mental noise

Here is a recent success from someone who has been doing their Objectives with a Milestone Two auditor over recent weeks:

“Wow is really an understatement when I say that it was one of the BEST things in my life.

“I didn’t even notice that I had so much shit running through my head and it was really bringing me out of present time. When I realized that I was actually here in the room with no other thought but doing the process, my head just felt a lot lighter and I began to really notice what kind of unnecessary thoughts were occupying my mind.

“Now, when I’m doing something, I am actually doing that ONE thing without having other thoughts running through my mind. Two days ago I was getting a tour of the Parliament house when I began thinking about other things, and I noticed I was the one that was doing so, so I just brought myself back into present time, and things became more real.

“It’s funny how most of us are doing a specific something, when our minds are actually doing other things.

“It’s really a thing one has to experience for oneself, but what I can say is, being in present time has made me more focused and attentive in my day-to-day life.

“I used to be deeply engrossed in something, and I couldn’t REALLY get myself out of it; and I usually was confused on what I was thinking about too, which is why I got into a sort of ‘blah’, apathetic feeling. Now, I know what I’m thinking about EXACTLY, and can stay focused.”     Kimberly Britain

7 thoughts on “Lost in thought

  1. Good reminder, of who is actually in charge ….. and it for darn sure is not the ‘itty bitty shitty committee’.

  2. Wow !!!
    I am VERY happy for your wins, Kimberly. So glad to see people winning. Succsess on your route to freedom !!!

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