By Milestone Two crew.

One of the most basic principles of Scientology has been lost  by the general Scientology community for many years.

What happened to compassion? What happened to love for our fellow man? What happened to common decency and caring?

Unfortunately, many Scientologists today are harsh, mean, uncaring individuals.

They will abandon family members, disown their friends, flip on those they love — all with the view that they are somehow applying the group mores and being “ethical”.

But their actions are not reflected anywhere in The Code of Honor, nor what is expected or wanted of a Scientologist based on LRH policy and tech.

It is one of those paradoxes —- people acting and behaving in a way that they are convinced is correct — but their action are not supported by or reflected in LRH philosophy, policy or technology. And trying to get them see this is as hard as it is to get them to duplicate and apply the actual LRH references on ARC.

The good news is that in the last several years a true community is growing in the field where people DO care for their fellow man. Where people DO help each other. And where the Code of Honor is applied, individual to individual.

We are putting the LRH back into Scientology — and that starts with ARC, understanding, love, compassion, caring and help. Helping a friend to get work. Supporting others while they gain their feet. Providing auditing and training. Helping to network people. Listening when someone needs to talk.

That was what brought many of us to Scientology in the first place — and it is the vital foundation that has to be recreated by us, to keep Scientology working.

Rereading the below puts it all in perspective, so we wanted to share.

“Scientology is itself the microcosm of a civilization. It contains two moral codes: One is the moral code of practice which is the Auditor’s Code of 1954; the other is the Code of a Scientologist, which will be given at greater length in the next PAB. It also contains an ethical code, and that is its Code of Honor.

The difference between ethics and morals is very clearly known in Scientology, if they are not in a modern dictionary. This mergence of morals and ethics has occurred in recent times, and is symptomatic of a general decline. An ethic is practiced on an entirely self-determined basis. An ethical code is not enforceable, is not to be enforced, but is a luxury of conduct. A person conducts himself according to an ethical code because he wants to or because he feels he is proud enough or decent enough or civilized enough to so conduct himself. An ethical code, of course, is a code of certain restrictions indulged in to better the manner of conduct of life. If one Scientologist started to punish or berate some other Scientologist and called for an enforcement on the grounds that the Code of Honor had been disregarded, the punitive act itself would involve and violate the Code of Honor. The Code of Honor is a Code of Honor as long as it is not enforced. If a person is big enough or strong enough or sane enough, then he can indulge himself in the luxury of holding upon himself freely and of his own decision the Code of Honor. When such an ethical code begins to be enforced, it becomes then a moral code.

A moral code is enforceable. Mores are those things which make a society possible. They are the heavily agreed-upon, policed codes of conduct of the society. If an auditor were to flagrantly and continually violate the Auditor’s Code or the Code of a Scientologist, then other auditors would have a perfect right to demand, and through the HASI effect, the suspension or revocation of certificates or memberships, or both. However, no such action is possible with the Code of Honor. A person could continually and flagrantly flaunt the Code of Honor and experience no more than perhaps the slight contempt or pity of his fellows.

The Code of Honor clearly states conditions of acceptable comradeship amongst those fighting on one side against something which they conceive should be remedied. While anyone practicing “the only one” believes that it is possible to have a fight or contest only so long as one remains “the only one” and confronts as that single identity all of existence, it is not very workable to live without friends or comrades in arms. Amongst those friends and comrades in arms one’s acceptability and measure is established fairly well by his adherence to such a thing as the Code of Honor. Anyone practicing the Code of Honor would maintain a good opinion of his fellows, a much more important thing than having one’s fellows maintain a good opinion of one.

If you believed man was worthy enough to be granted by you sufficient stature so as to permit you to exercise gladly the Code of Honor, I can guarantee that you would be a happy person. And if you found an occasional miscreant falling away from the best standards you have developed, you yet did not turn away from the rest of man, and if you discovered yourself betrayed by those you were seeking to defend and yet did not then experience a complete reversal of opinion about all your fellow men, there would be no dwindling spiral for you.

Indicative of this is a process which is rather easy to work and which has some workability. Sit down in a public place where many people are passing by and simply postulate into them, above them, around them, perfection-no matter what you see. Do this person after person as they walk by you or around you, doing it quietly and to yourself. It may or may not occur that you would bring changes in their lives, but it would certainly occur that you would bring about a change in yourself. This is not an advised process-it is simply a demonstration of a fact that he who lives believing wrong of all his fellow men lives, himself, in hell. The only difference between paradise on Earth and hell on Earth is whether or not you believe your fellow man worthy of receiving from you the friendship and devotion called for in this Code of Honor.

1. Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.
2. Never withdraw allegiance once granted.
3. Never desert a group to which you owe your support.
4. Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power.
5. Never need praise, approval or sympathy.
6. Never compromise with your own reality.
7. Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.
8. Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.
9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.
10. Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.
11. Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.
12. Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.
13. Don’t desire to be liked or admired.
14. Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.
15. Be true to your own goals.

( L. RON HUBBARD The Code of Honour, 26 November 1954)

25 thoughts on “Our fellow man

  1. excellent !! and you mentioned networking too Lana where is the best channel for this here or on Fb which group ? I am one who negated all my family for YEARS and now later I am trying to repair that . 2 of my brothers are deceased however I still have one sister and one brother and nephews with their grown kids now too … IT really hit me here .. Very relieved to know of the growing communities forming as that is the IDEAL scene to connect and support!! Love Carla

    • Hi Carla,
      I am firmly of the view that the best networking is hooking people up with others in the same region, area or location. Here in Australia we have had regular Open Houses where people travel from all over the country for a weekend of great food, conversation, laughter and friendship. The wine flows, and sometimes the tears, but we form great bonds and the ARC is high.
      I know the same is occurring in many other areas — and it has been my long desire to set up a site that easily allows people to network.
      Our original website plan on this failed, as we were not properly out of Non-E and the site was little used and was thus useless. We also found that many of our readers are under the radar, and not keen to share their identity (which is fine too).
      So to answer your question — write to us, privately, or publicly and we will hook you up with those we know. And in each community, they continue to do the same.
      Facebook does work to a degree — and is simple as you can direct message and stay in touch, regardless of location. Nothing beats face to face real communication however.
      I have made some of my best friends in the last few years — and have had some of the best belly laughs too! We have a serious community down under now, and growing steadily. My house is forever full (many people can attest to that!)
      Heck — I even scored a handsome, intelligent, humorous and caring Canada bear too, all through networking in the same way. 🙂

  2. This was very good Lana and so true. That is one thing I came to realize, the hard way, coming out of Scientology was the lack of compassion. In reading your article it rang true. Re-reading the Code of Honor I thought “What about love?” Then I realized it is covered in step 7 “Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.” To me, we are all love. That’s the essence of who we are. When I allowed other things to come into that love (e.g. hate, fear, anger, pain from the past) then that love/affinity became alloyed and the compassion falls out.

    • God Sara — aint that the truth!

      And you are one who has held the raw end of the stick on this whole subject. I have the utmost respect for you, your inner strength, and your integrity.

      The more compassion, love and help we can provide to those within, those now out, and those who have never known Scientology, the better Scientologists we are. That is what LRH was all about and what he exemplified.

      • Thank you Lana. Going through the anguish I went through over the last 5 years was the catalyst to discovering who I really am and what is really important in life. Love, compassion, letting go of the past, being thankful for all the wonderful things in my life and understanding, not judgement. Thank you for being there and what you do in communicating those things.

  3. Excellent article, indeed !!!
    And so true, so true. I find myself learning everyday about the need for compassion and understanding of or fellows. It’s sometimes not easy as many of us scientologists, have been incorrectly indoctrinated into methods of harsh “ethics” and “justice” procedures which are mere dramatizations of our own weaknesses. Some of us have robotically assumed wrong valences and have emulated “bank agreements” instead of freedom of judgement and freedom of choice. Fortunately, there still great individuals around like Lana, ready to give oneself a good kick in the butt should we need it and show us the right path. I can attest to that and feel very grateful of her help in ragaining my true beingness . She might not realize it yet, but I’ve learned so much from her and I just could’t let this moment pass w/out making it known.

    Cheers !!!

  4. So true Lana, how could we apply the right process if they “pulled it in”, or are “dramatizing” because they lost a loved one. Scientology is about freeing people from their case, you cant do that if you have a low opinion of them. I wasnt in great shape when I started on the Bridge, it took the Tech and good tech people to get me up and going!

  5. It has been my dream for a long time to create a sense of community amongst Scientologists. It wasn’t working too well in the Church but things are changing now we are outstide that fence. The future is getting brighter.

  6. Compassion, or by its other name ARC are not just a nice idea, but are the life blood of a being.
    It cannot be denied that there are some beings with nasty cases but as he says in Logic 24 the resolution of the problems of the human mind are the answer.
    By declaring dedicated and well meaning Scientologists as enemies (suppressive) creates enemies and slows the advancement of our religion.
    To ‘disconnect’ from our supporters weakens one (see the power formula). It violates ‘The Way to Happiness’ and no doubt creates a lot of misery. No wonder LRH cancelled the practice many years ago.
    However trying to stop things is a characteristic of the SP and those who simply attack the church are really taking on the colour of the enemy.
    As a somewhat famous song goes “… what the world neds is Love, sweet love…”

  7. I want to take advantage of this topic of compassion and understanding to pay my respects to the family of John , aka “Plain-Old-Thetan”. He departed his body a few days ago on this past july 3. John was a Class VI C/S who c/sed for AOLA many years ago. I never met him personally but my first awareness of something being wrong with the Church and specially with DM, was through his great articles on a blog called “Possibly Helpful Advice”. John posted frequently there. He had this incredible ability to know what EXACT LRH refs was being alter-issed by the Church and how , and to take you step by step to understand the whole scenario. I’ve never seen such an ability in anyone except in Jim Logan.

    He had an incredible command of the Tech and a natural ability to spot outpoints. His articles were my favorites back then. Very well written , no HE&R , right to the point , right to “why”. It was with him that I learned how to look and where to look and to develop a very alert mind.

    I not always agreed with him and was against his support of his friend ,creator of the blog where he posted, due to this friend methods of dealing with the Tech. But I respected him and what he did to help others see “the light” and realize about how the Church was fooling everybody.

    I wish him well and hope he re-join with us scientologists in a near future and re-take the path of Standard Tech and help us to put back Scientology on his rails. You know the motto : “we come back”.

    Farewell John, we’ll see you soon !!!

  8. TC,

    Never made the connection between POT and John Joseph.

    Knew him back in the early ’90’s when he and a bunch of us put together one of the biggest Auditor Associations in the LA area.

    Met him again in the early 00’s when he like me had gone through the whole GAT thing for Class VI.

    Both of us were outside the canteen and he was complaining that he couldn’t do Class VIII because he had to do an eligibility program of some kind then a couple of years later I left the Org.

    Though I always wondered if John had left too.

    Now I know.

    All I can say is that John was one of the best technical terminals I ever knew. Truly a man of integrity who I will truly miss.

    And I will morn his passing.


    Robin Adair

  9. Right on, Lana.
    Pity the church never could duplicate “This mergence of morals and ethics has occurred in recent times, and is symptomatic of a general decline. “

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