By Milestone Two crew

Today our first newsletter went out to our newly formed Technical Delivery Network. The newsletters will be going out at the beginning of each month.

There have been 24 people register so far, and they are from the USA (four different regions), Canada, UK, France, Israel and of course Australia.

We have auditors (from Book One and Intro Scientology Auditors, to Grad V, Class VI, Class VIII and Class IX’s).

We have C/Ses — in fact we can boldly say we have the best in the business.

We have several Cramming Officers and Qual specialists, on different continents — and we have trained Supervisors and Word Clearers.

It is a beginning… and it will steadily grow.

As detailed in our earlier article, the purpose is to network technical people so that they are working as part of a team, and have the vitally needed hats to support their ongoing desire to delivery LRH’s standard Scientology.

This is all part of LRH’s campaign for Ethical Auditing.

If you have technical training, of any type or level, and wish to be part of the Technical Training Network, you can register here, and hook up with others who are doing the same.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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