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By C.K.

In a recent article called Flying High the subject of Bridge progress was presented. My reality was engaged and ARC rose accordingly, and I felt inclined to join in on that post. The best attractant I know of is reality, which grows and grows as affinity & communication kick in. It makes one compelled to join in and participate doesn’t it?

I looked at my ideas concerning that article and immediately the subject of friends, colleagues and alliances come to the fore.

I think it’s pretty remarkable of Lana to mention past life Clear as I am too but its reality to some in a broader audience is often not comprehended.

To me that is one of the difficulties presented with discussions about Scientology & Dianetics. LRH wrote and lectured in no small amount on the subject.

It is interesting to note that everything about an LRH designed (and run) organisation and Bridge is geared to quickly moving a person up in reality of life with the Bridge.

Imagine where you would actually be, in an LRH run org,  after say 12 months – a classed auditor of some sort at least, and well on your way to Clear, if not already there or beyond.

Bridge progress  has become very aberrated in corporate Scientology orgs today. Even the Student Hat discusses specifically that the length of runway is directly proportional to the rate of subject failure.

A standardly delivered Bridge has you moving on it pretty much immediately.

Auditors are made in Qual not Academies, and auditing is always, always for the PC! Friends made on that route smile a lot and are genuinely interested in your progress; it’s all part of the journey of a standard Bridge – and it’s a lot of fun.

What is real, is that in this place and at this time, the Bridge does actually exist and is available to those willing enough and, dare I say, brave enough to chase it down. It does take a brave heart and a good dose of persistence.

I cannot, in any sense of the concept, tell myself “ I’ll get around to it next time around”. This planet is unstable financially, politically and militarily. There is even a legal system in the freest and most powerful nation on Earth that allows people like Miscavige to flourish.

It saddens me to see others not realising this. Miscavige will never wake up and see the error of his ways or ever consider correction because his money flows are drying up or some other catastrophe comes his way – his postulates concerning Scientology have been fulfilled within his influence – he has won! He has destroyed the workability of Dianetics and Scientology within the corporate church network; that IS his prime goal and he’s actively chasing others not under his command influence. Waiting for him to wake up through force, (be it legal or otherwise) is a folly that would be akin to expecting a court order for Hitler to convert to Judaism.

There is still time for the opportunity to go further in Scientology, standardly, but it’s very risky to believe it will always be here. And to hell with Miscavige – he’s truly just a thug.

Ethically, there is no greater pursuit than getting yourself up the Bridge, as quickly and the best way you can. Your friends of the future need you awake and sane.

I presented myself to the good folks in Australia a couple of years ago and with the greatest of relief discovered and received standard Scientology. Even with limited resources and a three person org board, they managed to reconstruct a pc folder and began work.

It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done and it took a lot of perseverance but I’ve never looked back.  I know exactly where my case is located on the Bridge and have a sane and practical viewpoint on how the rest can be attained – that has been mapped out, as per the standard LRH Bridge.

I no longer self-invalidate or wonder about my case state, nor expect anything from Corporate Scientology (they are dead). With a little personal study, I have streaked light years ahead of where I was on Church lines. The same is available to anyone brave enough to let go of the past and present themselves to a standard auditor and let the ARCXs and other misery bubble up and do what they are meant to do – AS-IS.

The really remarkable part I’m learning more and more about, is that it’s the other beings you meet on the journey on the Bridge who are the allies of the future.

When one puts eternity in some sort of context, of which a Scientology viewpoint can and does present some practicality; the game becomes less daunting and infinitely more playable. LRH says OTs don’t make it alone, and I’m beginning to really see why he said that. And take it from an old soldier, the more allies you have the better.

LRH also said in the Factors that viewpoints only ever exchange dimension points. But hey, the Factors are the summation and considerations of the human spirit and the material universe. I don’t see anywhere in there that says you or I have to remain locked in the material universe all the time, and creating a universe with another doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘material’ nor follow MEST universe rules. I think there are a few steep gradients to go before we leave the traps of today behind, but without doing the Bridge nothing will alter the downward spiral.

This Mest universe was certainty not the first universe ever created but it’s trying really, really hard to be the last.

Don’t let it — go up the Bridge instead.



3 thoughts on “A question of realities

  1. You are right CK. I see a lot of people sticking in an effort to manage the damage caused by the current church. That’s fine, and it needs to be done. Just don’t get hung up in it.
    We all have a responsibility to spend some time on personal enhancement and progress.
    A good overall test is “Are we having fun yet?”

  2. CK,
    I agree on not Q&Aing with the noise and distraction. In the early definition of “Q&A”, it meant duplicating, doing a copy (from the idea that the exact answer to a question is the question – a perfect duplication).

    With all the nonsense that occurs, you can get nonsensical. Better to keep on the track of up and out, then you can “nonsense” if you please, but you can also get back out of it.

    There’s plenty of stuff, all sorts of complication, to get into. If it means losing sight of the overall game…well, that’s maybe not so gooder.

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