By Lana M

The term “Independent Scientologist” was coined about 5 years ago, as distinct from Freezoners, who had been applying Scientology outside of Corporate Church control since the early 80s.

At that time, a list was created of “Independent Scientologists” with the aim of achieving 500 names, and many people signed that list, including myself and many hundred others. It seemed there was a group forming, and that there was some unity in a field that had been so fragmented for so long.

Over the last several years an interesting phenomena then occurred. Many people on the list of the 500 “Indies” denounced Scientology and became critical of LRH. Terms such as “KSW Kamakazees”, and “Scn Fundamentalists” and “Hubbard Devotees” were used to try and make being a Scientologist a bad thing. On several public forums, blogs and on social media, there was an ongoing influence and push to take away stable data regarding Scientology tech, and to lump everything into one big baby that needs to be thrown out with the bath water.

Differentiation between Corporate Scientology (and their actions, harm and destructive acts) and the body of Scientology technology itself, stopped.

When Milestone Two was launched in April of 2013, with the clear purpose of making sure that standard Scientology is available, there was an open attack from the “Independent Scientologist” community on certain blogs and on Facebook. We chose, at that time, to simply find a safe space of our own, and continue our work, which he have done for the last year to great results.  As time has passed, a significant number of those claiming they are “Independent Scientologists” have stated publicly that they have no intention of continuing up The Bridge, and they do not audit, do not train, do not apply LRH tech in their lives.  They have abandoned the subject, the philosophies and in support of their new “group”, they find fault with the body of work and with the Founder.

At this point I consider the term “Independent Scientologist” a misnomer.

Now don’t get me wrong — people are entitled to do as they wish, and if people no longer want to practice Scientology and want to move into other realms, that is up to them.  My job is not to persuade them otherwise. And they are welcome to go about their lives as they see fit.

But with the horrific state of Corporate Scientology today — with altered technology, injustices, criminal regging, rip-off, disconnection, gross out-tech, arbitraries and more — Scientology actually no longer exists within the Church of Scientology.

So my view is that in Milestone Two we are Scientologists. No other names or descriptors are needed.

It is a simplicity.

And we have no problem on holding the torch for the future.




51 thoughts on “Not an “Indi”

  1. I think its safe to say that the Scientology world is divided into 2 major camps.

    1.Those who use and apply the tech consistently.


    2.Those that used to do so.

    It doesnt seem to matter if they were in the freezone or the church, its what happens after they decide this is it, no more Scientology. I have observed consistent phenomena. Joe Blow starts to look at everything once regarded as taboo and it gets real interesting! Pretty soon stuff keys in and about the only way out from there is to dimiss the whole subject along with LRH affinity lock, stock and barrel! Bam! Just like that, this person after sacrificing years of personal time and recources despises Ron and his amazing tech – remarkable! The critics all clamour and say, he woke up and realised he was being brainwashed by LRH all along. That argument fails completely when anyone who has ever experienced a huge win knows instantly, you experienced a greater sense of freedom and much more! Brainwashing requires force and degradation. Church speciality Im afraid.
    Some blogs are full of these people who have gone down that road. All too easy. Now all they do is lament on how
    bad it all is at the church and DM this and that as well as how duped they were etc. Tiresome to say the least. They could be going up the bridge.

    So a very big well done for the thetans here in Milestone for getting it right and keeping it right. It feels the way it should and thats theta operating nicely along. At some point more will be finding themselves here thats for sure. Keep up the sterling work!

  2. Yep, I’m just a plain old Scientologist. I have a “status” with David Miscavige’s group, which is my standing, and it’s not “good”, according to that fella. I have another one now apparently out here amongst the various others, something on the order of “KSW…” add a pejorative as you see fit. Funny that, both sides clamoring about how bad it is “over there”, and all I’m doing is being, here.

    So, looking this over this morning I had a thought about the old PL, dated 23 December 65, Suppressive Acts (this PL was originally dated 7 March 65, but by December had been revised, and somebody forgot to put the original date, and ‘R’ designation on it.)

    Here I’m be, choosing a category of identity in the game, that of Scientologist, and that to me doesn’t mean “Church of Scientologist” or “Independent Scientologist” it just means Scientologist, LRH’s Scientology, the full body of materials as applicable to living on 8 Dynamics in this particular game.

    Today I looked at this PL, the “SP Acts” policy, and at several descriptions of what an SP act is, and those to do with a “splinter” group.

    Here are the three things I plucked from the PL.

    “SUPPRESSIVE ACTS are acts calculated to impede or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist and which are listed at length in this policy letter.”

    Listed among many others are:

    “organizing a splinter group to use Scientology data or any part of it to distract people from standard Scientology; organizing splinter groups to diverge from Scientology practices, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else;”

    “seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or “to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology”.”

    Applying what I learned on the Student Hat and in the Study Tapes, along with M1, KTL, and the clearing of countless words, grammar, etc., I think at this time I’m quite capable of duplicating, understanding, and gaining judgment on the policy, and the points listed here.

    It is very clear to me, that a true “SP” act, is calculated. This aligns with the breakthrough data contained in CS Series 22, Psychosis, and the formulation of a destructive intention to “solve” some confusion a being isn’t tolerating, duplicating and as-ising. To handle that problem of “me and it”, opposed.

    And it is clear that the words “Scientology” and “Scientologist” are NOT “Church of…” or else it would have said a “Church of Scientology/Scientologist”, and it doesn’t actually.

    Indeed, there is a distinction and L Ron Hubbard made it very clear in his Estate Planning and the documents establishing the Church of Spiritual Technology, CST, that there IS a distinction between Scientology and a Church of Scientology – ANY Church of Scientology, including RTC, CSI et al. (And CST for that matter.)

    I did not set off to establish a “splinter” group, when I got declared in 1992, did A-E over the next umpty-ump years, finished it, in writing, and then was deadfiled and not restored to “good standing” by David Miscavige. Nope.

    But, I am a Scientologist, and it appears that DM’s group does NOT practice Scientology any longer, including its Technologies, and its Policies.

    I want to study and apply these incredible materials to my life, and to the various situations I encounter in that living, so what to do? Well, I certainly don’t need a license to survive from somebody or other, including Dave, so I continue to study and apply L. Ron Hubbard’s materials, with or without “approval” from somebody or other.

    I am not, and don’t encourage anybody to diverge from the practice of standard Scientology. In fact, if anything I do the opposite, as all sorts of ESMB, WWP, and other type blogs will certainly swear and screech about.

    I am not a Scientologist for personal profit, for personal power, or factually to “save” Dave’s Church from Dave. Again, I’m simply a Scientologist, studying and applying LRH’s Scientology across my Dynamics.

    Now, I DO have a personal view, based on plenty of personal observation, that Dave’s Church is NOT the same thing as the one envisioned in L. Ron Hubbard’s policy. So, I’ve concluded that his group falls under the rubric of the LRH authored documents that distinguish Scientology from ANY “Church of Scientology”.

    My group, has no goal to distract people from standard Scientology. It has no intention to “splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or “to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology”.” Nope, that isn’t any part of what I’m about, nor what MS2 was established to achieve.

    I’m not much interested in “saving” those who squirrel Scientology either. They wanna run NOTs on OT II, or audit their cereal, or over the phone, or do it while chanting “M&Ms”, fine. The LRH PL on Superior Service Image is workable for me. I agree and use that reference.

    I AM a Scientologist. As I choose to be.

    • It is funny Jim how in one group you are an anti Scientologist, (even though you are a prolific quoter and user of LRH) and in the other group you are the KSW nazi. I just think you are a good guy!

      • Like that song Garden Party by Ricky Nelson:

        “Ya can’t please every so ya gotta please yourself” 😉

        Ya like Jimbo I’ve been called everything in the book plus other things like crack pot, tin foil hat wearing wacko, conspiracy theorist, etc. whatever because I bring up a couple of directives like Working Theory, Notes on Smersh etc. and the PLs on Politics Freedom from, Infiltration, Counter Espionage etc.

        Never acknowledged that Miscavige was the undistributed “leader” or “leader of a different kind” or “Department 21” of Scientology because he’s got some impressive title like COBRTC when I was in.

        So what?

        To me ever since I saw him on Nightline with Ted “moron” was what came to my mind so I went with it 😉

        Though I’d like to add a modifier as in *Suppressive* moron.

        People think he’s smart and cunning and so does he but if he and they really looked at his and possibly their future track. They and he would see they are neither.

        • I dunno rv, but the image of you in a foil hat…well, it got me to smile. Yes, you theorize, and have more acronyms for more secret this and spy that than anybody I know. But you audit and train, and even if the MICIARSGB run DM via a slow drip from his enema bag, it makes no difference whatsoever to that person in front of you getting the results of Scientology.

          • Right Jimbo,

            That is the important thing.

            Isn’t it?

            Though it’s nice to know all this cloak and dagger stuff. Just in case the powers that be get us on their radar and try the tried and true MI6 tactic of divide and conquer.

            Meaning us Scientologists gotta stick together and do what Ron says in Current Planning.

            Not to worry though as Ron says in Scientology Review it’s almost impossible to wipe out the Tech even if the Church seems to be hell bent on collecting up anything that doesn’t have furry “management’s” seal of approval and burning it like a bunch of brown shirted Nazis.

            • if there is any wisdom that is nearly absolute, then it’s this: “Meaning us Scientologists gotta stick together and do what Ron says in Current Planning.”

              Cheers 🙂

              • Foremost

                Sorta of a variation on what Ben Franklin said before the American Revolution:

                “We must all hang together or be hung separately”

                I wondered what happened to all that friendship and camaraderie we had in the past the spirit of which they seemed to have successfully exorcised from the Org.

                And I’ve found it here.


                • All good points, RV. We were always a team back then, staff or public.

                  ““We must all hang together or be hung separately”

                  Very appropriate to Scientology !!! LRH pressed that point home in KSW.

        • Hey RV, for the record, Im with you, on the Intelligence communities
          attempts at infiltrating the Church etc, at least up until Rons death. There is too much evidence now to dispute it. How far it goes, whether daves in it or not, I dont know. It would be interesting to know.
          For myself I came into this life with rose colored glasses on, quite naive really, (force on the case). Its taken the OT levels to handle that.
          I believe now that to truly understand what is going on with this planet is just being able to confront. It can be hard to really be able to confront evil and its motivations. I have witnessed that first hand in a microcosm, for a friend who had no idea he was about to be pummeled.
          Please keep up the good work, in your research and informing!

          • Thanx 4a,

            I just keep doing my research.

            Sometimes I feel like Fox Mulder 😉

            Is Dave part of the Intelligence Community (an oxymoron as far as Miscavige is concerned)?

            Well there was something published a while back on the website cryptome called the Crowley list which was a forerunner to Wikileaks that has Miscavige listed under “M” as an Agent of Influence (definition given on the site).

            I’ll give you the link:


            One thing is for sure is that according to Marty, Dave was BFF with Robert Gray (a spooky spook for sure) who was with Hill & Knowlton (one of the PR agencies the Agency called on when they needed to boost some despot’s image or start a war) and is covered in Susan Trento’s book The Powerhouse which included the Moonies as clients as well.

            Also there is a connection between the Church and Adnan Khashoggi arms dealer and one of the architects of BCCI which Mike tries to say was just an innocent connection.

            Yeah sure.

            Of course he can’t explain why former NSA Dir Bill Odom ended up being on the Board of Directors to ATG (a company closely connected to Scientology at one time) other than it being a coincidence.

            A new religion I call Coincidencology which is just ignore outpoints and possible connections and pretend that Scientology isn’t a threat to anyone and although Ron wrote some good stuff he was basically a paranoid crackpot.

            ‘Nuff said.

            Personally I doubt if the IC is currently interested in the Church as it seems to be digging its own grave.

            Maybe all they are doing right now is running enough interference on Dave’s behalf in order to keep him out of prison long enough to finish the job.

            Anyway that’s the way I see it.

            As Jimbo points out.

            It really doesn’t whether it’s the CIA or the Marcabs.

            We thankfully have the Tech and we can use it.

    • Jim:

      “Audit their cereal”! Ohmygawd that set off a whole raft of twisted hilarious images. I can just see a couple of cans sitting in a cereal bowl while some blockhead tries to figure out if the “PC” is wearing rings or something. Endless “I’ll repeat the auditing command”. Or the guy carefully carrying the cereal bowl so it could “touch that wall” without spilling any milk. (Would that be a cereal “red tag”?)

      Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

      Interesting. I hadn’t thought about or read that PL (Suppressive Acts) in a long time. But it appears that LRH worded it quite precisely to “thread the needle”. Obviously I can’t speak for LRH, but I expect he’d be pleased with the fact that, being unable to get a proper show on the road in the Church, we’ve chosen to do so out here in the Field.

      Go us!

  3. The SPs “out here” use the abuses in the Co$ as an opportunity to take advantage of people’s charge to turn them completely off to Scientology. But isn’t that what they were doing when they were in?? And weren’t they complicit in those abuses?

    I found Indy meant being reasonable and accepting of “Everyone’s” viewpoint no matter how crazy. It meant not really questioning Ron,as was promoted, but invalidating him. It meant that if you question the SPs out here, you are bad.ETC. Didn’t we just leave that insanity already when we left the Co$??

    Just call me a Scientologist-Thank You!

  4. Lana,

    There has been a confusion on who or what a Scientologist is since the Pyrrhic “victory” over the IRS and by it the founding of the “Scientology Religion”.

    A “Scientologist” according to the Secret Closing Agreement is one who is a *member* of a Scientology Organization that has tax exempt status under IRC 501ciii.

    This legal legerdemain took two things that were once mutually exclusive and made them the same.

    I won’t get into any possible conspiracy theories of why they engineered it this way as there is already a website that speculates on this:


    The only problem I have with good Ol’ Mead being declared the “founder” of CST is that they ignore Scientology history.

    The fact is that Ron had established similar entities in the past such as the Church of American Science and Spiritual Engineering to cover the contingency that the Church would be seized by hostile forces that were inimical to total freedom and were in terror of anyone outside their area of control gaining OT abilities.

    My speculation is that the success of CIA’s Remote Viewing program and their previous failures to discredit and invalidate the subject since they couldn’t seize control of it with Mary Sue in charge of the Guardian’s Office made them consider another ways and means.

    In other words a covert take over of the subject which they in my opinion succeeded at by placing it in the hands of a totally compromised individual.

    Again this is purely speculation on my part.

    What isn’t is the fact that the redefinition of a “Scientologist” as above has introduced confusion into the scene.

    BTW the formula for confusion of a group as opposed to an individual is:

    “Find out what you are?”

    Of course one can bypass all this by realizing that what a Scientologist is has been carefully redefined to introduce this confusion and to clear the original definition of Scientologist.

    Fortunately I have the definition to hand:

    SCIENTOLOGIST, 1. one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. (Aud 73 UK) 2 . one who controls persons, environments and situations. A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist. (PAB 137) 3 . one who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life. (COHA, p. 12) 4 . a specialist in spiritual and human affairs. (Abil Ma 1)

    As you can see it says nothing about a Scientologist having to be a member of a Scientology (or more accurately one that claims to be while doing something else) Organization.

    Though one can see the power of a misunderstood word and how it can create all this silliness of people declaring themselves “Independent Scientologists”.

    As far as I’m concerned it is nothing but a god damned Q&A what Ron labeled as Man’s Deadliest Disease.

    Whether it be the CIA, IRS, NSA, some other combination of alphabet soup or David Miscavige all by his lonesome who has hijacked the Organization (which by the way was not founded by Ron personally but by J Burton Farber) doesn’t matter.

    The fact is one is a Scientologist who applies Scientology by the above definition is in my opinion a *Scientologist* and are the rightful heirs to the technology.

    As Ron said many times it belongs to those who actually *use* it which excludes the Government Approved circus down the road calling itself the “Church of Scientology”.

  5. I first started looking for the truth of what the church had become in the mid 90s. Then, from what I found, you were either for the church or a Ron hater. There was no MS2 or any body like it. So I stuck with the church, to my detriment.

    The interesting thing I found with some of the Ron haters was that they would still use Scn terms. So in fact they were still applying Scn, they had to, the tech parallels life, there is nothing outside of Scn that describes life like Scn. It must really suck to be in that position.

    The fact that tech like the PTS/SP tech is becoming more broadly known, as in the case of “The Sociopath next door”, is a phenomena that LRH described as in the tech filtering down into the society. Its fantastic that this tech is becoming known for people to use! One day some bright spark is going to come across a bulletin written in 1965 and go “wow, this is were it came from”.

    I consider myself a Scientologist, but for the world at large I want them to know I am not a part of the church because those people are being painted with the same brush as the church, I know that from the people I know who are still in and on the street trying to disseminate. Personally I would keep the “Independent” for a little while longer.

    • cotch,
      I was jabbing away with a sort of “celeb” from EU the other day, and he asked me about the CofS – and the image he had for it (a business) and the contrast between that and myself, whom he had just been talking animatedly to for several hours about life, philosophy, running, enlightenment, Buddha, and on and on.

      It took almost 10 minutes to clearly distinguish Scientology from ANY Church, or me for that matter. Easy-peasy.

      Like you, I’m able to confront somebody, and willing to be there and communicate and boy, does that work 🙂

  6. I’m a Scientologist and have been promoting its worth on the net, longer than most here. 15 years. I make no distinction between Freezone or Independent. I am very liberal as you might surmise from this below posted on ESMB. I don’t like KSW 1 but have no problem with the wish to deliver tech standardly.

    ** From the moderator: Terril, I have edited your comment containing postings from ESMB, as the debate about the worth of Scn tech from other forums does not belong here, and can stay in those other locations. I appreciate your statement that you are a Scientologist and have no problem with the wish to deliver tech standardly.

  7. If you know and use Scientology then you are a Scientologist. That is the semantics of the situation.

    But there is a marketing aspect to this too. At some point we all want to promote what we do and I personally don’t want to give people the wrong idea and send them in the direction of the Church to be abused and ripped off. Perhaps in another decade that won’t be an issue. But it is now so maybe there is such a thing as a Milestone Two Scientologist?

    • I guess someone could co-opt the term, “Fundamentalist Scientologist.” But then, what’s the point? As Shakespeare said best, “a rose by any other name….” I’m thinking Lana called it straight.

    • Steve,

      I wouldn’t worry too much.

      See actual definition of a Scientologist.

      People who are smart enough and able enough to get into Scientology should be able to make the distinction between us and the Government Approved Tax Exempt Squirrel Group(TM).

  8. When I first arrived out here in Indieland, I ran across something I had never, in my 15-plus years in $cientology, people dissing the tech. It’s just something I’d never came across. It was always a matter of locating the appropriate LRH reference to hat someone up, never to debate the validity of the tech. Those that did, at least up until the mid-90s, were simply booted out, and rightfully so. That point of agreement is what makes the group.

    The Indies, or whatever they wanted to call themselves, were never any Scientology group, merely a hodge-podge of individuals some in a mutual GPM with the church. That Indie 500 group would have been more productive in terms of a list of who subscribes to standard tech than who stands up against the church — 2 entirely different objectives, the latter doing absolutely nothing moving anyone up the bridge.

    Except those Scn practitioners who practice standard tech, I consider most of the rest of the Indies the absolute rock-bottom barrel trash of Scientology, and I would rather opt to rejoin the church if pressed than get caught up with the drama, natter and dirtbags of this confused entity, as their one-way fare is only Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics.

    Perhaps not completely an oddity, several non-Indie Scn groups are in existance out here who’ll accept ex-Co$ers, but not Freezoners or Indies as they stick to business and don’t want it’s sewage on it’s lines.

    • Hi Formost, I’ll speak for myself. I’m #288 on the Indie 500. When I put my name on the list, it was wonderful to have it easily accessible to any who might wonder what happened to me. It also meant I had taken a stand against the corporate church by my stated independence. My story is known, as well as my name. I certainly don’t consider myself a member of a “hodge-podge of individuals some in a mutual GPM with the church.” Nor do I consider myself “the absolute rock-bottom barrel trash.” I also don’t “get caught up with the drama, natter and dirtbags of this confused entity.” I, in fact, remain a steadfast friend and support worthwhile individuals and purposes. I do believe I have helped. Rachel

  9. Lana @ July 11, 2014 at 12:02 am: “The more compassion, love and help we can provide to those within, those now out, and those who have never known Scientology, the better Scientologists we are.”

    “I consider most of the rest of the Indies the absolute rock-bottom barrel trash of Scientology”
    “Freezoners or Indies” … “it’s sewage”

    I wish MS2 would follow Selena Gomez example.

      • See, that’s “matching a Tone”. You twist and alter, and throw your turd. I take it, and throw it back, whence it came. It’s your turd.

        Reminds of those Buddhist guys. They turn the other “cheek” and as it turns, the leg comes up in a flying drop kick.

    • My last paragraph regarding Selena Gomez was a low gradient approach to point to win-win games as opposed to win-lose games.
      It looks like not many people have done or are able to do (deep) processing of (evil) sources of win-lose games.

      • Just to be clear: a high gradient approach to point to win-win games (as opposed to win-lose games) would be a) (case) info and cosmogony of (evil) sources of win-lose games, and b) their (deep) processing techniques. Both (a) and (b) are not real for many readers, and also they are outside the scope of this blog.

  10. I’ve heard tell that the “field” is handled with PR, not ethics. Heard it several times now, and so I looked up the actual reference. It’s HCO PL 21 April 1970, Field Ethics, in OEC Vol 6. It should be read for the entirety, and the context. I will post the quote that has been alter-ised by this false idea “no ethics in the field”.

    “It has come to attention that at least one org was not prospering because it was being suppressed by its own field.

    “One or more SPs operating in its neighborhood were active in making the Ethics Officer and the execs wrong and enturbulating staff.

    “Whereas one should go lightly in handling a mission or group with ethics (these are PR areas, not ethics areas), there is an entirely different sort of condition where an SP can be active in the neighborhood of an org and all but crash it.”

    • Roger that Jimbo,

      As I’ve written many times. I feel what the Church calls it “field” especially many of those low life sleaze balls they call “patrons” that they continually adulate because they got big bucks which seems to be the new meaning of “upstat” in the orgs these days are to a large degree responsible for the decline and corruption of the Organization.

      Aside from many of them being illegal PCs per the policy i.e. connected to the media, police and spy organization (the probable reason they haven’t included that many institutional cases though they will accept some as a “favor” to any of the above is probably because they aren’t as profitable.) they particularly those who have WISE companies use Org “ethics” to keep their employees cowed and in line.

      In fact it is worse now than it was when Ron did the ConEvil Eval.

      In my opinion WISE eventually became more of a problem than the solution after it transferred to ABLE from the GO’s SoCo department.

      Much like OSA became more of a problem than the GO ever was.

      (Just look at the stats:

      Under Mary Sue’s GO there was very few leaks of confidential material. In fact I can count them on the fingers of one hand while under OSA’s “Guardianship” the Orgs became a fricking sieve.

      You can understand why if you read the policy Counter-Espionage.

      I mean one can’t blame OSA entirely. Out Tech as per the PL Ethics and Service tends to turn people against the Organization but I’d say a contributing factor is that OSA has made more enemies by obsessively targeting its critics.

      Not that the GO wasn’t guilty of this but they spent most of their time going after the real enemy as covered in various directives.)

      Anyway that’s my view Jimbo.

      True ethics can be applied to the Field but without an HCO or an Ethics Review section to handle injustice. Applying ethics would become nothing but a free for all with accusations and finger pointing at one another.

      Also you have to look at the fact that aside from the Manual of Justice. Ron didn’t institute ethics until he developed the seven division Org Board.

      That’s my view big guy.

      Over to you.

  11. There is false data that has been propogated out here that “we” don’t want to mimic the Cof $’s severe ethics by not applying any ethics. “We” should co-exist with everyone and love everyone no matter what. Pleas of no labels. Of course, that is an environment an SP can comfortably survive in and not be nailed.And guess who rails against ethics the most?
    One has to have a high confront of evil to survive and thank god, we have an incredible tech for that. it is vital to know who the SPs are. Can you imagine what would happen if all Scientologists SEE David Miscavige as an SP?? the same applies out here in the field.

  12. As we know who we are — Scientologists — what do we do next? A Chart of Quality for MS 2 Scientologists? An Eval of the Field Scn situation? A monthly OIC published in our mag? Would be good to see where we are at and where we go. I don’t know about you but me I feel much too alone here and really no clear view of the future.
    As a note, I was for a couple of decennies in middle management and I could see the desperately flat 339R graphs years after years after years. At least one could see there was a situation. Even if no why was found.
    Like many of us we have tons of “on the ground” experience. Can we do something with that, as a group?
    Any idea?

    • Thanks Joseph,
      The first step is forming up the Technical Delivery Network. We have 20 already registered. Let’s get trained people delivering, and let’s get more people trained to deliver.

      • Well that’s simple. It seems we start from the beginning like in 1950. But the difference is we have experience in good and in bad and we can use that to make a better field. The main difference also is that we have the full Bridge available, which they didn’t have at that time. It is an advantage. So we are 20 teams but we know who we are. It is a good beginning and we have an organization — Milestone Two.
        Your answer removes the mystery I had as to “but how much are we?”
        On this subject, if anyone has success stories of miracles, or expansion win, or new center opening, if it is put on this site, I’ll be pleased to translate it in French and write an article on my blog “le dianeticien”. Any expansion win will be very welcome. Even new Book One groups or auditors, whatever anyone of you feels it is worth to be published.
        What we push, we get. If we push wins, high toned news, and so on, this is what we will get.

  13. I too like the simplicity of this.
    A Scientologist is someone who uses the subject of Scientology to better the conditions of themselves and others. That is all.

    I am a Scientologist.
    And Scientology is also my religious practice. It is religious because, for me, it deals with things spiritual.

    So, Scientology is my religion.

    And incidentally, the Constitution of the United States not only specifically prohibits Congress (or anyone else) from establishing religion, but also prohibits anyone from impeding the free exercise of religion.

  14. That is correct. While the “church” of Scientology can expel me from their “church” if they wish, they cannot prohibit me from practicing my religion which is described in all of the writings (or “scriptures” as the COS calls them) of L.Ron Hubbard.
    They cannot tell me what my religion is or is not, cannot impede my right to practice my religion nor prohibit my right to proclaim that I do so. They do not trump the 1st Amendment.

    • In any case, I didn’t have access to Scientology while I was in the church. I had to leave the church before I could start studying the subject independently.

      I guess the point of the original article was how people like me failed to adhere to standard tech and so forth. I never had access to standard tech, so I could only make the best of my situation with what was actually available.

  15. Love this so True I am oh so proud to be a Scientologist and I have so many tapes and lectures and books to study and learn from 🙂 ❤ I am glad Leah is speaking up about disconnection but She and Mike Rinder speak in bad generalities . with her I am quite sure She is not trained only mostly for self to OT . Like LRH said I am a trained level 2 and supe trained Studied alot of Data series I recognize Right away OUTPOINTS !! Lana I just wish you all were near my area in Florida … oh Well I keep postulates going !!

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