By Liza

What I love about Scientology auditing and training, is that I look at my life and my dynamics, and spot things I had not seen before.

There is the basic principle that if the problem was what I thought the problem was, then it would not be a problem. And in auditing, it is the unexpected, the unknown, and the unsuspected that is discovered., and which then changes things so drastically for the better.

That basic principle of “the way out is the way through” applies in looking at and inspecting one’s own life, and finding those unknowns. Of confronting and learning, and thus gaining more knowledge and understanding of ones self, while at the same time ridding oneself of elements that were thought to be part of oneself, and actually are not.

This is what I love about Scientology, and why I continue to study and audit.

It is all about inspecting the unknown.

“People go through life and their confusion is a sea of uninspected data, uninspected facts.

“The only thing that you can do for anybody in the final analysis is get him to inspect his own life and his own environment. And if he inspects his own life and his own environment in any kind of an orderly way and—you know, not running away every time—he looks over here and then runs away and then looks over here, and two years later gets courage enough to look over here again. No, you can help him out by every time he runs away you say, “Look.” And the guy says, “Well, I don’t know, I—it’s pretty dangerous, pretty dangerous.”

“There’s tremendous, almost unlimited methods of self-deception, almost unlimited methods of delusion. Man is probably richest in the numbers of ways he can make suckers out of his fellow man with lies.

“Hard words, but when a man here doesn’t know what’s the truth, then what he says to the man over here certainly doesn’t relate as any truth.

“In the final analysis all you can get anybody to do is inspect himself, his environment, life, and find out what’s true for him. And those things that are true for him, they’ll be pretty true. And you’ll find out that if he does it all the way, then we all agree on what’s true.

“But the second we all agree on what’s true and that these things are truths, then we can get very lazy and we never have to think of it again,-and Ron can all write it down in a book, and the next generation that comes along only has to memorize this so they will know what the truth is. Well, that I don’t think any of us want to have happen.

“That’s Scientology as I see it from my own particular viewpoint.”  LRH Lecture, 23 June 1960 Difference between Scientology and other Philosophies.

6 thoughts on “Inspecting the unknown

  1. Bang on the button, Liza. LOOKING!… it’s all about increasing one’s awareness…. whether as a pupil, parent, pilot, pc, practitioner (auditor), PRO, predator, prey, paraplegic, or any other viewpoint under the sun, that is attempting to find/fulfill a purpose.
    Auditing is the number one REAL deal to facilitate that!

  2. Good article!

    Some anti-Scns are trying to twist what LRH said around to make it seem like he said “If you think something is true, then it is true, and that gives you a license to force others to accept it” or “Whatever I say is the truth, is the truth, and you must accept it” or some such rubbish. In each instance that wouldn’t be truth but an enforced agreement. (Even skeptics are not buying that twisting.)

    Truth is not subject to agreement. Not that I know of, anyway. People say, “Oh, yeah I agree that that’s true,” but what they mean is “I see the same thing.” The truth is always there, unchanged by opinions about it and/or agreements, or not. I like the phrase “coincidence of viewpoints of truth,” meaning that two or more see the same truth, and it doesn’t matter whether they “agree” on it or not.

    Truth doesn’t get one into trouble; it’s agreements (and breaking them) that can really mess one up. Agreements can be changed or broken, but the truth cannot. Even in the perennial “biggest hot button” of Mankind, the 2D, you have the big question, “Are two people together because they agree on things, or is it because they both like clean comm cycles and see things in similar manners?” Combination of the two, I guess, but I’d go with the “seeing things” part of it first, then the agreements are subordinate.

  3. Life is like a puzzle one tries to assemble but he does not know how to start. It’s a confusion in the beginning. As soon as one finds some basic laws in making a puzzle (e.g. let’s start with those who have some corners or let’s organise the pieces by colour as chances are they are close together) one starts finding more and more.

    It’s similar to me with Life. When I started I didn’t know ANY basic rules. The only rules I had were some rules given to us by society or our family. There was no organised data in my mind, much less any difference much in importance of such data. Of course I had my principles but those were too scattered and the whole thing was too thin to stand up to Life.

    As I came into Scientology and got to start putting order in the data I was studying I saw that order was coming into my Life. I could understand the actions and reactions of others, too. The hardest part was to be able to form up a group of people who could work together, doing different things in order to further understand and conquer the MEST Universe. And that is still the hardest part.

    I had a clear view this morning of what LRH did with orgs. He put them there as the pivoting point for all things and people to turn around. That orgs ended up like that does not mean that the idea of organised people and orgs IS BAD. We tend to associate with the bad things thinking bad about them wholesale.

    Our only hope will be to keep on creating Life and through those groups and individuals who have come under the banner of Independents keep on generating energy and creating enough space and time so we can exert our self determinism by locating our energy and matter into them.

    And this is OUR time and OUR space. No more invasions and out-tech and arbitraries. These are our times and this is our space: Planet Earth. If we only realised how much there is in US as a team…

    So, let’s keep on creating and inspecting the unknowns. Thus comes more and more awareness.

  4. Nice one, Theo!! …And I say to the “Won’t look’s”…. Wake up! Ron only tried to teach us us the opposite…”Look!” It’s a real shame indeed, that there are some that just can’t/won’t get that 🙂

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