reading dianetics

By Tom Martiniano

“Books Make Booms”.  This is an LRH maxim that also held true in actual practice.  For example: In 1976 we sent two executives from Detroit Org to Flag to be trained and interned as executives. They did the ED/CO Full Hat and then spent three months interning, running one of the Divisions of FSO as the Division Head.  These boys came back to Detroit on fire and ready to make the org boom.

We came to muster one day shortly after their arrival (we usually mustered in Division 6 because it was a rather large room and would accommodate the 125 or so staff that we had) and noticed that there was a 5-foot high stack of DMSMH paperback books.  The ED said that there were 5,000 books in that pile and that they all had to be sold, not given away, not lost, not dumped, but sold and accounted for in one month.  Because we were Detroiters and because we loved a challenge, we moved all of those books in just a little more than one month (none of us had grade 4 yet). The boom we experienced right after these book sales rocketed our org like never before. We actually went St Hill Sized, although LRH ED 339R had not come out yet, so we were not recognized other than being a model org.  We had 850 Chair hours in the HGC and around a million student points each week. We were rocking!

Our org managers were impressed and pushed other orgs to sell thousands of DMSMH to public and the Eastern United States started booming and we were underway.  We experienced such a growth that we ordered another 5,000 DMSMH and started selling them too.

By the time LRH had moved off of the management lines, in 1981 or so, a change started to occur. Attention started to shift from selling books to raw public to selling them to in-the-org-public. Publications Orgs were ordered to sell books, tapes, meters and insignia to existing public and to sell them by cash or by debiting.  ASI was formed up right around this time and started the campaign of “Getting More and More Books Into the Hands of Existing Public”. By 1983 the orgs were in full swing debit-a-thons undoing public’s auditing and training packages and accounts and giving them tapes and books that a lot would later use as a means of “Covert Refunds”.   Orgs started going insolvent from the massive debitings going on and the end of the boom arrived at management’s doorstep with orgs fading into obscurity.

The most significant change just prior to this was when Miscavage established ASI usurping the top sales personnel from the Sea Orgs around the world.  These ASI execs were “The top of the org board” and their orders were adhered to by all staff.  For those of you who don’t know what ASI is, it is the “Author Services Incorporated: which was established as a corporation in late 1981, a California corporation, which “Managed the personal, business, and literary affairs of L. Ron Hubbard.” But, of course, DM used this new corporation as a way to make money instead of following its purpose.

Miscavage in his usual and inimitable way of shortcutting workable admin, was the main motivation for putting so much attention on “In-the-org-public”. Rather than launching campaigns for getting books into the hands of raw public, Miscavage saw that he could make millions of dollars selling tapes and book packages and so forth for thousands of dollars per “package” and mainly doing this by debiting parishioner accounts.  He managed to sell millions of books and tapes over the years but the result was collapsed and insolvent orgs.

LRH countered this debiting frenzy with the HCO PL 15 April 1982  “PLANETARY DISSEMINATION”.  In this PL he openly frowned on management pushing for sales to in-org public: “Selling books to in-the-org-public? Preposterous!”   LRH pointed out in this tape that all you had to do was disseminate to the new public and you would have plenty of new public in the org and could sell them tapes, books, meters and insignia as much as you wanted to.  You know, the farmer mentality where you plant seeds for the future and then grow them rather than eating each crop?

So what was Miscavage’s response to this? He took this HCO PL and marked its routing “Management Only” which effectively removed it from the OEC Volumes and from public view.  Now there was no stopping the debiting and cannibalizing of the org’s publics and their accounts.

After LRH’s suspicious demise in 1986 we started going to “Church Events”. There were 5 or 6 of them per year. These events were mandatory for all public. Large call-ins were set up. Staff were taken off of post for each event and made to call public on their phones all hours of the day and night, several times to “confirm” their arrivals to the event. At the event were talks from management staff exhorting expansion which was usually followed by Miscavage’s big release of some book and/or tape package for thousands of dollars.  And then after the event public was made to go through strategically placed mazes of sales staff to purchase the event release which was usually the books or tapes or both.  Staff were usually told they weren’t allowed to go to bed until the ridiculous quotas set for them for sales were met.  Were books to raw public pushed at these events? No. were books to raw pubic pushed in orgs? A little, but nowhere near as much as books to existing public were pushed.

So it became evident from 1986 on that the main push was sales of books at all costs. The brunt of the book sales were to in-org public.  I am going to give an educated guess that 96% of all book sales from 1986 to present were to in-org public because the orgs continued to stay empty. God knows that if you sell books to raw public, they will come into the org for auditing or to train to be an auditor and buy new books anyhow.

This huge push to debit org accounts crashed the orgs. This was, naturally, fixed by Miscavage in his usual way of shortcutting management tech and he pushed the “ideal orgs” into establishment.  He actually feels that this is the way of handling the problem he made (by making more and bigger problems).

I was mainly in management while in the Church and I always knew how to make an org and make it grow.  You have to have a “Blue” Thumb to make an org grow. It’s a “magic touch” of sorts, but actually, what it is, is love. You have to love something in order to make it grow. Miscavage hasn’t a clue what love is and thinks he can make things grow and prosper by placing it in a large building. No, you have to nurture an org, let it grow organically. Help it along, give it what it needs, not what you think it needs, and so on.

Now, my point in telling you all this is because I wanted to show you that the main line of dissemination of Scientology and Dianetics has been effectively sabotaged by the idiot at the helm to the point where selling books has become engramic.

However, books are at the front line of dissemination for us.

Therefore we need to get books into the hands of raw public.

We need to sell books to these raw public.

And it’s not that we don’t have books, we all have lots of books thanks to the Mother-of-All-Material Squirrels, DM. I, personally, have a lot of “Basic Books” that Miscavage tricked us all into buying with his bombastic push to “get everyone on the basics” or loosely translated to “sell millions of dollars of books for me”. I know you guys have books too.

There are two basic strategies:

1.  Get field Scientologists to use the books they have in hand, to disseminate. The great ones have always been DMSMH, Evolution of a Science, Problems of Work and of course Fundamentals of Thought. These are brilliant books for enlightening another. They are not the only ones.

We have been directing people to purchase books from Amazon.com, or EBay, or any number of second hand book stores where LRH books abound, at a cheap price. We also make sure they know to stay clear of Corporate Scientology if they want to get standard LRH Scientology.

You can even find free e-books on line, such as the original DMSMH, which can be found for free download here:

2. We have also started to create repositories of books and materials and meters, as the Corporate Church has ordered that all old books and meters are destroyed — so we are collecting up old and new books/materials, making these available for dissemination and training projects.  Ideally we should have a central place in each region, so that people can easily contribute books and materials.

Write to admin@milestonetwo.org if you have materials you want to contribute, or if you are up for a game to get some real dissemination actually occurring.

So we have books.

Please get books into people’s hands. We can start our own boom and get more and more people moving up the Bridge.

The first line of dissemination is Books. We need to get them into the hands of raw public.  Start telling people about this wonderful technology of Scientology and get people reading LRH books.

Then when you get someone interested, get them turned over to a local Field Auditor.

Next week I will tell you the next step in moving people onto the Bridge.


13 thoughts on “What makes orgs boom?

  1. A great reminder of where/how the whole thing went “..into the ditch..” while we watched helpless to know what to do about it!

    • I think cannibalizing the existing public is a perfect description of how the Corporate Church operates. They leave behind them a trail of shredded parishioner remains… persons that are financially crippled and emotionally fractured.

      The good news is that the application of tech, without the suppression, false data and invalidation, does handle the bypassed change and give a person relief.

      • The Strategy for Church Management from LRH in 1986 was: “To Service the Existing Field For All it’s Worth While Building New Routes For Public In.” In Management we knew it actually meant to CMOI to be “Canabalizing the Existing Field For All Its Wealth While Blocking New Routes For Public In.” We actually told each other this.

        ML Tom

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


    Orgs and
    Mgmt Only

    Marketing Series 18


    There is often an omitted step and sequence part in marketing and Scientology management.

    It is a shortfall. And must be given attention.

    This planet is an “almost” planet. It almost has air- planes (save they crash). It almost has space flight (but it costs $100 million every launch and carries no one outside the moon orbit). It almost has radios (except you only listen to your own city). It almost has education (except the students taught can’t do their jobs).

    This almost factor is visible on every hand. The best example is almost governments (except that they have lost control and allegiance of their people and cannot even manage their money).

    This factor probably comes from several things. (I will not mention suppressive ones as I am in a kind mood.)

    One of these factors is the short life span. Of all civilizations around, Earth, at 70 years average, is the shortest. This makes it hard to get anything really started—one has an almost life. This also makes for hectic change—a frantic feeling of it is too late already. Or apathy—why do anything at all?

    But regardless of these factors, there is no excuse to almost disseminate, almost market, almost run orgs.

    We must not continue to omit the sector of planetary dissemination.

    The cycle currently—and omittingly in vogue—is only to do those things that immediately affect the org GI.

    Admittedly this is vital. On this planet, the only real crime is to be broke. But the shortfall think is affecting this GI and reducing it very greatly.

    There is a correct sequence—it goes: planetary dissemination, org procurement dissemination, high bodies in the shop and service and resulting GI.

    By varying or changing or omitting parts of that sequence, trouble is made for an org.

    We have seen orgs only sell and not deliver. Their GI fails at last—they crash.

    Well, there are other ways orgs can be crashed.

    Suppose one sells books only to people who come into the org. Well, this is backwards. If you sell books to raw public, a certain percent will walk into the org. Another example—Pubs Orgs market to in-org public. If they do only this, their market shrinks—and they can do this in several ways—by omitting to publish basic books is one.

    Until its publisher (Grosset & Dunlap) was gotten onto lately, DMSMH paperback was not in most bookstores . Yet no one noticed.

    The best ambassadors to the raw public are books and cassettes. Sell enough of them to raw public and a percent will come into the org.

    Yet, aside from an occasional DMSMH or radio or mag ad (very small) there is no Pubs Org or Management push on books to raw public.

    Not only this but a black PR item has been put out and believed that “a radio ad for DMSMH is too expensive. It costs $20 of ads to get a person into Div 6.” What a mixed outpoint! DMSMH was not even in many wog bookstores. But it indicates that the think was that the only value in selling DMSMH was to get bodies in the shop at once!

    DMSMH is not an org come-on leaflet. It was written to’ begin the clearing of a planet. And it has made some progress.

    But let’s look at this—here Dianetics and Scientology sit, a total monopoly on effective handling of the mind and spirit—no other even close rivals or competitors at all—and a group is selling to in-org public? Preposterous.

    Some trainees used to hoard the tech—to be an only one. Is somebody hoarding Dianetics and Scientology and not letting it flow out? Not me, brother, not me.

    What’s missing here is the concept of planetary dissemination.

    Here we are in a short-lived planet. The Reds and Democrats are getting ready to hit an atomic button. And a yellow-dwarf star like Sol? Oh, come on, man. A yellow dwarf is not the favored star for civilizations. No way! They’re a last stage impending catastrophe—a yellow dwarf blows up! (Before anyone panics, a yellow dwarf lets out radio signals strong enough to wreck radio for several centuries before they bang and this one may have some life left in it.)

    But what I’m saying is, let’s get this in perspective. Let’s put the real values on it and quit fooling.

    ONLY Clears and OTs will survive this planet!

    And we’re the only ones that can make them.

    The order of magnitude of what it takes to do planetary dissemination is not even just now at this writing being conceived of. In fact Pubs Orgs are not even thinking of raw public marketing. And that is sure an awful shortfall.

    The majority of three billion people out there have never even heard of Dianetics and Scientology, much less read a book!

    No, it’s not the enemy. We cream them whenever they raise their heads. It’s simply just not thinking in a correct order of magnitude.

    What would one really have to do to clear this planet?

    So all this P/L is about is just that—planetary dissemination. It simply points out one omit. At least conceive of it.

    So let’s go!


    Adopted as Official
    Church Policy
    by the CHURCH OF

    Copyright © 1982
    by L. Ron Hubbard

    • God — rereading this LRH policy in the current light of the Corporate church shows up the bloody outpoints!

      Is there ANY aspect of this policy letter that is not currently violated by Dave’s church? Nope.

      He has managed to violate, cross order, and undermine every aspect of it — even making sure that the policy is not in the OEC Volumes and not generally known.

      Says it all!

    • Wow. No mention of Planetary Dissem org and selling overpriced e-meters to old time public to raise money for nonexistent dissemination campaigns.

      It has probably been thirty years, since I last read Marketing Series 18. I checked my OEC vols and you are right it is omitted.

      It is amazing how dm can alter-is what LRH wrote. What a squirrel!

      • Here is what is even more fascinating. Go to Management Series Volumes, and look up the Marketing Series (Vol 1). The index is Marketing Series 17 (page 218) and is then followed by Marketing Series 19 (page 219).

        Marketing Series 18 is simply omitted. Gone.

        • You see now, why he deep-sixed this HCO PL. If applied it would have cut out the book sales to in-org public. The question is; “Who benefits from this?” I bet you, not sure, but I bet you that Davie gets book sales commissions or was getting them back in the day when ASI was being set up by him.

          ML Tom

  3. Greetings Tom , excellent exposition of the subject , as always done by you.

    ” Books makes booms” . I remember how my mentor and then ED of our Org ( actually a Mission when I first started there almost 30 years ago) , pushed that one datum at every staff meeting held. We used to sell then, hundreds of books every week and we always had many new bodies in the shop. A lot of action always ocurring. It was mainly DMSMH.

    Other key aspect of this “dissemination line” and a very vital one is : letters, personal ones. Creating a CF from book buyers and writting personals letters to such public with a high R , you know. We always kept , at our Mission , a very large nomber of “letters out”. As we always traced what exactly got a new public to arrive at the Mission for Intro Services , we knew very well that the “letters out” had a lot to do with it. Just personal letters written with high ARC and really caring about the public individual , not about his/her money. Whenever Reges , auditors and, actually ALL staff , dropped their “letter writing hat” you could immediately see the stats going down. Same with the gross book sales to new public stat. Each staff had a daily and weekly quota of personal letters written. Also a quota of books sold to new public. Whenever stats crashed , the ED just pushed those two sats up ( keeping Technical in and doing its job, of course). The others GDS immediately and “magically” increased too. It was that experience that gave me the solid reality that stats are totally internally caused. Totally. See HCOPL 30 July 1968 “Gross Income Senior Datum”. If anyone feels a little uncomfortable about the “income” part, just look at it as a different stat like “number of people in services” or “number of people who completed services to their complete satisfaction”. Whatever works for you and be able to indicate to you that you are actually expanding which is, indeed, direct measure of how well are we really doing in the Field.

    So, I would put some emphasis on that “letter writting” aspect too. I have notice the several Delivery Centers that I have contacted over the past months are somewhat “shy” to follow up on you once you have contacted them and expressed an interest for service. I know that the Church have probably created a big ridge regarding this due to the rampant “crush regging” for donations for “Idle Orgs” , IAS , and books and materials just to get big commisions. But they should not fear in engaging in following up those that have expressed an interest for service. There is such a thing called “soft sell” too , and it can be damaging to expansion which is what we actually are after, when all have been said and done.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with “hard sell” . But REAL hard sell by definition , really caring about the individual. And excellent in-depth analysis of this can be found in Mark Shreffler’s “What My Teachers Never Tought Me About Selling” . As a “master disseminator” and an accomplished seller himself, he explains the differences among “soft sell” , “crush sell” , and “hard sell”. It is quite revealing, indeed, and will make many of you go into a “line charge” about the subject. He certaintly rehabilitated it for me.

    So my suggestion would also be to get the subject of “letter writing” understood, as it applies to the Field and to the existing network comm channels. And to clarify fully and get FDSed on this subject of “hard sell”. Because it takes the 3 of them in sequence to get a product and expand :

    1. Heavy book sells

    2. Personal letters to the new book buyers and keeping a constant comm with them. Friendly and “showing that you care” type of comm, you know.

    3. Applying the def of hard sell to the ones who show an interest. “Soft selling” and “come whenever you can” and “disconnecting” from the ones that reached till they “make up their minds” , won’t do the job either. Nothing wrong with “hard sell” if correctly done and FOR the individual.

    Regarding books and materials you have an excellent site. It it called “Matrix Files, Scientology”. You’ll find EVERYTHING there. All LRH books , OEC and Tech Vols, almost all LRH Tapes transcripts , you name it. And all are previous editions and “old editions” which copyrights have already expired. But, believe or not , those “old” editions are the ones who really hasn’t been altered. They are a lot more “On-Source” that your current and altered “The Basics” , edited arbitrarily for content ,both the books and tapes, to get rid of potentially “compromising” data to the Church. Only on their perspective, you know , nothing ever compromising from LRH. For data on this WITH the evidence on exactly what are the alterations see the site http://www.truelrh (True LRH). It is quite informative. The site administrations put in a lot of research hrs into this.

    Well, I hope that some of this may be helpful.



    “It is peculiar to Scn marketing that you have to push hardest at the lowest levels to make the upper levels come off.”

    “Failure to do this gives one faltering stats as the flow is not being proportionally marketed. Done correctly, one gets a very heavy and quite even flow up the grade chart. Doing it unevenly, one gets booms, depressions and instances of cannibalizing.”

    Great post, Tom!

  5. Great post Tom! What added salt to the wound were all the “High Crimes” we auditors had to do with all his “new” releases. I used to dread the events for just that reason! Of course, the ultimate was the whole basics and GAT–it wasn’t just money ,but all the time involved.
    I like that you wrote ‘after LRH’s suspicious demise”-it seems the only people that could accurately report are now dead.

  6. There is one left and he needs to come out of hiding right now and tell all – if he is any kind of Scientologist at all.

    ML Tom

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