By Lana M.

I was asked by a friend today what is my experience of OT.

I explained that for me, I used to put an idea, goal or thought forward and then almost within a milli-second, I would unwittingly counter that idea with another, which was opposing that idea, goal or thought. As a result, what I wanted to have happen, would not happen.  The amount of disbelief and lack of faith in my own capabilities to make that thought or idea happen, tended to be equal to, or more than the amount of intention to make it happen.

I was essentially stopping myself.

I had not realized I was even doing this, until I did OT 2. And as I got through that level, I found that the instinctive counter-postulates that seemed to be on automatic — stopped.

And with that, suddenly, my ideas, goals, postulates had no opposing force, and they just started to happen. They would materialize, often with me standing there agape, stunned that what I had wanted to have happened, did actually happen.

My friend and I were driving, at the time of this discussion, and one of the purposes of our journey was to visit a country guest house to look into the accommodation for a group of people that were travelling there in a month’s time. I wanted to see the guest house and make sure it was OK, before I made a booking.

I had not called ahead, and arrived to find the Reception Office locked and empty, with no one there. I called through on the phone line provided, and was told by the owner that they were out and would not be back for another 45 minutes and I would have to come back at another time.

We walked back to the car and right in front of the car was the guest house we had wanted to look at.  All the guest rooms (about 20) were locked, but the one directly in front of us had the key hanging in the door, just beckoning us.

We knocked and went in and it was the exact guest house we had driven there to see.

We had a chance to take needed photos and confirm for ourselves that this was the right one to book.

We got back into the car and my friend started laughing and pointed out how odd it was that  every guest house had been locked, and no one was there — but the one guest house I had wanted to see just happened to have the key hanging in the door. My intention to check out the space had occurred, despite barriers and many reasons why it should not have happened.

Just coincidence? Maybe, but when it happens every day, continually, my view is this is just one example of how postulates stick and things just seem to go right as you progress up to OT. And when I have personally experienced what it is like to NOT have this occur, then the change is a dramatic and significant one.

My friend is convinced, and we had a good giggle about the whole thing.


8 thoughts on “Without counter intention

  1. LOL! Great article, Lana. At one time, this would have been in Advance! mag. Now it’s only rehashed tripe. Nice to read a sane look at what OT really is all about. Here’s something I’ve always liked regarding OT by LRH:

    “Scientology is well named. It is the road to truth. It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT. And all the mechanics of OT work out too.” LRH (Class VIII tape #4, Standard Tech Defined)

    There’s a wealth of data in that short paragraph. 😉

  2. I had an OT 2 win regarding postulates that is very similar to yours. It was not something I had expected to happen at that level, but it did.

    One time, I needed to have my stove repaired. I called the gas company and was told that the repairman would arrive sometime between 7:00 a.m. and noon on the following day. I decided that the time would be 9:00 a.m. The repairman arrived and as he was standing in front of my stove, about to begin working on it, the time piece in his pocket rang. He took it out of his pocket, looked at it, turned to me and said,”9 o’clock exactly.” Coincidence? Possibly. (I told this win to an SO member, and she, with a snotty manner, asked me why I couldn’t postulate getting my Bridge paid for. It crossed my mind that perhaps I was reluctant to give much money to a fascist, totalitarian organization.)

    One time, I asked a cab driver where he came from. and he asked me to guess. I decided I could perceive where he came from. I got
    Ethiopia. He didn’t resemble any people I had seen in photos of Ethiopians, but I went with Ethiopia, anyway. He was quite surprised, as I had “guessed” correctly. He told me that he was of Moroccan descent, so he did not look Ethiopian. (His parents had moved from Morocco to Ethiopia. where he was born and raised,) He told me that his name was Moroccan and that his accent was Moroccan Arabic, not Ethiopian. He was puzzled as to how I could have come up with Ethiopia. Lucky guess? Possibly.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. It is interesting how our OT perceptions and knowingness can be invalidated by others who have never experienced the same, or who insist on invalidating anything that is not evidenced in the sciences. Their loss! 🙂

  3. Ahhhh, OT2. Clear inttention, uninbitied by, what I like to call ‘the noisy itty bitty shitty committee’ equals postualtes manifested. This is the OT zone, the place where magic occurs. AND everyday magic happens everyday, when your unhampered by case, get exterior to it all and thus are in PT. LOVE IT!

    Being OT makes life a most wonderful game and experience!!

    (I went OT in the late 70’s)

    • Hi Bling Thing.
      you said “(I went OT in the late 70′s)”.
      I would be very interested in hearing your story, if you feel inclined to write it?

  4. Nice one, Lana. That’s the way postulates work in the MEST universe: they act within the rules of that universe, they don’t oppose the rules. I’m sceptical of anyone who claims to levitate or turn water to wine – although willing to be proved wrong even there.

    OT2 is like an encyclopedia of the ways a postulate can be loused up. We tend to play any game of counter intention, however crazy, until we can drop those games and get down to the simplicity of a postulate and its complement. As in your example, intending to find a particular guest house and that guest house being there to be found.

  5. Yeah! I can’t wait! (Pregnant currently, so it will be a few months, but I am getting my ducks in a row now).

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