed and refined by LRH, into the workable tech, that you (we) collectively strive to maintain and/or resurrect today.

    This brought to mind, the mention you made a few posts back, of the “criticisms” made against you by Marty Rathbun and others.
    I cannot help, at this juncture, but see clearly just how futile an attempt, is being made by those that attack you (seemingly without conscience) without seeing at the same time, what a total footbullet this is upon one’s own integrity.

    To intentionally set out to harm and/or destroy someone of goodwill and then to proceed to accomplish the act, has consequences for the perpetrator. (overt / motivator) sequence. Also broadly and historically recognized as ‘karma’.!!!

    I occasionally remarked to him, (Rathbun), (before ceasing to pay homage to his blog in disgust), that his uncalled for hostility and abruptness, could easily be handled by cleaning himself up with the aid of a resolute and competent auditor, (whom he could trust)

    Again, clearly, the whole point to the lower Grades, INCLUDING
    Grade II (overts and withholds) is to RID the person so affected by the unconscious dramatizing of their hidden deeds.

    He may adroitly dismiss any such suggestion, but will not fool ANY trained, competent auditor!

    All the criticism, ‘evolving and transcending’ in the world, will never get rid of that endemic hostility, until he either TRULY ‘fesses up’, or pairs up with the only person who can help him do that! Thoroughly!

    A trusted Auditor!!

    I see you clearly for the being of integrity that you truly are !

    Thank you,

    ARC, Calvin.

    • Lana, one of the most appreciated things I personally learned from Ron, was the value of a simple acknowledgement, (TR2.)This was made clear to me, through his unfailing insistence on replying, or at the very least, acknowledging every single comm particle we sent to him. (And boy, you just know what a busy man he was too.)

      I believe he saw the value in letting his friends and supporters ‘feel’ appreciated.

      The point?…. simply stated, keeping the “A”, in ARC.

      For what it’s worth, I have tried to practice this, ever since.

      ARC, Calvin.

  5. Hi Lana, I am Paolo. Somehow I had gotten lost in the turmoil (and entheta) ensuing the foundation of Milestone Two. Even though I have been declared by the church, I am with LRH. I just found again your blog. Thank you for being there and doing what you do.

    • Welcome Paolo,
      Sorry to hear you got swept up in that noise and turmoil. Yep — it was like a torpedo hit back in April, but we just keep on communicating and producing and working to do what we feel is right — and the noise has faded away.
      One of the key points of difference for Milestone Two, from other blogs and sites, is that we have no war or game against anyone else. Even the Church of Scientology, which is unfortunately and truthfully corrupt and no longer on-Source, is filled with well-intentioned people who are simply doing the best with what they know and understand to be true. Their reality, unfortunately, is twisted and perverted by the orders and pressures from the top. And then when you add group bank into the mix, you have the perfect recipe for an ugly soup.
      The Milestone Two mission is simply to use and apply standard LRH tech. And anyone who wishes to do that with us, to assist, or to be helped with the same, is welcome. It is amazing how simple it actually is.
      Great to have you with us. Drop me a line some time, at lana@hushmail.com.

  6. Lana, Ive found the same thing with the gat auditors Ive come across. I did my Levels before gat when the checksheets were for 2 weeks but I did them for my own progress up the Bridge not for any altruistic purpose.
    Levels 0-2 student auditing, were pretty easy to audit and the pcs had good wins. But my attitude in learning the actual tech of the procedures was not up to scratch on Level 3 and although the pc had a win, I knew I needed to up my game for Level 4 which I did. I drilled the L&N procedure for 4-5 hrs on a doll on my own determinism to my own satisfaction. The sup was good but not a trained auditor and we werent under the Intern Supervisor.
    Auditing that level 4 is one of the highlights of my life and the amount of gain that pc achieved was a huge surprise, even the CS commented. After that I was hooked, and have always wanted to be a good auditor but I found over the years in trying, that becoming one in todays Scn org was not going to be possible for me. Although there were good staff in there and probably still are, they are fighting a loosing battle with dave and his minions out ethics.
    I look forward to learning in a space where I can just damn well get it done!! So thank you, and to the many others out there, in working to make that possible!

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