By Milestone Two Crew

There have been several requests for the LRH information on how to assist the elderly, at the point where their body is done and can go no further.

As a basic point of KSW 1, and to make the information more broadly available, we are publishing the information here for use in helping those we love, when the time comes.

Interestingly, one of the most animated discussions that tends to occur at our Open Houses, is the discussion of assisting those at the point of body death, and later experiences with thetans after they depart the body.

Discussion of these basics of life is frowned upon by Corporate Scientology and does not widely occur anymore, however it was these basic truths that interested many of us in our first dealings with Scientology.

If you have your experiences and stories to share on this topic, they are welcome here.

“One of man’s most ancient and perplexing mysteries is the subject of death. Every religion has last rites of one kind or another such as anointing of the sick, the deathbed confessional and rites common in other religions. Any minister in this day and age is committed to relieving his or her fellow beings of anguish.

“Scientology provides knowledge of the mechanisms pertaining to death which a minister can utilize to help both the person approaching death, as well as those who will be left behind. Thus, Scientology ministers have particular assists available to help the person ease the spiritual trauma associated with such events.

“When rendering assistance to someone whose body is on the verge of dying, the important thing to bear in mind is that it is not a matter of helping a body, but rather a matter of helping the thetan. Any aid rendered by a minister is exclusively in the form of spiritual help and in no way intrudes upon the province of medicine, which is concerned with curing the body.

“It should be known that when attempting to assist someone who body is close to death, in the greatest percentage of cases such a person is in a rather delusionary state and is, as a thetan, worried. A number of assists are available to reassure the thetan, orient him to what is happening, make him feel more at ease and, where body death is imminent, at peace about leaving the body. Assists that will accomplish these benefits are found in the Assists Processing Handbook and are studied and used by the minister.

“Further, it is a basic principle in Scientology that anyone becomes upset and dispersed when cycles of action remain incomplete. His attention can become fixated on these uncompleted cycles, thus making his predicament even more unpleasant. This is especially relevant in assisting someone who is dying. A person’s mental state can be eased if he or she is persuaded or assisted to complete various incomplete cycles of action. People are generally concerned about problems they might be leaving behind. Part of the minister’s duty, if possible, is to ask the individual what he has left unresolved or incomplete, if there are any communications he wants to deliver or be delivered, or anything else he still has attention on. This help in completing existing cycles of communication with others and similar completions can liberate the thetan’s attention and ease his concern over the imminent death pf his body, and his ability to depart from the physical form when it occurs. It is the attending minister’s responsibility to see that any last communications are delivered or last wishes fulfilled, wherever possible.

“Another thing the person should be persuaded to do and be helped with is to write up the hat of the job he or she held in life. The failure to do so  — particularly, the failure to take responsibility for a former situation – can also leave the person with attention remaining on that responsibility, even after departing the body. Thus, even if it can only be dictated, it will be helpful to the person to write up his or her post and to make a record of its lines and duties. This enables someone else to successfully take over the post and the person can end the cycle of action associated with that position and move on unhindered by the past.”

* excerpted from The Background, Ministry, Ceremonies & Sermons of the Scientology Religion

 Assists for Someone Who is Dying

Reference: Lecture 12, Feb 1957  Final Lecture: Question and Answer

Use of processes: These processes can be used with benefit on someone who is dying.

Information: A thetan needs reassuring. The way you reassure him, is to show him he can hold onto things, and show him he can still touch things, and he can still sense things. Locational processes and Keep It From Going Away, that sort of thing, are of terrific benefit.


There are several processes in this category that can be run:

Locational Assist

Reference: Ability 78, early May 1958 Assists in Scientology


The commands are:

“Look at that chair. Look at that ceiling. Look at that floor,”

etc. (the auditor pointing to the objects each time). Continue repeating this command, using different objects.

Where the person has an injured body part, such as the hand, also use:

“Look at that hand”

and the pain will diminish. Run until the person visibly brightens up and has a cognition.

Notes on Running: If a somatic turns on while running the location, continue the process until the somatic turns off.

A Havingness Process

Reference: Ability 78, early May 1958 Assists in Scientology


The commands are:

  1. “You look at that ________________ (room object)”
  2. “Now decided you can have it”

Run these commands 1,2,1,2,1, etc. to end phenomena

Keep it From Going Away

Reference: Ability 78, early May 1958 Assists in Scientology

Information: This is a very powerful process. In one case, a bruise turned utterly black and covering this person’s entire hip, passed away in 45 minutes of good auditing by keeping the right hip form goin away and then keeping the left hip from going away.


The commands are:

  1. Keep the ____________ (body part) from going away.
  2. Keep the ____________ (opposite body part) from going away.

Run these commands 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, etc. to end phenomena.

If you run the right eye, you run the left eye as well. If you run one thing, you run another. If you run his head, run his knees as well.

Notes on running: You don’t run “Keep it from going away” first because you are partially controlling his thoughts and  this is not possible in the early stages of an assist.



11 thoughts on “Ministerial aid for the dying

  1. Thank you so much for publishing this. No its not discussed in the church, god knows why.
    Having lost someone close recently, I know now without a doubt that in the case of a sick body, especially over a long period of time, death is very freeing for the thetan, and the contrast in tone level from very low to very high quite astounding.

    • Exactly what I perceived in the experience of a similar nature which I had. The comm line went from very long to very short (to normal) after departure from the body.
      Why does the COS not discuss or acknowledge such things?
      Answer: Because they no longer really recognize in practice that they and everyone else REALLY are spiritual in nature. I am sorry to say that they negate the essential spiritual nature of people. They are now so very fixated on and as MEST that they no longer really know who or what they really are. I know of two Class VIII auditors who were REAMED in ethics and qual for delivering auditing to a being after that being left the body……despite the fact that Ron mentions and recommends doing so in numerous references.
      Including this one:
      “The auditor must know that the existence of a MEST body within the fields of a theta being is incidental and even unfortunate for processing which, in the absence of a body goes much faster.”
      – from A History of Man, in chapter two (Targets of Address) under the sub-heading “Theta Beings”.
      I personally observe that doing locationals, reach and withdraw, and holding and letting go as mentioned in this article are very well received. I also have done the first few Route 1 processes in the Creation of Human Ability to great success and wins.

      The moral of this story is that it IS OK to communicate with those who have left or are leaving their bodies……no matter what any mean spirited, dead-in-the-head materialist says to the contrary. These people are simply cowering in fear of what is in their own future instead of confronting it as it really is and will be.
      The process of “death” is just as natural a part of Life as birth.

      Here are a few more LRH references on the subject:
      PAB 130, 15 February 1958, “Death”, Tech Vol. IV, pg.295
      Between Lives Implants, taped lecture 23 July 1963, BC tapes
      Confusions, a Lecture given on 27 June 1952, R&D Vol 11, pg 9 at the bottom of the page

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    How the Church of Scientology abandons in the hour of need, to die alone and penniless, those who are the most vulnerable and desperate.

    Call it for what it is: Complete callousness toward the dying and depraved Indifference toward those who have “outlived their usefulness”.

    Sometimes around the advent of its “Golden Age”, the Church of Scientology has implemented a policy of Denying Help and/or assistance to the dying.

    In the 1980s terminally ill parishioners who had paid vast fortunes into the Church Coffers were still being given counseling (auditing), though they were made to sign waivers and releases. This is how I came to audit the late Betty Filisky (Solo NOTs Completion #1) in 1987. At age 57, she was dying of Cancer. I am authorized to state at this point that she was entirely disaffected with the Senior Management of the Church after she had seen how they had behaved like bullies and thugs toward many good meaning people, including many personal friends of L. Ron Hubbard.

    The Snr C/S FSO, the late Richard Reiss, blamed her illness on her disaffection, though there are no LRH references explaining how disaffection can makes someone deadly ill. But that was the politically acceptable comment to make.

    The truth is that Oppression (Suppression toward people who are denied the right to defend themselves or speak out against abuses) is one of the key things that makes people ill. There are dozens of LRH references pointing to that fact. Even common sense, when one describes the Oppression by its key attribute: Stress, agrees with this as well.

    Last year three times, I was asked to come to the bed of a dying person that I had last audited between 20 and 30 years earlier, because the Church they still officially belonged to (The Church of Scientology) had callously denied them the right to receive their last rites for no better reason that they now viewed them as a potential liability and a burden……..”


  4. My dear friend Eunice Ford, who had been “in the Sea Org from before there was a Sea Org” passed away in a cheap convalescent facility in LA in the 1990’s.
    One thing though, which her friends will be happy to know….that one just can’t suppress some beings. She never bent a knee to suppressive people in the COS or elsewhere. She never lost one bit her amazing grace and dignity, or her Love for others. But she deserved a better environment and more theta company in the last days while her body was winding down.

    • Eunice deserved better and I have unfortunately known many who were also abandoned, after years of service.

      Our dear Paul Schobel died of kidney failure in Australia – literally off loaded from the Int base as he was dying.

      It is simply NOT Scientology. What the heck happened to love, compassion and caring?

      Just horrifying. ..

  5. Hello Milestone Two.

    THIS is my first comment on your blog, although I have been aware of your existence for some time, I am not a scientologst.I did spend the last 22 years studying everything scio, delivered auditing and used “business admin tech” in my business but never allowed myself to be boxed into the narrow parameters of being called a scientologist. My this lifetime exposure to scientology was not my first encounter either.
    This is a lovely article which you wrote and one that I believe many will find useful. I feel a tad bit sad though that you did not include any process or guidelines to handling the recently departed or how to provide assistance to them.
    This is a function I perform on a regular basis – No , I am not a “medium” or psychic, just able to audit those without a body.Clearly its done via telepathy and runs very, very fast. Mostly, these discarnate beings are concerned about their family and the familys’ emotional needs.They appear not to be too concerned about the bodys’ death.Sometimes we need to get off some little O/Ws but mostly they are at peace. I don’t pass on messages to their families either.
    I have not seen any Lrh materials which covers what I am doing and would like to know if such exists. If anyone else has anything to add, please do by replying to this comment. (if it is OK with the moderator).
    Thank You.

  6. Hi Old Timer,
    In my first post above, I mentioned 3 issues which may prove helpful or enlightening. I have done the same thing that you describe. My opinion is that all communication is accomplished by telepathy in the final analysis anyway. (See OTTRO, TR1, etc) As for processes to run, I only know how to run non-metered processes on beings who do not have a meat body…..havingness, objective processes, reach & withdraw, hold and let go,etc. I also have had good results with Route 1 from Creation of Human Ability. Two Class VIIIs once told me that there was a reference on the VIII Course of Ron auditing a disembodied being with a meter, but I have never seen that reference and they were not allowed to go into the Class VIII course room to find it by the powers that be. So I only have reality on non-metered stuff.
    One thing to keep in mind is that this whole subject is para-scientology to most people, including Scientologists, so this is likely to be a bit unreal to most.
    Still, Ron does address the subject in the references I gave.
    He also made a light-hearted comment in one of the Clearing Course Videos (I don’t remember which one) where Ron’s description of the dialog went something like this:
    Person: “What does Scientology think about ghosts?”
    Ron: “Have YOU ever been a ghost???”
    Person: (“Gasp!!!”)
    Ron: “Well I have,and I’m not ashamed to admit it either!!”
    : – )

    • Espiritu.
      Thank you for your time in answering my question. I see we share a reality which most do not.I have even been told that what I am in comm with are just ridges. There is a difference between disembodied beings, spiritual entities, ridges etc.You get to know what you are dealing with after a few sessions.
      Yes, all communication in a higher tone is via telepathy.
      I have also used creative processing to good results too. Primarily directed at havingness and I would design the process as we go along. Yes, it does gather speed and becomes very fast.
      Disembodied Spiritual beings are difficult to bill for the services which you deliver to them. This reason could be why the CofS and some people deny their existence.


  7. Old Timer,
    Good show. You have a valuable talent.

    May I recommend the “Tibetian Book of Living and Dying” for additional help in assessing the body dying stages, and in preparing an incarnate spirit through the steps after death.

    I have merged both technologies (Scientology and Buddhism) in walking two individuals into their next game.


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