By Mark J.

When I first got into Scientology I had only an inkling of what telepathy was about.  I lacked reality on what it was or how it worked.

On television shows they portray telepathy as a super power. The person closes his eyes, puts his hands to his temples, and with great effort and facial twisting, he reads someone else’s thoughts —  to the great amazement of those watching on.

I did know that I had always had a close connection with my brother, and seemingly I would always sense when something was wrong, or when he needed me.  I would consider it coincidence, when he would call me just a second after I had been thinking of him, or when I would perceive that he needed me, to then find out that this was actually the case.

As I progressed in Scientology training and auditing my own understanding of telepathy increased.

Some years ago, just before an auditing session, I had been terribly upset and I had not known why. I had no logical reason for being as enturbulated as I was, and when I went in session I ended up on a correction list and became intrigued when the question “Is there something else wrong?” had read.

Yes, I said. Someone is in trouble. Desperate trouble. And I need to help them!

I communicated to the auditor about what I perceived — which was not related to me personally, and had no relation to my own experiences or time track.  There was a person who had been in a single car accident, rolled the vehicle, and was hanging, upside down, trapped. They were in a ditch, on a roadside in Germany, and were unseen by passing cars. The desperate communications from the person caught in that situation, were unquestionably real and reading on the meter. It was like an SOS distress signal they were sending out — to anyone that could hear them — and I happened to be one person who had received the signal and read it loud and clear.

I was able to tell my auditor the exact location (highway name and distance from nearby town), the color of the car and also the name of the person involved. And yet I had not ever lived in or traveled to  Germany, and I certainly did not know anyone living in Germany at the time.

Unfortunately my session had come too late. The trapped person died at the scene, and my session was about 12 hours too late to save them.  Though I was  disappointed that I had not been able to do something about it earlier, I also felt it was my first real validation of telepathy this lifetime.

From that point I started to actually look for, and acknowledge that not every single thought that popped into my head was actually mine, or from my own time track. This was validated further as I have moved up the OT levels.

I am now aware of regular telepathy with my brother, with my wife, and with several close friends.

I don’t get into a bunch of significance relating to it — the simplicity is that we are statics, and we do not require the physical universe to be able to communicate to one another.

I also don’t get into a bunch of figure-figure, or preemptive self auditing on it.

I just acknowledge that when I perceive thoughts, pictures and communications of other people, it is OK. I don’t invalidate it. And I don’t widely broadcast it to introvert others.

A really interesting instance was just last night, as I watched my dog sleeping in her bed. She was dreaming and her body was twitching and she was even doing muffled barks in her sleep. I easily picked up and saw the dream she was having, could easily see the pictures and feel her reactions to them. I acknowledged her (not vocally), and she settled down and slept peacefully from then on.

Never would I have thought I could read the thoughts (or dreams) of animals, but it is now becoming clear that OT is very different to what I had originally thought it was.

I know what I know.

I perceive what I perceive.

And I am comfortable in continuing to build my own skills and regain my abilities in this regard, as I continue my training and auditing.

And my potentiality to communicate, as a being, just builds and builds by the day, as I move on up The Bridge.

So very cool.





5 thoughts on “Telepathy

  1. Ever since I can recall I’ve been aware of some sort of interchange between myself and other beings, that was non-verbal, and could span distances in the absence of vias (other than the particles, and distance needed to have the comm in the first place.) I didn’t really know what this was, and more or less figured it was my own thoughts and mock ups.

    Going through a tape lecture last year (sorry can’t recall the title) LRH mentioned his “telepather” being a bit shaky and also mentioned the idea of having one on auto and somewhat obsessive. That was mine! I realized exactly what was going on – I’d had my “telepather” tuned up to pick up those that had some sort of problem with me, or that I was being a problem for. When this circumstance existed, the mass, however light or little, was there, and more to the point of the telepathy, I would be acutely aware of the emotions and difficulties the other being was feeling, over whatever it was they had trouble with, relative to me somehow or other.

    I’ve since become much more aware and cause over these lines of communication, and gotten better at spotting whose stuff is whose, and even managed to ease it up for them, when I can, so whatever problem or trouble they seemed to create in terms of my universe, I now surely don’t add to, or mis-own, and even am more able to alleviate it, allowing them to play some other game, since most times, I had no interest in what it was that was going on anyway.

    Without the truths recovered as a Scientologist, I think I would have rattled around with this phenomena for ages, not really knowing what it was, or how to assume KRC for it all.

    What a blast this adventure of Scientology actually is.

  2. It happens to me all the time. Well maybe not all the time, but most.

    I cognize it like this:

    we are all in the same pool of theta, the unified field if you will, which is the universe. And I fancy, for linguistic convenience sake, the unified field to be like a large swimming pool. We are all in this pool, theta, together. One of us can drop a pebble, thought, into this pool. The ripples move out and we can feel them.

    But in reality, since in the real pool of theta has no space, the transference of thought is instantaneous.

    The events that still tickle my “thetan” is when my wife and I have the same thought at the exact same time, or eat the same foods during the day even when we are miles apart, or dress with the exact same colors, tops and bottoms, even though we are dressing apart from each other.

    And don’t get me started about my x wife who had an exact twin sister.

    With telepathy, thought does not cross space. It does not have to. Like the quantum leap of electrons, which jumps instantaneously from orbit to orbit without apparently moving in space, but simply appears – thought impressions arrive, through the channel of the soul’s intuitional receptivity: instantly.

  3. i think power is relative, we don’t need more or less of it, it is self regulating, we really only want just barely enough of it to have a slight advantage over a situation, any more or less and we’re dissatisfied, outside that it’s not necessary

    we will something to happen, when it doesn’t happen we push and pull hoping it eventually does

    ability is a game the will plays when it fails to achieve on it’s own

  4. While on the RPF late June 1983, I awoke one morning in so much grief I could hardly talk only sob. Well instead of getting this addressed in session I was put on the RPF’s RPF. After some 6 or 7 days chipping paint in the Complex boiler room (and taking naps on the floor with boxes the Boiler I/C (Sylvester) found for me (I was 6 months pregnant. Finally a call came in to the Boiler room phone from my brother directly. A week earlier my father had been told by his doctor he had 6 months to live. I was in LA and he was in Sitka Alaska. My brother had spend the week attempting to phone me and said he had spent over 200$ in phone calls to reach me.
    From that I learned never again to attempt to ignore intuition and emotions that did not make sense.
    Even just paying attention to how one feels while in the presence of others is valuable. I think we all have this ability but when humans began to favor written and spoken relay of comm this one pretty much dropped out. I would be interesting to be blind & deaf for a few days and work on this ability. Should be one of the 57 human perceptions.

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