From Milestone Two crew

Well, as our regular readers have noticed, there have only been a few postings in the last couple of weeks, and that is simply due to a vast amount of production that is occurring on the ground that is keeping us somewhat distracted.

It is a good thing that production continues to climb, but the lack of regular communication tends to worry some.

Our apologies and you will see a steady stream of articles resuming in the next few days.

“An area or activity hit by an influx of new recruits or new customers tends to unsettle. Its MEST gets abuse, things go out of control.

“Gradually, working to put in order, the standards are again being attained. The minority insane get handled, the know-how of groups and orgs becomes more generally known, the tech of MEST gets used again.

“As an organization expands it goes through cycles of lowered condition and raised condition. This is normal enough since by taking on more and more area one is letting in more and more insane even though they are in a small proportion to the sane.

“Order is reestablished and survival trends resume to the degree that the sane begin to reach out and handle things around then and as the insane are made sane.

“Thus one gets downtrends and uptrend. As soon as a group begins to feel cocky, it takes on more area. This includes more unhandled people, admin and MEST and a downtrend begins. Then the sane begin to handle and the insane begin to be sane and the uptrend starts.” LRH HCO PL 30 Dec 1970 Environmental Control





2 thoughts on “Busy busy

  1. No worries, mate! We are busy up to our eyeballs here too. You’re doing the real work of making Clears and OTs!

  2. I look forward to more of the same. This is a very sane blog and gives the balance needed for me to keep following LRH

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