nut jobs

By David

There will always be individuals and groups in the field that are involved in OT researches, altering processes, inventing new ones, and mixing things up a little.  And at this time, unfortunately, the same can be said for the Church of Scientology, where Miscavige has altered basic procedure on NOTs and much more.

In some field groups they are convinced that “Ron never completed the Bridge”, or “NOTs was incomplete”, or other jibbering nonsense. They use this as a justification for why they are doing something other than what Ron said to do.

In each case, the persons directly involved, ran into something they did not know how to handle. They did not get results from what they thought was the correct process. They took action in a certain direction and then, getting no or few results, head off to work out their own solution. Their own case is in trouble, and they try to solve this on others they are auditing.

There is a guy I met recently who audited his whole Bridge in the Freezone, and has gone off into all manner of odd ball processes, actions and inventions. My effort to have a coffee and a chat with him found him to be quite a fruit cake, deeply involved in conspiracy theories, convinced his every action was being monitored by “them”, and unable to carry out a sensible conversation longer than a few sentences.  It was painful, as he was convinced he was helping me with his advice, but the more advice he gave, the more obvious it became that he was a penny short of a pound.  He told me how he is auditing others, and I cringed as I learnt that it was with no C/S or tech unit overseeing, random sessions once every few weeks, and god forbid, I don’t know what processes.

This experience led me to sit back and look at individuals who stray off the path laid out by Ron, and head off into the wilderness. Why on earth would people want to do that, if the path is already mapped and, if followed, will get them out of the hole?

The truth is there is nothing wrong or incomplete with the tech we have. What we are dealing with are individuals trying to apply it (and I refer to people both within and outside of the Church of Scientology), who do not have certainty and subjective reality that they CAN deal with the reactive mind/case.

LRH talks about this in the Games Congress in 1956:

“You see, you have to feel comfortable, in addition to your own ability, you have to feel comfortable about your ability to handle aberration in other people. You have to be comfortable about that.

“You, yourself, have to feel a security in your handling of it before you would ever have a subjective reality on the fact that we were actually at end of research of track.

“Development — certainly — anything can be refined. Anything! Anything can be smoothed down. But I’m afraid we’re over the major hump. And with that, we can look toward action.”  LRH Lecture, 31 August 1956 The Anatomy of Human Problems, from the Games Congress.

In addition to the lack of ability that people have on handling aberration  — they also have had technical losses. They tried it, or did it, and it did not work. They went all the way up to OT VIII and still have problems, somatics and have never been exterior. They never trained as an auditor, did not audit other extensively till they gained certainty, and instead of applying KSW 1 and finding out, what was done, what was run, what actually happened — they head off into  the wilderness to find a process or action that WILL handle what they want to deal with.

LRH details exactly why he created the Class VIII Course, and why it is an act of Treason if standard tech is allowed to go out in an org in HCOB 28 August 1968 Out-Tech:

“After Standard Tech is out for just so long in an org, Scientology ceases to have any meaning.

“Squirrel processes and repairs wind the staff up in a ball, enturbulate the field and cause a general lethargy and trouble.

“Ethics then goes in hard or it all goes up in smoke.

“There is only one Standard Tech! It contains only a few dozen processes and actions. It was not complete before 1966. Students study mainly the Research Line.

“Standard Tech consists of the exact grade processes and Case Repair. Some still look for magic buttons that resolve a case all at once. Some can’t duplicate what they read and hear. They need the broad body of knowledge.  BUT the actual application of Dianetics and Scientology today contains only a few dozen STANDARD INVARIABLE SIMPLE actions and processes.

“When these are not used, when opinion enters, it’s all gone.


“No matter how bright, the other processes and new inventions of someone else (a) work only on a few and (b) are efforts to solve one’s own case by auditing others. To let Standard Tech go out is an act of Treason as Scientology then loses all meaning in an org.

“This is why I am teaching a Class VIII Course.”  HCOB 28 August 1968, Out-Tech

I am starting to see that the resolution of the current situation with Scientology is achieved by going back to basic:

1. Getting people to learn and apply and win with the technology — gaining certainty that it does work, and learning how to handle aberration in others, and actually doing so.

2. Building Tech and Qual units that can sort out what was done, why a process was reported as not working, why a case is failing, loused up, or making no gain — and GETTING THIS SORTED OUT by applying standard Scientology. It is not hard — it is just not done enough.

This is actually the simplest solution, in my view, and I am really glad to see that Milestone Two is working in this direction.

From my own view, as a veteran Scientologist, I see my own case gain stability and Bridge progress is directly linked to my own ability and capacity to standardly handle aberration in others. I aint fully there yet — but I am certainly working in that direction, step by step, and as my own subjective reality comes up, so too do my own case gains.





7 thoughts on “Fruit cakes, nut jobs and squirrels

    • Ingrid,
      I ask that question in a cram: what did you run into that you felt you had to invent something, to do something about it?

      When one can’t get the result from what they THINK is standard, they can go off the rails, looking to invent something.

      The USUAL can and does sort it out.

  1. Ah, yes David. The marvelous results of the genuine WILLINGNESS to ‘duplicate’. Without it, we would understand nothing whatsoever.

    As you correctly surmised, we wind up with fruit cakes, nut jobs and squirrels — but just by being FULLY in pt, helps no end in actually seeing (duplicating, obnosing) how widespread this situation exists.

    LRH gave us the tools. They work, invariably, if used as intended.

    The main problem being, people who can’t/won’t, or are simply unwilling to duplicate that.—– So frigg’n simple! 🙂

    …..in other words, you end up with a “church” of miscavology!

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  3. Some of us got involved with the church with the idea that standard tech would be readily available.

    I was only in the church for a brief four years. It was about the third year when I realized no C/S was actually looking at my folders.

    For three of the four years I was in the church, I was told I required a specific repair action before I could progress further in Scientology. I was interested in the standard solution for three years. After my last failed attempt to get the repair specified, I had to leave the church to “squirrel” the repair on my I own. I had to take responsibility for my own case, auditing and C/Sing.

    The point is, who are the real nut jobs? The Scientologists in the church who kept telling me for years that I needed a specific repair action or me, the person who finally delivered it exactly per LRH’s instructions?

    This is why I tell people to study and apply the tech themselves instead of relying on auditors who don’t know or apply standard tech.

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