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By Tom Martiniano

When a person says something that is just pure garbage, no one will want to comment on it:  Why bother commenting on tripe?  But when someone says something that misses a withhold or two, you can be sure there will be lots of negative comment.

For background purposes only: I was a big part of the “Rollback Missions” into the USGO, GOWW, Clearwater Sea Org Base, PAC Sea Org Base and Australia.  The definition of Rollback is in HCO PL ETHICS.  The term means to “Roll Back or trace back rumors and destructive acts to their source”.  Every rumor and destructive act has a source. We knew from the start of our rollback missions that the source of the infiltration into Church management and the Guardians Office was the FBI, CIA, MI-5 and behind them were the managers of these clandestine operations; the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association and then the IRS.  We understood that. What we wanted to do was remove their operatives from management.

Since 1950 and the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the American Medical Association has spent hundreds of millions and possibly billions of dollars to stop the expansion of Dianetics and Scientology.  As was discovered in the “victory” over the IRS, it was definitely the AMA employed the Internal Revenue Service in the USA to sue the Church over religious status, hoping to remove the religious aspect of Dianetics and then having accomplished that, they would remove the E-Meter and then remove the practice of “healing”.  This would have made Dianetics and Scientology ineffective and thus a completed project board for the FBI, AMA and IRS.

In 1950 the AMA had analyzed Dianetics and found it to be a very powerful technology.  In fact, the tech from Dianetics has been so respected throughout the last 60 years that it is used today by AMA/APA  sanctioned practitioners to help veterans get over trauma in hopes that they will get better and live normal lives. This tech is not called Dianetics, it is called TIR (Trauma Incident Reduction but it is controlled by the AMA and APA).  You can look it up on the internet, but what they do is have the veteran go over and over the traumatic incident until it is “reduced”.  Sound familiar?   So they do see the power in this tech and doctors across the United States are now availing themselves to it.

After reading DMSMH, doctors in the early 50’s panicked and invoked the huge AMA lobby to do something about this new technology that has the potential of destroying their income.  After all, Lumbosis (made up illness) could now be treated and cured in just a few short hours for a few small dollars.  However, Medicos can make a small fortune off of Lumbosis by involving surgery and extensive costly follow-up treatment.  In short, the world of Medicine was shaken up by this new book and to their horror the book and organizations were spreading fast.

So in the 50’s the AMA attacked LRH and Dianetics via Readers Digest, Time Magazine, the London Daily Mail and other widely read publications.  By the 60’s all major magazines were running with cover stories in an attempt to make Scientology and Dianetics look horrible.  Then in the 70’s the attacks came full force via hugely popular shows such as “60 Minutes”, “20/20”, “Nightline”, “CBS News”, “NBC News”, talk shows and so forth with the same agenda – to discredit Dianetics and Scientology.  The 80’s was a war between the Church and the Big Pharmaceutical companies.  We attacked Eli Lilly and Prozac and cost them billions of dollars.  They in turn attacked with stepped up media against Dianetics.

Now we can see that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by the media to discredit Scientology and Dianetics. Was this much money spent on the Hare Krishna’s? No.  How about the Moonies? No. How about Faith-Healing Christians? No. The attacks on Dianetics and Scientology in the United States alone wee unprecedented. Never in the history of the United States was a religion so maligned by the press and media. And this in a country that was founded on religious freedom! Unprecedented.


Because the AMA really has had something to fear: The workability of Dianetics and Scientology Technology.  I have been auditing Dianetics since 1971 and I have seen this technology save hundreds of lives, on all 4 flows.  I have seen Expanded Dianetics save lives. I have seen Scientology help people communicate better. I have seen Scientology help people solves problems, get relief and stop making others wrong while spending his life being right. I have seen Clears who now lead sane lives compared to the insanity that trapped them heretofore. It is good technology and it works when applied correctly. But this is where it all gets summed up: “If it is applied correctly” – the Achilles tendon of Scientology.

So when the AMA couldn’t stop us on the media they resorted to infiltration into the management areas with the express intent of stopping us in our tracks. The infiltrators steered GO staff into committing felonies by breaking and entering of FBI offices.  I personally had an FBI plant on my meter who told me he was being run by the FBI to steer the Church into committing felonies.  It worked and Mary Sue Hubbard had to jump on that grenade and went to jail while LRH went on the lam. Then David Miscaviage saw his opportunity and went for it.  The rest of it is horrible history.

What is left inside the Church right now are incredibly ignorant staff and Sea Org members who are run by SPs who are making the tech of Scientology unworkable with GAT and GATII.  Why do you think the attacks on Scientology have stopped?  Because the attack is coming from within and by the person who owns the trademarks of Scientology is heading up the attack.

Don’t think for a minute that the tech of Scientology and Dianetics doesn’t work.  Too much energy was used by the US Government to stop it, so it must have worked it’s miracles as advertised. Imagine the meeting at the AMA. “So Doctor Scalpel, you read this book by Hubbard, do we have anything to worry about?” The doctor replies, “I see a great danger with this book and we need to suppress it now, while we have a chance. I used some of its technology and it does rid people of illnesses with simple applications. This will cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.”  And so it went. Why else would the government spend so much energy on stopping us?

On top of this, you people who are still hanging on have had wins with the tech, somehow, someway.

The naysayers have also had some wins with the tech, and it scares them because they are suppressive and they know that they have to not only stop it but bury the tech so it doesn’t ever get used correctly again.  Why else would anyone attack anything for years on end on a daily basis? Can you spell insanity?

If someone thought that Dianetics and Scientology were just scams or were just some useless tripe, they would just ignore it and move on.  But if they know it works and they are SPs, they will devote their lives to reducing the tech to ashes. This is why these attacks go on for years.  Understand, these SPs are hard at work to make Scientology and Dianetics not work and to convince you that it doesn’t work.

And you people who are taking offense to being called SPs, understand that there are two things to be done with Scientology right now: One is to learn the tech and the second is to deliver it and see that it is delivered.  Anything negative about Scientology and Dianetics is purposely putting the subject of Scientology into a negative light for your audiences. It really is as simple as that.  If you thought the tech of Scientology and Dianetics were bad you wouldn’t go out of your way to make it look bad.

We know it works because we apply it CORRECTLY and MAKE IT WORK on a daily basis.  That’s what we are all about here at MS2.


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  1. Excellent information here helps me to understand why LRH lost power and about Mary Sue and YES !! loved it Lana 🙂 I have all the tech and am trained thru Class 2 but many years ago I need to start auditing again I have 2 meters now too … 🙂

    • Yes Carla, audit wherever you can, do assists, Book One, Self Analysis (a marvellous book, look at through the various lists, they are fabulous), you have also Handbook for Preclears, marvellous. The only thing, watch for overrun as these techs are really powerful and you’ll get releases.
      And a marvellous book also is Science of Survival. Quite some highly effective procedures.
      You have the purpose so you’ll do great.
      All that while you train further of course.

      • gosh just saw your response to my comm thanks Joseph! yes I will doing some Integrity processing and nerve assists now but will use Handbook for Preclears too Also CoHA!! 🙂 rock on sounds like you had similar training to me .

  2. Great Tom! Oh yeah, they Know It Works! But of course they’ll try to convince their audience that “they are only attempting to HELP” Ha, yet none of them seem to be able to stay focused on The Right Target. Why? LRH gives us the answer in the 12 Attributes of The Anti-Social Personality, The Anti-Scientologist. It’s all too simple for those who care to look.

  3. Greetings Tom !

    This is an AWESOME article, indeed. So spot-on. An incredible evaluation done by a very competent evaluator. And a REAL why that , certainly, “explain all others outpoints”. It is always such a good pleasure to hearing from you. Your article carries in itself a lot of right indications and it is a very accurate report of the PT scene with SCN regarding the attacks from anti-SCN-anti-LRH sources and the absence of PT attacks from the Governmet. The only way those attacks from “Uncle Sam” could have stopped completely is, if they have already taken the control of the Church. I am always amazed at your insight.

    Tom, do you know you really owns the trademarks in PT ? Any particular direction you can send me to regarding this ? Thank you.

    By the way, I would re-blog this article everywhere and keep it in a special place, not to be forgotten due to the so many articles coming out of MS2.


  4. A big “Thank You!” Tom, for writing this up, we need as many accounts as we can find, by folks who were there and lived it, as you did.
    For those who might be a little skeptical and feel “OH, the AMA wouldn’t do that”, let me add this reference: a book by two non-Scientologist reporters from Chicago, who detailed the decades-long suppression of Chiropractic by the American Medical Association. The AMA was eventually found guilty in Federal Court, of “anti-competitive practices”. The Book is titled “The Serpent on the Staff: The Unhealthy Politics of the American Medical Association”, by Howard Wolinsky and Tom Brune.
    I highly recommend this book! It gives a clear picture of what was really going on back in those days, and it was all about profiting by monopolizing the areas of health and healing.

  5. Great article Tom. Thanks for the historical information. I can add something to that information from the book CULTS OF UNREASON by Dr Christopher Evans, a Delta paperback published by Dell Publishing in 1975. Chapter entitled “Brush with Authority” on page 80.

    Regarding the FDA raid of January 1963: Quoting — “As far as the controversial raid on the Washington Scientology headquarters is concerned, the E-meter was the principal target and the seizure of books and pamphlets was merely to provide reading matter to back up the FDA’s investigation. The raid seems to have come as a complete surprise to the Scientologists, who by all accounts were simply going about their business auditing each other, or attending to the routine administration of the establishment. The press, however, who had been tipped off in advance by the FDA, were present in large numbers and we are thus favoured with photographs of solemn-looking US Marshals trudging out of the building with armloads of E-meters. (They can’t have been very selective in what they took, for after filling two trucks with E-meters, books and pamphlets, they had to send for two more, ending up with a reported total of three tons of literature and equipment.) After this haul the agents, who with their Marshals numbered over two dozen, roared off back to their depot in Baltimore with an armed police motorcycle escort. Presumably someone was then landed with the unenviable task of reading through the three tons of Scientological literature which had come their way.”

    “The raid was clearly a tactical error of the first order, and gave the Scientologists just the kind of ammunition they enjoy. FDA RAIDS CHURCH is the headline in a Scientology account of the event in which it is stated that the agents burst into the Church offices ‘… with their armed Marshals, and loudly if incoherently demanded and threatened all in sight…. Showing no legal warrant the agents and heavy deputies pounded their way up stairways bursting into confessional and pastoral counselling sessions, causing disruption and violently preventing the quiet pursuit of the normal practice of religious phisosophy.’ ” End quoting.

    This line stands out to me: “The press, however, who had been tipped off in advance by the FDA, were present in large numbers and we are thus favoured with photographs of solemn-looking US Marshals trudging out of the building with armloads of E-meters.”
    Just imagine the FDA tipping off the press in advance of a raid …

    • Very interesting documentation RV. Detail after detail of attacks against the Hubbards and the Church, keeping in mind that this is only the documentation that the GO could find or could obtain thru the Freedom of Information act. I would wager there is a lot more that is unknown. and yet the haters call Ron “paranoid” or ignore this information all together. Its hard to fathom that kind of logic except for as Tom says, true SPs at work!

      • 4a

        No doubt there were secret deals and unwritten “understandings” between all the parties concerned.

        Note that under the ID protection EO that CIs (Confidential Informants or more accurately Agent Provocateurs) will likely never be revealed such as probably Michael Meisner and likely other plants who helped bring down the GO and allowed the current junta to take over.

        Roll Back was the Tech devised to find these guys but like other tech it was never fully or correctly applied.

        Personally I think incorrectly “applying” the tech does more damage then not applying it at all.

        For instance when the HCOBs on R/Ses came out. A lot of people were mislabeled as “R/Sers” and then were cut lose just around the time Miscavige was sent Over the Rainbow.

        I betcha if you put the lil’ rodent on the meter and asked him to consider committing overts on Ron or Mary Sue or any other item on List One he’d be R/Sing so hard that the needle would be hitting against the pins on the meter so hard it would sound like a five alarm fire.

        • RV its pretty common knowledge now that while Hoover stated there was no mafia and would not pursue them, they were getting themselves established in the US.
          Hoover liked to dress up in womens clothes and had a thing for Clive Tolson, his 2nd in command at the FBI. This has been thought to be information (with photographs) used to blackmail him by the mafia, whose nightclubs he used to frequent. He did not have to retire at the compulsory age, as did every other public servant in the US, instead dying in office at the age of 77. Unprecedented! He kept files on politicians and knew their dirt and kept himself in office.
          Even todays FBI have considered renaming their main office building, no longer calling it the J Edgar Hoover building, to distance themselves from that scumbag.
          This is known information among non Scientologists, god only knows what else he got up to that is not known.
          He hated Martin Luther King and the Kennedys and this was just one powerful agency which targeted Ron and the fledgling church and was the environment into which Ron first tried to establish Scientology.
          There is much more to find out, but the massive counter intention to Ron and the Church is something I think needs to be appreciated by Scientologists!

          • Roger that 4a,

            Here’s an interesting article written by the Ol’man back in ’75 about our “friend” J Edgar:


            Anthony Summers wrote a book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J Edgar Hoover which has some eye opening passages as well:


            He definitely wasn’t a fan of the Kennedys particularly Robert who was his ostensible boss.

            Also you read some of Hoover’s comments about Ron when he responded to questions about him and Scientology. He wasn’t a big fan of either him or the subject either.

            Thought we were all a bunch of subversives. Though I guess he had a hard time figuring out what exactly we were trying to subvert because it was pretty obvious Ron wasn’t a big fan of Communism.

            Ron figured that it was Edgar who tipped off the FDA about the Emeter according to the film History of the Emeter and knowing about Hoover’s Fascist inclination it seems very possible.

            Fact is that they did hire a lot of CIs (including a former ED Int who admitted it on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now) according to Omar Garrison in order to provoke the Church into doing something foolish in order to “get them” which we know that the GO eventually obliged by running a rouge operation known as GO 1361 which was approved by Jane and Mo.


            All they needed was one more stooge and it seems the turn coat Mike Meisner fit the bill.

            Personally I always thought that Mary Sue should have thrown the three stooges Jane, Mo and Mike under the bus and denied any knowledge of their actions.

            This would have saved us from the CMOI Junta that followed but as anyone there knows there was so much confusion being generated at that time aside from Smersh and rogue Government Agencies including the “White Elephant” no one on the Hill talked about until the Church Committee was an effort to go after Ron’s estate launched by Flynn and Assoc. with St. Gerry of Armstrong (another mole who told the LAPD’s CID “all ya gotta do is allege”) leading the charge being assisted by Ron’s estranged son who was a poster child for Mk Ultra Mind Control.

            As far is I’m concerned one of the key reasons Miscavige is where he is (aside from him being supported by rogue factions of “our” Government and Smersh) is that he has become a fixed aberated stable datum.

            In other words a walking, talking Ser Fac who has become a stable datum to anyone who can’t confront the prior confusion.

            That is my opinion and is the reason why I never bought into the “lone Miscavige theory”.

            This is supported by the fact that the so called “Secret” Closing Agreement has a clause which is basically a gag order against the Church bringing up any past, present or future “conspiracies”.

            Another dirty back room deal as far as I’m concerned sold to the public as a “Victory” of some kind.

  6. This is a sobering reality communicated here. These facts are indeed part of what goes on, and the situation we have to deal with.

    This sort of post will go blow right through the winds of space that are between the ears of all sorts. Much like Margaret Lake’s superbly researched and factual website is ignored by Wright, Russell, et al, and jellyfish take up the drivel from these two and “marvel” at the “truth”.

    There are those “few with a good forward look who are relatively unaberrated” as it says in the F.O. on Ethics Presence that do work daily to handle the factual suppression, the jabbering, the subtle and not so subtle efforts to subvert this subject, and its efficacy. Those who apply these data sincerely and routinely.

    I’m glad I know you, out there, that get it.

    • Roger that Jimbo,

      Actually I read BFM back when it was first published in ’87. The year after Ron’s death (could it be that Miller waited after his passing to publish the book because he knew that the dead couldn’t sue for libel….nah….what am I one of them kOrNsPirAcY nuts?


      read it and thought BFD for BFM.

      Nothing but half truths the occasional and rare whole truth mixed with outright lies dressed up as a ‘biography” of some kind.

      Like putting lipstick on a pig.

      Anyway I like the way Michal over at Wise Old Goat with some help from some of our friends on the dark side deconstruct Miller as any kind of historian or biographer:


      Enjoy 🙂

  7. Great post Tom.
    And now because there are so many practicing Scientologists who are not associated with the corporate mob, it means Scientology itself cannot be destroyed. I sometimes wonder if LRH had a hand in there somewhere?

  8. Great essay, Tom, thank you. A breath of fresh air, it needed to be said.

    Quite so, if Scientology and Dianetics were scams and LRH was a fraudster, it would be so easy to dismiss and move on.

    It is common business practice to damage one’s rival and thereby gain a monopoly in the market to sell an inferior product or service at a profit. In fact, it’s a common practice in all walks of life, and quite obvious on the first four dynamics. It’s the SP who says you’re paranoid to dissuade you from looking. To imagine that existing monopolies of life and livingness prior to Dn and Scn were bumbling, inept, badly-run operations led by people with good hearts would be naive. One can’t help but notice the conflict between religion and science in today’s world abounds with third parties eager for profitable resources: men’s minds and then their money.

    By a coincidence, we’re remembering the start of WWI here in the UK, and the secret documents of dirty, sordid goings-on in high places are still popping out, even after all this time, No chance of clearing any group engrams here in Europe, I’m afraid. War, like health, is big business with fantastic profits all round for the boys at the top, never mind the millions of lives it costs.

    Along comes LRH. Then as now, the media is carefully controlled. Spies, saboteurs, assassins, middle-men and their masters have to be cloaked, and this means monitoring and domination of the comm lines is the first, most critical priority at any cost. Then come the red herrings, button-pressing and emotional manipulations.

    Yes, there are definitely some clever and ethical reporters here and there, but they’re not going to audit anyone or promote Scientology for us. But if there’s death, money or scandal, well, now you’re talking, he says, sharpening his pencil, my editor is going to love this.

  9. I don’t know how to help the naysayers, except to encourage them to get into session (or Scn training courses) to experience the same liberation and spiritual expansion that I (and countless others) have personally experienced on too many occasions to recount.

    I’m sorry, but the anecdotal and observed evidence is too overwhelming, at this point, to discount the efficacy of the vast bulk of LRH’s life work. I’m afraid the ‘Old Man’ really did discover some of the axiomatic truths of life, and was able to translate those into workable therapies to better the average humanoid’s existence.

    Thank God we still have living (and courageous) witnesses such as Tom Martiniano to testify to the validity and workability of Ron’s precious spiritual technology.

    Given the vitriol bandied about by the walking wounded, we might well be led to believe that there’s nothing to the subject, except for pain, drama, destruction of spirit and persons, and a never-ending stream of con games, foisted upon a quivering, frightened (and rapidly shrinking) public.

    Yes, there’s definitely something to that observation, but it’s a far cry from the real truth and end phenomena of the subject itself.

    Even the lightest touch of this technology will give the non-believer a dose of real life enhancement that is orders of magnitude more powerful than any other spiritual technique I’ve personally encountered over the last 40+ years of my life.

    Yes, it’s true. Some truly do fear this technology – for the simple fact that it works as advertised. Of all people, those of us who read and contribute to this blog, know for a fact, how much sheer intention and force it took to bring the subject to its knees.

    Do not for a second doubt how dangerous we (and this technology) are to the powers that be on this planet.

  10. I had a conversation recently along similar lines. I got wonderful gains from the tech and am cause over life now. I was a sorry state before Scientology. No one can take that away.

    I am in a part of the country where there are very few if any Scientologists practicing. It saddens me that I can no long live alongside fellow, similar thinking beings. I frequent the other blogs less and less and am now only in search of positive influences. This blog is one of them. If anyone is in NC please contact me.

  11. Want a laugh? Wikipedia has an article that mentions Traumatic Incident Reduction, says that Dianetics is TIR therapy and says it was borrowed by LRH from the United States Navy in 1943! (By the way, never use Wikipedia for anything important as it is so loaded with propaganda as to be laughable).

    • Tom,
      I did get a laugh, and even more when you chase down various lines to find that TIR is on the “National Registry of EVIDENCE BASED Programs and Practices”.

      Hmmmm, it’s almost as if this stuff, “TIR” has observed results.

      Taken from the US Navy…now that IS funny. Of course, the Navy must have forgotten it, as they engaged in Karl Pribham’s thingy, with lobotomies, leukotomies, needles, knives, and some 40,000 Vets as guinea pigs for the psychiatrist (http://www.karlhpribram.com/data-papers/).

      • Wikipedia?



        The Onion probably is more accurate:


        TIR didn’t come out till around the mid 80’s and was based on the works of L Ron Hubbard.

        What some of us call BOTWO the Squirrel “Tech”.

        Ya know sorta like the Golden Age of Tech, Primal Scream, E-Therapy, Amprinistics,Dianology, the Process, Eckancar, EST, Remote Viewing etc.

        The US Navy claiming credit is probably their way of getting back at the Ol’ man for resigning his commission and refusing to work on such hare-brained mind altering schemes like Artichoke, Chatter, etc.

      • And one last addition – I did click a link on the Wikipedia article, a 1945 article which covered the therapy. Part of the therapy was intravenous barbiturates to produce a narcotic stupor! I kid you not! Borrowed from the Navy?!

        • Wouldn’t surprise me if the person writing the article was on “intravenous barbiturates” or smoking mother nature (for medicinal purposes of course) or doesn’t have a fricken’ clue.

          Or worse some know it all who thinks they know what they’re writing about.

          Wikipedia banned anyone who actually knew anything about the subject they were writing about because they didn’t want their articles to appear like agitprop or whatever.

          This was after some CIA officers and members of the Church of Scientology began “correcting” what they considered erroneous articles quite a while back which needless really didn’t too much to upgrade the “quality” of their articles

          This is why I call it Disinfopedia.

  12. Beautiful Tom! This is the sort of brilliance that only comes form someone who has gained certainty through years of experience and results.

  13. One can’t “develop” something that had already been in existence 40 years before. Gerbode developed a watered-down version, and gave it a
    different name.

    • I don’t mean to sound critical, but there are some non-factual suppositions about TIR being posted. Ever wonder why CoS allowed Gerbode to go ahead and incorporate dianetic procedures into TIR? That is what he did, and it was allowed by LRH and the CoS, without a peep of protest or denunciation.
      I see it as all to the good, especially in view of the suppressive direction the CoS went in subsequent years, after LRH passed. Many “book one” techniques were incorporated into Metapsychology (Gerbode’s overall structure) as TIR. It has taken decades to become accepted by mainstream therapy certification organizations. TIR practitioners have been out in the trenches helping traumatized people, while the CoS retreated into delusions of “eradicating psychiatry” and creating “ideal orgs” as the IAS went on to bankrupt the public and annihilate org income around the world. Miscavige led the CoS into delusion instead of integrating tech into the society. The history and origins of TIR are not what has been posted here so far, which are only suppositions.
      PS, I am not a TIR practitioner, nor trained in TIR. I just happen to know a little about it’s origins, having been around in the 1970s and 1980s.

      • IAV,
        I can’t comment on what others know, but I knew about Sarge Gerbode/TIR and the extension of Dianetics via the “acceptable”, into the culture. (I did a TRs course at Flag in the 70s that Gerbode was on.)

        I don’t think that is the point being made though generally, that TIR is somehow to be vilified or is “bad” per se. That’s certainly not what I took from the various comments. I think it’s more along the line of tracing it back to the source, which you and I know was DMSMH by L. Ron Hubbard.

        • P.S. I don’t practice TIR either. I do practice NED, and run engrams with R3RA, a Correction list handy, and use the E-meter to guide the process, all under the discipline of the Auditor’s Code, with TRs in, Model Session applied, and a CS overseeing the whole cycle, following a standard Program written for the case according to the CS Series and the Grade Chart.

          That works out pretty good 🙂

          • Roger that Jim,

            Basically its old style Dianetics though I doubt if they acknowledge the existence of whole track and thus probably leave many of their patients stuck in later incidents that are probably solid as a rock.

            Like you I’ll stick to NED 😉

            • I was wondering about that track thing myself. Sooner or later somebody running this is bound to go earlier. And earlier. And what’ya know – earlier life incident.

              In any event, it is a positive thing in my view, that something like TIR is being run rather than what has been in the past. Book One works, so if TIR is “old style” Dianetics, it is a positive that it has reached out into the culture further and further.

              It is a Pluspoint, no doubt.

              • I don’t know the answer to the whole track thing vis-a-vis TIR, but I do know they grant beingness pretty well. They are trained not to invalidate and evaluate for the client. I imagine like Buddha said, it is not necessary to claim a position either way in order to get some relief from suffering. But that is my speculation about how they handle it. The general population is much more accepting of ‘past lives’ than one might think. That includes psychological therapists.

              • I agree somewhat.

                But until I see something in writing by the Ol’man giving his blessing. Other than Sarge’s and some former Execs’ say so I’ll tend to be rather suspicious.

                That said.

                It still doesn’t change the fact that it is an altered version of Dianetics which I guess is good enough for Government work.

                  • Valkov,

                    I don’t agree with Miscavige going after Gerbode since he was *not* attacking the Church and thus is a violation of long standing policy on how the organization is supposed to handle Squirrels.

                    Yet I’m not willing to give him Martyr status no matter what Mike and Marty say.

                    RTC has not just gone after squirrels but even those who refuse to bow down to the idle of the Golden Age of Tech and demand *Standard Tech*.

                    As far as I’m concerned this attack on Sarge was nothing but a hissy fight between two squirrels 😉

                    That said.

                    I’m glad to see that the US Navy has accepted Sarge’s altered version of Dianetics instead of drugging, shocking and lobotomizing their charges as they have done in the past.

                    It is a step in the right direction.

                    Just as Remote Viewing brought about a greater acceptance of OT Abilities and created what the late Ingo Swann called a “psychic paradigm”.

                    I really enjoyed auditing some of these “Former” spooks when I was at AO and I hope they succeeded in their efforts of giving America timely PSInt 😉

        • I hear ya Jim. Thanks for speaking up. Let me be a little cranky and say that if anyone doesn’t know TIR’s track and origins, let them just come right out and say so, and ask for information. This could be given them back channel or openly on the blog, whatever seems best. It is actually not a subject I would post extensively about on a public blog, but I can understand that someone might be curious.
          I also appreciated your next post here.

          • Valkov,
            Thanks for your discretion and cause over the “cranky” too 🙂

            I’m a student of Scientology, as well as a practitioner. In that study it is inevitable, for a thorough grasp of the actual import of the subject, that I make the effort to cover as much as possible data of “comparable magnitude”.

            Recently I worked my way through a fairly extensive look at “special relativity” (another look mind you, and this time following my own re-study of this life’s math courses up to the High School level prior to the relativity.) It deals ostensibly with “time” and “space”.

            I applied the KRC and skills I’d gained from a thoroughgoing Student Hat. I did what I do studying any subject, I duplicated what was being communicated, and then observed for myself.

            I focused on the “assumption points”* of the subject and looked at these, covering various “interpretations” and paying attention to the original material for the most part. (The entire theory holds up, or not, on its “assumption points” and the observable facts related to them, whether they actually exist and I can observe them, or not).

            After this study, I then viewed the “preponderance of agreement” about it. (Frankly, it was hard not to be aware of that agreement since the theory is in the “mainstream” accepted so you have to wade through that, as well as the other side of the coin, the “naysayers”, and take the actual source material itself to truly grasp what that says. I don’t simply accept things that “authorities” say should be, but take the time and effort to look, and observe and make my own decisions. )

            The Opening Piece of this blog points up some facts related to the subject and practice of Dianetics and Scientology. Tommy in Manhatten amplified some of the data from the Opening Piece, with the “wiki” entry, and the irony of the “source” of TIR according to that entry (the US Navy?!). Dianetics has been in existence since the late 40s. The Original Thesis, DMSMH, and Evolution of a Science are basic materials on it. Its further developments are covered in tapes and materials following these original works.

            It now finds itself expressed in a version, TIR, that is on a registry of “evidence based” practices. It IS that, Dianetics, and has always been that, with more evidence gathered to it than is easily counted over the past 60 plus years it has been studied and applied.

            Dianetics can and does routinely accomplish what it purports to be capable of achieving. Its “assumption points” have been repeatedly reviewed by the author of the material, and observed and held up.

            Vested interests and their stake in a very large, and vested, interest, have sought to suppress this material, to invalidate, to usurp it, to do all sorts of things one wouldn’t expect in a rational world.

            Well, it isn’t a completely rational world, from observation. So, here at MS2, as it says in the Opening Piece, we practice Dianetics and Scientology, from the source material (NOT the Navy 🙂 ) and do so because they are sound, workable technologies for the betterment of ourselves and our fellow beings on earth. We stick to the source materials, because they work. Their assumption points hold up by observation, and result when conscientiously applied.

            Despite attacks, in spite of naysayers, through those whose Reactive Banks may object, we carry on this activity. Since it is valid, I personally am encouraged that it has now, on a longish cultural comm- lag, been “picked up” by those with their credentials in place, and is finding its way into the practice rooms of therapists, in place of drugs, needles, knives, incarceration, and other violent and unworkable means to the minds of men.

            It’s a long winded, discursive reply, but I’m hoping you get what I’m getting at, considering your interest and your responses here.


      • “Ever wonder why CoS allowed Gerbode to go ahead and incorporate Dianetic procedures into TIR? That is what he did, and it was allowed by LRH and the CoS, without a peep of protest or denunciation.”

        Maybe some information about this exists. I would venture to suggest that Gerbode cited the work of other researchers, patched the bits together composing TIR to stave off any legal matters the church could serve up. Perhaps LRH knew he’d be wading into litigious waters with the AMA/APA which could possibly place the copyrights of Scientology at risk, since he himself drew on early Freudian basic-principle research dealing with discharging cross-chains, secondary-effect earlier similar charges and cognitive patient therapies. Some of Breuer’s work Dianetics also touched, initial metering assessment tech developed by Carl Jung and Matheson’s GSR developments.

        Scientology materials & trademarks can be copyrighted, but application of the techniques by the auditors out here … can’t see how they could. LRH probably weighed the pros and cons and likely decided it’s not worth pursuing Gerbode civilly and risk losing some copyrights in court.

        • Well, I know what the person currently heading up TIR told me about it. It’s not something I would post on a public blog. It’s water under the bridge (no pun intended! 🙂 ) now, and I probably should have kept quiet. It did have to do with some of what you mention, but I do not feel comfortable going into the specific details.

        • According to a post from Mike Rinder, he was one of or the authority in the Church who okayed Gerbode’s actions. I’d have to look it all up, but I have some old notes. Rinder refers to Gerbode as a “nice guy”. He never mentions LRH in his post. According to my research, Gerbode was a shrink who owned a mission in California.

          If this is the first time you’ve ever heard stuff like this, let me point out that this is exactly the reason why we need a history of our subject. This information often pops up as off-handed comments in response to blog posts, etc. It’s spread all over the Internet, along with a lot of stuff that’s false. If you have first-hand knowledge of events others may not know about, please contact the Scientology History Project (http://scnhistory.org/history/contact-us/).

          Paul M. Foster

    • “Now also, there’s an infinity of ways not to do it. You can always have an infinity of wrongnesses around one rightness. And the rightnesses are very few. So if you learn the rightnesses well then the wrongnesses, to hell with it. Do you follow? You can get an infinity of ways to do something wrong. Well work it out for yourself. Start counting up the number of ways to sink a rowboat. Those are all wrongnesses. Now the ways to row a rowboat, if it is a rowboat, not a sculling boat, you can stand up and row it, you can sit down and row it. You can row it with two men, you can row it with one man. But the right way to row a rowboat is to put the oars into the water and apply some energy to the handles, [laughter] pick the oars out of the water and replace them into the position where they can be reinserted into the water to apply some energy.

      Now somebody comes along and he says to you, “Yes, well how do you row a rowboat?” “Well, there’s several ways you can row a rowboat, that’s for sure. You can stand up and face the bow, you can sit down and face the stern, you can stand up and face the bow … face the stern, you can put a man on the right oar and a man on the left oar, you can have two sets of oars.” Sounds like a lot of variables. But let me point out that the oars on the right side and the oars on the left side of the boat are doing exactly the same thing, no matter what arrangement is made. If you’ve got a trireme, a bireme, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve got a life boat, if you’ve got a little fishing dory, you’re doing the same thing in each particular case.

      Now if you lose sight of the fact that the oar is supposed to go into the water, and push the water back, if you lose sight of that, you may have a great deal of theory, and a great many questions, but the boat won’t go anywhere. [laughter]

      That’s normally what happens to science. Somebody finds out about rowing a boat. And then for years and years and years guys add to it, and eventually the rowing of the boat no longer functions. And the boats don’t row any more, and they have to invent an entirely new technology of getting through water. You think I’m kidding.” LRH (Class VIII Tape #4, Standard Tech Defined)

      Kinda says it all.

      • OMG this is so unbelievably true about science! I’ve been a science geek most of my life, and if you track the history of science it becomes abundantly clear that in the last 100 or so years, science has done very little real advancing and a whole lot of chasing its own tail. Don’t imagine that most of what you see as advances in technology are triumphs of science; they aren’t. There’s a little incremental science in there and a whole lot of engineering, which is not the same thing at all. And unfortunately, most of what the God of Physics, Albert Einstein, had to say is based on false assumption and is thus false. Yet physics has been limited by his writings for a least a century.

        Interestingly enough, Einstein’s writings, if accepted would be the exact thing you’d promote if you wanted to keep a planetary population bound to their planet. Four years to get to the nearest star, if you could go as fast as light, which Einstein says you can’t.

        The above quote (thanks, Chris) includes a lot of punctuation by laughter from the original Class VIII course students (and presumably LRH). This points up how much fun it is to watch LRH use simple obnosis in reasoning through a problem and points out the absurdities that humans engage in in the absence of actually LOOKING and SEEING. This is why Evolution of a Science is my favorite LRH book. Really quite a fun, refreshing read.

        • “Interestingly enough, Einstein’s writings, if accepted would be the exact thing you’d promote if you wanted to keep a planetary population bound to their planet. Four years to get to the nearest star, if you could go as fast as light, which Einstein says you can’t.”

          Tell me about it , Paul. The exact sciences started to go downhill at that point precisely. A lot of the modern Physics theories , like “Quantum Physics” and “QED” , has the “constant” C on all their equations. As this “constant” is not a constant at all , all equations are based on a false assumption , a false axiom. They are really worthless. The “innovations” you see today on the fields of electronics and computers (the same thing really) , are not “discoveries” themselves but NEW applications to the principles that had already been discovered for almost a century ago, give or take.

          After the famous ” Uncertainty Principle” by Heisemberg in the early 1920s , it all went to hell. This “principle” gave base to the also famous “Copenhagen Interpretation” of quantum physics of the 1927. A bunch of high profile scientists (Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg , Paul Dirac, Born, Planck, Lorentz, etc,) got together and decided the fate of Science. This is commonly refered to as the “Solvay Conference” at Brussels in 1927. This was the fith conference they had held, the first one having occured at 1911.

          Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr were the leading figures of this 1927 conference and the one that , I think , started the dwindling spiral for Science that had progressed so much in times previous to that date. 17 out of the 27 attendees of this fith “Solvay Conference” were or became Nobel Price winners. The “top of the line” by the standards of that time.

          After that fith conference, Science was never the same again. The practice of using correctly the “Scientific Method” got almost completely lost. Empirical data was no longer seek to test hypothesis and “thought experiments” began to be used instead. Scientists begun to alter or “modify” the results of their “experiments” so that the “data” collected were in agreement with their fixed ideas. So, there you have it. People seldom suspect of “conspiracy theories” in the field of Science , but I asure you, you’ll be amazed as to how Science have been suppressed ever since that date and a little bit earlier too , I am sure.

          I was working in a similar “history project” myself but in the field of Science, some years ago. I abandoned it for time and economic considerations at the time, but perhaps is time I dust it off and re-take that course of action. I’ll let you know when I do.


            • Yes, I very much agree 4a. I will definitively continue with that proyect again. I just want to have my PDR fully completed before embarking in such a monumental task. Armed with that tool , I should be able to come out with full answers .

          • TC (Peter):

            I’ve replied to you in private, because I don’t want to give the others here, perhaps less versed in science/physics, a bunch of words and phrases they’d have to look up. I wasn’t aware of the meeting you mentioned, and I’m intrigued by the idea of opening up a further investigation of science. Please keep me apprised, and thanks for the informative comment.


            • Greetings Paul !
              Great idea , I don’t want others to get into long word chains either. I will definitively check your comm in my inbox and we can continue with the subject there through
              e-mails.Thanks for the comm. We’ll talk soon.


          • Very interesting TC.

            This “Solvay Conference” seems to parallel the Nicene Council in many ways. The one that eliminated any gnosticism and mention of past lives from Christianity which made the religion more acceptable to the powers that be at the time as a means of controlling the populace.

            Personally I’ve always felt Science which to a large degree has become the new religion was bridled in the same way and what you’ve written here explains how.

            • Yes , Remoteviewed , I know what you mean. Anyone interested in finding out about how exactly Science have been suppressed through the years , with many detailed examples , should read Gerry Vassilatos’s “Lost Science”. You can download it for free in pdf form. Just google search for it in the exact way that I wrote it down adding the word “pdf” at the end. The book was written for an audience where only a basic knowlwdge of science were assumed. Any science fan with just some general basic training should be able to handle that book pretty well. It is intensely interesting and a sure eye-opener. I very much recommend it. Some truths will dawn on you and you’ll be able understand the reasons for this planet’s technological state.


    • Hey Tom,

      Maybe Sarge is on the same kick Dave was on when he claimed to “develop” the Golden Age of Tech.

      In Scientology we call ’em Squirrels.

      Usually they get confused between alteration and development.

      • RJ, I think you missed that squirrel. Go without lunch for the poor shot! 🙂

        Personally I believe Gebode might have used the name Dianetic for the therapy except it was part of his written agreement with the CoS which forbade him from using the copyrighted/trademarked terms. It was a ‘detente’ with the CoS. He was free to use the techniques but not the associated language – engram, reactive mind, dianetics, etc etc. In his original publications he did acknowledge his sources.

        • Another typically squirrelly and suppressive “handling” by the Church and their bevy of Legal Beagles.

          (Some of them former USG employees.)

          Like delivering or more accurately non-delivering something else and calling it “Scientology”. Delivering Scientology or in this case Dianetics and calling it something else is also considered a suppressive act.

          Just a different side of the same coin.

          Though I do understand now that Sarge was forced into this position if what you say is true.

          Though it’s hard to tell what is true and what is not with what seems to be active measures carried out by Dave’s “friends” at Smersh.

          • “Politics is the art of the possible.” Decisions were made under duress. It’s too easy to look back and judge. “well that was wrong, etc”.
            Perhaps this particular handling was the best one possible under the circumstances and keeping in mind the overall good of the dynamics.
            Just as it might be said that pursuing some of the early court cases instead of settling them quickly was a mistaken policy pushed by some. Look what it’s gotten the CoS. “Squirrel Busters” wearing ridiculous headgear etc. Whatever happened to”yapping dogs” and “Maintain good relations with the environment”?

  14. Well, whatever anyone says about it, LRH or the subject I just know it works. There really isn’t anything like it anywhere else. TIR is nice and I’m happy they find some use in some part of auditing, but anyone sincerely wanting to help their patients would be blown away watching Tom pull out his meter and run a standard session on the guy.

  15. Tom:

    I did not know much of what you detailed here. And according to many people commenting here, they didn’t either. This is exactly where the HIstory Project fits. I’d appreciate it, when you have some time, if you could contact me privately to get more details on your experiences for the Project. The more details and backup we can accumulate, the more we can put out in articles (not that I have a lot of time these days to write them). Obviously, this also goes for anyone else who might have personal knowledge of historical events.


    Paul M. Foster (paulf at quillandmouse dot com)

  16. Honest question from a respectful outsider… If you or a loved one suffer a broken bone, would you go to the ER or would you try to cure it with auditing or assists?

    Or how about cancer… Do you believe Dianetics and an e-meter can treat it without the need for any medical assistance?

    • Thanks Question;
      A broken bone requires the ER and a cast. Auditing can assist the healing process and the speed of recovery, but the bone needs to be reset properly.
      Similarly, with cancer or any other major illness, medical assistance is vital. Auditing can deal with the reason why the accident or illness occurred, and can make recovery a speedy one, without continued relapses. I am sure others here will give you more details in this regard.

  17. Yes great article. Well done in your forthrightness. It seems I have finally found a blog that tells it like it is without pandering to the needs of various psychos (who admit to be taking “medication”) and who yip-yap that “Scientology is rubbish” and of course that have some sort of bee in their bonnet about LRH or (what they think is) Scientology, colloquially known amongst us old hands as MWHs. Now I feel sorry for them but not when they start spouting their venom.

  18. As to Sarge Gerbode I remember listening (well, sort of listening) to a lecture by one of his acolytes and after 5 minutes I turned around and said to my friend sitting next to me “these guys are Ethics cases” and we both started to guffaw at the statement’s right indication. Now if his treatment has helped people all well and good.Better than nothing I suppose and at the very least it has pushed psychiatric treatment into a watered down Dianetics, which is better than what they had before.

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