* This success was provided by Ronit Charny, who is delivering the Cause Resurgence Rundown. You can contact her on email: ronit.charny@gmail.com, or through her Facebook page: Higher Spiritual Abilities


The Cause Resurgence RD has given me a tremendous sense of self and an awareness of my responsibility in making my life. I feel calm, satisfied and more in touch with myself in a very native way.

On this RD I went very exterior and while viewing the environment I found great beauty in it. I realized that the beauty could only be there because I was creating it that way. The return of a natural energy was and continues to be very invigorating.

I realized as well on this RD that like with the pole I was interchanging with all things in my environment otherwise I probably would not be able to see them at. The trees, buildings, other people are all terminals and I got a broad sense of the interplay of energy being passed between me and all of these items visible in the environment.

Probably for eons now, but certainly in this life before Scientology, I had the viewpoint that I was in something (A Universe) and moving about within it at effect. I had been educated in the idea that somebody else had created all that I was seeing and experiencing. Doing this RD helps reverse ideas like that and brings you to realize the life you’re experiencing you are in fact creating and the flow is flowing outward from you and you make the life you see to a great extent.

I feel great and really believe the course of anyone’s life can be changed with a powerful RD like this. I am pretty new to all that I am experiencing just now but I really looking forward to using what I have learned to make my life better.

Special thanks to Dan Koon for not letting this RD slip away out of view and getting it compiled so it would be available to be used.

Thanks as well to you Ronit for being there as an Auditor/CS, for your help and for being a friend.

And of course, thanks to LRH for resurrecting this tech. from far back on the track and gifting it to us again. Scientology –THE BEST THING EVER!

The next day, the wins just continued to come and here is another success story.

Success Story                     July 5, 2014

I want to share some additional wins I have had as a result of The Cause Resurgence RD.

I find I am in an almost constant state of exhilaration. The body feels so much more alive and invigorated as well. I have dropped 15lbs. and it seems I am producing my own energy in volume and as a result the desire to put food into the body in order to “energize” it just isn’t there. It seems I am manufacturing energy out of thin air-It’s a very exhilarating sensation!

In an entirely different area now, yesterday I was thinking I should listen to and restudy the PDC Course. I had some of my most amazing forward progress as a Scientologist on this course. Well today I got an email from a friend who happened to be doing some cleaning up around the house and came across a new set of the PDC lectures with all the transcripts. She asked if I would like to have them! That is amazing! So I have a new PDC set headed my way.

I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel and happy I am with the results of the CRRD!

Thanks again!

23 thoughts on “Return to Cause

  1. Wow !!!
    This is just amazing. So great to see people really winning and being able to find out about it. So incredible Ronit is delivering the CRRD.
    I am very happy for your wins !!!

      • Thetaclear you didn’t ask me but can I just offer an opinion?

        1. Have your rudiments in in in !!!
        2. If there is any question of Out Int, get that taken care of first
        3. Don’t be PTS

        I’m not a tech guy but I wouldn’t want to do this (or any) RD with any of the above going on. Of course the above could be said to be applicably to any auditing.

  2. This win is butter for the toast of life worth living! I feel an estatic lift knowing someone is experiencing Flag only tech outside the bubble! My only wish is thousands more keep experiencing this forever! Well done to everyone who made this possible and for Lana for publishing! Let people know whats possible out here!

    On a more personal note I myself am waiting to attest for an advanced level that has created a space around me free from interference and case phenomena! It feels clean, calm and serene! Im still getting used to it! Before I would make a postulate and it would rebound back at me or get lost in the confusion of counter intentions. Now I simply decide and my space has nothing counter to throw back at me! New business? Check. New car? Check. New house? Check. These are just the serface manifestations occuring recently. Theta wise I percieve a whole new existence. Picture Neo seeing the matrix for the first time possibly. Im getting very aquainted with the theta universe and its subtle yet powerful control of the MEST universe. Big shift! Prior to that it was hit and miss with lady luck deciding mostly. Not any more. There is more composure and certainty than before, it feels as if Im ready to handle the bigger stuff, cant wait!!

    Big thank you to my CS and LRH for my guidance and help when I needed it! It is a previledge and honour to be getting the gold out here!

      • Lana happy to say my bit and contribute more than just another opinion I hope 🙂

        I wish for more than constructive critism against the church and DM’s minions. Wins and successes about those light beings who have picked up the torch of freedom and display their wins means more than any expose brought to the fore. We all know what the church has become. How many know what can be achieved out in the freezone? Not enough Ille warrant!

        I see here in this blog a more theta alternative using the pearls and wonders of the tech that illustrate the original aims of scientology. Who cares
        if this upsets a few empty cans. At some point they will come around or not. I would encourage more people to come out with their many wins and show us all. That warm fuzzy feeling is a good thing and not to be confused with the glee of insanity gotten from giving ones life savings away at a church fund raiser! Its a genuine sarisfaction achived by applying the tech correctly. Why not revel in it?

        Lets watch the support for this blog grow and grow!

        • “I would encourage more people to come out with their many wins and show us all. That warm fuzzy feeling is a good thing and not to be confused with the glee of insanity gotten from giving ones life savings away at a church fund raiser! Its a genuine sarisfaction achived by applying the tech correctly. Why not revel in it?”

          Amen to that, Sheeplebane !!!

  3. I love it when wondrous things happen in the theta universe as a result of auditing and training. I think these wondrous things happen more often than we communicate or perhaps even realize. You know, they just happen, we’re onto the next task at hand, and there’s really no need to talk about it any further. The repercussions, however, are phenomenal … indeed, for us all. I am the friend Kevin mentions. Rachel

    • “. I think these wondrous things happen more often than we communicate or perhaps even realize.”

      TWD,, I totally agree!

    • Yes Rachael you are indeed the friend. I didn’t share with you that I had been thinking I should listen to the PDC’s again. I had that idea just the day before you emailed me to let me know you had a set to give!

  4. Since the OP is about wins, here is one more.

    FDJ, July 8, 2014 at 10:17 am:

    “Yes, far too many hyperboles are used by the Church often by individuals who have never audited a PC. However as an old time auditor from the early sixties I have seen people’s lives changed many times.

    More recently my wife and I took seven young people from a township and gave them a comm. course plus put them through the learning how to learn course with really good results. Without exception they all secured jobs which had been their goal.

    The most remarkable story was of a young domestic worker who on completing the course was determined to improve her lot in life. Every afternoon she went to the local junior school which her child attended with a very simple dictionary. First she worked with her own child clearing words by reading from the dictionary and explaining where necessary. The child’s work improved to such an extent that it could not help but be noticed. Other children asked for help which she readily gave and the improvement there was also noticed. One of the sponsors of this school learnt about what our young lady had achieved and encouraged her to study to become a Montessori teacher. The money for her to do this was raised from people in the district including ourselves and today she is Qualified to teach at junior level and has a permanent job doing this. Most of all she has pride.

    This is simply one win of many I have seen coming from LRH’s tech. Do not underrate what this tech can achieve. Go read your axioms once again, demo them, and, if you can go study as an auditor but not in the church, please.”

  5. I did the Cause Resurgence Rundown in the late 90’s, at the Int base, At the time I had been sent there as punishment, but it was a rundown I absolutely loved.

    There have been many posts on other forums and blogs that ridicule the rundown and its results — but I for one, can attest that the power and simplicity of the rundown is remarkable. I wanted to post the above win as it is an honest account of the successes that are possible on the Cause Resurgence Rundown, when it is applied standardly. t also demonstrates that we have Bridge services being delivered in the field, to the best results.

    At one point, about 2 weeks into the Rundown, I found that as I ran around that tree, there were literally blue sparks and loud crackings of electrical energy, between myself and that anchor point. I felt like I was recharging, as a being, and as I ran, like a turbine, my energy levels increased and I spotted the cause of this energy – me.

    I could swing my body around that tree with next to no effort – and while running more than a marathon daily, I was full of energy, life force and zest.

    The rundown has nothing to do with the physical body — and is all about you, as a spiritual being. So simple– but so powerful.

    • Your wins on the CRRD and Jim’s, was what caught my att to this RD like a year or more ago, Lana. I more specifically remember yours and I got very curious about it as I had only read bad PR concerning it at other blogs. Then I read your story and all you was able to accomplish when you left the Church in such a short time span and I got even more curious. So good you let us know it is being delivery here in the field standardly and by great terminals like Ronit.

  6. So glad this Success has been published and the word is getting out. The CRRD was very easy to do and well worth the time I spent on it . I want everyone to know how grateful I am to Ronit for C/S- ing and assisting me through this. She’s not only a great tech terminal but a wonderful woman as well.

    For those of you living in the Portland area and are interested in continuing with your progress on the Bridge I can without hesitation recommend Ronit Charny as an auditor- You won’ t be disappointed.

    Special shout- out to the The Widow Denk for her gift of the PDC Lectures!

  7. Lana I loved reading your account of the CRRD. Wow….I can’t imagine the blue sparks coming off the tree, but then again I guess I can. Your account of what happened was so vivid I felt like I could really see it happening

    I second your attest to the validity of this RD, The ridicule from some is entirely unjustified and I would recommend that anyone should do this RD is they are at all interested.

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