By Ann A.

You know, it does not cease to amaze me how corporate Scientology and the group bank has managed to twist the basic datum of personal ethics, to something that is the complete opposite of what LRH’s words actually say.

“The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” is quoted and used as a reference by Scientologists world over.

When making a decision, of any kind — this is the guide that one uses to determine which decision to make. The optimum solution is the one that benefits or aids the survival of the greatest number of dynamics.

And when determining what is an overt or contra-survival act, again, this datum is used in reverse (ie. the greatest harm for the greatest number of dynamics) – but again, in actual practice it is perverted to something else.

How is it that parishioners, staff members and Sea Org members will do virtually anything for the benefit of the org, church or Sea Org, even if it is damaging to the majority of other dynamics?

There are countless examples of this that I have experienced, and to prevent this from being a generality, here are just a few:

  •  I know a staff member who moonlights to make a little extra cash on the side.  He does computer/IT work and gets most of his business from parishioners, who are encouraged by other Scientologists to get web services from him, to help support him (and thus the org). In this specific circumstance, the staff member charges $1000 a month to “maintain” a website, which is a very basic website that requires no regular updating and is hosted by an external company.  The person in question is not particularly good at creating websites, charges an excessive amount for a poor quality product, and parishioners are prevented from complaining or taking action to get his own ethics in on the criminal exchange, as that would be deemed to be attacking a staff member, and to that degree harming the org (go figure).  The truth of the matter is the money being over charged for this “service” is being used to support the staff member, who cannot live on the pay provided by the org, and the parishioner pays an over inflated amount for a crappy product/service that he could get at a fraction of a cost elsewhere.
  • Another example was a Sea Org member who was ordered to divorce from his wife as she was not a staff member in RTC but was working in Gold. This couple had been married for over 20 years, but the man was told that he was literally “sleeping with the enemy” and it was a security issue.  Married with 2 grown children, this couple were pressured to divorce, and did so, resulting in the splitting of a family and the collapse of that dynamic, the compromise of the first dynamic of both individuals, and the subsequent ramifications on the fifth, sixth and seventh dynamics — but this was for the “greatest good” (somehow?).
  • An example that we see everywhere these days are parishioners who have been pressured to donate vast sums of money to the Ideal Org in their region to the result of massive debts, financial stress, loss of any substantial assets, and any future savings for future Bridge actions. These people are left with vast money problems, which then become an out-rudiment which makes auditing very difficult. On the first, second, third, sixth, and seventh dynamics the financial debt causes ongoing problems and issues — but it is still pushed by the org as being the ethical action to take, when it is simply not.

I am sure readers have witnessed or experienced many other examples.

The truth of the matter is that the dynamics are arbitrary divisions of life — and they have equal value. None are more important than others. The third dynamic cannot exist and flourish if the remaining dynamics are quashed, suppressed, negated, or ignored. They are all inter-related.

An org is not flourishing and succeeding if its own staff do not get paid, do not move up The Bridge, are in severe debt, and have continued problems with family due to stress, schedules, money and demands.

A local org close to me had a staff member recently leave who had been on staff for more than 15 years. He was about to go bankrupt, his young family was stressed beyond belief, and when he asked for a leave of absence to handle the financial pressure, he was told his wife should support him so he could be on staff, with the statement that he was PTS to her (and the implication that she was a suppressive person as she was “trying to pull him off staff”). Meanwhile, she was supporting the family while working full-time, managing the household and juggling two children under the age of five.

“Dynamic: . Any one of the eight subdivisions of the dynamic principle of existence — SURVIVE 

“Dynamics: there could be said to be eight urges (drives, impulses) in life. These we call dynamics. These are motives or motivations. We call them the eight dynamics.” (Scientology Tech Dictionary)

As one moves up the Bridge and goes OT, one becomes more at cause and more able on EACH and EVERY dynamic, and it is by living across each dynamic and working to build each in terms of reach, capacity and survival, that one grows and there is NOTHING I have ever read or studied of LRH that states otherwise.

What we see practiced by corporate Scientologists under the guise of “Scientology ethics”, reminds me more of Alice in Wonderland — it is so distorted and non-sensical — it is to me a classic example of twisting or perverting Scientology technology to hurt, harm and suppress.

A vital datum that is the yard stick for survival, has been twisted to be the exact opposite.

I just wish people could see past the Looking Glass and see the actual outpoints and illogics that are currently being used and pushed in the guise of “Scientology Ethics”.  Just this ONE point alone, can be the tipping point for someone to confront the larger picture of the current scene within Corporate Scientology.



13 thoughts on “Greatest good for the least number

  1. Good write-up. However, Ron speaks quite a bit about all this and if someone isn’t following policy and tech, it is up to them. Further, the way to handle something like this is to flourish and prosper. I’d love to read more and more stories of how that is occurring, how Scientologists in the field are getting up the Bridge now and realizing their original dreams and purposes.

  2. Yes, absolutely. I remember going to an event, I had no money to spend because I had spent it all on my levels, and at the event someone asked me to call my grandmother who is a buddhist, and see if she could help.. okay ? My grandma ?! No. Ridiculous at what lengths they will go to squeeze not only your pocket but try to get money via your other comm lines. Not okay at all. But as long as it’s for the church ! it’s all ‘justified’.

  3. Very true. My senior citizen, veteran OT, parents are bankrupt, have lost their house to foreclosure and cashed in all of their investments to pay for Bridge, and are now barely scraping by on social security, but due to poor health are unable to earn much beyond their social security. True, it was their decision to make, however the pressure to comply with org orders is pretty daunting for public. If they don’t comply, it’s treated as an enemy action. Another relative with deteriorating dementia, also a senior citizen, veteran OT, with no retirement and scraping by on social security, still gets regular reg calls from AOLA. Something very basically human has been lost in translation.

  4. I’m sorry to have to say this but if it weren’t for LRH having done all of these same things to staff and parishioners himself – despite the lofty ideals he promulgated in Ethics, Tech and Admin, this culture of greed and the callous usage and disregard of others might not exist in the C of S today.

    Here in the independent field we are no longer constrained by the inculcated culture of greed that yet dominates the C of S. An ethical independent scientology practitioner can actually deliver Exchange in Abundance without guilt of conscience nor fear of reprisal.

    And THAT my friends, is the difference between an individual’s rationale toward the highest survival along the dynamics and the moral equivalence and agreed upon conventions that dominate the organizational mind and practices of the Church of Scientology.

    • Yes indeed Scott. There are indeed many unpalatable items along with skeletons in the cupboard. Just to reinforce the positive attitude though, as shown in Chris Black’s opening comment above, people are free to follow guidelines, or not. Being aware of one’s neighbor’s, or one’s kinsfolk’s shortcomings, ought to be just as readily ‘accepted’, as though one might expect of another who views those shortcomings in ones self.

      to this end. Let’s see the following from The Axioms of S.O.P. 8-C
      (Scientology 0 – 8 p.144)


      “FORMULA VIII: The primary ability and willingness of the thetan to duplicate must be rehabilitated by handling desires, enforcements and inhibitions relating to it on all dynamics.”

      The greatest ‘GOOD’, imho, is that which is now occurring, thanks to the exponential ‘reach’, of independent Auditors emancipated enough to deliver the tech standardly and without being compromised on their purpose: To deliver that much sought after ‘freedom from’ in the direction of ‘freedom to’, using LRH’s priceless gift, (At affordable rates too, just to aid a bit of ‘flourish & prosper, all round, for a change, hey? 🙂

      Kind regards to you all Scott.

      Calvin. 🙂

    • Greetings Scott !!!
      Please , state specifically , how, where and to who exactly, LRH did the same to staff and parishioners as CofS is doing to them ?
      Any specific examples with time, form, place and event ?
      Or is this just a big generality from you ?

      • The info is out there. Actually there are books that discuss the hardships under LRH.

        But researching and reading them may hit up against some fixed ideas about Ron.

        Just be willing to research anything with an “open mind”. Open mindedness has been third partied.

        • I want time,place form and event. Not simple generalities. Any crazy person can write any book. Where is the factual data, the evidence. Show it to me, then we can talk WITH details, not generalities. It is anti-scientology to just be generalizing like that. It is actually suppressive. Show me the beef . Not idle talk.

  5. Great article! But all these are things we do know. I am not saying that we should not express our views on those matters but words are words and what should be done is another thing.

    We have now a chance to practice freely the Scientology doctrines as we deem right. The point is what are we doing with this.

    • Hi Theo. Your last paragraph DOES answer your question 🙂

      ps. A repeat of a question I asked of you earlier, without reply:

      What do YOU think of the concept of a ‘new unit of time’ restart of the basic “Comm Course” being fired up to give some hope & direction to the unemployed and directionless youth running around aimlessly on your very own streets in Greece ?? That certainly could be deemed ‘right’, you know?

      Don’t you agree, Theo?

      Kind regards, Calvin 🙂

  6. Good article Ann. While on staff I would see actions which were basically the greatest good for the church, as conceived by the exec or reg at the time, to get their stats up.
    The problem being, that more often than not, this action conflicted with the poor victim being crush regged, or separated from their spouse etc which would put that person off of Scientology. Actually when I think of it now, those time could well have been locks and secondarys for many people.
    This was done so much that many of us are now writing on blogs such as this. Put together with the fact that the churches application of the 3 techs suck, and here we are!

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