idee fixe

By Tom Martiniano

Now Chris Shelton becomes an “expert” on what is wrong with Scientology and is attacking the subject, LRH and the Church with a renewed fervor that the veteran naysayers have seemed to have lost. There’s a growing list of ex-Scientologists, especially ex-Sea Org, who are now “experts” and “authorities” on what is wrong with Scientology. These are mainly the disgruntled ex-Sea Org who are out in the field just trying to be heard by whomever is going to listen to them. They end up spending years telling one and all what is wrong with the Church, Scientology and LRH.


In perspective, it is not unlike when I was in the Army. I mean I know people who were drafted in the Army in the 60’s, who hated it the whole time they were there and couldn’t wait to get out. Talk about getting abused, invalidated and evaluated for – the Military can chop you down to nothing with their implant techniques in the program called “Boot Camp.” But what I don’t see is these ex-GIs carrying on after leaving the Army trying to destroy it like these Scientology naysayers do. Normally one would leave the military and natter about it for a few months – at the most – and then leave it alone and get on with life.

Let me put this into another perspective closer to that of the C of S: A fellow joins the Hare Krishna and a few years later he decides to leave. Have you ever heard of an ex-Hare Krishna spending as much time and energy some of these disgruntled birds who spend years writing about Scientology and LRH and how bad it all is? The answer to that question is “NO”. They normally just quit and go on their own way.

Pushing it further: How about if a Christian decided leave the Church of Christ and then spent years finding fault about it on the internet, going over the same old ground of these faults, garnering more people who felt negative as well and getting them to share in their misery. You would think they are nuts because this never happens in the Christian Church.

So it seems like ex-Scientologists are cutting new ground here by acting in this nutty behavior. Never in history have I seen a religion so attacked and so maligned as Scientology and mainly by it’s own ex-members and especially by it’s ex-executives. Look at all the people writing – for years and years about how bad Scientology is. Well, they aren’t nuts per definition, they just have overts and especially missed withholds. The difference is that the Hare Krishna’s and the Church of Christ cannot miss withholds like Scientology can, that’s for sure. If someone is spending that much time trying to make their Church look bad, then they have O/Ws of magnitude. And let me tell you, a lot of these nattering Ex-Sea Org can tell you exactly what is wrong with the Church because they helped make it that way. This is what happens when you put staff who have Responsibility traits below zero into executive positions. They didn’t take responsibility for problems of the organization, they contributed to the problems by nattering about them and doing little or nothing to fix them. When I was in the Sea Org and Shelton was the Tech Aide WUS, I pointed out to him that there was a lot of out tech going on with the GAT and the products that were coming out of RTC and Gold. What did he do? He wrote a KR on me and had me busted. Good handling Chris. And now he natters about the whole mess. What kind of responsibility is that?

Alright, so the C of S is now a corporation run by a money-grubbing self-imposed tyrant and the Church has mistreated its staff and pubic. Got it, this is understood and the whole mess definitely needs to be reformed. So if you don’t like the C of S, Scientology or LRH, why not just walk away? These people can’t walk away because they have to misdirect o/ws back onto the Church in order to feel better about ruining the only chance mankind has had to get out of the trap. It is a mechanism of O/Ws and that is all. Are they working on reforming the Church? No, they are pointing out the overts and withholds of a Church, if there is such a thing.

So let’s look into that mechanism: For example; are guns bad? If you need them to hunt for food or defend yourself against predators, then a gun is good. If they are used to hurt innocent people then guns are bad. But it is it really that the gun is bad? Or is it is the person using the gun to hurt people that is bad? If I place a gun on the moon I will guarantee that that gun will not hurt anyone because there are no humans there to use it. Same with if I sent the tech volumes to the moon. Will the tech enslave anyone or harm anyone? No. No one is there to use the tech in a good or bad way. It is not a “Church” that hurts people. It is not an “Organization” that does bad things. It is not a “Group” that does bad things. It is only people that do bad things; individuals. So when I see someone attacking a group or an organization or a religion, I know that person is generalizing and is being suppressive. You can’t attack a group or an org. It is not an entity that does things. It is people that do things. I can walk into the Devil Worshipers HQ and I guarantee you I won’t be harmed. But if one person there decides to harm me, it might happen. But then again, I would have to commit overts on the organization in order for someone in it to harm me.

We live in a society where people are free to express their beliefs. This is for a good reason. It is important that we are free to be, do and have what we want. If someone joins the Devil Worshipers and comes out the other end screwed up, I can only say “Well, okay, that was stupid”. If someone joins the Army Infantry and goes off to war in Iraq (you’d have to be a half a bubble off of plumb) and gets his legs blown off, I say, “Did you not expect something like that to happen?”

We were falsely led to believe, over the past few years, that the tech and admin of Scientology were somehow flawed and that is what has caused all of the grief. I countered with the idea that it was people mis-applying the tech or admin tech that was causing all of the grief. It was countered back to me that the tech was inherently deceptively suppressive and this is what is causing the trouble and this is why I am writing this article. So now I want to show you readers how this technology actually is:

In Scientology there is a huge body of indisputably wonderful technology, that if used – properly – across the planet, it would save millions of people grief, pain, suffering and failure. I say this technology is indisputably helpful.

Dianetic Assists. Someone tell me right now if they have seen this tech harm or help people. If you have seen a Touch Assist harm people, write to me right now and let me know. If you have seen it help people, let me know. Let me know the ratio of harm to help that you have seen touch assists to.

Same with Contact Assists and Nerve Assists. I was working hurricane Kartrina and worked out of the Emergency Operations Center in Gulfport run by an Air Force Colonel. We had set up a nerve assist table in the EOC. The Colonel ordered me to set up two more tables because he was sending all of his staff down twice a day minimally because he noticed that Nerve Assists had a way of calming people down and getting them to focus. He told me privately that the Nerve Assists helped him get through the catastrophe faster than he dreamed it would and then later he told that in a Golden Era Studio interview.

Word clearing. I have seen more dial wide F/Ns and Floating Tone Arms from word clearing than anything else. I have saved people from going nuts from doing Crashing MU Finding in them. The whole world would do better if word clearing were done on a regular basis. I personally think the Misunderstood word is the basis of world insanity. If we exported this technology and got one and all on this planet cleaned up on their misunderstoods would it harm them or help them. Would it harm or help the planet? Let me know your vote on this.

Study Tech. OMG., Someone found a way to teach people how to study. How wonderful is that? Learning how to study. Is this important? Ask the school principals of Biloxi and Harrison County Mississippi. I put study tech in those schools and they went from dead last grades average in the USA to 30th from last. This is a huge jump. They used Study Tech. Can study tech help make this planet a better place or does it harm people? Let me know your thoughts on this.

How about Training Regimens 0-IV. Nothing like getting someone through TR-0 confront drills to make them more able to confront life and other people. I never met anyone who was harmed by this tech myself, but someone out there might know. I have seen people get better and more able by learning the comm formula along with TRs. I remember John Ryan, former husband of Diana Hubbard, was producing Aerosmith’s first album for Columbia Records. John was a student of mine on the Dianetics Course. He gave a win at the end of class one day telling about them working on a country-western song for the Aerosmith first album. In the middle of the song the lead guitarist Joe Perry stopped playing. John said “Joe, what’s happening?” Joe said, “This is bullshit, I hate country western”. John said to us that this is the point where musicians have actually lost their whole careers because in the studio the egos of these men try to out-ego each other and it usually ends up with millions of dollars lost and possibly an entire career for all involved. After Joe said the track was “Bullshit” John said to him. “Got it. Anything else you want to say about that?” Joe said, “No.” John said, “Alright, let’s take it from the top.” They finally finished the take and at the end Joe said “God, that was actually fun.” The song didn’t get used in the end but the point is that it could’ve turned real bad. TR’s 0-IV in action.

How about the ARC Triangle? Who has been harmed by it? I have seen it used and have used it myself to improve understanding about people, things, groups, problems and so forth. Powerful technology. Never seen it hurt anyone.

The Tone Scale. What a piece of tech. I have seen it used to bring people up-tone faster than any other tech out there. Spotting people on the tone scale in order to predict behavior is a wonderful tool. Not used to hurt or trap – impossible, but I’m sure an idiot could figure it out.

Book One Dianetics has saved hundreds of lives. If any of the naysayers can tell me that Book One has harmed someone, I say they have never used it properly and never themselves had case gain.

Self Analysis lists. If anyone has been harmed by these wonderful lists, I want to know about it. If you do point someone out to me that has been evilly trapped by SA lists, I will show you a child that somehow missed drowning in a gallon paint bucket.

Conditions Formulas. Use by people with evil intentions can be harmful to others. Used by yourself to improve a condition in your life can be lifesaving. Let me know your thoughts on this technology.

There is more, but I believe that the above is the technology that if used by society would make huge improvements in the conditions on this planet. I say the above tech is indisputably theta and pretty much free of being used in a destructive way.

And I say to all of these disenfranchised ex-Sea Org and disgruntled nattering folks to please use just as much energy employing technology that could help mankind instead of fault-finding and the world will be a better place to live.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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  2. Bravo, Tom! I applaud your essay here. I’d only add that the factor of teams, enemies, teammates and hames also factors in. That, and the fact they saw Truth, and it made them fear the light of truth being shone on themselves. 🙂

    • Excellent Chris. Good addition. My why for the failure of the Sea Org and Scientology (at this point in time) is recruiting, posting and promoting NCGs into key positions. The top became overloaded with NCGs and the whole “Ship” toppled mast over keel. I actually found in PAC that the “Int Man-Up Project” recruited NCGs and illegal pcs and pushed them into PAC, replacing good staff for these broken straws and what was left was a whole lotta first dynamic introversion. It was amazing the amount of illegal PCs were routed into the Sea Org by this project. It killed AOLA and ASHOD.

      ML Tom

      • And the real killer, Tom, is it was intentional. Never “coincidental”.

        P.S. “hames” should have been “games”. Typing on a phone just doesn’t cut it! 😉

  3. Good article. I liked it and agree. More attention needs to be put on using the tech when and where appropriate to improve the lives of others. I have been helped by all of those pieces of tech mentioned above. And, I have many wins applying the tech to others. I know it works.

  4. Chris Shelton mainly has a voice because some higher profile “experts” are supporting him. These guys have “important insider” information on what happens only when the tech is squirreled and abused. Do they ever report all the success’s?

    The one truly expert on Scientology is LRH. He is the one to study and listen to.

    • If you look at his videos, even worse than that. He’s desperately latching on to subtle well-known false data he hopes to pawn off on the public and those ex-SCNs already prime sec check fodder. Shelton, and other SP merchants of his variety simply get off restimulating other people’s O/Ws by inciting natter … by pretending to serve the public Interest … never any personal responsibility anywhere to be found, nothing positive, their own audience of clapping seals just keep getting more and more solid … perhaps it serves them right. 2.5%’ers here as far as I’m concerned.

  5. This reminds me of what LRH says in “Attitude and conduct of Scientology”:

    “We would be very stupid if we hadn’t learned a few things along this line.”

    “But the two ways of handling those who are not getting something done is (1) process them, and (2) disconnect them from the organization but not from Scientology. Got that?”

    “…we sever them from the organization as an official post, you see, on an organizational payroll, But we do not, I repeat, do not separate them from Scientology or Scientology organizations, nor at any moment fail to give them organizational support or cooperation in the starting of any new activity in which they wish to engage for the benefit of Scientology. You got that?

    In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology, and so forth, is not only not only difficult to do but does not work.
    That’s just the end of it It just doesn’t work. It’s for the sea gulls.”

    …”Because a person who becomes a Scientologist is on your time continuum. And being on your time continuum he also to some degree is operating with a broader understanding of existence in general and is not just necessarily a little bit off the society’s time continuum but himself would be completely lost if he were ejected entirely from Scientology You got it? He’d just be lost. This would be about the cruelest thing that you could do. It look it’s much more cruel than you would at first notice in it It is a very vicious sort of thing.”

    …”Now, therefore we are rather put to it this way. That when an individual, when a person becomes part of Scientology in general or the organization in particular, they are part of our own time continuum. And enturbulences which affect them and separate them out of an orderly existence, kick back madly all the way across the whole set of dynamics, and you have apparently practically offered to kill somebody! I think mere capital punishment is not a fitting description of comparable magnitude.

    See, you say, “Well, that’s all right. Don’t come around to this group anymore. You go away. And now that you’ve been booted out, why, you’re off of communication, and we’re not going to do anything for you, and don’t associate with us anymore,” and so forth. This creates one awful reaction. And I’ll tell you why I know it creates an awful reaction. These people don’t spin necessarily but their retaliatory gestures demonstrate that they have received a motivator of enormous magnitude.

    I can tell you how it seems to them by what they do.

    They practically devote the rest of their lives and all of their action and attention and everything else to trying to get even with you or remedy the situation somehow or something. This is one of the more fabulous things, so that it must be something of magnitude. It evidently doesn’t compare to simply being ejected out of a country or ejected out of some kind of a universe or out of a family or something of the sort, you know? It isn’t evidently of comparable magnitude.

  6. Well said, Tom. Thanks! It would seem that a canned confessional list could be formulated to pull O/W’s on those ex-SO’s who had fallen into Miscavige’s valence. I’m sure it would be very therapeutic. I could probably even write up O’W’s of my own that would only have been accepted as covert natter if I’d written them up while still on staff. Hmm…, I may even do just that.

  7. Τom, well said. I also was surprised about how many people (ex-es) find fault with Scientology whereas when inside they would defend not just their position but the High Crimes and other overts of magnitude of DM and quite some PTS management terminals.

    If we want to be serious about it (and I do want to be so) we would be thinking in terms of Standard Admin out here. I have said it many times and it looks like I am repeating myself. But I cannot stress it more that Scientology is a third dynamic thing. It can work on a first dynamic basis but it best works on a third dynamic one.

    Given that I would expect us all to consider the possibility to join forces from across the globe form up tighter groups and appoint in charges people who are more knowledgeable in the subject and start doing something about it.

    Feel free to join my group Free Scientologists on Facebook, where Lana does post many of the Milestone II articles and see how far we can get.

    Thanks again for putting it so succinctly with your article.

  8. Mr. Martiniano & You All,

    Allow me to remind you – without giving offense – of this from the Creed of the Church:

    “We of the Church Believe… That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

    This must apply to dissenters and those who became ARC-Broken after extreme and severe mauling in the Church of (Black) Scientology or we are no better than they.

    Efforts to shut people up are not Scientology to my mind.

    “Communication is the universal solvent”, somebody once said.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

      • And to add to that, Mr. Hobson, I don’t believe in your airy-fairy kumbaya everybody has a right to natter. Maybe they do, but I am just pointing out to them why they natter. And you’re full of crap pointing out that people have the right to say what they want to say because your comm is a covert attempt to stifle my comm. Here’s the deal: My whole point is this; Get Scientology in use and start helping people or shut up. I have a real disdain for people who sit back in their easy chair on find fault and natter rather than get the show on the road.
        I audit daily, and I work at reforming the Phoenix VA along with Senator Mccain and Congresswoman Sinema. I also work with the Wounded Warrior Project, using Scientology, Mr. Hobson. What do you do to make this planet a better place to live?

        ML Tom

    • Same goes here, too, Michael. It actually cuts both ways. And while I didn’t get that Tom was trying to shut anybody up, that quote and your comment apply just as well to trying to shut up those who comment on those “ARC-broken” or otherwise hurt individuals that harp on and on about how bad it all was. I think that same somebody had much to say about that, too. More harm is being done to Scientology – not CoS – than good by these people, IMO. Rail against the CoS and DM and the atrocities worked on well-meaning people helping a noble cause, but that’s no justification for running down the old man or his tech and philosophy.

      I’ve posted this on Indie Scientology as well, in response to your comment there.

    • Same goes here, too, Michael. It actually cuts both ways. And while I didn’t get that Tom was trying to shut anybody up, that quote and your comment apply just as well to trying to shut up those who comment on those “ARC-broken” or otherwise hurt individuals that harp on and on about how bad it all was. I think that same somebody had much to say about that, too. More harm is being done to Scientology – not CoS – than good by these people, IMO. Rail against the CoS and DM and the atrocities worked on well-meaning people helping a noble cause, but that’s no justification for running down the old man or his tech and philosophy.

      I’ve posted this on Indie Scientology FB as well, in response to your post there.

      • ” More harm is being done to Scientology – not CoS – than good by these people, IMO. Rail against the CoS and DM and the atrocities worked on well-meaning people helping a noble cause, but that’s no justification for running down the old man or his tech and philosophy ”

        Nicely said Chris !!!

    • I agree with you Mike Hobsen. It seems to me, calling opinions about Scientology natter and OWs is the same blame and victim game that is prevalent in Scientology.
      Instead of hearing your words with respect and simply disagreeing. You are accused of trying to suppress communication.
      This is the very reason why exes are blowing off charge by being there and communicating.
      Enemies, the need for enemies, the need to fight enemies, is the institutionalization of Ron’s victim complex.
      That is truly my heartfelt opinion. Not from OWs or any other tech that deflects responsibility.
      Scientology’s acceptance in the world will never happen if opinions about Scientology and it’s founder are relegated to the false dogmatic reasoning of OWs and SPs.
      It will simply never happen.
      These people are giving their views because they are courageous, needing healing and attempting to warn others.

      • Brian, there will be no peace, healing or case gain for any individual if they are unwilling to look at their own responsibilities and eternally trying to lay the blame on others. They can communicate till the cows come home but they will get no as-isness.

        This is a Scientology blog and it is frequented by Scientologists who use and win with LRH daily. I too was an executive in the Sea Org and my days are spent applying the tech, not trashing it.

        You are no longer a Scientologist and possibly never were. Try moving on Brian and maybe you too can have some peace.

        Moderator policy won’t accept trashing the Founder, so consider this yr last warning.

        This is our group here and you are well settled in at other locations where your views are shared by others of the same ilk. But not here. You are no enemy but you are certainly no friend.

        • Lana, the case can be made that this natter about the natter is from OWs, missed withholds etc.

          He is doing the same thing that he is blaming people for.
          That us really my only point.
          He is nattering, using the justification of Scientology philosophy to claim to fully understand the motives of people.
          And then there is another person on this blog who states”free speech be damned.”
          Huston we have a problem.

          • Hey Brian, you have some
            mis-understanding with the concept of “free speech” man. The way you put it would make it alright the cruel and savage verbal treatment (besides the physical atrocities, of course) the Jews received from Hitler and the whole Nazi Party. It would make it all right the verbal degradation the Afro-American were subjected to after the Civil War for many years to come. And all justified, acording to you, in the name of “free speech” ?

            “These people are giving their views because they are courageous, needing healing and attempting to warn others”

            Talking about redefinition of words to justify an agenda !!!

            Oh man, you really need a lesson on History !!!

            The right for free speech has to be coupled with the right not to be falsely accused by others as you guys do with LRH , W/out one iota of proof, by the way, just a bunch of service facky ideas.

            The right for free speech has to be coupled with YOUR DUTY to refrain from falsely accusing others and from uttering “facts” that are indeed , generalities and perversions of Truth. Is has to be couple with your DUTY, yes, YOUR DUTY to help others live a better life and to guide them on the path to Truth.

          • Hey Brian,
            OK, fundamentally there is a mis-definition, a mistake, a mis-conception with what “natter” actually is. In Scientology it is has a technical meaning. That is, it isn’t just “criticism”, nor opining that something is no good, or poop, or any other pejorative.

            Now, this isn’t the place for a thorough study of anything, including this technical point of what is “natter”, Scientologically, but I can provide some material here to differentiate on the area.

            The first issue is really definitive:

            “This does not say that all things are right and that no criticism anywhere is ever merited. Man is not happy. He is faced with total destruction unless we toughen up our postulates. And the overt act mechanism is simply a sordid game condition man has slipped into without knowing where he was going. So there are rightnesses and wrongnesses in conduct and society and life at large, but random, carping 1.1 criticism when not borne out in fact is only an effort to reduce the size of the target of the overt so that one can live (he hopes) with the overt. Of course to criticise unjustly and lower repute is itself an overt act and so this mechanism is not in fact workable.” HCOB 21 Jan 60, JUSTIFICATION.

            Next are a couple of guides for a person to use, when observing behaviors:

            “Sometimes pcs who have big overts become highly critical of the auditor and get in a lot of snide comments about the auditor. If the overt causing it is not pulled the pc will get no gains and may even get ARC broken. If the auditor doesn’t realize that such natter always indicates a real overt, when pcs do it, eventually over the years it makes an auditor shy of auditing.

            “Auditors buy “critical thoughts” the pc “has had” as real overts, whereas a critical thought is a symptom of an overt, not the overt itself. Under these critical thoughts a real overt lies undetected.

            “Also, I love these pcs who “have to get off a withhold about you. Last night Jim said you were awful ……..” An experienced auditor closes the right eye slightly, cocks his head a bit to the left and says, “What have you been doing to me I haven’t known about?” “I thought …..” begins the pc. “The question is”, says the old pro, “What have you been doing to me that I don’t know about. The word is doing. “ And off comes the overt like “I’ve been getting audited by Bessy Squirrel between sessions in the Coffee Shop.”

            “Well, some auditors are so “reasonable” they never really learn the mechanism and go on getting criticized and getting no gains on pcs and all that.” HCOB 7 Sept 1964, Issue II, PTPs, OVERTS AND ARC BREAKS.

            “The primary error one can make in ARC Break handling is to handle the pc with ARC Break procedure when the pc really has a missed withhold.

            “As some auditors dislike pulling withholds (because they run into pcs who use it to carve the auditor up such as “I have a withhold that everybody thinks you are awful ——”) it is easier to confront the idea that a pc has an ARC Break than the idea that the pc has a withhold.

            “In case of doubt one meter checks on a withhold to see if it is non-existent (“Am I demanding a withhold you haven’t got?”). If this is the case the TA will blow down. If it isn’t the case the needle and TA remain unchanged. If the pc’s nattery or ARC Breaky condition continues despite finding by-passed charge, then of course it is obviously a withhold.

            “ARC Break finding does work. When the pc doesn’t change despite skillful ARC Break handling, locating and indicating, it was a withhold in the first place.

            “The hardest pc to handle is the missed withhold pc. They ARC Break but you can’t get the pc out of it. The answer is, the pc had a withhold all the time that is at the bottom of all these ARC Breaks.
            “Scientology auditing does not leave the pc in poor condition unless one goofs on ARC Breaks.

            “ARC Breaks occur most frequently on people with missed withholds.

            “Therefore if a pc can’t be patched up easily or won’t stay patched up on ARC Breaks, there must be basic withholds on the case. One then works hard on withholds with any and all the tools that we’ve got.” HCOB 4 Apr 65, ARC BREAKS AND MISSED WITHHOLDS.

            Again, this isn’t a short course in Level II, but you will note two salient features of these materials; not ALL criticism is the symptom of an overt, there is a character to “natter” that one can be aware of in oneself, and others; a primary use of this technical point of “natter” is to help the person get gains.

            “Natter” doesn’t do much, save fail to lessen the target of an overt and fail to ease one’s conscience thereby. So, yes, a trained Scientologist uses natter to discern what in the course of human interaction prior to this exact material, was sometimes perplexing.

          • Seems to me you haven’t much more than a surface understanding of Scientology, as if it were just a discussion topic, not anything that one confronts and applies. Get some training and into the auditor’s chair to get some reality on what is being discussed here.

          • Brian,
            Please see Jim’s response to your earlier comment — clarifying the technical definition of natter, which is not the same as criticism.

  9. I haven’t seen the articles published by the gentleman in question so I cannot comment on that portion of the article. However, regarding the incessant criticism of Scientology and not differentiating the difference between the Corporate Entity known as COS and Scientology the subject, is an overt of magnitude. They are not in any way one and the same. When people who profess their training levels and prior personal histories of working with it’s founder, then tear it down for all the world to see and go into agreement with a planet’s worth of bank, it’s appalling and frankly, embarrassing. Not to mention, delivering some of the highest auditing rundowns Ron developed while telling their PC’s to tell NO ONE they got the auditing from them, is indicative of some overts of a doozy magnitude. All the while siding with (Scientology the subject) heaviest critics and producing media to that effect and publishing it, but profiting from all that Scientology does for pre-clears at the same time. That is hypocracy in full spectrum. One if Ron’s definitions of overt in the early days was that a being commits overts because he can’t have something. Maybe they can’t HAVE successful (Scientology the subject) at all quite possibly.

    • Two specific Big names comes to mind regarding that Jonathan !

      I tried to get some help from one of them regarding a big “conscientization” strategy I am working on to wake up as many scientologist I can to the atrocities and rampant out-Tech from COB. He basically said he received hundreds of e-mials daily and that he didn’t have much time to answers my Qs. His answer to my e-mail was incredible short w/out ANY useful answers and denying he had any Church issues regarding GAT 1 or that he knew of anybody who did.

      He basically brushed me off because I am not part of the list of big EX-SO members and apparently that’s a pre-requisite in his mind in order to do
      s/g about it. Or he simply didn’t give a fuck about anything effective being done about it. But at his famous blog he is ALWAYS attacking the CofS and specially DM. And someone comes to him trying to ACTUALLY do s/g about it to de-PTS as many as I could and get them to have real SCN applied to them, and he just brushed me off.

      And he LOVES the word hyprocrisy and apply it to DM and our fellow scientologists daily on his blog when he is the BIGGEST hypocrite of them all !!!

      • Using the proper bait helps to get their attention: Any new salacious and damning piece of dirt on the CO$ will do.

        Mutually out-ruds with target of their natter, the CO$, neither is helping anyone move up the bridge, but this is not to be viewed as unusual, as it’s probably just regular routine from the days when they were on staff.

  10. Once in a long while some bright individual creates a written piece that makes one feel like a rock star patron after a lead guitar solo!! This is one of them, then some! I wish there was an icon for standing ovation and roars of adulation cause I’d be clickin on thataone!

    The current scene of church self disembowelment, ex SO, ex Staffers and ex Scios all frenzying up the binary
    code of the internet has stirred up a feeding craziness that may yet have more to follow! I too have been caught up in all the froth. Being South African the back in comm blog has been my staple. However.. too much credence has been given to these Chris Shelton types who spout thinly veiled contempt to LRH and Scientology! This is where I draw the line! I am all for RCS exposure, church reform (if possible) and the public execution of DM and his masters – any day! But this public ridicule of our subject by fools with mass misduplication of basic Scn principles makes me wanna growl!! Enough is enough, someone needs to forcibly take both their feet and insert them into their top orrifice or bottom, freedom of speech be damned! Idiots and mis-witholdy people are like empty cans, they rattle the most and get louder when we ack them!

    The only solution is more correct tech application and auditing! Not noise naming and blaming. Cudos to this my new favourite blog. Thanks to all those who contribute sanely, love it!

    • “freedom of speech be damned!”

      We need to go no further than this statement to understand why the subject has dangerous dogmas.

      Not one person has refuted this statement. That is why the subject is considered dangerous.

      And the dogma that allows such thinking” Scientology is senior to life, because it handles life.”

      This statement gives Ron justification for GO atrocities and OSA black ops.

      Damn and destroy utterly the critics! This is the doctrine that needs destruction through awareness. And it is happening.

      • I don’t know Brian, may be I am blind or something, but I am only seeing constructions in the Field, excellent constructions and life healed by the hundreds , day by day by fabulous scientologists whose emphasis is on CREATION, not in any destruction. In fact the ONLY destruction I am aware of is by anti-Scientology, ANTI-LRH sites like the one you frequent. Oh yes, I am aware of ALL your post there.

        “Damn and destroy utterly the critics! This is the doctrine that needs
        destruction through awareness. And it is happening”

        Are you sure you are on Earth ?

      • Brian I’m afraid you stepped through the wrong door mate.. to clarify my statement “freedom of speech be damned” I meant only this. People who out right lie and distort LRH and his tech dont deserve to be allowed to continue to so freely without consequences! It harms a good thing, scientology! If you disagree or if this seems fundamentalist please for the sake of all try the following:

        1. Wordclear all basic scientology terms to full understanding.
        2. Get some professional auditing.
        3. Get some professional training.
        4. Use and apply what you have learnt on others.
        5. Be eternally astounded as to how amazing this tech is and enjoy thoroughly how it just makes life better for all!
        6. Realise why so much disinformation is created by certain few- works too damn well possibly!
        7. Do your bit in protecting this valuable tech from other idiots who dont know any better!!!

  11. I still sometimes wonder what drives people to go on and and on and on for years, even decades about how terrible Scientology is. And they really seem to get a kick out of it. Its a hobby or something I guess. I see people slip into that and away they go. People can believe what they choose and if they aren’t into it fine, but why then make it the focus of your life? To wake up each day and seemingly ask yourself “what else is wrong about Scientology?” And then make it your work to destroy it. All the blogs and videos and “whistleblowing” these guys are doing isn’t helping anything. It can’t possibly do what they give as justification- enlighten and inform about what’s going on in the church. A church member searching for true data or even non scientologists will just see them as nattery buffoons.

  12. I’ve never heard of him… (Chris Shelton)
    Great points about the tech never harming anyone…it’s the individuals who did and who continue to do so.
    I was hoping you were still in MS!

    • Oh, I guess I have read something he wrote now that I Googled his name. In one ear and out the other…or eyeball, I guess.

    • Hi Tara, Tom has been with us since the beginning and plays a key role in our activities. He has been flat chat delivering Scientology and involved in sorting out some 3D matters relating to returned veterans, thus he has had his head down for some time.
      This is a man who never rests on his laurels (love ya Tom!),

  13. One thing stands out for me in watching some of these ex SO members is that their group of followers tend to move on and if you notice its a smaller and smaller group of contributors to their blogs etc. Maybe 50 or so hardcore and thats it.

    Personally I have decided to drag out the old LRH and I am going to attempt to listen to as much source as possible and create a little group here of students to teach the basic stuff to as many people as possible. I incorporate it in my every day life and business practices. I never saw anyone harmed from true LRH. Quite the opposite. It always helped when applied.

    • Richard, thank you and I salute any effort you make to get Scientology employed out there.

      This planet is in real trouble right now and needs some band aids. We can certainly help it out by applying as much tech as possible. Remember, it is just not about knowing Scientology. It is about using it to make things better.

      ML Tom

  14. Wow, what an amazing Opening Piece!

    Tom, knowing you’re there, beside me in this big game, sure is nice.

    Cogent, compelling, and cuts through the gibber. F’in A.

    With Scott Campbell’s reminder quote, and a long Pan-Determined view of all this, dang, it’s a great day. Again!!!

  15. Wow! Good reading – and the quote from Attitude and Conduct is fabulous. To add my 2-cents: I think deep down those who are trashing the subject and LRH know they are committing an overt of magnitude. They have to justify this – and it takes a LOT of justification to match an overt of that magnitude. Another point I think worth mentioning is that there is no way in hell for the general public to differentiate been the tech and the Church and people in it – it’s all lumped together. The Code of a Scientologist has something to say about this for very good reason. Personally I’ve stopped reading the nay-sayers. It seems they all travel the same path – natter about DM, then the Administration of the Church, then the policy, then the tech, then LRH. What did LRH do when the subject was stolen by some with not good intentions? It happened before (Dn in the early to mid ’50s).

    • These seek to distract attention in sensationalist fashion of those doing Scientology services and moving up the bridge here to supposedly “heal”, “unburden”, “de-thought-stop”, “defundamentalize”, “decompress” and other such nonsense. That’s not Scientology, that’s bank and alter-is brought to you by squirrel-central. If one stopped listening to these, gets a session, far more good is done than by getting constant doses of endless harping-away and keeping others continually keyed in.

      But … you can’t really say that to them, as you’ll be outed as an OSA plant, KA drinker, clapping seal, a Hubbard stooge, ad infinitum … even more more alter-is … they’ve got all the eval labels and inval lines all strategically worked and agreed upon to a T. This is how people are routed off the bridge out here. No forms necessary.

      35 years of CO$ bitching hasn’t amounted to a thing, no product, because there isn’t one, unless being diverted and falling off the bridge counts.

      • +1000!!

        If people just got on with it and got off their charge, ARCx, M/W.Holds etc they
        Wouldnt have to devote their time to proving the ole man wrong incessantly!

        Instead they could be winning and playing a better game. It seems some like the drama of key ins and case phenomena more than anything else. How sordid!

      • They are just dogs barking at the war tank, Formost. Nothing more really. They could’t stop my 95 years old gradma if they tried. That’s the extent of their “power”. They can only make noise, lots of it. I don’t mind noise , gives me a liittle randomity to play with. We are the tank. Should we stop and argue with the dogs and try to move them off ? Or should we just acknowledge their existence and keep on doing our job ?

        They deal only in restimulation. We deal in releasing. They are just kids playing. Nothing to be really concern about. Sometimes is just fun to play with them when you are bored and with insomnia as I am now. Nothing to it really.

        • Greetz Theta.

          “They could’t stop my 95 years old grandma if they tried. That’s the extent of their “power”.”

          I have seen this happen before, in fact a number of times. Some new student having trouble with something at the church, course, his auditing … he unwittingly stoops upon ESMB for advice, 2 months later he’s also psycho-nattering at the top of his lungs on the boards. It’s a slow-gradual flushing spiritual toilet, and the ethics cases on these type of boards very adroitly see to it you find your salvation in terms of “Freedom from the CO$ in the wog world”, ie. their own concept of relief from their overts. All just bank. Application of the PTS/SP tech is in order. They have sufficient power to enturbulate/restimulate that LRH had dedicated a substantial amount of work in how to deal with them.

          I came into the FZ at a time before the Indies, and I was absolutely shocked to see what was going on. Instead of using this zone as an alternative to moving up the bridge, most of them were carping, faultfinding and nattering their heads off at the church. Well, I had already left the church, but no, they still kept banging at my door to tell me how bad it all really was; and those drama-cases are still at it to this day. I knew they were insane the minute I set my foot in here, it often seemed I was the only one that knew that … lol … evil witches trying to lure me into their gingerbread house … lol. Even those of higher technical position who should have known better fell prey to this nonsense. Yes, there are people that were hurt by the church, yes much information is available here found nowhere else that can help to as-is, but let’s get over and on with it. Your average CO$er would rather tolerate DM’s money extraction machinery than ever get caught up in these natter sewage tanks out here.

          Tomorrow Rinder will feature another OTC downstat disaster or Ideal Org fundraiser bust as sure as the Times will report the umpteenth plane crash. I really don’t need to know again, the boys at Fed. Aviation have it all under control and maybe my sessions will be of benefit to someone(s) in the world.

          • Your point is taken and understood, Formost. But I have to disagree with you in this one. They have as much power as you grant them and no more. As you well said it, you walked away from that FZ, you knew s/g was wrong. And anybody getting caught permanently in that victim-abuser game ,has some serious overts and W/Hs on their own.

            My first point of entry to the independent field were blogs of highly critical and nattery ex-members. I did got enturbulated and all that. But I was able to sort out the facts from the natter and , take what was useful and discard the rest.

            True, you can get a new person, or an old one for that matter, and confuse them for a while and get them to cross to the “dark side”. But the truly honest ones, the ones who really care, will more sooner than later come back to senses and re-take the correct path. So their “power” ( of this nattery , “let’s destroy SCN ” folks) is only apparently, not actual. I guarantee you that.

            Being on the look out, yes. Warning others, yes. Criticizing their tactics when deemed necesary, yes. But other than that , I would’t lose my sleep over it really.

      • There has been a campaign to label myself, Jim, Tom, Shreff, and many, many other Scientologists, who try to speak out against in support of LRH, and in support of the technology of Scientology itself. This started almost two years ago, and hit an all time high when we launched Milestone Two in April of last year.

        There are pockets and segments of the “indi” field who will not communicate to us, who spread rumors that we are OSA or working for DM, and who keep the campaign alive on a continued basis.

        It is an interesting situation. Our crime is that we are Scientologists — and we are the “enemy” of both those within the C of S (who claim we are squirrels) and those who are no longer in the church (who claim we are fundamentalists, OSA or some other nonsense).

        Both sides can continue to try and attack — but we just go on auditing and studying and making delivery possible. There is an unkillable truth that the tech works, when correctly applied.The Scientology Axioms work, no matter if you understand them or not.

        And yes — we write articles that point out that people who work to run down LRH and Scientology, have their own agenda and issues. Because it is true.

        We work to differentiate between the subject of Scientology and the organization in the C of S, that for various reasons, continues to misapply, harm, hurt, destroy.

        This is a safe space for Scientologists — that is, people who use and apply LRH technology to improve their lives.

        Those who don’t like us, do so for the same reasons that LRH details in the lecture “Why People Don’t Like You”. And we are fully aware of this.

        What a bizarre situation we find ourselves in…. But it is answered by the question “What would LRH do?” — and he would train, audit and deliver the tech to resolve BPC, ARCx, Withholds, out-tech, and move people up The Bridge. So that is what we do. And is a very enjoyable game.

        • “Lana: There are pockets and segments of the “indi” field who will not communicate to us, who spread rumors that we are OSA or working for DM, and who keep the campaign alive on a continued basis.”

          They will succeed if we don’t use ethics and PTS/SP tech esp. 3rd dynamically. We are incessantly painted as some sort of 4th Reich Scientology Gestapo movement positioned as best-pals to DM trying to step on their already victimized toes and do them in. All hot air, they merely fear ethics, and they are doing it all to themselves.

          Nice to see this pro-Scientology blog kicking up a bit. It’s usually the entheta ones out there that get all the traffic.

          • They will not, Formost. You can relax about it. You guys just keep on getting trained and delivering 100% standard Tech in the field and the “flourishing and prospering” strategy and having your att ON THAT, always do the trick.

            Be on the look out, keep a very watchful eye, keep others informed about it on this blog, but fear not. Don’t give in to that game folks, please. It is ONLY noise. I wish I could get you to have reality on it. All of you.

            Just get used to confront NOISE. Sort of like running on yourself “From where could you comm to an SP “.

  16. pkb, and the soccer player tackles the opponent instead of the ball, you just nailed the wrong why…

    like chris said, people reporting what happens in the church isn’t the problem, the problem is that these things are happening and they aren’t being fixed

    and like he said, removing miscavige won’t make all the problems in the church go away

    now on this blog you’re creating enemies by criticizing critics just like the church does, you’ll quickly develop a group of anti milestone two critics, you want to make the same mistakes twice is that what milestone two stands for?

    and hasn’t it occurred to you that ex scientologists are more communicative and expert because they have word cleared, drilled, done TR’s audited grade 0, etc. till the cows come home? do hare krishna or other religions do that? perhaps this is why scio critics are so vocal, or the fact that the doubt formula told them to make their decision public?

    most ex members are simply arc broken and talking about it

    • Thehandling , this is very simple indeed. You guys are
      AGAINST-SCN and against-LRH. WE are pro-SCN and pro-LRH. “We” as in the Milestone Two community. You have “freedom of speech” and so do we. You guys have your blog to express your views, we have ours. You can critic us IN your blog all you want for all I care. Makes no different in getting our products out. We can critic you in our blog , all we want , for actions that are clearly detrimental to people’s freedom ; at least for us. You stay in your blog, we stay in ours. And we can be a Big unrelated happy family. Why complicate things ? Are you afraid of being criticized ?
      You are unwilling to confront critics but are doing it to others daily, 24 hrs a day ? Is that it ?

      Why don’t you just raise your confront and stop all this whining of yours ?

      • thetaclear, hi, i just recently started following this blog, found it interesting that there are ex scios who write positive articles, and aren’t %100 anti scn or lrh, I was hoping you were objective here but it seems that’s not the case

        re: your reply, you’re generalizing, assuming crap about me that is false and clearly missed my point and have nothing to say that is related to my comment, did you even read it or think about it or did you just see a blur and attach it to some locks? you probably need to get your tr’s in

        • Let’s all take a deep breath.

          To clarify, there are no ex-Scientologists who post articles here, unless the term “ex-Scientologist” is being used to mean someone who is no longer practicing Scientology within the Corporate Church. We are all no longer within the Church (overtly or covertly) — but we are all very much Scientologists — in fact, many would argue that this is the only place where standard Scientology is actually being practiced.

          It is not going to help anyone if people are flying off the handle at others — so yes, let’s keep TRs in please and keep basic manners and politeness in as regards comments. This goes for all.

        • Thehandling , you advice about keeping the TRs IN is very well taken. I was under the impression that you were in an all fight to destroy SCN and LRH.
          Perhaps I was too quick to judge you. There is too much BPC already , no need to contribute more to it. I don’t want to adopt the Church’s method of dealing with dissidents , dissident being just someone who has disagreements with some aspect of SCN or with some aspects of LRH.

          Reaching and understanding seems to be the way to go. I didn’t mean to make you feel unwelcome here. A more inclusive attitude instead of an exclusive one is more in need.

          Perhaps you would like to share what are your exacts disagreements on the general subject , so as to have a starting point of Reality to go from there.

          By the way, why do you call yourself an “ex-scientologists” or an
          “ex-member” ? You seems to have a good grasp of the subject and apparently, use it in your life. Just curious.

          • i was in the church as public and staff and successfully coaudited but it was a huge pain because of the bureaucracy, ethics, fundraising, critic bashing and fear of criticism, blindfolding, etc. the policy and tech is full of contradictions, they spend too much time getting in the way of the bridge, there’s no doubt sp’s in there but i also think policy is way outdated and needs to be brought up to modern quality standards

            i’ve seen people form a list of how it could be done right, here it seems you just want to ridicule miscavige and try to create a new church just like lrh’s church only with less strictness

    • thehandling,
      I think you’ve spotted something that deserves an acknowledgement and possibly another view to help sort out what can occur and how to do it differently, applying the principles of Scientology as you mention.

      Bear with me a moment, this may seem more complicated than it actually is, fundamentally.

      OK, here goes:

      We have as a working model, a “two terminal universe” when it comes to communication and interchange. From this arises the phenomena of distance. Across that distance, we offer and accept, ideas in the form of “particles” – things we put together to exchange.

      These can have a form, or be relatively formless, the can be sharp, soft, jagged, smooth, light, heavy, and an infinity of variation (since we are infinitely capable of creating).

      As it turns out, a more or less fixed position – a “terminal” is part of this interchanging. Two of these, in a position relative to the other, and at a “difference of potential” (even if just that being the difference, that they are relative to each other, in proximity, and at different positions), can get an interchange going – a flow of these creations.

      Over a very long period of these things going, the mechanics of this interchanging have taken on aspects that can be described as “automatic”. You set up two terminals with a difference of potential between them in all sorts of variation, and you get a flow.

      As it happens, in order to keep the flow going, a difference of potential is apparently the agreed upon mechanical means. When that difference is gone, e.g., in a collapse of the terminals to a “one state”, then you have what can be described as a persisting “mass” or “matter”. A relative “no change”.

      The agreed upon answer to this persisting “matter” state, is MORE communication. And that comm has to have a character that is “live”, i.e., it is in a “positive” tendency. That quality, the “live” quality, is innately known. You yourself know when you are creating new, and “positively”.

      This method, the way of “live comm”, is how we can change “things”.

      I’m glad you’ve come here to try and do just that. Much appreciated, mate.


      • P.S. (for Scotty and in reference to PAB 15). The collapse of the two terminals, the space between, etc., can go to a “one state” at one end of a spectrum (the one I’m covering above) and at the other end.

        A funnel, as described in PAB 15, with the low end, the “tight end” being a “one state” of a particle – a persisting that is matter, and at the top expansive end, a “one state” of complete duplication and the highest of affinity, the one-ness of what was two and a complete understanding ( see the Axioms of Scn for what complete ARC does to mechanics. Then try it fo’ yo’sef, to observe it and discover fo’ yo’sef, if it be as it is, or isn’t be.)

  17. Brian I’m afraid you stepped through the wrong door mate.. to clarify my statement “freedom of speech be damned” I meant only this. People who out right lie and distort LRH and his tech dont deserve to be allowed to continue to so freely without consequences! It harms a good thing, scientology! If you disagree or if this seems fundamentalist please for the sake of all try the following:

    1. Wordclear all basic scientology terms to full understanding.
    2. Get some professional auditing.
    3. Get some professional training.
    4. Use and apply what you have learnt on others.
    5. Be eternally astounded as to how amazing this tech is and enjoy thoroughly how it just makes life better for all!
    6. Realise why so much disinformation is created by certain few- works too damn well possibly!
    7. Do your bit in protecting this valuable tech from other idiots who dont know any better!!!

  18. I have to add a comment in regards to “free speech”. There is such a thing as a destructive lie vs. the truth (Way to Happiness). And there are those who cannot see the difference between an opinion and a fact (Data Series). “Free speech” isn’t really the issue.

  19. I would add, Freedom of Speech is NOT, knowingly slandering or libeling others. And ignorance of the facts or the truth is NO Justification.

  20. This communication is good. Difficult at times, accurate and not accurate at times.

    But it is good.

    If the good in Scientology is to survive, this tsunami of negatives regarding LRH and Scientology must be met head on.

    It has now become a world view by millions. It will not go away just because you feel these people are idiots, misinformed, evil, SPs, natterers, OWs.

    It is your challenge as Scientologists. I believe in your right to be one. I believe in it deeply.

    As-ising this problem will take all you know of Scientology. Good luck. Demonizing critics will not get your there.

    Try love, what is greateness.

      • :-), this I love Lana. You know me. You know I have been a critic. But as human beings we can still respect and even love each other. The communication, the issues, can be the junior, to our humanity and civil relations. And in that regard, the issues can be handled.

        There is so much charge, by passed charge, hurt feelings and anger on both sides.

        Using the verbiage and doctrines of Scientology to demonize critics will only deepen the divide.

        Continuous and consistent happy pcs, will be the only salvage. Helping others to free themselves from suffering.

        That and civil dialog, real trs, real listening, real granting of beingness to opposing views.

        It is true that up till now, violent retribution and demonizing has been the MO of Scientology in dealing with critics.

        If the force of kindness and love prevails, maybe you guys can change that approach.

        It won’t be easy, but love can bare the entire world on it’s back if need be. Crush a rose, and it can still smell beautiful.

        • Thanks Brian 🙂

          This exchange with you here, is a very positive indication for what we can co-operatively bring about with all of our fellows, as we go along working to make this experience of living rise to higher and higher existences.

          • Yes Jim, there is a concept I would like to offer in this dialog. Especially between you guys and rest. It gives such a boost to civil discourse. Define and google: the dialectics of reason.

            • Brian,
              I understand the “dialectic”.

              Axiom 28, the axiom on communication, combined with Axiom 51, another on comm, but this time “live” comm (positive, life, theta etc., as clarified in tape Smoothness of Auditing, London 4th ACC, 5 Oct 55) and a real application of the Logics, could result in a dialectic that is extremely capable of dissolving just about anything theoretically.

              (Only thing with that is that the issue of “havingness” comes in. The “desire” bit, the sensation, the holding, the problems with keeping in an ephemeral, continuous flux of event, the fallacy of “time”. See, we’d likely as-is all this stuff and somebody or other likes it, as it’s fun. )

              Here’s to moksha, and m’f’ers wherever they may play. (wink)

        • ARC and Understanding is the only way (a basic fundamental of Scientology, detailed in 1955 but a long lost fundamental that makes the current scene with the church so ugly.)

          I appreciate your patience and work in communicating over the last two days on this thread.

          Thank you.

          • Thank you Lana, for allowing me to push the envelope. I can only promise authentic. That has always gotten me in trouble 😉 thank you for your patience.

    • I think for starters the church of scientology and independents have to deal with the fact that leaks are real, the confidential scriptures have been in the public domain for decades now, the public can quickly know more about scientology scriptures than scientologists, and denying it in public isn’t fooling anyone, especially when the same facts that are denied are published in public materials and advertisements


      • Your statement of, “denying it” is here very much used as a pejorative pronoun. What is the “it” to which you refer? That scriptures have been made public? I think not. For one, I’ve noted no Scientologist trying to deny that, as you accuse. So that leaves me wonder, are you trying to some how be friendly? Or covertly hostile? Or…, you tell me.

        • i’m trying to be objective about it not emotional

          copyrighting religions scripture was a bad idea, that’s where i would start if i were to try and stop the downward spiral scientology is in

          stop denying it’s leaked, stop lying about it, let the truth out and deal with it


  21. It worked for Gandhi and Martin Luther King. And there enemies were killers. Your challenge is awful PR and a history of silencing critics with violence.

    Your challenge is a piece of cake compared to these example.

    • Yes indeed Brian! Nothing a good grounding (training) in TR’s is not equipped to handle! I would just not waste any time on your out-and-out SP’s though, unless to just use some adroit ‘factoids’, (at a ho-hum 2.5 (bored) tone), to indicate to another : “Oh them? Nah, they’ve just hiding stuff they don’t wan’t anyone to find out about..you know… sordid jail bait stuff.. Ho hum.” 🙂

  22. I think the O/Ws may be a contributory factor, among many others, of the nattering phenomena described in the OP; however the importance of the O/Ws as a cause is overrated.

    More than 10 years ago, I stumbled, unwittingly, on a heavy implant which happened eons ago. Judging by the commands in the implant, it’s clear to me that LRH’s writings, including non-confidential materials, are bound to reestimulate these commands prompting (with all kind of justifications because the conscious mind has no clue of what’s happening) to try to destroy the workability of his and similar techs which have workability toward attaining some real spiritual freedom. It’s also clear to me (judging by the commands) that (almost?) everybody on this planet has this and/or similar implants.

  23. One more time for clarification sake.

    A good current example is the recent VA flap, right here in my hometown Phoenix. The VA itself has been getting a shellacking from the media for the last three weeks, people are getting busted and trashed and it goes on and on. I wrote KRs on the VA myself, just before the poop hit the fan (for those of you in other countries that don’t know about this, what happened was that it was found that the VA hospital in Phoenix was backlogging people they thought were going to die anyhow, so denied them treatment, put them on a “confidential list” that only a few knew about and refused to treat them. Forty of them died in 3 months as a result of the denial of service. It has been blown wide open and of course more stuff was found in most VA centers across the USA and the poop is hitting the fan big time. The President is even getting a lot of the poop on him and he is a ways away from the fan).

    So now that the crimes have been exposed, we veterans, whom the lack of service was denied to (I have waited as long as six months to see a doctor) and are victims, and we are now down at the VA Hospital in Phoenix, volunteering, helping put it back together so it does well. If I catch a veteran who is continuing to write blogs and do videos about how bad it all is, and he isn’t doing anything to right the ship, then I am going to personally kick his ass. I am not going to consider hippy-dippy “Free Speech”. I am going to consider it Libel, which is against the law. There is a difference. What we need now is to put it back together so it works. This would be the greatest thing to do with something that works to help others. To continue to beat it into the earth is not going to HELP anything. We need the VA to function to protect those who protect us.

    This is the way us adults handle things. Back in the 60’s we stopped all sorts of crap from occurring. We didn’t just write about it and natter about it, we went out into the streets and caused change. And we got rid of Nixon. Is this clear now?

    ML Tom

  24. Agree Tom! all this piece, love and understanding has it’s limits – it does not Right the Wrongs. As the Ole Man said, It’s not that ARC is bad but don’t go into ARC with Low Toned people.(paraphrases)
    Also, in many hundreds of hours of auditing I’ve yet to Clean or FN the needle by using Implants or Justifications. lol

  25. And for those Scientologist here, you’re never going to Reason with Unreason – just as Scientology is Not for The Insane. We Scientologist use Scientology to help ourselves, Help Others and to Better Conditions. Time spent discussing Scientology with Critics is time wasted arguing with Anti-Social and Suppressive Personalities – who’s Only power is that of Restimulation.

  26. and the idea (forwarded by the SPs) that Scientology is so tarnished by bad (black) PR among the general public is just another suppressive way to cut your reach. (they only wished this were true) The general public do not read The Hate Site Bogs.
    How do I know the above is fact? I disseminate to raw public on a full time bases and have for 33 years. The number of handle steps % wise required has not increased over the last years that these hate sites have existed. (BTW, it’s only about 1 in 10 that need any serious handling). The real issue is that there is a total lack of PR and dissemination, especially by Co$ (of course “lack of” by Co$ is a saving grace)

    • I also deal with alot of new people and have found what you are saying to be true. Finding out the black PR of Scientolgy is very low priority. Last week I went to a Burbank Chamber of Commerce meeting and someone who got my card googled me and found out I am a Scientologist then emailed me and was very validating of that fact!
      If you just deal with people with ARC, You could be an green alien from another planet and eventually you will win people over!!

      • That’s very true Ingrid, the green alien thing. Heck, I AM a green-blooded alien (Reptilian Illuminati) from another planet and I’ll be darned if I don’t get along with lots and lots of people on this blue planet.

        ( For Tony O – did you know Tone, that there are many of my kind that are in fact, sitting on your hairy shoulder at this precise moment in time. Now, you’d have to figure that moment using the constructs of the Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction of space equations, so, you work it out, and I’ll get front, I mean, back, to you. Which I already have, being a Reptilian Illumaniti (sic))

    • Roger that Steve.

      Seems any time the media posts an objective article on Scientology these days. They have the same camp followers of whacko critics who tend to discredit themselves more than the actual subject.

      That is if anybody bothers to read the comments.

      Guys like Tony Ortega have the same “critics” posting the same thing ad nauseam. What’s ironic is that his following has reached “cult” status.

      Funny how what one resists they become 😉

  27. the bigger issue is a lack of volume delivery in The Independent Field – and The Lack of Dissemination. This is what we Need to Fix!
    and Very Well Done to those out here who are Delivering Standard Tech!

  28. If you’re not doing anything bad, nothing bad can happen to you.

    If you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past. If you tell a lie, it becomes part of your future.

    Now that I have said this, don’t blame me if you get killed for telling the truth!

  29. Can someone point out where Chris Shelton challenged the workability of Scientology technology? I’ve listened to this guy for hours and met him in person and that is not his line. He is a whistleblower, and has been very articulate in expressing what’s been wrong with the organization. Specifics, please.

  30. Bravo Tom!

    Haven’t had a chance to read all the comments because there are so many insightful responses. So pardon me if I seem redundant here but like you I’ve had a beef with ol’ Chris Shelton and took him on personally when he posted an article and video on the SA Blog.

    Too bad Chris is not an isolated case of a former SO Exec calling themselves or being incorrectly labeled a “whistle blower” when in fact they are nothing but carping critics.

    Not only that but they *blame* Miscavige for everything that has gone wrong with the Church.

    Let’s look at “Blame” in the Technical Dictionary:

    BLAME, 1 . it’s simply punishing other bodies. (5904C08) 2 . when one individual assigns cause to another entity, he delivers power to that entity. This assignment may be called blame, the arbitrary election of cause. (DAB, Vol. II, p. 233) 3 . bl e is the negation of your responsibility. You can blame self, that’s the last stage, or you can blame somebody else. That’s an effort not to be responsible. (5112CM28B)

    As we can see to a large degree it is negating one’s responsibility but most importantly per definition 2) …he delivers power to that entity.

    So basically what I see is that even though they left the Church they continue to flow power to Miscavige.

    Just like they did when they were part of the original power push.

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