By Lana M

I have a good friend, Sam, who told me he is agnostic and has not a religious bone in his body.

Recently we were on his farm and I noticed an abandoned cottage and made a comment that it made a perfect haunted house.

“Oh yes”, he said, “that has been haunted for years.”

He told me that about 100 years ago a woman had lived there and her young child had left the house but never returned, and when she herself died, she never left the house, always waiting for the child to return.

He laughed and explained that his wife’s sister considers herself spiritual and when she heard the story she had wanted to come and meet the ghost, and help her “move to the other side.

His wife’s sister had entered the old cottage, stood in the middle of the room, and repeatedly ordered the back wall to “move to the light”!

After about 3 minutes of this, Sam pointed out that actually the ghost is standing directly behind her.

He told me he finds it amusing that many people who claim they are “spiritual” have never seen or spoken to a ghost — and he tries not to believe in the whole thing, but sees them easily.

He then relayed a story about the house he grew up in, which was an old farmhouse that had been built by his great grandparents. He detailed how as a child, he had always seen and heard the ghost of his grandmother, who on a cold night, would open the front door, audibly walk down the hall to the fire place, and he and his family would feel a cold draft between them and the fire as she warmed herself and then moved on to bed.

He told of the many times he would hear horses on cobblestones, outside his window, but they owned no horses. And he said there were several times where his grandmother took a disliking to a visitor who was staying in the house, and in the middle of the night the unfortunate visitor would find themselves being ushered out of their bed and down the hall (much to their surprise and confusion), to the front door.

Sam explained to me that he did not believe there was a God, but it was impossible not to recognize that there are ghosts, as he sees and hears them, without necessarily trying to.

I then told him a story about my own grandmother’s passing.

I had traveled to Australia to see her back in the mid 90’s, and she had been in a wheelchair after a series of strokes. We had a discussion at that time about how she had wanted me to stay in Australia, and not return to the US. I had reminded her that I worked in the US and needed to return.  I told her that I understood she was frustrated with her body, which was no longer working (she  could not walk, feed herself, dress herself) and that when she is ready, she should leave it and get another body.

She had smiled at me, and with a twinkle in the eye, she said she would come to America.

And she was true to her word, as a few months later, before I had received notice that she had passed away, I was at work and found myself with tears streaming down my face, and every hair on my body was standing on end. I felt a terribly sadness engulf me, and then it moved on and away, and the tears and sadness was gone, along with a sense of relief.

I stood there puzzled about what the hell happened, and then suddenly realized who had just visited. About one hour later I received the call from my mother that my grandmother had passed away.

This whole subject of ghosts is a fascinating one, and I have found that many people have  had experiences and reality on ghosts. They are often quite willing to talk about what they have seen, when given an opportunity to talk about the spiritual side of life, and it is a great lead in to talk about Scientology.

And at my house, the whole topic of ghosts will always get a gathering into enthusiastic ARC, regardless of case level of those present.

I still remember the ghost stories I was told by other Scientologists back in the 80’s when I first got into Scientology, and they intrigued me and made me want to know more. Then over recent decades the subject of ghosts became somewhat of a taboo subject, or was discredited and discouraged by Corporate Scientology.

But not in my house.  And now I am on SOLO NOTs, my own reality on the subject has increased 100 fold.

Ghosts stories are always welcome here!






8 thoughts on “Talking about ghosts

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  2. Hi Lana, Is the first word of the title of the post supposed to be Talking? Or Taking?

    I saw a ghost when I was a kid. It popped up outside of a window in my bedroom. He was just as startled that I noticed him as I was by seeing him. He popped right back down out of view and I never saw him again.

  3. Hi Lana. How right you are…. fascinating subject indeed.

    Around 4 years back, we were at my brother-in-law’s place chatting in the lounge. His six year old grand -daughter asked who the old lady was that came and sat next to him, on the couch. We adults asked her to describe the old lady. Grey hair, glasses, a pretty floral dress, and she looked like Aunty Dot (my wife!) Dot thanked her for describing the old lady and explained that she was her late grand-mother, who had gone to heaven around 12 years ago, and just came to visit! “Oh? Why doesn’t she say anything , then?” came the reply. Dot then told her that she didn’t need to. The youngster then looked a bit bewildered and said she was going to play outside. We adults just looked at each other, and smiled. 🙂

  4. Back in the mid seventies I lived in an old Scientologist owned rooming house on Hoover Street in Los Angeles. It was chock full of disembodied thetans from top to bottom. There were some really scary beings running around that place — and some not so scary.

    Two not-so-scary thetans inhabited the upper corner of my room just above my door. I perceived them to be two old ladies who were perpetually terrified and clinging to each other. I was young, and just let them be for many months. One day after having gone exterior with full perception, I decided that it was high time the old ladies moved on and got back into the game. I guess I just wanted them to have a chance to get some of what I’d recently experienced in Scientology.

    Anyway, I fixed my attention on them and told them it was time to go. What was really interesting is that they balked about being told to leave, and actually got angry. What ensued was something of a tussle between thetans as they pushed all sorts of ridges and blackness at me. I suppose you could say that we got into a heated argument, but in the end they did finally take off.

    That wasn’t the first or last time I had to do that with a ‘ghost’, and I do hope they wound up in a better place.

  5. In late 70s at AOLA our Chaplin was Roberta Fields. She was about 70 and I thought wise from her years. When the Complex was being renovated for the move in mid 78 I believe, she was selected to spend her all hands Reno’s time – usually after post each evening – to send the ghosts away except they were called thetans.
    She was a bit to old to be doing anything else and was so delighted with the job ~ she just beamed being trusted with such a duty. It made perfect sense since the Complex was an old hospital and the part which became PC folder archives was where the morgue was. I found about 50 see through glass bottles with fetuses and body parts in them down there. Pretty interesting 🙂

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