jewelry box

By Lana M.

This last weekend I took two individuals in session — one on a repair program and the other on a progress program.

Both actions required a correction list to find the correct charge so that it could be addressed.

Prior to session the preclears had expressed that they had attention on specific things, and not surprisingly, both situations were easily sorted out using the correction list and the meter — and each was taken to FN VGIs.

The correction lists also revealed the actual underlying situations with both individuals, so the BPC can now be addressed and both can be gotten flying up the Grade Chart.

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful a prepared list is. As an auditor, I have come to respect them. To trust them. And value them.  You don’t need to be a genius or a mind reader.  You just need the right prepared list, a meter, a decent comm cycle, and the intention to help the person in front of you.

We are so lucky to have prepared lists as an integral part of the technology of Scientology.

“No matter how complicated or confusing the environment is getting, if you have a stable datum of exact action it can see you through.

“The prepared list provides the auditor with a stable action when a session or case is confusing and can bring things under control.

“The idea of such lists and their development are original to Dianetics and Scientology. They are made possible because these subjects embrace the full extent of thought, the spirit and actual and potential aberration. Thousands of hours of research and development have gone into these lists. Thousands of case histories have been reviewed and condensed to make these lists possible. They are, in themselves, a considerable tour de force.

“They have often meant the difference between a failed case and a spectacular result. Just as they are important, a knowledge of them and skill in their use is vital to auditing success.” …

“A Case Supervisor and an auditor owe it to themselves to have a good command of this subject of prepared lists. There are many issues on the subject. There are dozens of prepared lists.

“Knowing what prepared lists exist is a vital step for a Case Supervisor and auditor. Knowing what each is used for is equally important.  Knowing which lists have Word Clearing lists already prepared is of assistance.

“One has to know enough general tech in order to select what prepared list to use.

“The ability to assess, as it applies to TRs and metering, is extremely important in using prepared lists.

“When it comes to analyzing, auditing and correcting cases and actions, the prepared lists are a jewel box that glitters with potential success.” LRH  HCOB 29 April 1980R PREPARED LISTS, THEIR VALUE AND PURPOSE.





8 thoughts on “Jewel box that glitters

  1. Nice work, Lana. Good quote too on the value of a prepared list. Having four types of lists for four different purposes gives a C/S and auditor a lot to work with!

    Incidentally, aren’t a repair program and a progress program the same thing?

  2. Well, he set out to provide the tools, now you can fix those cases, and the beings can climb as high as the sky. Brilliant stuff, hey?

  3. Yes , is incredible how LRH kept on making auditing easier and finding ways to make it an “A to B” activity ANYBODY can learn and get trained on. Great reference Lana !!!

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