By Bernie Wimbush

The power of Scientology comes from the ideas of LRH and the fact that those ideas produce results.

The whole thrust of Keeping Scientology Working is to keep getting results, and to thus keep making improvements in people and organizations (big and small).

The Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige cannot achieve the destruction of our religion without help of his supporters. He relies on their lack of understanding of the LRH way of doing things. He relies on the fact that he can revise bulletins and policy in the name of LRH, and the majority of Scientologists will simply take the revision and apply it, without questioning it in any way.

We know how hard it is to get study time or training and auditing in the corporate church, so many of the staff carry out COB’s directions as they don’t know enough about the real subject to even see the outpoints.

There is an ongoing hidden data line with people generally believing that COB is a Class XII auditor, OT 8 (or above) and FEBC – so anything he says goes. If COB says a book was wrong (and has been now fixed) – everyone reads the new book and complies with orders to destroy the old. If COB says they are doing it wrong, and must do it a different way, they use the new method, and no one questions or looks for themselves against the LRH references.

People follow orders from “Command” yet never ask for an LRH reference, and assume that the order must be on-Source, when the majority of the time it is not.

How could Scientologists practice disconnection after the practice was cancelled in a bulletin and in Ron’s Journal 68?

Simple – most Scientologists don’t know it was cancelled, as the COB revised bulletin in their packs says that disconnection is alive and well – and Ron’s Journal 68 was 45 years ago, so the majority of public have never read it, or it was forgotten a long time ago.

Miscavige repeats the LRH aims of Scientology in his keynote addresses: “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper, and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights.” but a current look at the Corporate Church shows wide divergence from those aims.

Perhaps we should handle this situation with good old Scientology?

It is, after all, the subject that can correct itself!

The first step is to get ourselves trained and processed by Scientology groups, outside of Corporate Scientology. Sure they are promoted by the Corporate Church as ‘squirrel’ but the truth is that a large number are headed by well-trained people dedicated to the purity of the tech.

All LRH tech is available and you will find the subject works much better without the suppression or pressure of the Corporate Church.

Opposing the Corporate people only runs into the service facsimile, so the right answer is to use the reverse. With good TR0 ask how their ongoing practices are part of LRH’s standard Scientology? If your intent is to seek understanding, they will explain away, and you will create an as-isness.  Even if viewed partially its intensity at least will diminish (see Axiom 30).

Staff members are well-intentioned people. They are doing the best with what they know and what they have been told. The problem is that they are operating of false information, and they are convinced what they are doing is on-Source. But if it is, then why are orgs empty? Why do we have tech failures? And where are the auditors and the Clears and OTs being made?

What we can do, is work to put the LRH back into Scientology.

Look up the unaltered LRH reference yourself – and get it applied.

The power of the technology has not diminished, it is simply muffled under all the Corporate Scientology alter-is, false data and verbal hatting.

The only way out is to Keep LRH’s Scientology Working – not the altered corporate version.

10 thoughts on “What can we do?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. LRH tech/policy/ethics work if applied as conceived. And they work less to the extent they are altered. LRH never said we had the “best” or the “perfect” technology. He said it was WORKABLE. And so it is. And it the only workable technology out there. And KSW is the one thing which, if applied, protects the workability of that tech. So let’s all be absolutely unreasonable about enforcing that.

  2. “Disconnection from a family member or cessation of adherence to a Suppressive Person or Group is done by the Potential Trouble Source publicly publishing the fact, as in the legal notices of “The Auditor” and public announcements and taking any required civil action such as disavowal, separation or divorce and thereafter cutting all further communication and
    disassociating from the person or group.

    If evidences of disconnection are given or if the alleged Suppressive Person or Group is clearly and beyond reasonable doubt shown not to be guilty of Suppressive Acts or is shown clearly to have reformed, the Committee of Evidence findings and the Convening Authority must remove the label of Potential Trouble Source from the Scientologist and the label Suppressive Person or Group from the suspected person or group.


    Any HCO Secretary may receive evidences of disconnection or disavowal or separation or divorce and, on finding them to be bona fide, may publicly announce them on a public board and legal notices in “The Auditor”.

    The HCO Secretary must place copies of such evidences in the Ethics file and in the CF folders of all persons named in them.
    The disconnecting person then ceases to be a Potential Trouble Source.”


    The above is from both the 1965 and the 1991 RB revision of HCOPL 7 March/23 Dec 65/RB Suppressive Acts, Suppression Of Scientology And Scientologists. FAIR GAME was cancelled, but not any tech on how to handle an SP.

    • Formost,
      I’m not actually sure what your point is, so please forgive me if I have misduplicated your comm. Yes, the tech, the administrative actions, of handling and SP were not changed with the cancellation of Fair Game. But, what exactly ARE those technologies and administrative actions?

      An SP case, is a CASE. It is a type of aberrated state. There are means to handle that phenomena. Administratively, one must get the SP on specific lines that deal with that particular case manifestation. These were worked out by practice and tweaks on how to best deal with this particular case manifestation. They may not be perfect, they are workable. ANY line includes a judgment on the part of the terminal receiving a type of cycle to evaluate the best effort (rightness as per the Dn Axioms) to handle that cycle to an optimum result. So, while these lines are exact, the procedures are defined, there must be a thetan dealing with the individual in front of them.

      The upshot is, handling an SP case is a difficult task. Follow the worked out lines and actions and you have the most workable means of doing it. Those lines, those actions haven’t changed with the cancellation of Fair Game. They work.

      The PTS, well they have their lines and actions too. Follow them, and calm reigns, and results occur. That, after all, is the entire leitmotif of the whole shebang, in’it.

      • Hey Jim.

        “Yes, the tech, the administrative actions, of handling and SP were not changed with the cancellation of Fair Game.”

        Yup, exactly. Disconnection is PTS/SP tech per the above HCOPL I posted and other references, and that has never been cancelled.

        • Jim,

          “An SP case, is a CASE. It is a type of aberrated state. There are means to handle that phenomena.”

          I should add …

          But what if he doesn’t want to handle and continues on with suppressive acts already spelled out in various LRH writings? He gets ethics orders and/or declared. Supposing he had been been a pre-OT rattling off confidential materials to PCs, or other infractions per the above HCOPL or HCOPL 7 Mar 65RA III Offenses And Penalties. Would “Disconnection” in handling an SP not apply? Yes, even an SP can be handled and “as a condition” should not be disconnected from. But when he doesn’t want to handle, it’s another story.

          Per the above references the existing church management is guilty of virtually every listed high crime, and those who write KRs on these off-policy and off-line activities often end up themselves being declared as it can be deemed/interpreted as “Engaging in malicious rumor mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to “safeguard” a position.” In such a corrupt environment, the only Ethics business one could have with the church is public exposure.

    • I believe that the outpoint here is dropped out time.
      The 1991 revision was obviously never approved by LRH …..unless Dave is doing seances (and I wouldn’t put that past him).
      The 1965 PL was AMENDED by RJ 68 and the newer policy which cancelled disconnection. These were issued later by LRH to change the part in the earlier policy which had approved of forced disconnection. So, that part of the 1965 was no longer valid from 1968 on, per LRH.

  3. Hi Bernie , good summary !
    You know, I also thought that COB was a class XII, more than
    OT VIII , and an OEC/FEBC entrusted with the Church by LRH himself. How naive of me !!!

    I saw this man, with so much voice control and stage command, that I thought ” there is no way this man can go out-ethics”. I thought that I wasn’t seeing the INT Strata anymore at the events because “they weren’t up to it ” anymore. Not like Mr God himself , anyway. Instead of “looking” , observation was being supplanted by a blind faith in “Authority”. You happily give up your power of observation because you have total faith in the Leader and complete trust. Help will not be betrayed , you take for granted. You even accept verbal “guidance” (verbal Tech, in fact) from the Leader cause he represent Source itself. Any words uttered by him are the same as Source, you think. You lower all you defences as they are not needed, because he is “sanity” personified , totally clean of every and any O/Ws, totally incapable of going out-ethics as we, little humans.

    You can’t defend yourself against an enemy that you don’t see , that you aren’t even aware exist. He used the knowledge of the religious mania implants, which are implanted in every being from this galaxy, specially in the R6 implant, to turn SCN into a Cult. History if full of those : intelligent people, professionals, getting obsessed with a religion, robotically under the spell of a master mind, lacking enough self-determinism and power of observation so as to be easily fooled and controlled.

    We should strategize (besides servicing the Field) the “Operation wake-up” and put it into practice soon. If we don’t do anything ourselves besides to continue to keep the show on the road in the Field, they will EVENTUALLY wake-up, but at an extremately low rate. Not good enough for me. I am still on the planning and getting ready everyday, for a big long-reaching “conscientization” strategic plan. We must find a way to reach as many as them as we can. Once such contact method is worked out , TRUTH will do the rest.

  4. As stated in KSW 1 “The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is ” no results.” Trouble spots occur only where there are ” no results.” Attacks form governments or monopolies occur where there are “no results” or ‘bad results.”

  5. Bernie,
    What a superb statement! I agree that this is how the Phoenix will rise from the ashes of DM’s attempted destruction of the subject. We do not need to “rebel” against the COS. We simply need to continue practicing Scientology.

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