attention on body

By Adelle

Had a relative visit recently, who I have not seen since I was much younger.

I was surprised to see how poorly she was doing — very introverted into her body, somatics and problems. Almost completely inactive (physically), and very unhappy with the shape and state of her body. Over the period of a week I heard constant complaints and worries she has, but she seemed almost caught in a state of no-action and no-motion.

I pulled out the below LRH program for her, as it essentially helps to put a stable platform there for her (physically and spiritually), from which we can then do something.

This program was written by LRH for auditors to do on themselves, and  is a great tool for anyone who is feeling that they are struggling with their body and case. Thought this might be useful for many out there.kg0pykoi

“Here begins the first of the series of Professional Auditor’s Bulletins which deal with the auditor’s own case and which can be “self-audited.” Later the auditor may care to use the steps of this series on difficult preclears.

“I am assuming throughout this series that the auditor is a difficult case but to get to the top and stay at the top the auditor, whatever he believes his case to be, should follow through on these steps.

“We are going to pursue the following course here: the body, the analytical mind, the reactive mind, the rehabilitation of force and perception. We are going to take, at one session every two weeks, quite a little time at this. You’ve been ruining yourself for a score or two of years so you can expect a score or two of weeks to get unruined.

“Now, to begin, I have often offered a point to you which is nearly always missed – the mind and the body are part of a gradient scale of creation. The mind is at a high point on this scale, the body at a low point. The mind has all the capabilities of the body, but the body has lost many of the capabilities of the mind. Thus the mind can function independently of the body so long as it does not have its attention continually on the body.

“When the mind fixates wholly upon the body we have that extreme degree of introversion visible in psychotics or neurotics. No exterior world remains – there is only the body. The dwindling spiral toward oblivion is this road of greater and greater fixation upon the body.

“You can observe that the child is very exteriorized in interest, sympathy, projects and you can trace the curve of his growing unhappiness through a life which at last is most concerned with eating or the inability to eat.

“The downward curve of any case is this curve. 

“How does the mind become fixated upon the body? If you know your engrams you can see the sudden introversion caused by a blow. Kick somebody and observe his attention turn to the point of contact and only then turn out again to resent the kick. If you keep on kicking him and if he cannot use the motion to kick you he will turn all the way inwards about kicks and be in apathy. He is now a body willing to accept the exterior directions of your mind.

“The compounded poundings of a lifetime bring about, in the natural course of events, this fixation upon the body. To get well, you must reverse this course, not by going into the past where there were no kicks (the effort of the neurotic) but by reducing or erasing the impacts (as per Dianetics) or by extroverting the attention (as in Scientology). These two methodologies have been developed by myself in order to make people well. There are many ways in Dianetics and Scientology to achieve this. None of these ways include shocks and impacts upon the body, as these, of course, reverse the process and parallel the dwindling spiral of the MEST Universe.

“If you have studied Issue 16-G of the Journal of Scientology, you will understand the simplicities with which we are dealing. While there is much more to Scientology than will be found in 16-G, none of it exceeds these basics.

“Some are so extremely dense or so spun in that such simplicity of background is subject to grave suspicion and some are so far gone on voodoo that this separation of high level mental awareness (the analytical mind) and low level awareness (the reactive mind) must, of course, be witchcraft or charlatanism. When we separate the analytical mind from the body we discover most often that it very unclearly perceives this universe. It knows it is not in the body but it can’t see walls. It can’t even move mountains. The body is convinced about walls; the analytical mind, more highly aware, isn’t convinced about walls for it hasn’t been hit by that many walls. Very much more aware of truth, the analytical mind, wonderfully serene, sees or doesn’t see walls at choice. The point is, the conviction of the existence of a universe depends upon the chronic restimulation of impacts. A fabulously interesting, utterly unbelievable communication system, complete with its own time, comes about through these impacts. The reactive mind (the body) believes it utterly. It isn’t sane to be MEST or to be a body. Watch the skidding psychotic and observe his greater and greater conviction that thought is MEST, that words are objects, and watch first his growing anxiety about the body and then his frantic efforts to retain sensation and then his loss of all. This curve is worth studying, for it is the curve of illness, aberration and difficulty on any dynamic.

“The primary difference between the analytical mind and the body is the ability of the analytical mind to have nothing and the inability of the reactive mind, the body, to have nothing. The body knows things exist and knows there are things it must have and things it must not have. By things we mean things with molecules in them.

“Thus in this first session, we are going to ask the preclear, namely you, to put some attention on your body – medically and dietetically.

“You won’t find in any of my lectures or writings any discounting of the physical ills of the body. They comprise 30% of the 100% of Man’s ills. On the contrary, you will find me asking time after time to be aware of, to observe, that your preclear may be physically sick. Physical illness is predisposed by, precipitated by and prolonged by mental aspects and difficulties. But you don’t run engrams on a preclear with a curable physical ailment. Cure the ailment or alleviate it and then run engrams.

“All right. Now observe the mental curve of a physically ill person. It approximates, in the various stages of the sickness, the various depths of the tone scale. A physically ill person is a mentally ill person. In the sanitariums if they had anybody there to observe it, some percentage of their “insane” are only ill physically, but this chronic physical illness is bad enough to make them act insane. One notable case comes to mind of a psychiatrist electrically shocking an inmate many times to discover finally (without any embarrassment, being professionally beyond shame) that the patient was in continual agony from cancer. An operation arrested the cancer. The electric shock was not so easily repaired.

“Very well, not to infer anybody is insane, be aware that a chronic low tone, anxiety and insecurity can stem from a prolonged but not entirely suspected physical illness which in this day of Aureomycin may be cured.

“Being particular about my practice, unlike some people I won’t name, I always send a preclear to a medico before I audit whenever I suspect some chronic illness for maybe the medico can cure it quickly. If he can, then I can audit with speed. Auditing a physically sick preclear is slow work. In many instances where Dianetics failed in auditors’ hands, the auditor didn’t look at his preclear. He audited a preclear who secretly took drugs, who was ridden by some disease, who didn’t eat properly-in other words the failure was a failure to observe the simple rule that when a man is thirsty, while auditing might help a bit, it’s easier to give him a drink of water.

“All right. In this session, I am going to ask you to see if you aren’t thirsty or hungry or sick before we go into your engrams.

“How about dropping in on the local insurance examiner for a fast three-dollar checkover, asking him in particular to look for any possible chronic illness.

“Now, it is 70% possible that whatever worries you or (if it is) makes your case hard to run, is psychosomatic. Let’s wipe out the 30% chance that any trouble you’re having is a physical stick on the tone scale, not a mental one.

“Of course, you may be having no trouble with your own case. Fine. But if you are holding on to your bank and your body like mad, remember that it may be because your body is holding on to you.

“In those around you and in preclears, you will find it very sound advice to observe for physical ills as well as mental. It may be true that all ills are mental BUT it may be possible to cure something fast with a simple diet change.

“As for food – 1 can tell you at once, without even looking you over that you are deficient across the boards. I’m no food faddist and I would use Gaylord Hauser for you know what, but I’ve fed men on three expeditions and during an entire war and modern rations are so deficient in vitamins and minerals that it’s a wonder you stagger around at all. Get this – the B1 normal of the average being comes about only through administering in tablet form about 250 mg. per day. By knocking B1 out of the body I can reproduce any and every kind of restimulation. It is a bumper between the restimulable engram and the preclear.

“As for the body itself, it was made to be used-worked. Not used, it goes to the devil quickly. The favorite whine of America is “I don’t want to work.” You might as well say “I want to be sick.” The American Banker has sold America and a lot of Great Britain on the glories of getting enough saved so one can retire. Death and retirement, if you care to look at the statistics, are damned close together. Retiring or “going away for a rest” are usually followed by illness. The only ambition of a sane body is to be permitted to work in harness until it drops dead in harness.

“Now you happen to be using a body. Before we worry about your mind let’s clean up the primary communication relay point, the body. And for two weeks, let’s do these things:

“1.  Clean up your MEST, get done the various odd jobs you’ve “been meaning to do.”

“2.   Bring yourself up to date socially and give a letter or a ring or a personal call on people you’ve neglected.

“3.   Take a one-hour walk every day, simply starting away from home very early (dawn is best) for half an hour and then walk back, a different direction every day. (If you can’t walk, get out in the yard and throw things for half an hour. If you can’t throw, spit at something for half an hour – and I mean throw and spit literally.)

“4.   Get a physical examination and if anything is chronic get it cured.

“5.  Take twice a day 100 mg. of B1 (200 mg. total) and supplement it with 250 mg. of vitamin C.

“If you will do these things, you will be ready in a couple of weeks for some auditing. And if you feel you’re in such top condition you need no auditing, I dare you to do the above and feel the change.

“This is good advice. But it is better than advice. It’s an invitation to start living.

“If you won’t take it, then you want auditing to supplant living and you think processing will furnish you with an easy regimen or a painless suicide.

“How about it?”   LRH, Professional Auditor’s Bulletin Number 6, 1953 ca. end July

6 thoughts on “Getting attention off the body

  1. Hi Steve! (Spargo?) If this is you, we’re reading this (Adelle) article, while viewing from a similar background? “You”, as a world class squash player & coach. Me as a former gym owner, sports coach & personal trainer.

    The ‘subject matter’, runs through ‘our veins’, if you will. 🙂

    Our mutual interest, therefore, is intrigued in awaiting Adelle’s pending “answer”???

    Oh, and of course, “Hi Adelle!!” ..(nudge, nudge) 🙂

    Calvin B. Duffield.

  2. Good Bulletin. Yes, The Four (yes four – see SOS) Valid Therapies definitely indicate as a prereq for spiritual enhancement.

    Another stable datum to keep in mind regards Training – an OT needs a “stable base” from which to generate power.

  3. Steve and Calvin,
    Adelle has written to me and asked me to reply to you both. Her cousin is following the program, and she will update in a week on results.

  4. ok thanks Adelle. This is a handling that is applicable to so many people but I haven’t really used it yet. So keen to find out how you go.

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