forget the noise


By R.P.

I have been off Org lines for more than 10 years.

At the beginning I motivated and I started to invalidate the tech. There I was criticizing management and the orgs and taking an antagonistic position against the church. I invalidated the tech. But the more I concentrated on attacking and on being critical, the sadder and the more solid I became. My life wasn’t going anywhere and I was not happy. I had accepted a lie: the fact that everything of Scientology was to be thrown away.

Helped by a friend, at one point I did a thorough ethics handling. Wrote 100’s of pages of O/Ws, reread many basics books (SOS, ITSE, FOT, DN 55) and after a while I felt ready to start on Solo NOTs.

I have now been on the level for more than 2 months and wow, this level deals with the secrets of life. Wow Wow Wow. Never in my life I felt such a freedom, such a space, such a clean intention. I feel me lighthearted, enthusiastic with a “no problem” attitude and a lot of patience and tolerance for other beings.

But this is not just spiritual. I am making a lot of money and my business is doing really well. My level of tolerance for randomity increased fivefold and I feel that I am causing more and more things by sheer intention rather than by physical effort and work.

But most of all, I am happy, really, really happy. I love my life. I love what I am doing. I love my family, I love the fact that I can practice scientology and go in session everyday to discover spiritual freedom.

In retrospect I feel I would have never been able to experience such gains inside the church of scientology. This level is pure power but in my experience it needs to be delivered in a suppression free environment.

Then it REALLY works.

To all the readers : LRH does deliver on his promises. The level works. The State of Operating Thetan or Theta Clear do really exist! They are conditions of the static. Thought does influence matter and on OT 7 if you apply the tech and keep your ethics in, the gain will surpass anything you’ve ever imagined.

My tip: forget all the noise. Get back onto standard tech. Find an auditor. Find a twin, write your O/W’s, read a book, get back onto session, take a course. Not only your life will start to get better but you will feel a lot of happiness. Scientology is really the only existing way to spiritual freedom. This technology when properly applied is wonderful.

Love to all

8 thoughts on “Forget all the noise

  1. I truly love this article. I have found myself caught up in some of the blogs recently – feeling the need to get out there and defend LRH and the tech. But a story like this just reinforces the fact that just doing the tech will get the job done. It also gives me hope that some of the people attacking the tech will settle out eventually and if given the correct gradient and technical help will blow their charge and get back in the game! Three cheers!

  2. I’m stuck for the precise superlatives that can express the effect that post created on me. It gives me a restored degree of faith in my own considerations and postulates about the potential gains available on the upper Bridge.

    Thank you, RP. That was wonderful.

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