By Bruce

Contrary to popular belief, auditors can not be churned out from a series of drills in the course-room.

If auditor training is all about the check-sheets, the patter drills, “What Do You Do?” drills and Read Simulator drills,  then how come since the Golden Age of Tech was released (20 years ago now) there are no armies of effective and competent auditors?

Where are the auditors?

The answer is that the auditors are not auditing. Most of those who trained prior to 1995 have been declared, are off-lines, or have had their certificates invalidated as they have not done the “Golden Age of Tech” training line ups.

Those who have trained since the Golden Age of Tech are routinely found to have more questions than answers, and many confusions on fundamentals such as floating needles, TRs, auditor’s rights, and the communication cycle.

The biggest omitted within the Corporate Scientology world, that makes the creation of auditors impossible, is the dismantled and undermined Qual’s on this planet. Namely the lack of effective and trained Cramming Officers and C/Ses.

Milestone Two is taking direct action to resolve the lack of competent auditors, with a strong emphasis on Qual, strong lines with competent C/Ses, and with regular use of cramming.

If you trained as an auditor, at any time, and are not auditing any more — it is time to resolve any questions, deal with the invalidation, and get you auditing again.

Contact Milestone Two and they will hook you up with some well trained and trusted Cramming Officers and C/Ses, who will assist you to get back into the chair and auditing again. This is now occurring on 4 continents, around the planet.

“An auditor is not unlike a race horse. He needs a lot of care and handling. And he needs his periodic drills and exercises or he goes sloppy.

“Like a race horse, a good auditor is very, very valuable. And all good auditors are made by C/Ses!

“The proof is that even the best go bad when they no longer have a tight CIS rein. Experience has taught that. The exceptions are very, very few and you don’t have any of them.

“It takes me about 3 or 4 weeks to get an auditor through his course and doing a good flubless job. The majority of Scientologists want to be auditors. So you have auditor scarcity? That’s a laugh.

“It’s the CIS! The Course Supervisor, the Cramming Officer.

“And it’s done just exactly as above.

“Given the materials, there is no other answer. So stop dreaming of hiring or getting perfect auditors. The ones you have are fine.

“Get more.

“And do the above! ! !”  HCOB 16 August 1972 FLUBLESS C/SING


2 thoughts on “The Scn racehorse

  1. Excellent reference , Bruce !!!
    An omitted Qual as one of the big outpoints. It has been replaced by DM “know best Qual “hat” “. So great you guys are putting that point in. It is so needed and this point , alone, can bring about a lot of confidence in the Field. I would also suggest that you frequently post cramming cycles wins as part of the strategy and more wins and gains from standard tech applications. I know they are happening in abundance. They Field ought to know about them. The more those wins are posted, the more confidence the “under the radar” scientologists will develop about the Field. Keep up the good work.


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