learn by doing

By Tom Martiniano

I was the Qual Sec AOLA in 1980/81 and without many staff. So this also made me the Intern Supervisor for the Class VIII Course Held From Above (HFA).  This is also called the “Silver Cert Internship “ in which the best Class VIII auditors on the planet were made. And I was only a lowly Level Two classed auditor at the time.  Talk about baptism by fire.  But I was a seasoned cramming officer and confessional auditor with my basics totally in. My metering and TRs were honed to perfection and I could make a meter read when it should.

One day Manu Tupou, an actor from Hollywood came to see him in his office. His father was the king of the Fiji Islands, so he was royalty. He was also a regular cop on the original Hawaii 5-0 TV Series.  He said “I’ve been a Class VIII for five years now and I haven’t been auditing, in fact I am afraid to audit.  Can you help me?”

I tell you, when it rains it pours; a Class VIII auditor who is afraid to audit but wants help. Well, I can never turn down helping another, especially when I have the wherewithal –and- I am Italian and when an Italian does you a favor you are expected to pay it back, so I hatched a plan right then and there.  I took him in an auditing room and held up a doll and held the cans for reads. “Fly the dolls ruds” I commanded.  Manu swallowed hard and started with the ARC Break rud and by the time he was done I said: “Pretty bad Manu. Your TRs suck, your basics are in horrible shape and your metering is nuts. The good news is that you want to do something about it.”  Manu went VGIs and said, “Tom, I really do want to do something about it. I want to be a great auditor.”  I thought again for a moment and then I said, “Alright, I have a deal for you.  You give me 6 hours per day. I will put you in the HGC and you will audit 6 hours per day. The C/S will write crams on you and I will do them on you.  Your exchange for making you into a Class VIII LRH would be proud of is you auditing your ass off in our HGC.  Do we have a deal?”  Manu beamed.  “I love it. Can we start tomorrow?”  “No, we start today.” Both of us laughed and then I personally delivered him to the D of P and off we went.

I knew it would be simple and that I would first correct his TRs, then his metering and then basics and he will be top notch.  It wasn’t long before we were on a TRs retread and I slammed this mans TRs home so that he was as natural as Robert Redford.  Then we worked on his metering. Manu was completely blown out on how simple it was to fix him.  He was winning and was disseminating what was going on. The next thing I knew was that I had five more Class VIIIs auditing in the HGC on the same deal I had Manu on.  It was a dream come true that I actually had a bit of an internship going on these guys. They all loved getting the tune-up and showed up on time every day and were the best students I ever had.  I added a lot more to their programs because they were VIII’s so we not only perfected their TRs Metering and basics, but we also made them hounds for Standard Tech.  They all graduated in three months and came to help at AOLA whenever we had backlogs. We were all good friends and we remained in comm. All of them opened up a field practice and audited hundreds of hours in the field.  Look at the amount of lives that were touched or changed by this cycle of action.

The long and the short of it was that I not only resurrected 6 Class VIII’s but all of the pc’s that got real standard auditing was making a difference in the OT Solo area. Now we were getting a lot of Clears sorted out and onto the OT Sections.

We all learned how to audit by auditing.

It is perfectly okay to screw up and flub and all that. No one is going to get hurt. Not for long anyhow.  We can make auditors by the hundreds, and good ones. All it takes is the big three in: TRs, Metering, Basics.

I can put anyone’s TRs in in just a few days. Metering is simple: Drill, drill, drill. Basics are slammed in by reading and then drilling them.

What the Church is making right now is robots who have all but quit auditing. Listen to the tapes on LRH auditing and you will hear a real thetan being in comm with another thetan. It is not hard: It is A, R and C.

We’ll win to the degree we deliver tech.



9 thoughts on “Learn by doing

  1. Great Tom !!!
    You just made my day with this incredible story and sort of rekindled my desires at getting crammed and trained. I only hope I stumble across competent terminals such as yourself.


    • He sure does. Tom is in Arizona and trains and audits. We have the same capacity in many locations now, through MS2. Sign up for the Technical Delivery Network and we can hook you up, no matter your location.

  2. Tom

    I worked AOLA HGC a few years after that when Steve Miller was our cramming off.

    Every time one of us got a cram we’d shout “it’s Miller Time!” 😉

    Back then the place was hopping. We had so many PCs and Pre OTs we couldn’t keep ’em the PC Waiting area so Tech Services lined the hallway with couches and chairs but even that wasn’t enough so they hung out in the stairwell.

    Last time I was there the place looked like it had been hit with a neutron bomb with not a living soul in sight.

    That’s the miracle of the Golden Age of Tech.

    • Right on Remote. It was the greatest of times. Probably 300 bodies n the shop at one time, at all times. Miller was the best at cramming. He and I had good times.

      ML Tom

  3. Ive heard of Manu from one of his pcs, and he raved about him! Great work Tom, and you are so right, it really is about the basics!

  4. Hallie Jane, August 15, 2014 at 6:27 pm:

    “In my opinion the case gain available from the left side of the bridge has been decimated by GAT. LRH said that training was 50% of the gains, so it was necessary to do both sides in order to get 100%. Well, how does this happen exactly?

    It’s not just the data about the mind, that’s just the beginning. First you learn about the mind, cognite, then you apply it to someone, cognite, then you observe the gains of the other person, cognite, and then review any errors and cognite some more. It’s a very active series of expanding experiences.

    If you audit someone on communication and hear their cognitions, and then another and another and another, then your viewpoint is expanding and expanding. After auditing 100 people on that subject, your viewpoint is quite expansive and the cool thing about thetans is, none of them are the same.

    As your application becomes more skilled, the quantity of cognitions in others increases and so does your own. Your perception improves, your comm lag shortens and the difference between the theta and physical universe becomes crisper and more distinct. As ability increases, so does confidence which eventually becomes certainty.

    Anyone who’s audited knows this does not occur overnight and takes a lot of study and practice. You learn to audit by auditing. There is not a snowballs chance in hell that anyone comes off an auditing course and does it perfectly. Humans are just not perfect.

    The set up with GAG is an invitation to not perceive, by forcing robotic actions on the auditors, by making tech points not made, and enforcing actions regardless of what the PC/preOT is doing. This is the death of a session. The unsafe and stressful environment will shut down the ability to tap into perceptions which observe correctly and create cognitions.

    In order to audit well, you have to do it as a being to another being. You have to perceive and comm and utilize your instincts about what you’re seeing against the data you have and the purpose of what you’re doing. It’s live and live is necessary for auditing to occur.

    All misuse of ethics aside, an auditing session does need an atmosphere of optimum survival to have optimum results.

    An auditor who does not have conceptual understanding, (because they were told what it means) or is worried, stressed, not able to address the person in front of them, are afraid, or otherwise not 100% there, will not be successful. The whole of GAG has bypassed the beings who are going to do the job. As usual in the RCS, beings are not important. There are no standard thetans and there is no auditing without them.”


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