By Lana M.

The love that a child gives is unlimited and given willingly and openly. My boys regularly give me a long bear hug and then tell me over and over how much they love me. It is one of the pleasures of my day. I tease them and say “How much?” And I get statements like: “More than the whole universe”, or “Bigger than all of the air in the world”, or “Larger than the whole galaxy and the stars!”. They stretch their arms out real wide, to show how much their love is.

Affinity is something to dish out in huge quantities — both as an exchange, and as a flow.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a number of long term Scientologists, most of them OT. The majority of them have been staff at some point, for anything from 5 – 15 years. Having never met before, and knowing nothing about each other, the only thing in common we had is a certainty about, and love for, LRH technology. We all have had our own experiences, wins, gains, and issues. Each of us have had a separate journey — and as far as the Church of Scientology goes, each story was a different experience or view. But the affinity that we had for each other was high — and it was truly like being part of a large family, with many people you truly care for.

One person told me “I feel I have come home — I found my group again.” Reflecting on this, I realized that one of the key component parts to Scientology is having a safe space, where people can simply be, and talk, and ask questions, and where there is on hidden criteria, and no hidden agenda. Where the intentions are good — and to truly help. Where there is no drive to get money from people, or to force some obligation upon. The relief that people have in just being able to relax and speak their mind (without repercussions) is  spoken of regularly.

And the affinity, person to person, is a true joy.

“Man would not be man without affinity. Every animal has affinity to some degree but man is capable of feeling an especially large amount. Long before he organized into cities, he had organized into tribes and clans. Before the tribes and clans there were undoubtedly packs. Man’s instinctive need for affinity with his fellow human beings has long been recognized and his domestication of other animals shows that this affinity extends also to other species. One could have guessed that the race which first developed affinity to its highest degree would become the dominant race on any planet and this has been borne out. Although the kind of affinity enjoyed by the insect world can be shown to be an entirely different type of affinity (since it is not based on the individual remaining an individual and having affinity for another individual), nevertheless, this pseudo-affinity has made the insect world a dangerous rival for planet supremacy. The dangers of broken affinity have long been recognized by students of the human mind. A child is full of affinity. Not only does he have affinity for his father, mother, brothers and sisters and his playmates, but for his dogs, his cats and stray dogs that happen to come around. But affinity goes even beyond this. You can have a feeling of affinity for objects: “I love the way the grain stands out in that wood.” There is a feeling of oneness with the earth, blue skies, rain, mill ponds, cartwheels and bullfrogs which is affinity. Affinity is never identification, nor does it go quite so far as empathy. You remain very much yourself when you have affinity for something but you also feel the essence of the thing for which you have affinity. You remain yourself and, yet, you draw closer to the object for which you have affinity. It is not a binding quality. There are no strings attached when affinity is given. To the receiver it carries no duties and no responsibilities. It is pure, easy and natural and flows out from you as easily as sunlight flows from the sun. Affinity begets affinity. A person who is filled with the quality will automatically find people anywhere near him also beginning to be filled with affinity. It is a calming, warming, heartening influence on all who are capable of receiving and giving it. ” LRH, PAB 8

4 thoughts on “Affinity

  1. What a nice article – yours and the one of LRH – it is so refreshing. Thanks for this piece of art Lana. (really cute the “how much” — I can’t stop from smiling)

  2. You almost broke the top of the theta gauge there, Lana. 🙂

    Thanks for the LRH quote, don’t recall having come across that one before, it’s a real beauty.

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