By Lana M

Miscavige’s operating basis to “build” Scientology is worth examining. His solutions and ongoing method for managing the group say much about him and where the church is at today:

– Miscavige micro-manages all key projects that he implements, demanding that all key decisions and actions are CSWed (completed staff work) to him in submission form.  His office has been a perpetual backlog of submissions and correspondence. This requires a number of secretaries  to log and track these submissions, which routinely are in his office for months and are then returned as staledated. The reason everything goes to COB for approval is that Miscavige cannot trust management. Their actions are “destructive” and he is “the only one who can get anything done”.

– Miscavige removes management terminals that do not do his bidding or that he considers cannot be trusted, to the result of no upper management existing anymore. The command structure that LRH put in place to wear the hat that he had been wearing (ED International and each of the Int Executives) and to build the key functions required to build orgs, are not there.  The Watchdog Committee, responsible for seeing that strategy exists and is implemented for each strategy of the Scientology network, does not exist. The Evaluation Corps, to find the right Whys and to provide orgs with tailor made evaluations, was dismantled over 15 years ago. The Senior C/S Int Network, responsible for flub catching and technical standards, is gone. And the Int Finance Network has become the only area that Miscavige sees a purpose for, using it for building Ideal Orgs and collect vast sums of money to add to Reserves. All of this solves the problem of management being “CI (counter intention) to making Saint Hill size orgs” – something Miscavige has been repeating since 1995.  He is the only one that can build orgs, and so Scn management is not required.

– The policy that Miscavige implemented on children in the Sea Org in the early 90’s was that any Sea Org member who gets pregnant must be sent to a small and failing org. Over a period of years each of the Cadet orgs were dismantled and with this, came undue pressure on any Sea Org member that fell pregnant, to have an abortion. This policy solution was based on Miscavige’s premise that the cost and distraction of children to the Sea Org was destructive — yet look at the ensuing disaster over the subsequent years!

– The Golden Age of Tech was launched by Miscavige with the Why of  “the blind have been leading the blind”. With that program all the certificates of priorly trained auditors (including SHSBC graduates and Class VIIIs were cancelled) if they did not redo the entire GAT lineup. Hundreds, if not thousands, of auditors were invalidated on the training and auditing they had done priorly, and the new TRs and Metering passes required approval by RTC Representatives, who were themselves not veteran auditors or highly trained. The program was Miscavige’s solution to lack of auditors – but the result was the loss of auditors, old and new.

– The Ideal Org Program was implemented by Miscavige as the solution to the majority of orgs being small and the datum that OT IX and OT X cannot be released until all orgs are Saint Hill size.  Rumor has it that in a conversation with Tom Cruise, many years ago now, TC had stated that he cannot take new public into orgs because they are so run down and shabby, so Miscavige created the Ideal org program to build orgs that are impressive beyond belief, and that will “wow” new public by their size, design, technology and materials. The solution to fund these vastly over designed and expensive buildings has been fundraising from parishioners, despite Corp Scn having enough money in its coffers to pay to build new org buildings without a cent from anyone. The result is parishioners under huge financial strain and next to no capacity to move up The Bridge themselves. The other result is large empty org buildings that are no making auditors or delivering any real auditing.  And just as bad, staff members who make next to no weekly pay from the org (due to the increased cost of running these vast tombs of buildings and the lack of real delivery) having to moonlight and desperately engage in all manner of financial rip-offs from parishioners in an effort to somehow pay their own rent.

– The International management of Scientology used to occur at the Int Base in Hemet California, and in the early 90s there were 800 staff there (RTC, CMO International, Exec Strata, CMO Gold and Gold). Miscavige has run a campaign since 1997 that he will offload any staff member that gets in his way, non-complies, or questions what he does.  The creation of “The Hole” was one of the methods adopted by Miscavige to deal with the “suppressive”, and “CI” management terminals — literally putting bars on the windows and ordering them to physically and mentally abuse each other (when he was not doing so personally). Declaring every person that was offloaded a suppressive person was another solution to his problem.  Moving whole Int orgs and dismantling orgs and sections of orgs have been other methods used. Long beratings and punishments (such as all of CMO Int being made to clean out the sewage pools of the Int base, or staff being thrown overboard into the lake or Clipper swimming pool, or harsh “boot camps”, or RPFing people wholesale, or tormenting and torturing staff with games that are not based on any policy or reference).  All of these solutions have not solved the problem of “counter intention” at the Int base. Miscavige is still the “only one” that can get anything done.

– With continued problems with compliance, Miscavige has every conference, phone call and order transcribed. His bank of secretaries issue these orders in writing, and every one of them is to be word cleared by those receiving them. Each one is tracked and staff members are harassed to comply to each order with an ever growing list of penalties. Command channels and form of org are ignored, and Miscavige can order anyone to do anything — and routinely he adopts a staff member on a post at Gold, Flag, CMO CW or somewhere and starts issuing them orders that are completely disrelated to their post functions or org — all justified as they are deemed to be one of the few people that can get anything done in all the CI. You then get a continued Hey You org board, with seniors having no say and being run by a junior, who is being run by Miscavige directly (and constantly informing them of how bad their senior is). The Hey You org board can be seen everywhere in today’s Corporate Scientology.  In Class V Ideal orgs, they are being run by Sea Org members who are on mission and being run directly (or overseen) by Miscavige. The Continental Commodore’s Messenger orgs have been run by Miscavige for years since he took out their own seniors at CMO International. The Int Finance Office and International Landlord Office are run by Miscavige himself. Gold’s activities are only those dictated by Miscavige. The solution has resulted in a continued Danger condition everywhere, and that is reflected in statistics long term.

– The IAS is Miscavige’s puppet and financial arm. There is no LRH policy on the IAS and LRH actually stipulated that fundraising has no part in Scientology — but the IAS is THE activity of Scientology these days. What happened to auditing and training? The briefings from IAS regges about the dire state of the planet, the conspiracy theories, the emergencies that require funding now, now, now. The message is always about how bad the planetary situation is, and how the only solution is donations to the IAS.  Really? If that is so, then how come there is not one single LRH policy detailing to do this?

–  The Div 6’s in orgs today, which are empty, are filled with audio visual systems to play videos.  A new person, wanting to actually get some help, will not find a communication line in the Division 6’s of today’s orgs. Instead they will be left alone to wander around the screens, pushing buttons and watching actors (not Scientologists) describe in glowing terms how wonderous Scientology is.  There is nothing personal or caring about org Div 6’s these days. Nothing. And this solution was implemented by Miscavige to solve the problem that org staff were not closing enough people to start a new service.

– And that brings us to “The Basics”.  Miscavige re-released all of the basic Scientology books in the early 2000s and every parishioner was ordered off their Bridge and to study “The Basics” before they continued. This meant that each had to buy the full set and then pay the org to do a series of checksheets covering all basic books, before they could continue on Bridge action.  The reason given for this order was that “Scientologists did not understand the basic tenets and principles of Scientology” — so this was placed as a standing order for new public coming in (violating basic policy by LRH on basic courses), and for all staff members and Sea Org members (violating basic policy on the hatting training line up for staff), and taking Scientology public off the courses they were already on (violating basic policy on The Bridge).

– The Library Campaign is another solution from Miscavige to raise book sales, which is reimplemented every year or so with the latest new “releases”.

– And then we get to pricing of org services, books and materials — which have continued to go up and up and up over the last 20 years to a point where it is now over $50,000 to co-audit your way to Clear, and to get through SOLO NOTs (a level that costs next to nothing as you audit yourself) requires years of 6 month checks and enforced stays at Flag, costing more than a quarter of a million dollars for the average parishioner. What problem was Miscavige trying to solve? How to increase income of orgs (and thus RTC).

The above is not a complete list.  I am sure readers will be able to come up with even more examples.

The purpose of this article is to point out that the “remedies”  for the dire situations that Miscavige details at events, are one for one, destructive.   As the organisation has sunk more and more down scale, the convincing ways that Miscavige answers up to “emergencies” are just adding to the failure and disaster. And the group, as it sinks further down the tone scale, gets more criminal and destructive by the day. This is a sad situation.

We gotta get the LRH back into Scientology.  And that starts with spotting the right Why’s and resolving the continued arbitraries and destructive programs that are driving Corporate Scientology down the proverbial toilet.

“Group repair is actually a study of the tone scale and mental equipment of the leader of a group.

“A group is not more ethical than its system of ethics. Ethics are a direct measure of a position on the tone scale. A system for measuring the ethics of any individual or group could be devised from tests measuring the communication, affinity and reality factors of the individual. Likewise a system of measuring the ethic of a group could be devised from a study of its communication, affinity and reality factors.

“Theta is as pure as it has truth in it. The amount of Theta in a pure state in an individual or group measures the life potential and energy of the group. We study, in Theta, not only reason and ideals, but also the dynamic – the energy and longevity – of survival. Thus when we say “amount of Theta” we could also say “amount of reason” and “abundance of energy expended toward survival.”

“Ethics are distinct from morals. Ethics are the factors of survival as they reasonably and currently apply to the problem. Honesty, derivably, is the highest level of survival. Potential of survival can also be measured, in other words, in terms of the amount of truth discovered and applied to given problems and situations. Morals have only to do with habits and customs and to a large degree reactive, not reasonable.

“On the tone scale it can be seen that survival potential drops lower and lower as communication, affinity and reality drop lower and lower. Death is not affinity, no communication, no reality and no survival. As one spots a group or an individual on the tone scale he can spot exact and precise reactions of ARC for that individual. Around 2.0, as for communications, the individual will censor communications. Around 2.0 he has overt hostility for his affinity. Around 2.0 he has challenge, interruption for his agreement. Lower, around 1.5, he deals with perversion of communications, hatred for his affinity and utter disagreement for his agreement (reality). Around 1.0 he has cut-off for communications, covert hostility for his affinity and contradicts for his agreement.

“As an individual is upon the tone scale so he will inevitably handle ARC. As a group exists on a tone scale, so will it inevitably handle ARC.

“Below 2.0, whatever his expressed intentions, the individual works as enTheta and enMEST and as the tone sinks to 1.0 will actually kill himself and other individuals of the group. He talks of deaths and emergencies. He advises remedies for “potential death” situations. And although he may seem to work hard to “remedy” he situations he postulates, he will yet produce only reduced survival or death for himself, his associates or his group. He may seem to be working with the highest effectiveness, he may believe he is doing his very best and yet the end product of his endeavor will be reduced survival or death.”   …

“The death of an individual or the death of an enterprise or nation follows the spiral toward suicide. The way stations are the points of action on the ARC survival tone scale. Look at the points of action for affinity on the tone scale, or for reality or for communication, and you can see how much inclined toward death for the individual or the group will be the actions of that individual or group.

“Reversing the viewpoint, by spotting the position of the individual on the tone scale or by spotting the position of the group by what he or it does with ARC, one can see the survival potential of the group in terms of energy and longevity.

“Thus, we could see, for instance, that an administrator favored secrecy in his dealings, that he practiced cruelty on individuals of a group but masked the cruelty under ‘necessity”, that he altered or suppressed every plan submitted to him — one could spot him on the tone scale at about 1.1. One could see immediately that the organization would be inclined toward death and that it would fail. Actually, the very measures he may so convincingly postulate to answer up to “emergencies” will bring failure and disaster.”

LRH, Diagnosis and Repair of Groups, January 1951, Tech Volume 1.


20 thoughts on “Wrong solutions

  1. I am afraid that I have to disagree with the concept of “wrong solutions” here.
    Davie’s solutions are working 100% for his intentions, so they are correct. (They are just wrong for everyone else.)
    As pointed out in the article, all actions are resulting in destruction of the church (no exceptions). This is over a large period of time. This demonstrates the true intentions of “davie”.
    Consider this: If the goal was to utterly destroy Scientology, how could it be done?
    If it was done quickly, it would shatter into splinter groups, which would reform all over the place. The central system would be dead, but the information would be secured in many dispersed locations. This would not kill off the whole subject.

    If it is done slowly, over a generation or two, with the trained people isolated, and no real training occurring, the people with the tech will die off. The original material is altered and / or lost, and replaced with something not quite workable. The subject, via the organization, is 3rd partied, so that it is easily forgotten about or allowed to die off, or outright attacked.
    It would be necessary to keep the ship in one piece, with all people pushing in the same direction for it to be destroyed. Keeping everyone’s attention on dire emergencies and personal financial ruin would do this. Then when it crashes, there is nothing left. Those that gradually leave get isolated, with a failed goal hanging over them. They may even start to imitate / dramatize the actions of those that they resisted, and blindly attack other former members. (Interesting way to have the field kill itself off – does it look familiar?)

    Who or what is behind this, and why? Good questions. (‘Follow the money” is a good piece of advice.) Always nice to know who the enemy is (even if you don’t like ‘conspiracy theory’).
    And speaking of all the money generated – nice prize.
    What person or group has the intelligence and power to pull this one off? (So far, they have been very effective.)

    The solution may well be to be organized in a dispersed fashion, with everything available all over the place. It could be defended, if we agree and pull together.
    MS2 may well be the solution.

  2. Excellent article Lana!
    Interesting because it leads to the question of daves motives. The results of his actions are plain enough, when really looked at.
    1) Does he think he is doing the right thing and just dramatizing his tone level?
    2) Or does he know and plan for the destruction of Scn, like a full blown psychotic?
    My feeling is that its 1. But I agree with 1984,
    “The solution may well be to be organized in a dispersed fashion, with everything available all over the place. It could be defended, if we agree and pull together.
    MS2 may well be the solution.”

    Enough well trained people and this could work.

    • Love ya Cotch.
      I stopped trying to read Dave’s intention a while back as I realized that there is no point in trying to understand a psychotic. He is what he is — and there is no logic to him. Working under him directly for 6 years gave me enough insight to see that the bank is in full dramatization, and trying to figure out if he is trying to do the world of Scientology in (intentionally) solves nothing. He has committed so many overts and does not understand of what he preaches. It goes back to this point of truth and theta. It is a sad path that a being follows when he continually lies and perverts the truth. Just looking at Dave in recent video’s shows that life is not going well for him, personally. Which is also no surprise. A good session and an auditor with confront and the ability to read the meter and use the communication formula, is his only solution to his horrible life.
      Hope we see you again soon. Your two chariots are safe and well here, and we have enjoyed them a lot over recent months. Love to your other half. Cheers.

  3. Really just a matter of holding the lines on the tech as written by LRH. DM has subverted the intent & purpose of Scientology with money scams, squirrely tech and unusual solutions. No need to go figure-figure on anything. Just apply the tech, really it’s just that simple. Neither IAS, Ideal Org PL perversions or any other reging events are LRH. All just arbitrary additives and alter-is. You couldn’t get their nonsense going out here in the Indies if you tried. Just disconnecting from the insanity of the CO$ is half the battle won.

  4. Brilliant and thoroughly detailed, account, Lana! telling it just like it is, as only one who has lived through it. would actually know.

    Does “The Hidden Holocaust of Scientology”, describe this at all?

    • No Calvin — I don’t think reference to the holocaust is correct. Yes — what has occurred is awful, but the slaughter of bodies has not occurred, and I think that positioning would anger some people.

      • Perhaps a holocaust of spirit then? Afterall that would be more apt since just about every soul wanted real bad what Scientology promised.. F-R-E-E-D-O-M! In every sense of the word. The burning desire for this concept, this idea to be free from birth/ death cycles, pain and misery! Scientology was supposed to give us that, the church under DM gave us anything but!! The betrayal of being absolutely sure you had found the right place, time and people to make it outta here totally thwarted once again!

        Thats the knockout blow to the chin for way too many. Glad I dont feel that way personally but wow, too many casualties on this battleground! So for me the tragedy of the church and its mismanagement is a holocaust of a rather fiendish nature and deserves the title “holocaust”!

  5. You forgot to mention one very important point on your EXCELLENT summary of DM’s record of destructive solutions and programs, Lana : GAT 2. If you look very closely, you’ll see that GAT 2 is largely based on LRH ED 299 INT, 28 Sep ’78 “The End Of Endless Training” just as GAT 1 was mainly based on the 5 Sep ’71 lecture ” A Talk On A Basic Qual”.
    If one cares to read carefully the above LRH ED, you’ll be able to see that almost ALL points of the GAT 2 programs are based on data from that ref which, by the way, never has been “lost tech”. On the new Bridge chart issued at the international event, “The Basics” are no longer part of the pre-requisites for auditor training but are listed as a service “additional” to the Bridge basic training program. Something like the KTL , LOC , Evaluators course, etc. It is a highly recommended training program, according to the notes on the Bridge chart about it, but nothing more. Just as it should have been in the first place. So he kind of “accepted” he was wrong in the first place with the “The Basics” study program as a blanket training program for EVERYBODY before ANYTHING ELSE.

    The issue about the need for short checksheets ; the idea of training auditors with just the basic data with the emphasis on doingness and rapidly on the chair auditing ; the issue about co-auditing as the best ,fastest, and more economical way to go up the Bridge ; the read it-M4-read it again approach to the Student Hat ; the issue about not trying to produce and expect class VI standards at I-IV class training level ; the same idea applied to meter trainning at lower levels ; ALL of that can be found in the rather lenghty LRH ED 299 INT. By doing that , he sort of “admitted” he was wrong all over the place. BUT HE WAS THE ONE WHO IMPLEMENTED ALL PREVIOUS INCORRECT TRAINING PROGRAMS IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!!!!!
    Now he attempted to correct them all. Now he “finally saw the Light” and have “pure” LRH “once and for all”. This can’t get any more crazier.

    Isn’t it odd, that after all preasure and bad PR (well deserved) from the FIELD, he has tried now to “put in” many Tech points about which he was criticized in all these years ? Doesn’t anybody find that a little bit strange ?
    He destroyed SCN, as an activity, to then claim he saved it with GAT 2 and thousands of scientologists bought that and eagerly stood up and applauded him ,and thought of him as the great savior of SCN , LRH resurrected.

    But this gets worser and worser. Now EVERYBODY has to do everything ALL OVER again and at their OWN EXPENSE becuase , “all Tech was not 100% On-Source”. But it wasn’t On-Source in the first place because he alrer-is(ed) it and perverted it !!!

    Even the ones who effectively did the GAT 1 Student Hat with ALL the GAT 1 drills and who passed it with 100% (like me) and are excellent students, have to do, anyway , the “New” Student Hat. Becuase if not, you can forget about being allowed to continue with other training program steps. An OT IV (original OT VII, PRD completion) friend of mine, a past super successful mission holder (later on, an very upstat ED) , is currently doing the “New Student Hat” very happily. What, in the name of Christ, is happening with so many scientologists that have lost their ability to LOOK ?

    ALL SCN materials, listen well my friends, ALL SCN materials before GAT 2 , including the Quantum E-meter, are to be collected and disposed of. I have the SMI INT Bulleting clearly stating that. ALL MATERIALS, except, of course, the tape lectures and books from the Golden Age of Knowledge.

    But his days are counted as a “Leader”. Call it a hunch, call it intuition, call it a “vision from the future” if you want. All I know, for sure, is that his days are counted. Tic tac, Tic tac, Tic tac, Tic tac ………

  6. Yes, excellent article Lana! A summation of all the craziness of DM and all of his squirrelly “solutions”.

    I also believe that DM cannot be alone doing this.

    We have already some indications that at least the US government is endorsing Scientology through the IRS agreement and more. There are no major attacks on Scientology, Miscavige, no matter what the whistle blowers have said, remain on post, the FBI didn’t do any inspection or investigation etc. etc.

    The Hole, a violation of Human rights, the beating etc. etc. do no mean anything to them.

    It is evident that the Global Enslavers (let’s not forget this important lingo from the Founder, something DM has completely left behind and does not attack any of them, anymore) are set to make their version of Scientology the next-religion-to-be.

    And indeed, we see Christianity going down and Muslims of course who are way backwards and all other old religions failing. But Scientology is on the news almost daily and it is a modern, a new religion. So, they want it. But they want it their way. Not with the policy and tech LRH left behind. But as a money making and mind washing machine. Of course the “machine” has the potential to liberate even the lowest of slaves but that doesn’t happen en mass so each one of them as they revolt they are expelled on a crazy unorganised planet.

    Which brings me to the next point I wanted to make, that of the solution.

    The solution is always to the formation of a 3rd dynamic. Those who don’t want to see it are not UP TO IT. Many Indies do not believe in organisation anymore, don’t want anything to do with 3rd dynamics as they’ve had their share in this game.

    However, this is reactive.

    Without a strong 3rd dynamic out here there is nothing much gonna happen. Many good people are getting lost for lack of organisation.

    My proposal (I am repeating this every now and then to a degree that I can be considered to be a maniac of the org board) is the 7 Div Org Board.

    An International one and a (over the Internet) Org Board. We are OTs we can deal with the distance, the differences in time etc. etc. but we cannot deal with the AMOUNT of work and hats and functions that need to be worn.

    Everybody does the same thing. Everyone runs a blog or a group on FB and that is something good. I am not saying this is not good. But that is a 1st stage, kind of let’s keep together, organisation.

    The amount of work is enormous if you really look at it. There are so many people who want to do things from their homes and can perform various functions. All it would take is an agreed upon platform and that is by standard admin our Org Board. We have to work the functions on it.

    There can be a section on it “Let’s Oust Miscavige”, lol. Really there can be such a section and it should.

    But the Org Board is a great vehicle little known by Scientologists and it will take only those who are knowledgable in it and know its true value (which is not to suppress or make robots of staff or volunteers or just be there for orders) and can put it into useful action.

    After all, we are all products of Org Boards. Without that LRH Org Board we wouldn’t be here, none of us. Not even Scientology.

    It’s a Name – Want – Get it proposition.

    • Theo , I wish many would listen to you and and cognite on the need of the 7 DIV Org Board as the ONLY long term solution to planetary clearing. The ridge about 3rd Dynamic Organizing Tech on the Field could be handled with the Ethics Repair List , de-PTSing actions including FDS to get rid of the suppressive false data , then W/Cing in the relevant Policies and RPEC on the subject with every unhandled past condition fully resolved. Even though I am not highly trained, I am IN , for any help anyone might need. I do know one thing or two, about putting anyone back together.

      A standard program could be envisioned and used to repair the consequences of having been exposed to injustices and squirrel Tech applications by anyone on the CofS. Somebody must take responsability for the broken pieces w/out any fees charged whatsoever for the repair actions that has to do with putting back together a scientologist who got broken by squirrel Church’s Tech. After the person is fully repaired, then the exchange factor for further services has to be in, of course. But we must take care of the broken pieces first. That’s the humanitarian thing to do.

      I fully believe, that an Organized Field, with ALL key players gotten through the Super Power RD (specially the Ethics Repair List) by EXPERTS on the Field and through the PRD, are the KEY to a permanent succsess.

      An Organized Field is the permanent solution to handling DM. It will just simply happen as a natural consequence. Organized OTs are the KEY. I refer to you “About Rehodesia”.

      • Theta clear I adore your passion and love the way to put those key scientology perpectives into place. Its great to hear there are still those out there who believe it can be pulled of. Mostly I just get on with on my own solo sessions with its many gains and wins.

        Another part of me yearns for a greater community or brotherhood of like minds acting in concert. After the church it just seems easier to get on with things quietly and under the radar without undue noise! Practicing scientology in a calm environment makes for a much speedier method I find. The bitter taste of militant corporate Scn has left a stain I’m afraid. Much of the freezone avoids big organization for the obvious failings highlighted. I cant help but feel its worked since the mid 80’s and made it harder to destroy, the freezone that is. Perhaps if the freezone unified under a competent leader with a bigger organization all that would happen is yet another conventional war! A cold war where the enemy thinks it has pretty much won is perhaps the best climate for those who want to achieve our theta goals..quietly and effectively.

        Great blog Lana, love your DM analysis and insights. Fascinating!

    • I agree with you Theo.

      Miscavige has some heavy backers in the Mainstream Media and Government or do I repeat myself.

      I mean wasn’t it Nightline that gave credence to the idea that Miscavige was the leader of the Church followed by various articles about Scientology’s reclusive “leader” and of course the puff piece by the SP KNA Tampa Bay Times the “Man Behind Scientology”?

      Not to mention the so called “critics” who along with OSA like to say that Miscavige and Ron are basically the same.

      Probably if you were completely ignorant about the subject and were totally unaware of number of High Crimes or Suppressive Acts according to the Ethics and Justice Codes that Miscavige has committed and continues to commit with the continual alteration of the Tech and invalidation of previous gains attained by standard application. Not to mention the willful destruction of all previous materials or the fact that ordering people to redo a level as a blanket C/S is C/Sing above his level of training etc. etc. as a random list would you say that Miscavige compared in any way to Ron.

      Sorta like comparing Genghis Khan to Thomas Jefferson.

  7. Lana,
    Great job.
    I just wanted to tell you that, and to thank you for the reference – not one that I remember ever reading, but one that I think really zeroes in on the fundamental issue for me – that of truth.
    All my life my respect for the truth of any matter has far outweighed any other consideration, and I see complete disrespect for truth in almost everything around me, but most importantly, by those that remain within the bubble, surrounded by rules that disallow the gathering of TRUE data upon which decisions can be made. The insanity of Miscavage’s suppression of communication (meaning the Internet) is beyond words. It is repulsive and angers me greatly. Thanks for the injection of truth and accurate analysis and reflection. Every little bit helps.
    Miss you guys; looking forward to visiting with you soon.
    Say “Hi” to Jimbo for me…

    • Lilliputan, this factor of truth is really the fundamental of all that makes Scientology what it is. My own understanding of how truth is altered as a being (or organization) slips down the tone scale, explains so much of what I have personally experienced and also what I have observed to be.
      The confusions of today’s Corporate Scientology world are many, and people are either flung out of it, slink away quietly, or find themselves stuck in and unable to move away due to blackmail and efforts to control what they do, who they speak to and work with. I truly believe that very few people are within the C of S these days that consider everything to be rosy. They know, in their heart of hearts that there are so many outpoints — but they think there is no other option, there is no where else to go for Scientology — and Corp Scn makes sure they keep this idea that there is total control on the materials and on delivery of Scientology.
      This point of truth is one of the stable datums that can be clung to in the ocean of confusion and it steadies everything. It gives a person an chance to sit back and look, and see things through their own eyes and then take any needed action to get out of that morass of flotsam and jetsam.
      I look forward to seeing you again – and your wishes have been passed onto Jimbo, who is at this time enjoying the highlands of Cape Breton in Canada, on a river, fishing expertly for salmon. He returns soon, and when you are next here, let’s all enjoy a few bottles of wine and more than one evening of great company.

  8. Good synopsis of the current “church” and its activities Lana. The church of scientology has evolved into the church of DM Money Laundering and it has predictable consequences. Whether these consequences happen rapidly or gradually remains to be seen, but factually have nothing to do with actual Scientology in my opinion. When LRH departed in 1986 the state of the technology was quite complete and very workable. Anything touched by Miscavige can safely be discarded. Despite all of the blustering and PR that has occurred over the years the results of “improvements” speak for themselves statistically as well as physically. This is well covered in KSW.

    Fortunately there are people outside the corporate church that are well trained, have trained others and have thousands of hours of auditing and C/Sing experience throughout the entire spectrum of the grade chart. The corporate church simply threw them away by various means all in the name of making money and hiding crimes and seeking to control others. Free beings are under their own control and work well with others for a common purpose. Standard Auditors and C/Ses already know the organizational factors that make technical success and adhere to these things in their own actions, this is not a matter of needing corporate permission.

    With every day that passes communication lines are formed and associations are developed that result in Standard Tech being delivered (this delivery spans the entirety of the Grade Chart). The volume of this increases every day as well. This simplicity will defeat any corporate monster. Should it become necessary to evolve stand alone organizations to facilitate delivery these things will most certainly occur. Evolution is rarely done in leaps and bounds. Persistence of intention and purpose bring about survival. Scientology is not about money it is about Spiritual enlightenment and improvement ,one moves up the grade chart by ones own volition. Those who truly seek real Scientology will find it. Clearing the planet tomorrow is an ideal . The reality of the situation is what it is. Acknowledging Miscavige and his ilk as a factor in this is a a misdirection and gives them a power they do not actually possess . Overcoming this consideration is easy for some and very difficult for others. It is nonetheless just a consideration.

    LRH went out of his way to ensure the tech was available from his very early research all the way up to the top. All one has to do is actually take the time to study and apply it, and finding like minded individuals in the environment is easier than ever thanks to the Internet.

    • Mike, I would like to post your comment as an article in its own right, as you have clearly put the whole subject into perspective, and make it clear that Scientology is alive and well outside of the corrupt Corporate world.

      I had originally planned to call this blog “Into the Sunshine” as I felt it communicated to me what happens when a Scientologist leaves the dark place of Corp Scn and starts to use and apply the tech without their suppressive influence. The gains are as LRH intended, and without the criminal regging, the undue influence and control, and with the capacity for people to simply move up the Bridge and apply the tech across their lives, this activity just grows and grows. I saw we needed a legal structure however, so Milestone Two was born, and is a registered not-for-profit, charitable organization, registered in Australia, and operating across the world.

      Your expertise is such a valuable one. Thank you for all you are doing — along with the other highly trained auditors and C/Ses that deliver tirelessly each day.

      Are you OK on my making your comment a post on its own?

    • “Acknowledging Miscavige and his ilk as a factor in this is a a misdirection and gives them a power they do not actually possess . Overcoming this consideration is easy for some and very difficult for others. It is nonetheless just a consideration.”

      ^^^ That needs to be framed and hung up on a wall. 🙂

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