By Tom Martiniano

In 1970 I was a dope-smoking, bar-hopping, Vietnam Veteran hippie who had nothing better to do than try to make as many people as I could, feel sorry for me; I was a real mess.

I had just gotten fired from my first after-the-Army job when I found an ad in the newspaper asking for sellers to sell books for $4.50 an hour. Back then it was pretty good money. I called the number and the receptionist said “Scientology”. I was taken aback and I said “Serious?” He said “Serious”. I had never heard of Scientology before but the name hit me.

I went down to the org and volunteered for the intro lecture and I learned all about the ARC Triangle and was pretty amazed. But then I asked the lecturer for a “No shitter” lecture and he gave it to me. So I learned all about past lives and thetans and the whole thing. I was in right then and there for the duration.

I did the Communication Course (HAS Course) and was totally amazed how tough it was and being fresh out of the Army, I welcomed a good challenge. At the time it was “Two Hour No Blink” TR-0 and I was on that drill for 2 weeks, ten hours per day. It was a trip, literally.

LRH never intended for TRs to be therapeutic, but TR-0 literally popped me and most other people who did the course, out of their bodies, resulting in life-changing major and very stable wins. It was a good route in for raw public. My entire life changed from that $25 course. I was in present time and confronting everything I needed to confront. My income soared, I got rid of my dope-smoking fiancé and I started to make something out of my life.

It turned out that it was the perfect gradient for me and others to go Clear. After doing TRs I was in the present and could confront my bank. Then I did the original HQS Course and that really got me on the bridge. I found an auditor to do my Self Analysis Lists and then I did the Class 8 Drug Rundown which was basically recalling locks, and once I could do that easily, I was auditing secondaries. Then, finally, I ran an engram. The engram surprised the hell out of me because I saw and heard the whole conversation between my dentist and his assistant while I was unconscious and it blew the force out of that engram and I sat there in the chair musing to myself how the bank was structured and then had my Clear cog.

I was Clear, but I didn’t know it for eight more years.

But I noticed that not a lot of people were completing the Communication Course, and the ones who had finished it were special: They were very, very able. LRH had said that Scientology was for the able and, believe me, to finish two straight hours of “No-Blink TR0” was nearly impossible, but if you did it, the rewards were stunning. That course weeded out the weak from the strong and what was left was a bunch of powerful thetans who wanted to boom Scientology and Clear this wretched planet. Nearly all of these grads went on to tech training, becoming auditors, C/Ses and Supervisors and then later became dedicated administrators.

Additionally the course was only $25, which was probably the best $25 I ever spent. It was easy to get people onto this course if you promoted it in introductory lectures and Division 6 promotional items per the HCO PL “FOUNDATION” in which LRH says; “The Distribution Division, in advertising, the Foundation services and in coaching field staff members, is to bring about the following general effect on the broad public and lower course applications: 

“1. That Scientology is successful and expanding.

“2. That Scientology betters one’s ability to communicate.

“These two points in a great many varied ways should result in:

“1. The pubic accepting Scientology, in that it is expanding and is therefore directed at them;

“2. That Scientology is an activity connected with handling the environment through better communication.” 

This HCO PL worked like a bomb. Everyone was willing to be on the side of a winner, and everyone was more than willing to learn how to communicate better. We applied this PL in promotion and in introductory lectures, and we had sign-ups like never before.

And following up this interest with the TRs course (Hard Way) guaranteed us signups on the Academy levels. Finally we got to the point where we had 18 full time Interns in the Internship with another 40 students on Academy levels who would go onto the internship. With 18 interns auditing, we pulled close to 1,000 chair auditing hours per week.

In 1978 LRH was told by advisors that the blow rate of HAS (Communication Course) students was 70%. It was pretty high. But what he wasn’t told is that the 30% that do complete the HAS course are solid products. The consensus was to water down hard TRs and the Communication Course was replaced with the STCC (Success Through Communications Course). It was a flop, and the blow rate was even higher than the Standard Communications Course. Resign statistics fell off the face of the earth.

In 1980 LRH ordered a full evaluation and review be done for the “Routes into Scientology”. Sea Org executives under the guidance of the then-Distribution Aide (not Diana Hubbard who had just routed out of the Sea Org to raise a family). The result were small and abbreviated courses such as STCC, “Personal Integrity”, “Ups and Downs in Life Course” which was a watered down version of the PTS Course and other weak, watered-down courses. The wildly popular Student Hat was replaced by the anemic Basic Study Manual which was a flop. And public were having trouble duplicating these new courses which had too much significance and not enough doingness like the ORIGINAL courses did. The public dropped off of these courses like flies and most refused to sign up for further services.

LRH described this phenomenon 30 May 1970 in HCO PL CUTATIVES what was going on.

“In 1970 a survey I have just completed has shown that this effort was so complete that the following had been broadly accomplished:

  1. Training no longer included enough Scientology materials to make as effective Scientology auditor in many places.
  2. Grades had been shortened from 50 hours 0 to IV, to 2 ½ minutes.
  3. The end phenomenon of grades and processes were discarded. 

The end result has been: 

  1. Few skilled auditors.
  2. Shrunken and struggling Scientology Orgs.
  3. A Field that is disappointed in results – for they think they have had grades and haven’t.
  4. People coming into Advanced Orgs to be cleared who have NO lower grades actually run and so they can’t make any upper grades.”

What was missed in those evaluations done by the Div 6 gang was that people wanted Scientology. They wanted to get the real courses Scientology had to offer such as the Primary Rundown, the PTS/SP Course to name a few. The Basic Communication Course was the start of the Bridge. It was not patty-cake; it was super-tough and only the able made it through them. Next step was where the public learned how to make another person better by auditing that person. This was the HQS course. This weeded out the people who could not and would not make others better. What was next was rough and tough academy training where one learned the secrets of the mind and how to get rid of unwanted disabilities and aberration. This training is not for the feeble. It was for the fairly-well educated.

Nowadays Division 6 Staffs aren’t even allowed to talk to the public. They are only allowed to refer the public to the Information Center and let them watch and listen to videos. That is the in-vogue entrance to the Bridge and as a result Davie boy has the Bridge shut down – all lanes of it.

Look, it takes a lot of accreditation and many (6) years of medical school to get to learn how to patch a person’s body. Psychiatrists study for 6 years to learn their trade. We are learning to become experts in the mind and we study how to unwind the reactive mind in a year average. And while it is made relatively simple by LRH, the training was and is still for the able and the higher IQ people of this world. To water down this technology is a sin and as a result the orgs don’t deliver real honest-to-gosh Scientology.

So when you wonder why the orgs are empty, look no further than the routes into the orgs: They severely lack Scientology.

Idiots and low-confront people, who can’t even fix a broken shoe lace, tend to dabble in Scientology, get tons of Mis-U’s, leave and then sit in judgment of LRH, his tech and declare it unworkable. If one were able to evaluate or even confront what makes an organization work one would actually do something to make it work. Not the naysayers; they love to prattle on about how bad it all is. This is the low-confront method of handling something.

The reactive mind is tough and formidable, but if you learn the tech, all of the tech, it is a piece of cake to get rid of. It is better to confront the tough courses than to live the rest of your life struggling along, or being unhappy.

The route was there all of the time.

Resurrect the TRs course and put in two hour confront. Then HQS and watch the numbers rise.









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  1. Tom:

    I took the HAS course probably 5 years after you, and we were not required to do the 2 hour confront. Our weenie was the “major stable win”. I’m not sure how we were supposed to know if the win was “stable” or not. In any case, it didn’t make me a Scientologist; I already was one, due to my (unsuspected) experience with Scientology last lifetime. But your point about it being a key component in the making of a true Scientologist is well made.

    At some point before all the watered down courses, I left staff. So I wasn’t really aware of them until years later. I was kinda doubtful when I heard about them.

    For this next part, forgive me if I sound beligerant. It’s not my intent to be so, but I must ask questions that I would ask as a co-founder of the History Project. Such as:

    How do you know that the failure rate on the HAS was 70%?

    How do you know what his “advisors” told him? Do you know who they were?

    How do you know about the failure rate of the watered down courses?

    The “Personal Efficiency” Course was another Ron appeared to favor, but I don’t know what was on it, nor whether it’s ever been resurrected and piloted. Do you have any knowledge of this course?


    • Dear Paul,
      If you are interested, I am an old timer with quite a lot of experience. I would be pleased to help you on your history project as I believe it is an important thing to analyse the failures and also successes of Scientology. I have things to says. You can have my mail by Lana.

  2. Thanks Paul. I was the Qual Aide in 1982 to 1983 in the Flag Bureaus. I knew all about this as it was going down. Then when I was in CMO Int I saw comms and advices from various Int terminals about these courses – the hype and the failures.

    It all started when someone in the Div 6 Aide’s office (I’m not going to name names here) did a survey with all of the PESes in the world asking what the blow rate was in Div 6 activities. I was at the Aides Meeting he said the blow rate for HAS was 70% internationally and that it was a problem he was going to take up with LRH. What he omitted to find out was what was going on with that 30% that were all on fire to clear the planet. He basically gave LRH false data and omitted a lot of data.

    I knew about the failure rate of the PI, Ups and Downs and BSM because I was a programs chief for years over East US, Sea Org Sector, AF and ANZO and we were always trying to get these courses to produce products. We gyrated on them for years in Management. It was always a subject of problems because the blow rate and resign rate from these anemic courses was above 90%.

    What Ron “favored” was the information, data, cooked data and the rest of the lies and altered info that he was given about these courses. You must understand that Ron was effectively removed from Management Lines by DM about this time and was operating on a filtered and very long distance comm line. He was not able to personally inspect the orgs like he did in 1976 to get the real picture. So he had to rely on the data he was given by people who were untrained in evaluating but way too eager to please.

    ML Tom

  3. Another smashing article.

    Tom: “Resurrect the TRs course and put in two hour confront.”

    The 1983 CO$ Pro-TR checksheet with course pack in PDF format by APIS has the 2-hour TR requirements.

    There is also “SO ED 1218 INT 20 Sept. 78 Hard TRs Course” checksheet, but it calls only for a “major stable wins”.

    • Foremost,

      Two hours was given as the requirement per the RED the World Begins with TR0.

      Also it was on the original Pro TRs course check sheet I did.

      Sure it says “Major Stable Win” in the HCOB which doesn’t say how major the win should be.

      2 hours may seem arbitrary but it actually works.

      I mean if you can do the drill for 2 hours straight you can pretty much do it forever 😉

  4. A great story and a superb analysis , Tom !!!

    I really miss those tough training sessions and the tough supervision. LRH says in HCOPL 3 April ’72 , ESTO Series 13 , “Doing Work” and I quote :

    “When a person is competent , nothing can shake his pride. The world can yell. But it doesn’t shake him” LRH

    I remember those days when “competence” was everything. I was the toughest of the toughest when training BK-1 auditors back in the early ’80s. I put them through hell , but you just couldn’t recognize any of them afterward. They had changed so much, they looked so “there” , so certain, that everybody in the whole Org just couldn’t recognize them. It was really the “Spirit pf Play” manifesting itself.

    Each and everyone of them got into major courses and went up the Bridge. Many just signed for staff right away and others even joined the SO right away. About this last one, I am not sure if I actually made them a favor. But the point is they sure had purpose.

    Those were great times when servicing others were a great honor and a big reponsibility. I sure miss that sens of competence , of purpose, of doing something that really mattered. I only hope that I can get into that game again.


    • Beautiful! We absolutely need to have such data on a successful actions book or hat write up or such thing for use in our present and future Div 6’s. Only patty cake, theetie wheetie beings wants patty cake theory non confront courses.
      I learned to pilot. The instructor is a high ARC type of guy which means a pleasant down to earth type of instruction. Real training! And when you fligh solo, and you goof a bit too much, he is there to tell you that if you continue, you are going to get big trouble, which means you’ll crash and kill yourself. A good thing to remember!! But you see, this is realistic and high ARC because it is truth.
      If we put back real training from the entrance door, we will boom.

  5. Hi Tom,

    I’d just like to add that the Ol’man had his hands full back then with efforts by the “Justice” Department to indict him for the rogue op GO 1361 that many confuse with “Snow White” then there was the civil case launched by Flynn and Assoc. lead by his estranged son Ron DeWolfe FKA Nibs and all “ya gotta do is allege” St. Gerry of Armstrong former LAPD CID stool pigeon.

    Not to mention the Infernal Ravening Service’s efforts to nail him for back taxes and lest we forget David Mayo’s efforts to alter the tech as well.

    (BTW it was Mayo not Miscavige who removed the original OT Levels from the Grade Chart. “Coincidentally” after the Intelligence Community was getting eight martini with RV.)

    Let’s just say there was a lot going on back then.

    Even so.

    Ron had made an effort to get TRs back in then by issuing TRs Basics Resurrected and personally running a TRs Pilot which included teaching the student the basics of communication and also doing the Change the Civilization Eval that uncovered the fact that many coaches and supervisors were invalidating a students wins on TRs because of their own set facs.

    The STCC was as far as I can see was a gradient to doing actual TRs. Giving the student wins on applying TRs to life.

    Nothing wrong with that. As long as the course is followed by real rough tough TRs course at some point.

    Therapeutic TRs?

    Well that’s been part of the line up of the DRD since the early ’70’s. Along with Objectives which were as you remember part of the “old” HQS Course which back then was a hundred dollar course.

    Additionally BSM was never part of the training line up for auditors.

    When Ron found out that the BSM had replaced the Student Hat. The Ol’man hit the roof.

    Personally I can’t see why you former Int Staff continually blame Dave and thus assign him so much power. From what I knew back then the little rodent was assigned to ASI and was too busy selling porn and fraudulently signed “LRH Properties” to be too worried about what was going on technically.

    The guy who was actually in charge of Ron’s comm lines back then was none other than Pat Broeker who as we all know ain’t talking about his role in the whole scenario that left an incompetent unqualified moron in charge of the whole operation.

    From what I see.

    It was amazing that Ron was able to do what he was able to do with all the CI not just from our Government but that so called “clean team” who elected themselves to be “management”.

    • RV; the reason us former Int staff assign so much beingness to the rodent is because we were there when it all went down. I kinda feel that if all us Int staff were all combat vets and you never were but you are going to berate us for bad feelings about LBJ, who was the author of the Vietnam war.

      We had good times until the little rat took over and then it became a this-lifetime implant station. I am a combat veteran but I had more case on Int than I did on combat. Are you kidding? For instance – I was up there in 1986 when DM pulled the Palace Coup and RPF’d both Broekers wresting the power from them. It was obvious to all of us what went down with the embarrassing cognition that he snuck in there and pulled off a slick one. None of us saw it coming. We just hoped it would be all right – “The king is dead, hail to the king.” and all that. Then the bottom dropped out and it was like Pol Pot killing all the Cambodians for prior allegiances’. Talk about a vendetta.

      And don’t forget that Mayo was getting his data to and from LRH via DM and trust me that Mayo would not have taken the OT Sections off of the line up as his own origination. You know how I know it was DM? He hasn’t put them back yet and is going to use them (I know this one for a fact) as OT Sections 10 through16.

      In 1982 MSH wrote me a personal letter telling me that DM and Starkey were taken over by and run by the FBI and CIA. Was she crazy or did she know something?

      I personally think that DM sold out to the government and he is getting air cover from them. So don’t underestimate the rat either. He pulled a lot of shenanigans.

      I agree that LRH astonishingly was able to function at all with all of that BS on his lines.

      • Tom,

        I’m with Mary Sue on that one.

        Met Starky and he reminded me of Lawrence Harvey’s character in the Manchurian Candidate.

        Probably pull out a Queen of Diamonds and he’d do some weird stuff like back Misc.

        My BPC with these cats from Int is not with you personally but with the Psyops twins Marty and Mike who proclaim there ain’t no conspiracy and accuse anyone who brings it up as crazy and insinuate or imply Ron was some kinda crackpot because he brought it up.

        Aside from their know best patronization of people like me.

        But really I ain’t bitter 😉

        Come on Tom comparing Ron to LBJ?


        But since we’re on the topic. LBJ didn’t need a weatherman to tell him which way the wind was blowing after seeing what happened to his predecessor if he didn’t play along with the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about.

        Anyway back on topic.

        As I asked Mike.

        How do you know if those advices ever personally came from the Ol’man?

        Since he was part of the so called “Special Project” or as I call it MAFU and if Miscavige was capable of forging the Ol’man’s signature I’m sure he was quite capable of a lot more.

        Also the fact that Miscavige hasn’t put the original Advanced Courses back on the Grade Chart doesn’t prove that he was the originator.

        BTW I agree that Miscavige sold out to the Government and that his objective doesn’t have anything to do with expanding Scientology.

        In fact exactly the opposite.

        • Okay RV, we agree on a lot of this. The comparison to LBJ was the little one. I’m with you on the twins. They are way south.

          ML Tom

      • My god the more I find out the worse it gets!

        No, dave hasnt put the original OT levels back, he could, they are there, he would have them, he would make a lot of money just in prepayments. Pretty well every Scns joined up just to get there. And if he wasnt recycling,overrunning and changing the Nots tech lineup there would be plenty of people to do them.

        Why doesnt he? Maybe he is scared they would work, under his church I doubt it, but its amazing how well Rons tech does work so you never know, some products might get through.

        The fact that he doesnt does lend weight to the theory that the intelligence agencies have taken over the church.

        As for MSHs letter, wow, but what she disclosed to you Tom doesnt surprise me! The way he got rid of her too and has now removed her from church history, arsehole! To be honest it is upsetting to know Mary Sue died with that knowledge.

        A real coup detat, my god!

        • Right 4a,

          As a friend of mine would say “out point noted”.

          I mean if it was all about money as many people say.

          Why isn’t Slappy promoting the original OTs?

          To me that’s a rhetorical question.

        • “Why doesnt he? Maybe he is scared they would work, under his church I doubt it, but its amazing how well Rons tech does work so you never know, some products might get through.”

          Basically 4a , if anybody does NOTs to full EP (audited and solo) and then does the originals , his OT powers are immensely increased including the ability to be in a position in space independent of the body. If you can be anywhere you like , as a being , and observe from there anything you want and possible even look through any documents, just imagine how “dangerous” you can be for the criminals heavily withholding their crimes and terrified of being found out. If one is able to “project an intention” at a distant while being exterior, this would make a weak and potentially suggestible being like DM gets very, very nervous.

          The war between MEST societies and OTs is very, very old. See SHSBC lecture “The Free Being”. Societies has always been terified of OTs, actual ones, and sorry if this offends any OT VIIIs. I am not trying to downgrade your wins in any way. It is not about money for DM necessarily as many assume. It is about “power”. I don’t think that the roedent is ever going to release the original OT levels as Tom assumes. This would put him at grave risk ; he is quite smart, the little man. Not to be underestimated at all. He knows what an actual OT can do , he isn’t that stupid.

          The government knows this. Why do you think they took control of an activity if they only think we are just a bunch of wackos ?
          Why take control of something you think isn’t capable of really harming you ? If we are just a bunch of fanatical freaks, why bother then ? For money ? Come on , that’s just petty cash for them. We are talking of the United States of America for Christ sake. You only attempt the control of an activity as a military strategy when you think that national security could be put at risk. They KNOW Scientology works and is able to do what it markets it can do. They know an “operating thetan” is possible. What kind of government such as the ones this God-forsaken planet has had is going to allow an Operating Thetan running around free ?

          DM is just a puppet controlled by much higher powers , rest assured. He got into the valence of the “whole track implanter”. I refer to you the original class VIIII lectures un-edited. There won’t be an OT IX and X. At least not LRH’s. Forget about the Church reinstating original OT levels as IX and X. That just won’t happen. You got to learn to “think crazy” to understand the “crazy ones”. Just look how everything is getting worse and worse, and I am not talking about stats. Each time the perversion of the Tech is worse. Each time DM dares a little bit more. All original LRH materials were ordered to be destroyed not just to be unused. I have the SMI Int bulleting to prove it. An scanned original issue. He is erasing all evidence , getting rid of original LRH. Getting rid of original LRH trained personnel , getting rid of all old-timers. How many old-timers are still at the Church?

          He is using kids he can control and who doesn’t have any record whatsoever of how was Scientology before his reign. Kids can be easily implanted. Implants occur in many hidden and insidious ways. DM is repeating marcab all over again guys, as crazy as this may sound and as incredible as this may sound. And I am not much of a fan of conspiracy theories but I am certainly a very competent observer with an incredible confront of evil and SPs.

          Do you think that LRH just left like that for no reason ? That he is happily in “Target Two” doing recon and making friends ? There are forces forming up , latent , easily observable for the ungullible. Make something too incredible to be believed and people will look the other way everytime. Nobody tought Pearl Harbor was possible. No Jew thought that an holocaust was possible nor many of the world governments at the time. They found out afterwards. The Jews just walked directly to the slaughterhouse as they just didn’t think governments were capable of such atrocities. When they “woke up” , it was already too late. I know , I was there. No Japanese ever thought that the “atom bomb” was possible till it killed millions. Nobody ever dreamed possible that 2 planes, could just enter USA air space flying incredible close to cities and the ground and just crash themselves against the Icons of the national economic prosperity. History repeats itself time and time again but it seems humans have a very short memory of past events. Actually a very low confront of evil.

          We humans think nothing bad will ever happen till disater is knocking on our doors. Is this the doing of an implant perhaps ? Is time to stop playing and prepare ourselves. Not by just having some great wins in our daily life , as valuable as that is, but by speedly going up the Bridge to full OT now folks, not tomorrow. Time is running. Just remember history. LRH is going to need a lot of help from full OTs. Just looks for the signs fellow scientologists , they are in plain view for the ones willing to look a little further.

          The only possible chance this planet has, and a very slim one indeed , is if we create enough REAL OTs , real Operating Thetans to be able to face the great danger ahead of us. Call me crazy if you want. Call me a conspiracy theory freak. All I know is that I’ll be ready. Have been preparing myself all my life for this. I hope that some of you at least listen and speed yourself up to full OT.

          I’ll leave now, leaving you with “quotes” from promotional charts and literature from before ’75 about what you can expect from the original OT levels so you can decide to speed yourselves up to be able to avail yourselves of them and be able to break once and for all, this seeminly interminable cycle of birth and death. It is a very old and worn off game leaving you only with engrams and more implants. It is your decision. I can’t call it freedom though. It all can be done in one lifetime. Why Q&A with it. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than your spirital freedom , the real one. So speed things up a little. The cat, the mortage, the new car , can wait. Do it now and you’ll thank you in the future. Here are the quotes :

          “OT IV Next, on OT IV you receive a special rundown by a Class VIII Auditor to set you case up for the actual solo auditing drills. OT IV completely familiarizes a thetan with those factors that trapped him and made him anything less than OT, thus freeing him from those things and leaving him totally certain of himself as a being. After OT IV, a thetan cannot be again trapped. One begins to get into ARC fully with one’s creations, knowing how they were created and why.”

          “OT V After OT IV, OT V refamiliarizes a thetan exterior with the physical universe. This level serves as an introduction to the rehabilitation of his total abilities as a thetan. One learns at this time to be able to use the correct application of intelligence and force, so not to get into trouble when one begins to operate.”

          “OT VI Your next level, OT VI is the level where one starts to stretch and exercise those thetanish muscles that have been dormant for so long. One really gets into action as an OT. The ability gained on the completion of OT VI is being exterior and able to act pan-determinedly. You begin to move around in the universe and to be cause over it.”

          “OT VII On OT VII you learn how to fully extend your intention across a distance and project thought. Prior to solo materials for OT VII there is a preliminary auditing action to prepare your case for the solo auditing drills.”

          Sounds very interesting , don’t you think ?
          Well, speed up then. They are available at the independent field right after NOTs.


        • Alright, here is what you get with the original OT Sections (I don’t have the exact wording, but I attested to all of them and I know the EPs):

          OT IV EP: Never Be Trapped Again. Now, can we have that one the C of $? No Sir. OTs are trapped by the C of S.

          OT V EP: Freedom From MEST. Scientologists are being trapped by MEST and worship it. Davie’s Ideal Orgs are all about MEST trappings.

          OT VI EP: Exteriorization With Full Perception. Can C of S afford to make those type of beings? Not on your life.

          OT VII EP: Rehabilitation of Full Intention. Imagine DM surrounded by an Army of them!

          The above EPs themselves explain why those OT Sections are gone.

          But we have them.

          ML Tom

  6. Tom for years when I looked back at the main org I was at, during my time on staff/SO, I kept trying to figure out where we went wrong. That org just limped along, bearly making its rent, staff morale was low, although they were a good bunch of people.

    What you are saying is absolutely true, I had the advantage of being a past lifer so I knew Scientology worked from the core of my soul but actual Scientology tech was just not being delivered in that org. So some of the 30% you state were usually recruited straight to staff, untrained except for staff hats, but with little to no auditing tech behind them. It took me quite a few years to finally find out what all the fuss was about re TR0.

    I think back now and wonder what the difference would have been if those people had been trained as in the more successful orgs, how that place would have boomed. I thought at the time we must have competent people running it, how wrong I was!

    Thanks for telling these accounts, they fill in the picture for me and actually give me an idea of what to do and not do next time!

  7. In June 1970, the Communications Course consisted of TRs 0 through 4, with TR 0 done for two hours.
    At that time, for most, the OT levels were a mystery. The End Result of OT 8 – as shown on the Grade Chart displayed on the wall – was, IIRC, “ability to be at cause, knowingly and at will, over thought, life, matter, energy, space, and time, subjective and objective: Total Freedom and Total Power.”
    The top level that had been released at that time was OT 6.
    It was very exiting and we were very young and very naive.
    By 1980, Mary Sue Hubbard was headed to federal prison, L. Ron Hubbard was in hiding, the middle Grade Chart had been gutted – see David Mayo’s article on Clear for insights regarding – and there were more changes in the works.
    Scientology was not as new and exciting as it had been in 1970, and the Bridge to OT was becoming a lot longer, with no end in sight.
    As more information became available, during the 1980s, thinking Scientologists re-evaluated Scientology.

    • BV

      By “thinking scientologists” are you referring to the “critics” who as Tom wrote never got Scientology to begin with anyway?

      Also how can one “evaluate” a subject that they’ve never fully studied?

    • BV Orts – Consider yourself warned. Your off-colour and nasty comments are welcome in other locations, but not here. This is a home for Scientologists — and if you don’t consider yourself one and simply come here to stir up some trouble – your game is over. Moderators are on notice.

      • I agree Lana.

        That whole thing about Ron being “in hiding”. As if the DOJ or IRS couldn’t track the Ol’man down anytime they wanted.

        I mean Creston is not exactly on the dark side of the moon.

        Also I don’t remember the “middle grade” being “gutted” and I wouldn’t take Mayo’s word for anything especially after he lied in his turgid article “Recollections” claiming that the Ol’man never developed any level above OT VII especially when is prima faca evidence of an HCOB dealing with OT VIII issued in ’69.

  8. The original handwritten OT levels have been available outside corporate Scientology for over thirty years, and, for just as long, has been the expertise of the many dozens of the most highly trained and experienced auditors and Case Supervisors.

    • BV,

      I really don’t get your point.

      What does RTC’s failure to secure the OT Levels have to do with the fact that a number of highly trained auditors have left the Church at the same time?

  9. In recent study I found a taped lecture from the summer of 1957, in the 18th Advanced Clinical Course, that succinctly resolved the question of the bridge from thetan to MEST, via the “mind”. Where “function monitors structure” was clarified and if one actually is able to grasp and extrapolate the material presented, he can understand and gain responsibility for the thing that seems to elude most of the beings here on this planet – their OWN MIND.

    Further on the topic, another tape (the first being The Mind: Its Structure in Relation to Thetan and MEST, 31 July 57), “Thinnies”, from 1 Aug 57, theorizes about the mechanics of “mental image pictures”, “facsimiles” that every mind is composed of and is set up to manipulate.

    These lectures address fundamental issues that each being in this particular universe faces, moment to moment. They provide data and applications that factually work to bring one to a state of awareness and control over the most intimate realities of day to day existence.

    The impact of awareness of these data on a person, when they actually do register what they express, is what sets this subject apart.

    Put somebody through a real TRs cycle, 0-IV done the “hard way”, and you have enabled a being to face his future and walk his road to his own Ultimate Truth.


  10. HI Lana,
    I hope you at least will allow my last short post. There is nothing off color or nasty about it.
    A low tolerance for other viewpoints, even when they vary only slightly from the group view, is, IMO, not healthy.
    Loosen up the extreme censorship policy and the Milestone Two blog will be revitalized.

    In any event, best wishes.

    • Loosen up the extreme censorship policy and the Milestone Two blog will be revitalized.

      Yeah? In the same way that you and other rabid critics of Scientology and LRH have “revitalized” other Scn-related forums? I don’t think so.

      There’s a reason that Lana put you on notice, BV. She (and those who add real vitality to this site) do not want, and will not allow this gathering place for Scientologists to become corrupted and suppressed down the tone scale by those with little or no understanding of Ron’s life restoring technology.

      Don’t think that people here haven’t followed your dreadful commentary about Scientology on other blogs. We have, and we know fully where you’re coming from. You’ve got free run of those other forums. Your invalidative screeds are obviously welcome in those places. Have at it, but not here.

      • Very well said Ronnie !

        I personally google searched for all his comments and read them all !
        At the end he just gets moderated anywhere he goes. Even the critcs doesn’t like him very much but he keeps on trying.

  11. In 1977-80 the Comm Crse was TR0 to a major stable win and Sydney Day and Fdn boomed off the back of it. For a long time they were getting a strong flow of recruits off that course orgs have never been as big or productive as they were at that time. 1978 to 1982 was an amazing time for Sydney orgs.

    My observation was that people spent about 30-40hrs on the course over several weeks with more than half of that time on OT 0 & TR0. There was very little attrition on the course and practically 100% resigns.

    In recent years I was impressed at the Dianetic seminar/co-audits they were running in the Sydney Div 6’s. They got a lot of new public in there and they were running some stuff out. But they didn’t get the re-signs or people joining staff. After a few years of that, in 2012 Sydney Fdn was down to about a dozen part time staff after having had about 90 staff a dozen years before. So in hindsight they aren’t as good as they look.

    I think that Orts guy raises a couple of interesting points which I’d like to comment on.

    First is that I support and approve of the moderation policy which preserves this site for Scientologists. It’s not because I have a low tolerance for other viewpoints because I often read the most outrageous views on other sites with interest. It’s just good to have a site where you don’t have to sort the wheat from the chaff all the time.

    Back when I was a minister in our favourite Church, I often used to read other religious sites. It was fascinating to me how atheists and anti-religionists were drawn to these sites like flies to 3 day old road-kill. It was as if their life lacked meaning if they couldn’t get in there and spread disagreement and disharmony amongst the target of their disaffection. Classic example of how the second postulate depends for its very life on the prior postulate.

    Anyway, my other comment is that I too have re-evaluated Scientology in recent times and found it newer and more exciting than ever before. Scientology is making a new start and the sky is the limit.

  12. BV, I get where you are coming from and I understand. But this isn’t one of your typical Democratic Blogs. This is actually a Blog that is being used to help get the real Scientology back on the rails. We know the C of S is not only tainted, but has successfully erased all vestiges of the heart of Scientology. And if you look at the heart of Scientology, you will find what we have all been after.

    Make no mistake, we intend to get that wonderful beating heart of Scientology back. We have agreed to keep naysayers and OSA-bots off of this blog because we don’t believe the “Free-Forum” pertains to this blog (Marty is going to have a field day with that last sentence because he doesn’t believe anyone can own anything and have it the way they want it. It has to be his way).

    So understand, Op-eds are not what we are looking for because the whole purpose of them is to cause controversy. there is enough controversy about the C of S.

    ML Tom

        • Mabu,
          I don’t really know how to express how broadly I am smiling at the Dunning-Kruger Effect reference you’ve made:

          The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias manifesting in unskilled individuals suffering from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude.

          Metacognition is defined as “cognition about cognition”, or “knowing about knowing”. It comes from the root word “meta”, meaning beyond.

            • I think Dunning-Kruger have spotted “know best” as well as anybody, and thanks to Mabu’s reference, I have a whole new vocabulary to describe the phenomena.

              Metacognitive dissonance. Hmmm, maybe that’s a new term to describe it as well. Noise about knowing about knowing.

              Geez, this stuff is fun 🙂

              • In the same vein, ‘Cluster B personality disorders’ describe quite well the “Criminal Mind” or “Anti-social personality” texts. Especially when a Narcissistic one is projecting his case on others. (last Marty’s posts on his blog seem to be written while he’s looking at himself in a mirror)

                • You guyz are having way too much fun 😉

                  I actually tried to restrain myself but after checking out Marty’s latest offering on his blog I gave up.

                  There he’s saying there is ain’t no such thing as Standard Tech like someone suffering from a severe cranial rectum implant or someone stuck on railroad tracks trying to convince themselves that those lights coming toward ’em ain’t a train.

                  I mean this is the former IG RTC. Dave’s Eminence Gris.

                  Anyway it’s nice to see that he’s still helping his old friend out by justifying Dave’s proclivity toward squirreling the tech.

                  I mean what are friends for?


                  • As long as we’re having fun with this stuff, here’s some more from Anna Freud:

                    • Splitting: A primitive defence. Negative and positive impulses are split off and unintegrated, frequently projected onto someone else. The defended individual segregates experiences into all-good and all-bad categories, with no room for ambiguity and ambivalence. When “splitting” is combined with “projecting”, the negative qualities that you unconsciously perceive yourself as possessing, you consciously attribute to another.[24]
                    • Extreme projection: The blatant denial of a moral or psychological deficiency, which is perceived as a deficiency in another individual or group.
                    • Superiority complex: A psychological defence mechanism in which a person’s feelings of superiority counter or conceal his or her feelings of inferiority. The inflated feelings of being superior, above the ordinary, and special, along with arrogance lead to difficulties at work and in relationships.
                    • Projection: A primitive form of paranoia. Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the undesirable impulses or desires without becoming consciously aware of them; attributing one’s own unacknowledged unacceptable or unwanted thoughts and emotions to another; includes severe prejudice and jealousy, hypervigilance to external danger, and “injustice collecting”, all with the aim of shifting one’s unacceptable thoughts, feelings and impulses onto someone else, such that those same thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations are perceived as being possessed by the other.

                    Boy this IS fun 🙂

                    • Yep,

                      This stuff is a riot.

                      Add the above to the cognitive dissonance involved in most of their discussions and I think we’ve pretty much got ’em psychoanalyzed 😉

                      For some reason BV Orts came to mind. Probably a totally misrelated to our discussion here.

  13. Understood, and thanks.
    But how is responding to another poster’s comment, by clarifying, for example, that one HCOB, containing some theory, does not constitute an OT level, then, become un safe? or nay saying?
    Isn’t a certain amount of discussion and sorting out necessary to get the real Scientology back on the rails?
    In this thread alone, I’ve read information I know to be incorrect, yet I’m not permitted to provide additional information concerning it. I’m also not allowed to answer questions that have been asked of me.
    Surely, relatively free discussion between individuals, in one setting, is not incompatible with training, auditing, and C/Sing in another setting.
    Alter all, this is not an auditing room or an Academy or an Ethics Officer’s office. This is a blog.
    To me, and I think to many others, relaxing – just a wee bit – the restrictions on communication, would be a good thing.

    • BV,


      The HCOB I referred to actually contains much more than just “theory” or “back ground” on the level but actual proposed procedures like for instance Dating and Locating.

      In fact if you look at the whole Grade Chart from top to bottom many of the procedures are explained in theory followed by proposed techniques that can be put into practice.

      BV you are either trying to make Mayo right or you are ignorant of this fact.

      Which is it?

      And no discussion about the subject of Scientology itself is not needed here in my opinion to get Scientology back on the rails but study and application since it is an *applied* philosophy.

      The fact is you can discuss the merits of philosophy of Scientology for years without clearing anyone or making OTs.

      I suggest if you want to discuss the subject. There are other blogs and boards more suited to some Aristotelian discussion.

  14. Tom, I’ve said for decades that the abandonment of the old Comm Course was one of the biggest mistakes that Int Mgmt (or perhaps LRH himself) ever made in the history of the movement.

    When I first walked through the door of LAFDN in early ’73, that course was packed to the walls, day and night. I soon found out why, when I began the course myself. Within a few short weeks, I had a new and unshakable viewpoint and stance on life and beingness that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

    That course not only woke me up, it made me an OT in many ways, and transformed my life for good in too many ways to mention. It also made me a Scientologist for life. To this very day, nothing I’ve done on the Bridge has given me so many wins and improvement in my life, as the simple communication drills I did on that course.

    I believe it was 1976 when I first saw the STCC. My little brother and sister did that course, with almost zero personal improvement or gains to speak of. I remember being angered by the fact that they’d been short-changed so badly by that watered down substitute of a course. After that, neither one of them were ever willing to do Scientology again, and couldn’t be convinced that there was anything beneficial about the subject.

    Concurrently, I began to see what was formerly a flood of new people in the orgs grow to a trickle. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the beginning of a long slide downhill for the church. One that we’re all too painfully aware of today.

    As you said above, getting people to do the original Comm Course in the Indie field is one of the best prescriptions for rebuilding this vital movement. It’s one of the best gradients ever devised for delivering near instantaneous gains to newcomers, thereby helping them to go on to become real Scientologists.

    Thanks for the article. It brings focus to a subject that is very important to the future growth of the group.

    • “That course not only woke me up, it made me an OT in many ways, and transformed my life for good in too many ways to mention. It also made me a Scientologist for life.”

      Right-friggin’ on Ronnie. That’s what I’m talking about.

      ML Tom

  15. The problem you guys and gals have is that it’s not the 1970s anymore. You can’t erase the accumulated information of the last 35 years, although you can, yourself, do a pretty good job of ignoring it.
    I’m beginning to see that this blog really doesn’t exist to “get Scientology back on the rails,” etc., so much as it exists as a place where people in deep denial can comfortably chat with each other with all divergent views censored.
    Which is fine, if that’s what you need.

    ***** The actual truth, B.V. Orts is that you are compelled to detail history with alter – is, twisting or embellishment. In an effort to show us that we have a false or ignorant view of the past, your comments prove that your own view of LRH and the body of work he provided, are low. You may have been a Scientologist at some point in the past, but your decision that it was a mistake to have done so, and efforts to back peddle and remove that first postulate, can not be achieved by dedicating time on this blog to enlighten others so they do do not do the same.
    Yes you can call us names and protest the censorship, but we are fully aware of your version of history; fully aware that LRH was a man and not a God; and fully aware that many people, like yourself , have dabbled in Scientology and not experienced the gains or wins or abilities they had been wanting. That does mean however, that our own experiences and reality are false, and also means we don’t have to be lectured with critical views from ex- Scientologists.

    Nor do we have to engage in unseemly disputes with the uninformed on the subject of our profession. Signed – moderators

    • BV,
      Per your above comment I don’t understand why you are here unless it is as resident troll.
      I mean if you think we’re all in “denial” as you say then why even bother commenting here?
      Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable on a blog which continually nattered about Scientology and Ron like the ones put up there by the Frick and Frack of the Scientology Indicapades?

  16. Just a note that I agree with what’s been said about the original Comm course and doing a lot of OT 0 and TR 0. I did TRs for quite a few years on and off and eventually got my Major Stable Win on OT TR0.
    I also saw the little ‘pattycake’ Div6 courses introduced and it seemed to me they violated the principle that if you give a person bits of data they go away and don’t come back because they now think they “know what scientology is.” It’s almost like turning them into little squirrels.

    Now I must say that I liked some of the drills on the STCC and benefitted from doing them, BUT I did them after I had done a lot of TR0. As a socially inept person, that STCC helped smooth my comm out a lot and gave me more confidence. But the foundation was doing the basic TRs the hard way for many many hours.
    After all the changes I was out of there. I’m glad to see folks developing delivery of the ‘real stuff’ outside the CoS.

  17. “I also saw the little ‘pattycake’ Div6 courses introduced and it seemed to me they violated the principle that if you give a person bits of data they go away and don’t come back because they now think they “know what scientology is.” It’s almost like turning them into little squirrels.”

    That’s very astute iam. That’s what is going on.

    ML Tom

  18. Thanks Tom. I can’t really take much credit for putting it together, I think it’s a piece of LRH tech on dissemination I read somewhere a long time ago. Maybe in Peter F.Gilham’s booklet “Tell It Like It Is”? Anyway, somehow your OP here made it click in for me and I thought “well that’s what happened that messed up Div 6.” (in the orgs). I bet there’s an HCOB in which LRH mentions the principle though, or a lecture.

    • Iam:

      Nope, it’s not a Peter Gillham thing. It’s definitely an LRH datum. I wish I could remember where I learned it, but it was one of those LRH data that I burned to the inside of my skull.

      Ya know, if I’d realized the whole Church was going to go to hell, I would have paid a lot more attention to being able to remember exactly where references were. Instead, I just made the data mine (as in, learned to think with it) and kind of ignored what page of what volume or lecture I came across it in.


      • Paul, I didn’t mean to imply it was a “Peter Gilham thing”. As I recall the booklet, Peter used LRH quotes and references and fully credited LRH. I hear you about keeping treckof the references. I have listened to lectures but didn’t keep notes when I really should have, for instance.

  19. Few things:I believe somewhere along the road one becomes a Scientologist. One IS a Scientologist. Once you KNOW, you can’t UN-KNOW. Being a Scientologist is a beingness. The one’s who still question or “unbelieve” or deny or criticize did not make it and never became a Scientologist. Scientology is about TRUTH. Once you got it you got it. It is not mémory but knowingness. I believe one can BE a Scientologist after a real fully fledge comm course.

    Now what have been said about this Comm Course is important and should be preserved in our archives.

    I believe the Div 6 lines and actions should be fully evaluated as to successful actions and not so successful so we have patterned Div 6s that will be successful.

    In regard to TRs, I personally saw many horror stories about TRs the Hard Way like a kind of “singing” TR3 or TR4, you know like in the old time kids at school were singing 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3 and so on. Does anyone remember? Well that was the way these TRs became I think in around 78 or 79 or 80. Not fully sure on the date. Nothing to do with auditing a preclear. God know what EP we were going for or what product or what purpose or what? Oh the stats were soaring but stats of what? A complete disconnection from any reality. Sure it was not what you guys experienced with the original Comm Course.

  20. Joe, right on about KNOWING. Can’t un-know.

    Not sure what you mean by the “singing” Trs. Never seen it or heard of it.

    • Oh it is a bit difficult to explain but I tell you it seemed very weird. Frankly, there would be tapes of it, you would laugh.

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