Friends Playing on the Beach

By Milestone Two crew

This blog is attracting a lot of attention at this time.  Our stats are in screaming affluence – so thank you to all who are visiting.

Interestingly, those who live and thrive on anti-Scientology commentary, are trying to communicate on this forum their negative views about us, our ideals, rationale and goals. We have said, from the beginning, that this is a safe space for Scientologists — so we are going to defend this location and this platform from the hostilities.

Moderation policy is clear, and there are plenty of other locations where these individuals can have their say – so we leave it at that.

But it got us thinking about the theta of this group — and thus we felt it appropriate to publish the below excerpt from LRH’s article entitled Group Dianetics.

Let’s ignore the howls of those that oppose us, and simply get on with creating a true group.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

“A group is composed of Theta and MEST. It has an analytical mind and a reactive mind. The Theta in the group consists of the ideals, rationale and ethic of the group. The MEST of the group consists, not of the minds, but of the bodies of the individuals of the group and the property and space and time owned by the group. The analytical mind consists of the adjudicated, fully comprehensive opinion of all the members of the group and their efforts and actions to activate and run this group. The reactive mind of the group could be considered to lie in the actions of those individuals set up for emergency status during emergency status, which is to say, the reactive mind is composed of the composite engrams of the group.

“The group will grow and prosper only insofar as it lacks engrams. It should not fear engrams; it should only fear the fact that the engrams may not be processed and run.

“The principle of the introduction of an arbitrary should be thoroughly understood by a group. Because of an emergency or because of some past engram, there may exist within or around the group sources of continual arbitrary orders. An arbitrary is an order or command introduced into the group in an effort to lay aside certain harm which may befall the group or in an effort to get through a period of emergency and foreshortened time for a certain action. Subsequent arbitraries issued by any member of a group not during periods of emergency can be considered to be locks or dramatizations of the engrams of the group. Each time an arbitrary is introduced it has the effect of reducing the rationale and tone of the group as a whole and will lead to the necessity of introducing two or three more arbitraries, each one of which in turn will lead to the necessity for several more arbitraries, each one of which in turn will lead to the necessity for several more arbitraries until there is an entire network of arbitraries which have sought to correct some central evil. After a short time a complexity in the situation makes it very difficult to discover the central point of departure. Any arbitrary order not only can be considered to be a lock or a dramatization on a group engram, but IS a lock or a dramatization on a group engram. To make this more clear, any continuing stream of arbitraries are dramatizations of an engram in the group and the lock is that turbulence created by the arbitrary’s issuance. In other words, the engram dramatizes by causing an individual to issue an arbitrary, and the issuance of this arbitrary then creates a lock on top of the original engram. Of course, such issuance’s supercharge this engram.

“A true group is one which has ideals, ethics, rationale and a dynamic to carry forth its ideals and rationale on the ethics standard it has selected. Just as the analytical mind safeguards its individual cells in the body, so does a group safeguard the individuals within its membership. The individuals of the group support it just as the cells work to support the body and the analytical mind. The group analytical mind is the composite of analytical thought of the members of the group which it has developed into a culture. Individual aberrations of the members of the group do not composite into the aberrations of the group itself. In other words, it is not necessary to clear all members of the group to have a cleared group. The group, however, can be affected by the individual aberrations of members within it. The optimum group could then be obtained only when all individuals in it are cleared and the group itself is cleared, but a group could act as a very excellent release and could be entirely effective and could be nearly clear even though every individual in it were aberrated.

“The first right of any true group is to survive. The goal of the group is to conquer and use MEST and to make MEST work against MEST.

“All groups must have goals. Only the deterioration of the goals of the group or the reaching of all the goals of the group can bring about the decline of the group or the individuals within it. It is therefore incumbent upon any group to have a postulated set of goals which are continuing goals; to have a major goal which cannot be reached all in a breath but also to have minor goals which go in progression toward major goals which go in progression towards super-major goals.

“The group has the perfect right to demand the help, life or, in a continuing sense, the energy and devotion of any member of the group. Any member of the group has the right to demand the most and highest level of the ideals, rationale and ethics of the group and to demand that these be maintained. A true group owes to its individual members their livelihood and a chance for their future generations. The members must not deny to the group its right to expand and perpetuate itself but must contribute fully and wholly to these.

“An individual has the right to contribute to the group and the group has the right to expect every individual to contribute to it to his maximum ability and energy. The individual has the right to expect to be contributed to from the group and for the group to safeguard him insofar as is possible in the maintenance of the group and the reaching by the group of its goals.

“A group will deteriorate in exact ratio to the number of engrams and locks it receives and will revive in ratio to the number of engrams and locks which are picked up out of it.

“There has never before in the history of the world been an opportunity for groups, since they did not know these things, to rehabilitate themselves and free themselves from the continuing concatenation of arbitraries. Thus, every group, once initiated, could thereafter experience only a dwindling spiral. Following these tenets, there is no reason why the tone of the group cannot continuously rise or, whenever it is depressed, to be brought back up on the tone scale again. It has been stated by past writers that the group’s highest point was the moment when it was formed, since then its ideals, ethic and rationale were intact. One can readily see that this has in the past been the case, but he can see also that the ideals, rationale and ethic of the group may be improved. Thus its tone scale can now go up from this point of formation. Further, emergency status’s can be reached and met, individuals can take command of various functions of the group for these emergency status’s, and the engrams of the group can thereafter be sorted out and resolved – run, in other words.

“The ability of the group to conquer MEST is measurable by the amount of analytical thought there is in the group, by the ideals, rationale, ethic and dynamics of the group. These are Theta functions. They are analytical mind functions. A group set up on these principles and with this clearing process of groups in action would present the same aspect in comparison to other groups of men as a clear to a psychotic, since nearly all groups in the world today are severely psychotic.”

LRH, Dianetic Auditors Bulletin, 7 January 51, Group Dianetics



64 thoughts on “Ideals, rationale, ethic and dynamics

  1. I’ve always said, enough of the negative, let’s push the positive, the wins, the gains, the forward progress. Glad to see it’s happening. 🙂

  2. Lana: “This blog is attracting a lot of attention at this time. Our stats are in screaming affluence – so thank you to all who are visiting.

    Interestingly, those who live and thrive on anti-Scientology commentary, are trying to communicate on this forum their negative views about us, our ideas, our ideals, rationale and goals. We have said, from the beginning, that this is a safe space for Scientologists — so we are going to defend this location and this platform from the hostilities.

    Moderation policy is clear, and there are plenty of other locations where these individuals can have their say – so we leave it at that.”

    Cheers 🙂

    Witness the dying SA blog, they have doors wide open to squirrels. ESMB a fraction of what it used to be. Natterblogs down too.

    What applies to orgs may apply to blogs too.

    • Thank you Formost.

      Open Houses are great — until you get guests who come in and vomit on your friends and shit on the carpets and furniture. Just not polite — and not acceptable in any civilized group.

      Dead file policy was written for this very reason and works wonderfully. 🙂

      • Lana, yes, so true.

        Hold the line well on moderation.

        I’ve managed forums trafficked by 100s of thousands of users daily running dozens of moderators. Where the lines are not firmly held, a forum quickly gets run down by unwanted elements because that’s ALWAYS their objective. Then people leave. On larger mediums one will find a strange sort of parrallel:

        “When people complain about moderation, the new people are joing your board.” (Tight moderation attracts quality posters.)

        People know when the trash is being taken out, and they love it.

        Furthermore, and probably not so applicable here, when its suggested your administration has Nazis ties, you’ve hit the right balance. 🙂

  3. Hahahaha Lana! Too damn true or as my auzzie mate used say ssstruuthe! Silly me has been arguing with a particlar broken piece who was assigned a doubt condition by LRH himself which he perhaps never came out of and slid down further it seems! I should not waste my time I know but I have respect for his wife and hope she reaches yet still.

    I love the way this blog communicates and keeps the hope alive. We of this blog believe..we know the rest and try to uphold the ideals. I expect the stats to increase even more as the people search for the gold!

    On a really positive note I attested to my advanced level yesterday. Took a year of slogging away, digging that ditch and blowing away mountains of charge to complete! Feels like a thick concentric layer of case has been handled finally! Its just awesome. I love the newfound space to stretch my theta muscles and potulate with far less CI! All my dynamics feel calm and focused in alignment. You only know there was a large backround noise when it switches off haha!

  4. Agree with you guys. This project is the real 3rd D hope I was looking for. Now we have a team; we have a rationale, an ethics, a worthwhile project. As I wrote in my blog “le dianeticien” (for french speaking), a Scientologist IS a friend of LRH. One cannot be against LRH, or try to change his work and call oneself a Scientologist.
    There is plenty of Tech and Admin to apply in an ARC way with the public. Now we have an international organization. This is great and true help. No more natter, no more continuous criticism. Let’s be happy and audit cheerfully. There is still plenty of wins to get..
    So thanks a lot ot all of you who are still THERE and still COMMUNICATING;

    Joseph Le Sanglier
    from France

  5. From HCO PL 14 Jan 69, OT-Orgs
    “As Man all too easily specializes in stops he tends to stress what SHOULDN’T be done. While this enters into it, remember that it’s a STOP.
    A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed purpose.
    That law (it comes out of OT VIII materials) is so powerful it would practically revive the dead!
    It applies to orgs.
    It applies to cities or nations.
    When you diverge from a constructive purpose to „stop attacks“, the purpose has been abandoned. You get a stop. The real way to stop attacks is to widen one’s zone of responsibility. And pour the coal on the purpose. Thus all attacks one makes should be in THE DIRECTION OF ENLARGING ONE’S SCOPE AND AUGMENTING BASIC PURPOSE.”

    Let’s revive the dead!

  6. As always, Ron’s analysis was brilliant. And thank you Lana for publishing this again. We need to be frequently reminded about the game we’re really playing here and how it SHOULD be played (not how it was played in the Church).

    Not to lessen the impact of the above, but as an aside, remember, folks: there are EIGHT dynamics. As we follow LRH’s excellent advice above, let us keep in mind that fact. Groups within the Church (orgs and in particular the Sea Org) appeared to abandon the very idea that other dynamics existed, and demanded complete devotion to the third dynamic, much to the detriment of all other dynamics. Let’s please not make that mistake again. “Greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” doesn’t mean “Greatest good for the third dynamic”, as it often did in the Church. There may be times when the considerations of the other dynamics must take a back seat to the third (emergencies). But in the end, all eight dynamics must be considered and should be balanced.


    Paul M. Foster

  7. Lana, I totally support the direction you are taking Milestone Two and I don’t want to see it diminished under the guise of “fairness to all points of view” or some other nonsense. There are others blogs that cater to and love to indulge in diminishing and pointing out how bad it all has been.

    We need a place where we can acknowledge what has happened sure, but more importantly put our attention on the future and get on with creating it outside the church.

    I wish I had known much earlier in my life that there where well trained, on-source and reasonably priced Independent auditors delivering in the field -I would have been gone much sooner.

    Love the vibe you are creating Lana!

    • yes, yes yes,yes,yes, absolutely, let’s flourish and prosper. Enough with bad news and natter. You do great Lana we want more good news… and we are going to create tons of good news too.
      Joseph Le Sanglier

    • Seconded!

      When we put our attentions on the CO$, we might restimulate losses, when on Scientology tech, we get wins. 🙂

      • Fortunately, Scientology is not about the church, as the crims that now run the joint want us to believe by having us finance PR, battling of imaginary enemies and Real Estate. They ought to be promoting the tech.

    • These natter blogs are boringly repetitive and are stuck in the mud they have made.

      Ain’t that the truth!

      When I first left the church some years back, those blogs seemed to serve a real purpose, by exposing the dark underbelly of corruption going on inside the church. Today, the predominant anti-church blogs have devolved into something resembling DM’s circular Bridge. They go round and round and round, over the same material facts and disagreements – over and over and over again.

      When does it ever end? Is there an EP to it?

      Frankly, I’ve become bored with all the natter and negativity. It’s time to get on with the real show, which is applying the technology to achieve the central aims of Dianetics and Scientology.

  8. Lana,

    This is probably the safest place to run the 3D engram per NOL.

    Thanks to your excellent moderation of this blog.

    I know that was attempted on the SA blog by Mark sometime back but the whole thing drifted off course when a bunch of “nattering nabobs of negativity” got involved.

    (Not that I’m a big fan of one of our former VPs but at least he got one thing right 😉 )

    Also I’ve noticed that some of these blogs who claim so much tolerance of view point by letting a bunch of naysayers and allow me chants of chaos to hawk their wares really don’t.

    For instance two in particular who the minions and its fearless blogger will shout out anyone proposes that there may be a possible conspiracy involved in the destruction of the Church.

    Ironically one has actually gone on record as saying anyone who dare say conspiracy is actually part an OSA conspiracy of some kind.

    Not that we should dwell on the possibility that as Ron said in the PL Politics, Freedom From the USG has made various attempts to seize Scientology and may have actually succeed by placing one of their agents of influence in command.

    But it is something to consider when considering his immunity to any kind of prosecution or investigation by his “friends”.

    Also it could explain why the OT levels have mysteriously vanished from the current Grade Chart in use in the Church and why “OTs” being currently made by the Church are in my opinion a bunch of False IIIs.

    Especially if you consider the possibility that an actual OT who actually had those abilities would be a “threat to ‘National Security'(which seems to a fluid concept)” from their POV.

    But I digress.

    The fact is that this is the first blog that I’ve been to where the level of theta is higher than the level of entheta and I’d really like to validate you Lana and your crew at MS2 for making it this way.


  9. When I left the church I just naturally drifted to the history of Ron and the church, as if I was trying to clear the group engram for myself. I think I have pretty well done that.

    Then I ran into the Ron and the tech bashing, what a shock, well I knew the tech worked, that was a no brainer. So I was willing to see what was said about Ron. What struck me was the vehemence without any redemption. A big outpoint! Also what struck me was no allowance for a man who created this vast body of workable technology of the humanities. Not only no allowance for that, but no allowance for the opposition he was under, as Remoteview and Omar Garrison, among others, has so ably researched and documented.

    Lastly when a major argument of the Ron haters, his war record or “lack of”, has been virtually disproven, as in the case of Margaret Lakes brilliant research and documentation. Not a peep out of the haters, no apology, nothing. They are what they are, and if I find myself reading anything they have to say now, I have just wasted 30 seconds of this life I wont get back.

    Keep doing what you are doing Lana, you deserve that affluence and many more!

  10. Thank you all for the acknowledgements. Glad we are on track and people are comfortable here.

    Do me a favor — share the blog link, an article or a blog page, by email or social media or direct communication, with another person today.

    Let’s out create the entheta and continue to disseminate.

    Meanwhile, all successes and wins are welcome. Just send them through to lana@hushmail.com.

  11. You can’t fight against TRUTH , you’ll lose everytime. The best defense is always to “flourish and prosper” , that’s the best weapon against criticts of LRH and SCN. They are attracted to Theta like magnets attracts iron. They scream when they see people winning, when they see things improving.

    To try to “convince” them or to get to an “understanding” with them is a miserable waste of time. Keeping our TRs in, that’s OK. Manners, that’s OK too. But engaging in long conversations with them trying to be “OK” and friendly with everybody, that’s definitively a NO.

    You know, I loved the answer Jim Logan gave a poster to this person entheta Qs about what MS2 would do with the squirrels, blah, blah, blah
    If it was going to become a new OSA, etc,etc (pure nonsense Qs trying to deviate the subject to natter, conflicts, etc). Here is Jim’s answer :

    ” I promise to engage in no unseemly disputes with the uninformed on the subject of my profession. Code of A Scientologist – P.A.B 41, Dec 1954″

    I think this was an EXCELLENT handling. I will add to this handling an additional step where it applies : just acknowledge the good parts of the comm that you can see. Just ack those parts, you know “good roads, good weather”.

    A guys comes and says at this blog :

    “you are a bunch of squirrels and SCN is always attacking everyone they think is a critic and I was doing this course in 1960 and having great wins and then LRH came and ……blah,blah,blah ”

    You can just say : “I am glad you had those wins with SCN, what was the course you did by the way ? ”

    Works everytime. You may have the guy “in session” right there too !!!
    As his purpose was to enturbulate and he just found control and ARC, he’ll just leave, he’ll lose interest, guaranteed.

    Milestone 2 is doing an AWESOME job. The lasts articles have been superb. Just keep the comm going, making those wins ocurring known, keeping those comm lines open and free, working every detail of Non-E expanded. Finding out from us what is needed and wanted and producing and presenting it that be in conformity with LRH Policy and you’ll continue to do great and having a lot of support from the Field. My hat off to those great guys and gals who decided to do something about it !!!

  12. Great news about the stats. Some of our visitors will be coming to find fault, and hopefully the majority are coming to learn.

    However, we have a ways to go before we can consider ourselves a cohesed, functioning group. The R is most certainly there for us dedicated Scientologists, but while this remains an open forum, the discussions can’t pass beyond entry-level Scientology ethics, admin or tech.

    This means we cannot discuss an admin scale openly, as each of us will want a voice and a role. Nor should we endure the criticisms of cynics, no matter what their time in the CoS might have been.

    Scientology does actually work, it produces the most incredible results. You don’t need to believe anything, or you can believe anything you want, it will still obtain a worthwhile result if you can manage to sit or stand still for a minute. Not only that, but Scientology has a direction: more you, and less outside interference. We call it Recovery of Self, and it’s done in degrees we call The Bridge.

    That goal is not obtainable in the CoS, just the opposite, you’ll fall even further into awe of the physical universe and its two-cent trinkets like 3-swing FN or video pass, quite aside from their rapacious lust for your money. They don’t even need the money, they just don’t want you to have any.

    MS2 has absolutely nothing in common with the CoS, because the CoS has nothing to do with Scientology. The CoS is hawking the name for marketing purposes, and for the profit of its chief executive.

    MS2 is not afraid to help: that puts their members straight into the firing line. Fortunately, those of us who have had their heads blown off a few times have come to realize, nah, you’re kidding…Like a mom confronted by the massed army of 25 one inch plastic soldiers her two-year old son has just assembled to repel her from taking him to the bath.

    His mom loves him beyond anything he can imagine.

  13. First and second postulate data makes all this rather inevitable. All out-arc is based on earlier arc. If you focus on the out-arc (second postulate) it will always persist because it is a lie. To run out the arc breaks, you have to recall the earlier arc.

    Protest and criticism (not-is) will always cause the persistence of unwanted existences. That is one of the bright lights that Scientology has shone on the confusion of modern life. It’s clear from their teachings that Christians, Buddhists and some other religions had an idea this was true. But Scientology proved it.

    The Milestone Two focus on the earlier arc and original purposes of Scientology makes it the number one voice for Scientology in the field.

  14. …those who live and thrive on anti-Scientology commentary, are trying to communicate on this forum their negative views about us, our ideals, rationale and goals. We have said, from the beginning, that this is a safe space for Scientologists — so we are going to defend this location and this platform from the hostilities.

    Thank you for holding the line on keeping this location free from anti-Scn entheta, Lana. As you said (and I myself have noted many times), there are lots of other online venues for people to vent their anti-Scn views. Indeed, there seem to be very few places online where it’s entirely safe to be a Scientologist.

    Sadly, a handful of the highest ranking former Sea Org members have seemingly banded together to encourage and promote a culture of hatred and intolerance toward all things Scientology – including the base philosophy, original church policies, auditing tech, parishioner successes and testimonials, breakthroughs in study, ethics tech, group theta…..in short – any positive, pro-survival aspects of the activity.

    Why, is anyone’s guess. I’m not into figure-figuring on it. I can only chalk it up to M/U’s, real overts, or a lack of any real experience with the subject from a student/practitioner’s point of view. I realize that some critics fall into the ‘experienced’ class, but again – if they’re on the anti-Scn side, there’s something sorely amiss with their basic grounding in the subject.

    Again, I just want to thank you for maintaining a safe and sane channel for we who adhere to this philosophy, to come together and commiserate.

  15. Many thanks for the acks everyone! I think its safe to say most if not all here are winning on the tech in some fashion or another. Priceless considering how easy it is to wander off. I feel sad knowing that there are too many casualties out there who were so close yet far enough to join the natter pool!

    Thats why this blog is so nourishing. We are discovering just how vast our numbers are! Bigger than the malcontents, larger than the current Sea org contingent perhaps? If all came together and struck out with nothing else than correct tech application and real OT’s made the impact would impinge indeed!! Perhaps it is doing so readily now! We just dont know the full story.

    With this blog all the independant freezone cells may unite and take back what was ours after all! Cudos to you Lana for putting yourself out here and for being there and communicating despite the shots fired! It is very needed and wanted. Thank you.

  16. I would like to know your viewpoint on this proposition: Why not having 3 stats on the site:
    1. Free Membership for people in agreement with the site and project.
    2. Professional Membership (paying) for Technical people and groups who would like a service like promotion, technical help, and so on (to be devised)
    3. Number of trained auditors (but that might be the same as 2.

    Anyone wanting to join can join and anyone wanting to leave just leave freely. To keep admin simple the stat would adjust automatically (I think such computer programs exists).

    Or something of the sort to show our progress.

    Any idea about that?

    • Thanks Joseph. We have number 1 at this time, and number 2 is a logical step however I suspect, and I think the board members of MS2 would agree, we are not at that stage yet. The other way to do it is have both 1 and 2 free and easy to join, and have professional services at an affordable cost – ie. The user pays.
      At some point it will have to be worked out. At this time we survive, as a group, on donations, and on goodwill and volunteer spirit. I am not paid and nor are board members of MS 2 or contributors. We do this as we know it has to be done and it is our responsibility to do something effective about the situation.
      As the technical delivery network grows , the easier but busier life will become.
      All very exciting.

      • Thank you Lana. Later will these stats be available on the site?

        Next point, I talked to a close Scn tech friend about your site. He will visit it.

        Otherwise I should be done tomorrow with the translation of the main pages of the site. I’ll post it in my Gazette.

        • Hi Joseph,
          I don’t know if we will post stats at any time soon on the Internet. My experience is that those who oppose us use and solid information they can get on us to try and harm or slow us down. There is strength in being fabian and keeping cards close to the chest. The newsletters we wish to send out will be the first logical place to include details, but in the current environment many people ( both pre clears and auditors) are not enthusiastic about having their names up in lights. For obvious reasons.
          This all comes back to creating a safe space where people can communicate with out fear.
          The star of numbers is a safe one. At this time we have 109 people following the blog. Our number of views daily have 4xed in the last 4 weeks.

          • Hello Lana,
            Great stats. You are right regarding security. I’ll apply the same policy here.
            Thank you for your encouragements. I am so happy to read all these great posts. Yes we are Scientologists!

  17. Ron says it all here, something that applies out here as well, whether in a field practice, field group, blog or forum:

    From HCO PL 27 December 1963, The “Magic” of Good Management. As Ron says, they are “[s]ome tips of value which, while they do not form the rationale back of my own actions, will be found of practical use.”


    See that the place stays clear of entheta and natter. Use O/W liberally. Spot spinning malcontent and do something energetic. Don’t get reasonable about natterers. If they’re hypercritical they have overts. If they have a real complaint they’d talk to the management, not everybody else. These people are just nuts and they spread disaster. They drive off all the good staff members and prevent new ones, yet there they stay nattering madly about things they don’t understand and haven’t read. As they drive off good personnel, if you don’t watch it you wind up with only nuts. So the natterer is no light problem. Don’t hire them in the first place, but if you do by accident, deep six them during the probation period provided. Don’t fill up an Org with disaffected persons just because you have to have bodies. This is a tough one because at least half the people about are incapable of understanding what’s going on but capable of howling like mad about it. They prevent work. They’re just chaos merchants. Natterers that hang around an Org with ‘an apartment nearby where all the students go’ should be processed or shot from guns.


    The Spirit of Scientology is one of help, a flippancy for the Authorities Who Know Best, a hope of getting onward, the one possible escape from the condemnation of this place. It doesn’t include doubt and ‘I’ve an open mind’ or reasonableness about those who would stop us. It’s an aura of new horizons, a better life, an invitation out of the muck of all the misspent yesterdays. It’s an offer to be born again. When it is discounted, played down, put alongside of psychology, medicine or self betterment Carnegies, it’s being betrayed. The door is being closed on the millions. Omit playing my tapes, omit remembering why we’re here, go into agreement with the idea we’re just another org like Murrays and you’ve had it. The atmosphere of Scientology is a lot more important than new buildings and modern furniture.”


    Keep down the danger in the environment by actually winning steadily against it. As per Scientology Zero, don’t increase it. Only the Merchant of Chaos does that. The natterer is obsessively selling a dangerous environment, trying to frighten others, trying to decry their belief in Scientology because it gets in the road of their desire to alarm and frighten others. Don’t increase the danger in the staff member’s environment by sudden firings, wholesale staff reductions, etc. It’s the manager’s job to find work for his staff to do, not reduce the staff to fit the work. Use job security, reassurance and nice steady wins to reduce the danger of the environment. Some day every Scientology Org will be sanctuary for any person within it by civil law. Just now, handle this by keeping morale up and winning against the outside. Don’t fire or let off permanent staff members. Increase the volume of work to do. And laugh at these attacks. That’s all such puny attacks deserve anyway, no matter the noise they make. The staff uncertain of its jobs, uncertain of the staying power of Scientology and the Org, cowed by raging executives and threats is in an apathy of no-work. One sweeping firing can wreck a place for a year. One threatening Staff meeting can reduce work for weeks. Raise staff tone with raised security, good temper, wins they know about, and steady even if small progress against our enemies. And publish the wins so they don’t come only on a rumour line. And boot out the Chaos Merchant-whose sole task is selling “dangerous, hopeless environment”.


    This final bit is not added out of any pride or conceit or bid for loyalty. It has been consistently observed by many observers that when a place seems to be critical of or in disagreement with Ron or cool toward his plans, the public falls rapidly away. … Apologize for my policies and the public stays away in droves. … The ‘we agree in most things with Ron but______’ sees the coat tails of the public, not their faces.”

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