By Milestone Two crew

LRH’s technical bulletins clearly lay out how a case is programmed — and there is an LRH Grade Chart that is the road to follow, making sure that each step is satisfactorily achieved before starting on the next.

A thorough Director of Processing Interview, making well note of what the meter reads on (the charge on the case) is a vital aspect of knowing what THAT specific preclear or preOT needs handled.

And the C/S, in an ivory tower, is able to ensure that arbitraries, cross orders, or alterations to that LRH Grade Chart, do not occur. That the person make steady and stable gains as they progress.

There is an exact road map to follow — however it is not cookie cutter one-size-fits-all, as cases are not all stacked up the same. Cases come in all shapes and sizes and it is by using the tools as detailed in the technical bulletins and Class VIII course, that a C/S can establish how to best progress someone up The Bridge to achieve Clear and OT.

In the field, you need a PC folder — which is routinely left behind in the C of S — so the first step is to reconstruct that folder, which must be done with very thorough information collection on past auditing received, wins, things the preclear has attention on or wants handled, and then a very extensive metered interview to cover all steps of the Bridge done to date.

As needed, the standard LRH correction lists of an Expanded Green Form, and/or a C/S 53 are used to get the case humming again. These correction lists find the exact charge — for THAT person — and deal with it. The meter, in the hands of a competent auditor, can easily find the bypassed charge and get it addressed.  These lists provide the tools to program a case and get that person F/Ning again.

Milestone Two auditors have been following the standard lines and technical bulletins, to great success (no surprise).

Unfortunately, Corporate Scientology no longer does the usual.

Instead, they follow a recently written SOED (Sea Org Executive Directive) which was written by management (aka Chairman of the Board), and the Golden Age of Tech 2 event videos (as dictated and produced by Chairman of the Board).

These are the new Corporate Scientology stable datums for case programming (not LRH technical bulletins).

Staff go through a persons pc folders, using the SOED and Event video as the blanket executive C/S for all parishioners (not LRH technical bulletins). They work out what actions the person needs to redo and then call them into the org for briefing on the analysis and how much needs to be paid to get them to Clear or OT. It includes, of course, a Progress Program and a “sort out of injustices” as the initial step – estimated to come at a cost of at least one intensive.

Here is a recent email from the Chaplain of AOSH ANZO proving this very point:

“Dear XXXX,

We have a new line now since the launch of GAT II which comes from an International SO ED. One puts in the Tech Data Request Form and your folder is routed to the Case Supervisor or Auditor who does a full analysis of the case and this analysis provides what has been completed by the pc/preOT and anything unflat or incomplete, plus additional data such as known “wants handled” etc. Then the basic steps that the person needs to take to get from where they are to Clear and/or OT and the general tech estimate for each step.

I have now your completed Tech Data analysis and the resultant program.   I would very much like to have you come down to the AO where we can go over this with you.

It does of course include as an initial step a Progress Pgm and a sort out of the Injustices, estimated to be one intensive.

Actually, there is even an undercut step which is to see GAT II launch, which could be done here all in one visit. GAT II launch, your case briefing, initial Chaplain meeting to go over the matter generally and some auditing on your Progress Pgm. I reckon a week would be sufficient for those above steps.

signed, Chaplain”

We would recommend, if you want to actually move up LRH’s Grade Chart, that you insist that LRH’s technical bulletins are applied.

This is being done by Milestone Two auditors — but not by Corporate Scientology at this time.

16 thoughts on “How not to C/S

  1. Appears C/Sing for public has gotten nearly as bad as it’s been for staff. In 1994, CO CCI, Dave Petit said to me, and I’m quoting, “I got together with the Snr C/S and we figured out what’s wrong with you.” … and proceeded to inform me what was wrong with my case.

    Yep, psycho-analysis. I was too far gone at that time to even issue a cramming order on the PL, “Executive C/Sing.” And I was Qual.

  2. True, Paz. C/Sing is via OSA in today’s orgs, that’s why it takes so long between DoP interview and an actual session. All that ‘I’m not auditing you,’ is entirely for OSA’s benefit, not yours. In fact, I doubt very much that anything done on your case is for your benefit.

    The primary concern of today’s C/S is not your case, but the integrity of the CoS and Miscavige’s safety. Woe betide you if you look on the internet, or concern yourself with old-time LRH tech, admin or ethics, ie, pre-GAT II. Mention GAT I and that could put you back months and cost you thousands of £s in bribes.

    • Richard, I’m afraid you’re right. Staff C/Sing has for some time included 3D considerations to some degree, sometimes to a large degree. Back in Toronto in the 70’s that was not true, but I’ve seen it become increasingly so in the SO. Another way to lose tech…, the group is all.

  3. Come into the org and we will tell you what Grade chart actions you need to redo, what arbitrary actions you must do (along with all other parishioners) and we will sec check you to make sure you are not disaffected — and this is going to cost you only 6 intensives, to redo what you have already done.


    • And what we have found unflat (We’ve evaluated your cognitions and found them wanting) we will now use to invaluate your causation and O/R it until you succumb to our GAT compliances.

      • It’s pretty obvious they’re not interested in moving anyone up the Grade Chart.

        If they were they wouldn’t be pushing Super Power or having them redo purif and objectives.

        In my opinion there is more to these than the acquisition of filthy lucre to this scene.

        Though that’s a big part of it but not the total answer because if it was they’d be promoting the original OT Levels and mixing up a concoction of actions that’d be the levels above VIII.

        Personally it’s a combination of greed and an effort to discredit and invalidate the tech.

  4. Don’t understand why they include injustices. This is usually or was covered by a petition or review board.

    The “old” LIX used to take up wrong conditions assigned etc but that was canceled some time back then there is the Ethics and Justice RL but from what I understand it is a Super Power Rundown.

    So the only thing I can divine by this “concern” is more HCO Sec Checking and possibly the TRD or “Loyalty” Check which seems to be a squirrel action that is prevalent here in LA right now.

    Then there is the assumption that any previous auditing is “unflat” which is why the Orgs these days specialize in overrunning actions.

    Never mind about using standard RLs as part of any “progress program” since they ignore all actual instant reads these days and only take up prior reads thanks to auditors there being miseducated by the new Emeter drill films that uses simulated reads generated by a read simulator instead of an actual PC.

    In other words all they are going to do is By Pass Charge and take up false or protest reads and be stuck forever in “repair”.

    I suggest anyone who gets this email either stay home or find a real auditor who can actually audit.

    • Interesting. They used to not charge for ‘justice’ actions. This way it is a standard action to charge for.
      And since it is part of the cookie cutter C/S, they seem to expect that there is an active button on ‘out justice’ on most people………..not that they will actually handle anything that they initially caused, but they can justify a higher estimate to charge for.
      Ethically, they are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.

      • “Ethically, they are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.”


        What do ya expect from a group that is below treason ’84?

        Gee I wonder why they are pushin’ the injustice button…

        Not really.

        It’s easy to see that they’re into provoking the public into “nattering” about how badly they’ve been treated so they can wrack up the hours “sec checking” their sorry asses.

        This happened to anyone who had the temerity to write a KR on their off policy and out tech.

        Now that this action has been totally squelched or suppressed they are getting desperate because they’re still leaking like a sieve.

        Just take a look at the OTC minutes that are posted over there on Mike’s blog.

        They’ve managed to move the public from overt to covert hostility.

        I figure if they keep working at it they’ll have ’em in apathy in no time.

    • “RV: Don’t understand why they include injustices. This is usually or was covered by a petition or review board.”

      It’s unjust your house hasn’t been repo’d indicative of evading the dono brigades, your children still not signed up for a billion year contracts and people you have not disconnected from. Your next sec check will flush out the rest of the injustices the church suffered at your hands.

  5. The ‘New Line’ completely by-passes the DofP. Once upon a time, The DofP was the ultimate tech terminal, who while he/she might not know the intricacies of C/Sing a folder, was yet senior to the C/S in guiding the pc or OT along the bridge. The DofP did not do the C/Ses job, but was the one and only face-to-face guardian of the pc’s and OT’s progress on the Bridge.

    The DofP to C/S to Auditor line is the motor for the bridge. Each terminal has their place in the KRC triangle and cycle of action. It’s an inspired set-up.

    This entirely new, non-LRH ‘Tech Data Analysis’ undoes the separate and holy functions of each of these three terminals. Instead, the pc and pre-OT is to be force-fed someone else’s idea of case gain, someone else’s idea of what is right or wrong, and ARC never comes into it.

    The motivation for this new off-policy and out-tech ‘line’ appears to be getting the punter to pay money to the Reg so that the HGC can ‘do’ him or her according to the ‘estimate.’ Forget the FESer, the Qual Sec, the Tech Sec, HCO and all the rest, these are redundant along with the pc’s and pre-OT’s interests, goals and purposes.

    Worried about your acne, or your granny’s illness, or you’re nervous about your new job? Don’t go into the org, because they’ll have their own agenda for you, starting with an A to E.

    And just like an SP, the org will never admit to making a mistake but will always turn it round to make it your fault. If you’re still determined to give it a bash, then be prepared to be stripped of every penny you have, and more.

    But you won’t see the DofP again after the cursory stop on the RF, it’ll be either the DoT and auditor if you’re in good standing or the MAA if you’re not. That’s the ‘new line,’ which they’ve been piloting solidly for twenty years.

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