By Kate M.

Feelings of fear, of despair, of sorrow, of apathy, or anger/rage all can be part of a key-in. An inability to do a specific activity, or physical reactions such as trembling, fainting, fevers and more, can also be indicators of  key-in.

I have a daughter, now almost 20 years old, who recently got very keyed in.  As she curled up in a ball on her bed, sobbing and unwilling to communicate, my responsibility as her mother, and as a Scientologist, was to help her deal with the key-in.

I am not a classed auditor, but I do have basic skills and tools — and obviously getting my daughter audited to get to the bottom of the engrams, secondaries and locks is vital.  But on an immediate basis, what do I do with a daughter who cannot be consoled, is unable to communicate and is totally effect of the situation she finds herself in?

My first action was a locational.

I got her to look at different things around the room, including me and her own body. I got her to become aware of her present time environment. I did not react to her statements. I did not get angry or upset. I kept my TRs in and just did the locational.

LOCATIONAL ASSIST:  (From Ability 73, early May 1958 Assists in Scientology)

USE OF PROCESS: A locational can be run on someone who feels bad, who has some vague ache or pain.

INFORMATION:  This process gets a person into communication with the environment.

PROCEDURE: Use the commands:

“Look at that chair. Look at that ceiling. Look at that floor,” etc. (the auditor pointing at the objects each time). Continue repeating this command, using different objects. Where the person has an injured body part, such as the hand, also use “Look at that hand”, and the pain will diminish. 

Run until the person visibly brightens up and has a cognition. If a somatic turns on while running the locational, continue the process until the somatic turns off.”

After my daughter had calmed down, I did two way communication on what had occurred, asking her what happened to make her feel bad?

I gently got her to tell me how she felt about it and I acknowledged her, without getting into evaluation or correcting her. The purpose was to get her to look at, and communicate about what had occurred, from her perspective, and keep her talking until she felt better about it.

“ASSIST:  A CHILD WHO FEELS BAD  (Reference Child Dianetics)

“USE OF PROCESS: This technique can be used on a child who feels bad.

“INFORMATION: The child feels bad because something has been restimulated. If you can get what restimulated him located, he will often come right out of it.”

“PROCEDURE: Ask, ‘What happened to make you feel bad” or ‘What did I say to make you feel that way?”

“This will often bring out the restimulative elements in the present situation and will take the charge off it and bring him out of the lock. Have him tell you about it until he feels better.”

Obviously to key out some restimulation is not the permanent handling — but heck, the above are two simple procedures that certainly helped.

My daughter pulled out of it, and the restimulation is no longer occurring.

Life is always a challenge — but having an understanding of key-ins and the tools to deal with them, is one of the reasons I am a Scientologist.

I am going to train to be be a Classed auditor.




4 thoughts on “Dealing with a key-in

  1. Well Kate, you have a lot of insight for a person not a classed auditor. Your grasp of the situation and your ability to discern what to do about it, shows you are a natural auditor. Your daughter is very lucky to have you.

  2. When you’ve been exposed to these basics for years its easy to forget that something like a locational is not common knowledge. You can work apparent miracles simply by understanding this one bit of tech and why it works.

    • You are so right Chris.
      We tend to forget that others do not have the knowledge or the tools to handle the bank, and will often make things worse or compound the situation.
      Classic example is the tired mother with a child that is throwing a tantrum and had gotten themselves worked up to a point where they could not stop crying if they tried. Screaming at that child to stop crying, or smacking them, does not improve the situation. Losing your temper (TRs) does not resolve it either.
      Helping another to spot that they CAN turn the dramatizing bank off, and helping them to actually do so, can change a person’s life for the better.

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