baby foot

By Natalie C

I want to give my children the best start in life. I do all I can as a mother, and I am not perfect, but I don’t know that there is any ‘perfect’ parent.

I have realized that the best I can do for my kids is to audit them – to get them winning with Scientology, to get them to have personal wins and gains as a result of the tech. To enable them to do the best in life — and help them to achieve whatever it is they want to.

Since they were small babies, we have done:  touch assists, contact assists, body comms, and hello and okay. These have always really helped.

As my girls got older, we got GREAT results running pleasure moments. In fact, one daughter asked me to do more as it was so enjoyable.

We have done two way communication on problems, we have run ARCXs, and withholds are regularly pulled.  In fact, my kids are so used to having withholds pulled they will come to me with a confession of a wrong doing. Not with fear, but just because they know they feel better when they talk about what happened and what they did.

My oldest daughter has recently been asking when she can get more auditing, and I am going to do my utmost to make sure this happens. This comes down to my own auditing training and skills — and I am working on this simply because I want my kids to have the best, and win. Consider this a work in progress report.

More to come…

“Tomorrow’s cases are child cases today. Whole civilizations have changed because somebody changed the children. In the past, the children were usually changed for the worse. Today let’s be different and change them for the better.

“But whatever the benefits and reasons of child processing, however much it may do to smooth out a home and improve the future, the fact remains that it is a highly technical subject. The processing of children requires more technically perfect auditing and more properly applied sessions and processes than the average adult.

“To achieve the greatest benefit for children, one should first achieve the greatest possible command of auditing skill and Scientology theory and practice. Because a child is helplessly unable to express his ARC breaks violently enough to be listened to is no reason he should be given them.

“Child processing demands more perfect auditing than adult processing and therefore requires a better trained auditor than the average. If you would process children, be a Professional auditor first even if the children are your own. You will see that it will pay.” LRH Ability Issue 110, Techniques of Child Processing.

6 thoughts on “Best start in life

    • True Ingrid. But the blessing of your route, is that you get to appreciate the ‘miracles’, that much more, would’t you say? 🙂

      • In fact, I have noticed, that many others who have had a real ‘hard time’, to GET their training, (Including Lana :), appreciate it so much more, when they finally do. Understandably so!! 🙂

  1. Wonderful to read your great interaction with your kids, Natalie. Granting them beingness, along with your love and stability, also makes for the easiest, and most natural setting, in which their auditing can occur. Here’s looking to a dynamic future for you all.

  2. Lucky girls!
    It’s very important that they do it auto-deterministically, and to treat them with real, not fake, high ARC.

    For those interested who have children, here are some downloadable files.

    Ability Issue 110, Techniques of Child Processing by LRH: .pdf & .htm

    Miracles for Breakfast, by Ruth Minshull: .pdf, .doc & .html

    The Grammar and Communication for Children, based on LRH: .pdf

    Child Scientology, compiled from LRH: .doc

    Child Dianetics, compiled from LRH: .pdf

    Also, children & children processing in The Second Dynamic, compiled from LRH: .pdf

  3. Excellent. With one kiddo and one on the way, this gives me a little fire under my butt to get onto auditor training.

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