2014-04-29-15-55-18By Manhattan Tom

LRH has always intended the subject of Scientology to be accessible on a broad scale.  He wanted people to apply it!  That’s pretty obvious but worth stating.  On that note, I have the story of how I got into Scientology and my first auditing.

Way back in 1969 I received a simple ticket on the street, heard an intro lecture and purchased the Dianetics book from the org.   It didn’t take much reading before I knew I had my hands on something.  I read it twice through and immediately upon finishing the book I laid down a friend of mine and began to run a secondary.  Some success but I felt I needed more skill and perhaps should get to Clear first myself.

A short time later another friend who had been traveling coincidentally enough also read Dianetics.  We decided we would find out more about it.

Checking the local library we found a book and read it.  Then another and another.  We’re talking about Science of Survival, Phoenix Lectures, Dianetics 55, History of Man, and on and on.  I don’t have to tell you we were completely blown out and knew we had discovered something very exciting.   We learned the basics, such as the axioms, the conditions of existence etc.  And we would co-audit the processes we found in the books.

And then we hit upon the Creation of Human Ability.  What a treasure!  It contains tons of processes, well explained.  That’s when our intensive auditing began.   We did scores of hours of SOP 8-C, Op Pro by Dup as LRH says to do and process after process after that.

Many hours were spent in local libraries, in each other’s homes, parks, you name it –  auditing.  Full days were taken off from work and spent auditing.

Imagine doing Op Pro by Dup (Book and Bottle) between two library shelves for hours!  At one point, the Librarian came along asking “Can I help you find anything?”  “No thanks, we’re doing fine”.  We were exterior and our confront was out the roof.  Look through the processes in COHA and you’ll see why.  The book contains objective processes, communication and problems processes and much more.

We never pictured the org as more than a bookstore and so never thought to go there.  So, before we found out the org even really existed, we had read a dozen basic books, once or twice through and audited for many, many hours out of several of them and had no question that the subject worked – and that there was nothing more exciting to do.  It’s hard to describe the excitement and enthusiasm we had and the gains.

How did we come to arrive in the org?   After a year of this, we went into the org, after receiving an org mag, to buy an e-meter.  We were auditing black and white processing out of 8-80 at the time and in that book LRH recommends it. The Bookstore Officer’s jaw surely hit the floor though we didn’t notice.  We were steered onto our first courses, so we could learn how to use a meter.

We were 19 – 20 years old, had no idea what TRs were, no idea what a misunderstood word was and ran processes in the sequence they happened to hit our hands.  We knew no one else who had heard of the subject.

This may sound difficult – not in the slightest.  We were walking on air, had gone exterior on several processes, felt we had discovered the secrets of the universe and would tell anyone who would stand still long enough about it.  And if you stood still long enough, you were liable to have a process run on you – several friends, acquaintances and some total strangers did.

How badly did we mess up each others’ cases?  Not at all! With some professional auditing it took a few hours to rehab the processes that were overrun and flatten any that were unflat.

With such a firm grounding even before hitting the org, you couldn’t have blown us off with a shotgun.

There is a moral to all of this.  The tech works and it was meant to be applied.  And books are a very secure route onto the Bridge.

Another point worth mentioning is that there is a whole generation of young people, say between the ages of 18 – 35 who are severely unemployed, more questioning of authority and not so sure those running the show know what the heck is going on.  Some similarities to the cultural scene back in ’69 –  a generation much more open to Scientology than in the recent past.

The org at the time was a vibrant and happy place with lots of new people finding out about the subject and using it.

Don’t underestimate books and book auditing!

7 thoughts on “Book auditing!

  1. And this is why the bulletin “Tech Degrades”. Those supposedly “old, not used any more” processes still work, just as they did when they were first written up. And if you think the stuff in the books is good, just listen to the lectures.

  2. Good story, Tom! In fact, just marvelous! This blows me away. My brother got in in this same manner, up in Toronto, back in the late 60s/early 70s. Things were happening back then. I agree with you about today’s young culture – perhaps some will pick up some books and the libraries will be humming again to COHA. Cheers.

    Chris Black

  3. Great story Tom. And a way to go. Thanks for all that you see and the way you put it. Makes total sense. One thing we need to work upon is those lines to cooperate with each other around the globe. I like your viewpoint of those in power not really knowing what they are doing and about unemployment and the problems of youth. We have a tech that works on all fronts.

    • All great responses, to a really great article, by Tom.

      Say Theo, I’m pretty much aware of the mayhem you guys are going through at the moment, with all the social and economic instability, in Greece.

      I’ve also seen you write a lot about org boards too.

      But what about the power of the ‘simple’ life-changing Comm Course? I’m sure you must have experienced that “THIS IS IT!” reaction, when getting your first major ‘key-out??

      Have you ever given any thought to starting your own basic ‘comm course, with some of the unemployed youth? Imagine see-ing the tech working again, on perhaps the most responsive front of all – the youth??? The very least you would achieve, is to inject some much needed ‘hope’. …and per LRH,…”Hope, is man’s link with the future.”

      ps. ..It works both ways, too 🙂

      — Calvin

  4. MT,
    I LOVE this stuff. Truly. Real life. Just getting down and doing it with out a lotta chatter back. F’in A.

    Made my day all over again, hearing this story.

  5. Love it! I’ve been away on a well-deserved vacation, getting away from it all. It dawned on me one day lying in the sand on an island far, far away, that people who have not experienced the gains of Scientology are operating in a complete vacuum. To them it is “hypothesis” and “speculation.” It becomes a “maybe” which the reactive mind often resolves with a negative of some sort. LRH said that once you get in comm with someone, you DO something FOR him. And since the advent of a growing church with standard tech, I think the idea was to line everything up as “best that can be done,” and people became afraid to audit in a free manner and style you and your friend used. Suddenly it had to be “perfect” – perfect TR’s, model session, VWD hours, stats, folder admin, files, courses, clay demos, drills and more drills, internships, only hundreds of hours “in the chair” could make an auditor, and other ‘scary’ stuff. It was the age of professional auditors.

    I think that somewhere in there, the philosophy was lost. People grew to wonder what they were doing, questioned their abilities, and stopped looking at WHY they were trying to do what they were trying to do. Maybe the absence of actual auditing, seeing and hearing the gains, had something to do with that. Of course people gain by assimilating data, but it’s for use.

  6. Thanks all for the positive words! Yes, when everyone is so careful that no auditing happens, that can’t be right. Ron’s later nailing down the Grade Chart, TRs and metering etc has made the journey much smoother and rewarding. Here’s to everyone retaining our enthusiasm from when we first knew we had our hands on the route out!

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