By Tom Martiniano

Last night I saw the movie, “America, Imagine Life Without Her.” It was a documentary about all of the actual accomplishments America had made.  It actually proved that America, for the most part, has been a well-intended country. The documentary pointed out that most countries are “Conquestors” and have taken over other countries.  This includes Native American tribes, such as the Sioux, Navajo, Apache’s and so on, have been the same, they didn’t own the land they were on, they stole it from other Indian nations.  That was eye-popping.

But one thing that America does that makes us heads and tails above the rest of the countries on this planet is that we sought to right wrongs such as conqesting other countries and territories. In fact, the only territory that the USA “took” after all of the sacrifice of WWII was the few acres of land to bury our dead soldiers on.

We were, at one time, heavily involved in slavery but 360,000 Americans fought and died on the Union side to free slaves from bondage.  So you see, America always tries to be fair and just, and although she may not always be fair and just in her actions, she does try.  And because we fought to make people free in the 1860’s other countries followed Americas lead and made slaving illegal.  Same with conquesting, because America makes a point on not taking other countries by force, most other countries stopped doing it.

But the main thing that I learned from the movie was a clip in it that was from a speech- by U2’s Bono who said “Ireland is just a country, England is just a country. But what makes America great is that it is not just a country, it is an Idea, and that’s what I love about her.”

Of course, for me, this translated to Scientology. What is great about Scientology and what makes it attractive is that Scientology is also an idea. It is an excellent idea for a better civilization. It is an idea of a world without war and without insanity. It is an idea of being free from the reactive mind, which is the mind that makes us all slaves.

The idea of Scientology is much better than any idea I have come across in millions of years. What is wrong with those ideals? I myself actually liked my lifestyle in Scientology and I miss it. We were all against drugs and psychology and for freedom from insanity and slavery. What a wonderful lifestyle that was and still is.

The idea Scientology is currently being run and administered by money-grubbing maniacs means nothing because the very idea of Scientology is freedom and it will soon be free of that which is ruining it now. And this will be accomplished by auditors auditing, C/Ses C/Sing, supervisors making more auditors, C/Ses and supervisors.

If you are under the radar now or free and out in the open, please help form up a group in your area. Contact those who are now delivering and help them build orgs. Give them support and energy and get Scientology delivered like it was in the 60’s and 70’s,

Freedom is right here are our doorstep. Let’s do this thing.


13 thoughts on “The idea

  1. Thanks Tom for telling it like it is, straight from the Heart. It calls to mind what LRH said, about examining both the negative and the positive acts of a person, in order to mke a fair judgement.

  2. Actually America was the first nation on Earth in recent history to declare that all men (which included women too in the vernacular of the time) were created equal and therefore equal under law.

    Of course it took us some time to actually put that ideal into practice but we eventually got there.

    It’s like the ideal of OT. It may take us some time. Probably a lot of auditing and training but we eventually get there. Despite what the septics and naysayers say.

  3. Tom: “The idea of Scientology is much better than any idea I have come across in millions of years. What is wrong with those ideals? I myself actually liked my lifestyle in Scientology and I miss it.”

    Nice post.

    Me too … Scn lifestyle … until about 1994. It was relatively easy dodging IAS until then, but after that the parasitic aspect of the money cult started to rear it’s ugly head alongside GAT shortly after.

    I have reached states of being which trump just about any existence I ever managed to recall. 🙂

  4. Thank you for making this amazing & wonderful analogy! This movie is breaking box office records for a documentary and not popular amongst what are called the “American haters” (akin to the “LRH haters” no doubt?), who only seek to focus on how “bad it all is over there..” …kinda illustrates the tone levels they wallow in? I am PROUD to be an American, with the small numbers who are willing to stand up for what is right & likewise, to be a Scientologist doing the same as inprior years.. And “yes”, I ALSO “miss the lifestyle” & sense of accomplishment each day I worked in tech!

  5. A lovely post, Tom. I’m looking forward to watching that move, too. And I agree about Scientology being an excellent idea. What a wonderful gift Ron gave us all. We all need to put our shoulders to the wheel and fulfill the promise that is Scientology.

    • Chris, I don’t think Tom is saying America is faultless. To me, the war injustices you’ve pointed to look similar to the war injustices of every powerful nation throughout time.

      I think his point is that we have an idea that tries to improve upon the situation of war and other injustices. And no nation had these ideas before us.

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  7. I have found Scientology to free me tremendously from homo sapien restraints and group bank think. As I do more and more Solo NOTs, the more exterior I get to some crazy games that I used to be a slave to. Nothing like getting off the never ending merry-go-round of millions and gazillions of years!

    • I think you will be able to buy this on video soon,for the price of admission, cause documentaries often are bargain priced and this looks well worth having in my library!

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