By Bernie Wimbush

The other day a friend handed me a book, Green Vol 0 that had belonged to my mother (Eileen Wimbush). It is old, well worn and no doubt well used. It reminded me of the times we had sat and talked about this new found adventure we call Scientology.

It reminded me of those early days when the state of Clear was just becoming real.

We old timers had battled along with Ron as he researched a way to reach this magical state. I remember mum returning from Saint Hill with the clearing materials. She would work diligently until she went for the ‘Clear Check’. It was a big deal in those days. She had to fly from Perth, Western Australia to Auckland New Zealand (a distance of some 6000 miles) to the nearest Clear Checker. No attesting in those days.

She returned ‘Clear’ to much fanfare and congratulations.

For those who knew Eileen, she was enthusiastic about Scientology and so insisted that I go to Saint Hill to do the Clearing Course (half way round the world no less).

It was 1966 and the mode of travel was now by plane — an adventure in itself. I arrived at Saint Hill and did the routing sheet to get started. I was to be housed at a little hotel the other side of East Grinstead, that was mentioned in the Doomsday Book (a book that King William commissioned to list all of the assets that he had acquired after conquering the previous King – King Harold- in 1066 AD.) The doorways were low and the walls were thick but it was a cosy place. There were several other students there, many of them also on the Clearing course.

I would catch the bus belonging to the hotel and go into study in the downstairs AO at the castle, until I was let loose with the materials to audit on solo. It was an enormous thrill and I set to with enthusiasm. At that time most people would be on this course for 9+ months and it was my intention to demonstrate I could handle this and so take the materials back to Perth to complete it (and later get checked out in Auckland).

It was a Friday I recall, when I had this cognition. It was like something I had always known, but now I knew it. It changed everything. I tried to continue but nothing seemed to work (bit of a nuisance really!)

I figured I’d have to go to Qual for a review. But it was Friday so I would wait till Monday when the bus would take me in, besides no one worked on the weekend.

There was a party on the Saturday and so I concentrated on that. I had always been a good dancer so I met up with someone and started dancing, but I had lost it. All the mechanics had disappeared. I was a mess.

I remembered a story where LRH had said to a student who had been struggling, “You know what’s wrong with you? You’re losing your mind.” I struggled through the evening, eventually learning that I had to be in present time to make it work. All the mechanics I had in place seem to have broken.

Monday came at last and of course I was announced as Clear number 498. I had been on the course 2 weeks. There was much celebration at Saint Hill and again at the hotel.

I returned home to much celebration, but it was so much more. I really felt that I was in charge of my life. In fact I knew that if anything made me feel less than OK it was an outside influence. I had reached that hitherto elusive goal, Clear.

Of course, later I did OT3 and learnt more, but that is another story.



4 thoughts on “Going Clear

  1. 9+ months vs. 2 weeks. Perhaps a one-shot clear? (That “one-shot” isn’t reached with the snip of a finger but takes some time, several hours to days perhaps.) Or at least adjacent to being one?

  2. I remember my beautiful Clear cycle well-of course I did it in the days when one actually got acknowledged when it happened.As I have found out in my practice, people get very upset if their Clear state is not acknowledged and boy are they happy when it is.

  3. I remember going Clear, but for me, it’s a past life recall. Still, that moment of realization is as fresh in my mind as the day it happened. I can say with zero hype that it was the most glorious and profound feeling I can ever remember.

    It took forty years of this current life before an auditor helped me to rediscover the amazing events that led up to my going Clear. Up until then, I’d always known that something was ‘different’ about me – but what – was a mystery to me.

    Over time, I began to suspect what that ‘difference’ probably was, so I got myself onto the CCRD at Flag. Tthis was in early 1994, when Flag still delivered Scientology. I’ve got to say that it was probably the best thing I ever did for myself in this life. My auditor helped me to open up something, that in my mind, looked no bigger than a speck of pepper, into a full blown, 3-D motion picture of one of the most important incidents of my life.

    I’ll forever be grateful to that auditor, and to LRH, for creating the tools to help me rediscover myself.

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